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Chapter 1055: Excellent Era’s Silence

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The Challenger League finals came to an end on Friday night. The following evening was the 37th round of the regular season of the season nine Glory Pro League, as well as the second to last round. A few teams had their rankings set in stone by then, but some were still fighting for a place in the playoffs or the right to stay in the Alliance.

Yet on such a crucial match day, there was a blanket of reports on the results of the Challenger League finals.

Happy had truly created a miracle.

The entire Glory circle was enthusiastically discussing this topic.

And on the following Sunday, the pitiful truth surrounding Ye Xiu's treatment after his retirement had elicited another wave of attention and discussion. All of Glory was discussing this gossip. The media fell right to Ye Xiu's side in this argument, all ganging up on Excellent Era together. Amongst the majority of Glory players, Excellent Era also took the brunt of shame and disdain.

The pro circle also placed heavy importance on this. Many media groups used mobile, QQ, and other methods to interview pro players on their opinions.

"This is a disgrace." Han Wenqing, the captain of Team Tyranny, who had already cemented their place as first in the regular season, stated in anger.

"Considering the position Ye Xiu has in the Glory circle, I believe all the pros are bitterly disappointed in Team Excellent Era for the situation that they left Ye Xiu in after his retirement," was Team Blue Rain's captain, Yu Wenzhou's opinion.

"Without a doubt, Ye Xiu has been treated unfairly." Team Tiny Herb's captain, Wang Jiexi, said.


"This isn't right," Team Samsara's captain, Zhou Zekai, expressed.

The pro players from the powerhouse teams almost seemed to have discussed this beforehand and condemned Excellent Era for their behavior solemnly.

Team Excellent Era was facing an unprecedented crisis of trust!

As the media group holding the most authority in the Glory circle, Esports Home liberally used up pages to report this shocking news on their Monday issue. On the other hand, the crucial 37th round of matches was only given a casual report of the results on the front page. The contents of the matches were several pages in. The news that took up the most eye catching placements were all on the Challenger League, Ye Xiu and Excellent Era.


Esports Home never exaggerated just to attract attention. Excellent Era, which had hurriedly gone silent and hid away from the public, was like a guilty coward in the eyes of the people. From the media to the normal players, pressure was being placed on them from all sides. However, Excellent Era was strangely stubborn with their public relations this time and didn't make any moves to soothe the situation. Club Excellent Era's doors were sealed and the players that gathered at their building never managed to catch a single member of Excellent Era. No one knew what Excellent Era was thinking.

Many people sensed something strange from Excellent Era's inaction.

The protests continued for two days and, Wednesday evening, a piece of news began to circulate online. Someone said they had seen a meeting between the higher-ups of Excellent Era and Samsara in City S.


What was Excellent Era planning?

This rumor without proof immediately had people's thoughts spiralling out of control. At such a time, Excellent Era interacting with other teams was a very strange sight. Was Excellent Era planning to give up on itself and throw a clearance sale?...

The rumors spread rapidly. Immediately, reporters were sent to Club Samsara to divulge the truth from them. Team Samsara ended up being very open about it, openly admitting that they were in negotiations with Excellent Era about purchases, but they didn't leak anything about the contents of these negotiations.


Even after the June sixth Friday issue of Esports Home came out, Excellent Era still maintained their silence and ignored all the requests and demands from the fans.

June 7th was the last day of the regular season, but on this day, Excellent Era finally opened up to the media and what they had to say was a massive bombshell: Club Excellent Era was up for sale.

The boss of Excellent Era, Tao Xuan, told his spokesman to say that after being the head of Excellent Era for all this time, he felt bone-deep exhaustion; it was time for him to change his lifestyle. Thus, he had decided to sell Club Excellent Era and hoped that his successor could bring Excellent Era glory once more. As for him, personally? He would always be Excellent Era's most loyal fan.

It sounded nice, but everyone knew what this was about with a glance. Excellent Era could endure this crisis and didn't plan to try. Boss Tao Xuan was already preparing to abandon ship.


However, was it so easy to find someone to accept current Excellent Era?

Excellent Era, having not made any attempt to soothe public relations, only found themselves with more and more dirt being dug out. Now, Excellent Era's name had been completely tarnished and not even their glorious dynasty of the past could save them. Not only was their name dragged through the dirt, they didn't have the qualifications to the Pro League either. Disregarding this though, their hardware was still the cream of the crop in the Glory circle, and this made the selling of Excellent Era very complicated.

In simple terms, Excellent Era's hardware was as spectacular as ever, but its software was nothing but a mess.

Yet it was this software that truly represented the value of the two words "Excellent Era". Now that the software was destroyed, no one would want this anymore. As for the hardware, if anyone wanted it, they could seek out that they needed. With Excellent Era and Samsara already in negotiations, this was made very clear. Team Samsara wouldn't purchase Excellent Era. What were they interested in, seeking out Excellent Era for negotiations? Players? Characters?

After coming to such a realization, Excellent Era's fans panicked.


Putting Excellent Era up for sale. This was clearly a clearance sale preceding Excellent Era's disbandment! After this, could Excellent Era still stay alive?


For Excellent Era's fans, this wasn't something that they could ever accept. No matter if Excellent Era was good or bad, they had entrusted so much to Excellent Era. That was something that would never change. With what had happened, they were panicking. After all, no one would ever want to see their team in such a state. Some people might leave, but there would always be those that stayed, hoping that their team would stand once more, that they would be able to be at their team's side forever.

Yet now, Excellent Era was facing disbandment and might disappear forever. The team they had poured their hearts and souls into to support, the team they had cheered for for so long, would cease to exist like this?


Not long after the news came out, Club Excellent Era was surrounded by countless people. They were far more irrational than those who had been demanding an explanation front the team. With time running out, they weren't able to make many preparations. They could only yell again and again to express their feelings.

They didn't want the club to be sold. No matter what, they wanted to walk with their team until the end.