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Chapter 1041: A Familiar Scene

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Along with Lord Grim's strategic ambush, Soft Mist's performance attracted quite a bit of attention too.  

Sun Xiang, Xiao Shiqin, and Qiu Fei. Let alone whether she could contend against the three allied together, just daring to block them on her own showed her courage. Besides blocking, she also showed a bit more, letting others know that she wasn't just being sent to her death. How could this type of performance not attract any attention?

Even the three Team Tiny Herb players were focused on Soft Mist. In Team Happy's coordinated ambush, Soft Mist's performance was the cause, while Lord Grim's ambush was the effect. Without Soft Mist restricting the other side's main attackers, how could Lord Grim have escaped Xiao Shiqin's eyes and find an opportunity to set up an ambush?

Therefore, for Team Happy's tactic to work, the key component was actually Soft Mist. By standing out alone, she made Excellent Era think that she was their breakthrough point, but when Excellent Era attacked her, they realized that she wasn't that easy of a target. A short while later, Excellent Era's Cleric was snatched away.

Those paying attention to Happy had placed far too much focus onto Ye Xiu, including Team Excellent Era. Then, for this tactic, the real ace player appeared to be Soft Mist, that lost Soft Mist who had been completely crushed by Xiao Shiqin in the group arena.

When the Cleric Woven Shadow was snatched away, the 1v3 danger that Soft Mist had been in was instantly gone. This was relieving a besieged ally by attacking the besieger's home base. Excellent Era was already behind. They definitely couldn't let this trade happen. They needed to go rescue their Cleric.

Life Extinguisher's attacks were the first to arrive. He was their long-ranged character after all. He didn't need to move. He just turned around and started attacking. But then Lord Grim followed up with a Toss and flung Woven Shadow, making Life Extinguisher's attacks look like fireworks raining down on Woven Shadow. When Woven Shadow landed, One Inch Ash's ghost boundaries had already been set…..

Happy executed this team combo very smoothly. It looked as if they had practiced this thousands of times. This combo had been used for fighting for wild bosses in the game.

Pro matches were high-level matches, but in terms of chaos, wild boss fights were on a whole new level. Team Happy's players had coordinated with each other, created opportunities for their allies, and found opportunities to attack in these wild boss fights. An important part of killing wild bosses was keeping the boss's aggro under control. Where did this aggro come from? From continuous attacks. It was only by maintaining continuous attacks could the boss's aggro be stabilized. 

These types of combos were what Team Happy was best at. Today, their targets had been changed from bosses to pro players, but it didn't seem like it was any different. After sending Shen Jian's Successive Strike away, Zhang Jiaxing's Woven Shadow was next.

But this time, Excellent Era wasn't as weak. Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher quickly turned and switched targets. Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei weren't slow either. The two characters wanted to rescue from a different direction, but Tang Rou was still there. She immediately had her Soft Mist intercept them.

Sun Xiang naturally knew that drawing their focus towards Soft Mist had been a trap. Seeing that she still refused to let go, his heart blazed with anger!

"Get out of here!" The angry Sun Xiang's explosiveness was quite frightening. Numerous Chasers on One Autumn Leaf exploded, instantly creating an eleven hit combo. Qiu Fei's Combat Form followed up with a Rising Dragon Soars the Sky, comboing it with Sun Xiang's burst.

Soft Mist took heavy damage from this combo, but the Rising Dragon Soars the Sky also pushed her to the side.  

Sun Xiang had originally planned on continuing to attack Soft Mist, but then saw Combat Form force her back. Annoyance flickered in his heart as he had One Autumn Leaf chase after her, but after the first step, he suddenly remembered that rescuing their healer should be their priority. He immediately turned around and headed towards Woven Shadow. As for Qiu Fei's Combat Form? He just quietly followed alongside One Autumn Leaf. Only a professional's eyes would have been able to see the significance of that Rising Dragon Soars the Sky.

That Rising Dragon Soars the Sky had interrupted One Autumn Leaf's combo. If this was a fight against Soft Mist, it would have definitely been a mistake. It would be a good point to review after the match, but in this situation, the interrupt reminded Sun Xiang of what was more important. Sun Xiang clearly reacted to it. If not, he might really have chased after Soft Mist and delayed the rescue of their Cleric.

Those who weren't skilled enough might not have noticed the significance of this move. They might have just thought of it as Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei working together to get rid of the obstacle in their way. Li Yibo saw One Autumn Leaf make that step though and sighed: "Sun Xiang appears to be a bit hesitant! For such a crucial moment, he really should be more decisive, even if it ends with attacking Soft Mist. Wavering like this probably isn't a good sign."

