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Chapter 1059: What is Excellent Era

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Heavenly Swords and Happy were in completely different situations.

Yet, just like that, Ye Xiu calmly used the other captain's speech, not even making an effort to modify it. Upon finding out, the reporters felt like plastic bags blowing in the wind.

The only saving grace was… this kind of promotional speech was all empty talk, so there usually wouldn't be anything interesting to write about. After listening to this speech while clutching at their hearts, it finally came to the Q&A session that they were most eager for.


"Hm, next we have our question and answer session." The Alliance press officer had only just announced this when a sea of hands rose. Thankfully, Team Myth had already left, otherwise they would cry for sure, seeing the difference in their treatment.

Having too many hands raised was troublesome as well. Pointing at a person would cause a group to stand. Then it had to be specified whose question was being answered from that group.

The first chosen one stood under the envious and jealous gazes of the other reporters.

"Hello, I'm a reporter from City B.B City. First of all, congratulations to Happy on winning the Finals of the Challenger League and gaining the qualifications to entering the Pro Alliance." The reporter directed this congratulations to the entire team, but his gaze was fixated on Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu had no choice but to respond for the entire team. "Thanks."

"I don't mean to disrespect Happy, but Happy truly achieved a miraculous victory. However, what I'm more shocked about isn't the result, but the process. In the team competitionTeam Competition, Happy had the initiative the entire way. Compared to simply victory, this is a far more impressive accomplishment. I'm curious as to how Happy managed that." The reporter said.

"This isn't something to be shocked about," Ye Xiu said with a smile, "Opportunity always smiles on those who are prepared."

"Prepared?" The reporter was stunned for a moment, "From what I know of, Excellent Era wasn't negligent with their preparations for this match. From the beginning of the offline matches, they had done specialized research into how to face this final match. In the last week, they even closed themselves off for special training. I believe Excellent Era was very well prepared."

"Unfortunately for them, we were more prepared," Ye Xiu said.


The reporters were going crazy. Was it fun to give us all these vague statements? This was just wasting time!

"Why are you so certain?" The reporter hurriedly asked.

"Because we prepared for this match for a full year." Ye Xiu replied.

Everyone was struck dumb.

One side had started preparing since the offline matches, which could be considered at most a month of preparations, while the other had prepared for a whole year.

This was true!

All the reporters immediately realized this. This was because a year ago was when Excellent Era had been relegated. Even if you used your knee to think, you'd know that this would be an unprecedented boss in the Challenger League, the ultimate final boss. No matter who it was, if they wanted to conquer the Challenger League, they would have to get through this step. They completely trusted that Happy had started researching Excellent Era from that time forth.

A year of research and this research was directed towards Excellent Era that Ye Xiu was extremely familiar with in the first place......


As for Excellent Era? Even though they had known since the start that Happy had Ye Xiu, would they put everything into studying an opponent like Happy? The one they had been on guard against this entire time was just Ye Xiu, no? Yet in that team competitionTeam competition, every single member of Happy had shown their worth. They might not have been the MVPs, but in that match, everyone managed to display their strengths to the fullest.


Was this because Happy's players were in a better state?

Now everyone knew that it wasn't the case. This was the result of ample preparations! For this match, who knew how much specialized training Happy had gone through?

A full year of preparations sent everyone into speechlessness for a while. It wasn't until the Alliance press officer called out that the reporters came to again.

The second chosen reporter stood up, but his question was no longer about that match. That match had been a whole week ago. Focusing on it now would be a waste of pages, and there were more interesting things to report now anyways.

"I want to direct this question to Captain Ye Xiu. As Excellent Era's ex-captain, I trust you've heard of the recent news that Excellent Era is being sold. What thoughts do you have on this?"

"I believe that Excellent Era won't fall just because of this. Excellent Era has a shining future ahead of them," Ye Xiu said.

"But from the current situation, Excellent Era is likely to be disbanded and cleared out in a sale. The name Excellent Era might cease to exist," the reporter retorted.

Ye Xiu smiled and said, "With so many people who care for and love Excellent Era out there, do you really think that the name Excellent Era would cease to exist? I believe that a successor to Excellent Era will appear. Excellent Era won't crumble because of one man's decision. This is because Excellent Era isn't an asset to be sold, but a mindset, even a culture. It exists within the hearts of everyone who cares about and loves Excellent Era. They are the true people of Excellent Era. This is something that no one can sell. So long as they exist, Excellent Era will never fall."

"Brilliant!" Someone suddenly yelled loudly. The reporters all turned their heads and saw that one of their fellows had been unable to keep to himself any longer. Those who knew this person knew that he was a deeply loyal fan of Excellent Era's. This speech that sounded simply like pretty but empty words to most managed to move this real Excellent Era fan.

This was because only real Excellent Era fans would know what sort of panic and anxiety that the news coming from Excellent Era during this time had brought them. Now, Ye Xiu's words had awakened him.

"Excellent Era will never fall!" This person said with force, seeming to have come to some sort of decision.

"Yes." Onstage, Ye Xiu nodded his head firmly in response.

The ex-captain of Excellent Era had taken a new responsibility now, and when faced with Excellent Era, he hadn't shown any mercy. Excellent Era's current situation could even be seen as his personal handiwork. However, he was a true person of Excellent Era. He knew better than anyone what Excellent Era was.

Excellent Era wasn't a good or service to be sold, and not something that the owner could destroy with a single decision to sell. So long as Excellent Era's spirit lived on, it would continue to endure. If worse came to worst, they could always copy Happy and create an Internet cafe, rising back up as grassroots. They might not have Excellent Era's ace accounts or ace players, but they had Excellent Era's spirit. So long as they had that, they were Excellent Era.

"Thank you!" This reporter had forgotten his job already and stood, bowing deeply to Ye Xiu who was on stage. Those who knew him well knew that this loyal Excellent Era fan had published many articles condemning and doubting Ye Xiu upon the release of the news of Ye Xiu being at Happy. But now, he had managed to gain an understand of what Excellent Era truly was from this old captain. He felt that he had to give him this show of gratitude.

"You're welcome. Good luck." In that moment, Ye Xiu didn't seem to see a reporter either, but a brother that had once fought by his side.

An unfathomable atmosphere had blanketed the press conference and, in that moment, no one was able to come up with a question.

"Ahem, is there any reporter that still has a question to ask?" The Alliance press officer asked.

Question? Of course they did. The questions that had been begging to be asked had been held back for this occasion. But now after gaining an understanding of Ye Xiu's inner thoughts, they suddenly found that these questions had all been answered in that instant. Everything that had happened between Ye Xiu and Excellent Era in the past had no gossip value any longer. They had already clearly felt Ye Xiu's true feelings.