It was hard to say if Li Yibo saw through Qiu Fei's move, but the point he made on his hesitation was a good point. Hesitation would affect the players and waste time. When they started rescuing their healer, if they thought "if we had gotten rid of Soft Mist before", it would just be a distraction. If a player wasn't fully focused, a player might only be able to perform at 70-80%. The player might miss small details and openings. They might make more mistakes too. Li Yibo's words were frightening to hear.

Luckily, Excellent Era was using a shadow. Sun Xiang would always have a Qiu Fei alongside him. In terms of age, Sun Xiang wasn't actually much older than Qiu Fei. But in terms of stability, the young Qiu Fei was much more steady than Sun Xiang. This was also why Excellent Era chose to employ a Shadow Style. From a tactical perspective, making up for each other's weaknesses was very powerful.

Lord Grim snatched Woven Shadow with Cloud Grasping Fist and then tossed him. Although he was able to fling Woven Shadow a certain distance away, there was a limit to what he could do. In the match against Team Jade Dynasty, this move had allowed them to kill off their opponent's healer. But today, the opponent was Team Excellent Era. Once their healer was grabbed, they immediately switched targets. Previously, Happy had stopped Jade Dynasty's rescue attempts, but they had no way of stopping Excellent Era. After sending Soft Mist flying away, Sun Xiang and Qiu Fei reached Happy's cooking pot. Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash and Steamed Bun's Steamed Bun Invasion were currently beating up Woven Shadow. Bullying a healer was something every Glory player was good at.

When One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form arrived, One Inch Ash and Steamed Bun Invasion completely ignored them.

You want to kill him before you die? It won't be that easy!

Sun Xiang glanced at Woven Shadow's health. It wasn't that low! Zhang Jiaxing wasn't an ordinary healer. Even without any protection, he wouldn't be bullied so easily. If he had been against two normal players in the game, it would be hard to say who would be bullying who! Zhang Jiaxing was doing his best dodging and attacking, keeping up his health. When he saw One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form arrive, he immediately started moving to regroup with them. Suddenly, he was grabbed from behind and tossed back with a Back Throw....


Zhang Jiaxing turned and saw Lord Grim. His mix and match equipment was always funny to look at. But in this instant, he saw this figure rush towards One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form. When he saw him fighting with his two allies, he went into a bit of a daze.

It wasn't until Steamed Bun Invasion punched him did he wake up.

Not anymore...

This figure was no longer the one helping defend him. 

Zhang Jiaxing was Excellent Era's healer. When Ye Xiu was in the team, how could there not have been many times when Ye Xiu had come to rescue him. Even though the character was different and the equipment was different, Lord Grim charging forward bravely reminded Zhang Jiaxing of when Ye Xiu had been on the team and led them in battle. He had been protected by this very person.

But now, this person, who he had once hoped would never fall, had become the sign of his death.

Die or not die?  

For a moment, Zhang Jiaxing truly was in a daze. Then, he saw a field of light engulf Lord Grim. 

Life Extinguisher?

It clearly wasn't. Excellent Era's goal was to rescue the Cleric. If Life Extinguisher was going to attack, the attacks would be focused on covering up Woven Shadow. From where the light came from, it was long-ranged support from Dawn Rifle. At the same time, Qiao Yifan's One Inch Ash laid down a ghost boundary, not for Woven Shadow, but to help Lord Grim.

Can I escape? Seeing One Inch Ash split his attention over there, Zhang Jiaxing looked for an opening. But then Steamed Bun Invasion came out of nowhere and pinned him to the ground with a Tyrannical Chain Punch.

It looks like One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form aren't going to be able to get here. What about Life Extinguisher?

Zhang Jiaxing struggled as he looked over. Life Extinguisher was on his way, but he was blocked midway. It was Soft Mist! After being sent flying away by One Autumn Leaf and Combat Form, she quickly got up. Instead of looking for revenge, she switched targets to Life Extinguisher.

When Xiao Shiqin saw that it was Soft Mist, his head started hurting. In the group arena, he had easily beaten Tang Rou, but he couldn't use the same strategy in the team competition. If he took Soft Mist away and kited around her, by the time he got back, there would only be a corpse left!

Life Extinguisher wasn't able to reach Woven Shadow. Dawn Rifle would sometimes assist Lord Grim, sometimes take care of Life Extinguisher, and even help out Zhang Jiaxing's Woven Shadow.

This strategy...

Zhang Jiaxing stared blankly. This is too familiar….. 

Screen Cannon!

The Screen Cannon was Team Excellent Era's most used tactic. It revolved around the Launcher, who provided large-scale support. To break this tactic, restricting the Launcher was crucial. However, the Launcher attacked from afar. It was difficult for melee classes to go over and suppress him. And with Excellent Era's situation? Woven Shadow wouldn't be able to hold on much longer. There was no time to break through the Screen Cannon through traditionally methods.

Breakthrough! Hurry up... Zhang Jiaxing started to panic.

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