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Chapter 1004: Ninja and Mechanic

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"Oh? Life Extinguisher has started to move." He had originally thought that the two players would need more time to figure out their opponent's location, but it looked like Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher made the first clear move. Life Extinguisher turned around, went into a secluded alleyway off to the side, and began advancing forward resolutely.

Pan Lin saw the alley. The direction that Life Extinguisher was heading towards was very obvious. Pan Lin started getting excited: "This direction... Life Extinguisher is trying to circle around Deception. Xiao Shiqin is already aware of Deception's location. He found out after that Electron Eye. Just what did he see?"

The broadcast immediately replayed the scene from the Electron Eye. Everyone's eyes went wide, but up until it was destroyed, no one saw anything eye catching.

"How did Xiao Shiqin do it? Coach Li?" Pan Lin asked.

When Li Yibo watched the replay, he had watched even more seriously than anyone else, because he knew that if Pan Lin couldn't figure it out, the problem would be thrown his way. That was his responsibility as a consultant, but this time, Li Yibo really didn't find anything from this replay. When Pan Lin asked this question, Li Yibo grunted as if he were about to reply, but then he suddenly said: "Wait, let's take a look at Mo Fan's Deception first."

Mo Fan's Deception suddenly started moving. He had been crouching down on the corner of a rooftop. At this moment, he drew back from the corner, but he didn't get up. He simply climbed in this way onto another rooftop.

"Does Mo Fan know Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher is moving towards him?" Pan Lin cried out in a surprise. Deception's movements were like a praying mantis hunting its prey.

From the omniscient view, the viewers watching could see the movements of the two characters and didn't dare to breathe. It was as if saying something would reveal the hidden movements of the two sides, but in the stadium, Excellent Era's fans were jumping and cheering madly because if this scene continued to develop like this, Xiao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher would be the ambusher. 

This was also why the competitors were sound-isolated from the outside crowd during a match. If not, a warning from a third party could affect the outcome of the match.

"Life Extinguisher is closing in. It looks like his target is obvious. Xiao Shiqin knows that the other side is hiding on this rooftop! But the problem is, that was before. Deception is no longer at that position."

"Life Extinguisher is still moving forward. Oh..."

When XIao Shiqin's Life Extinguisher was about to reach his destination, he looked like he was about to send attacks towards that rooftop. Because of his class's features, Life Extinguisher didn't need to approach. Right when Life Extinguisher was fiddling around with who knew what mechanical tools, Deception activated the Disappearing Body Technique and slowly climbed down noiselessly from the rooftop behind Life Extinguisher.

Cut Throat!

Deception initiated with an Assassin skill. His knife slid across Life Extinguisher's neck, and blood spurted out as a ray of cold light flew out. Xiao Shiqin only just noticed. Life Extinguisher didn't turn his head back and immediately rolled. However, Mo Fan wasn't slow. With a Broken Flash, he kicked the fleeing Life Extinguisher up into the air.

Storm Shuriken!

Deception swung his hands and a storm of shurikens shot towards the airborne Life Extinguisher. The shurikens wove a net. Let alone in the air, it would have been difficult to dodge even while standing on flat ground.

Life Extinguisher was hit by multiple shurikens. During this time, Deception had closed in. He swung his ninjato and struck Life Extinguisher with Flame Cut. Bang!

At the same time Deception cut Life Extinguisher, Xiao Shiqin had already counterattacked. Even though he was unable to dodge the cut, he was able to turn his body and fire a merciless gunshot at Deception.

It was only a normal attack, so the damage could be tolerated. Mo Fan seemed to ignore it. After getting shot, he leaped up and Bird Fell onto Life Extinguisher.


When Bird Fall hit Life Extinguisher, a flame burst forth. That obviously didn't originate from Bird Fall. Life Extinguisher had stealthily thrown a grenade, which exploded when Bird Fall hit.  

Life Extinguisher crashed into the ground because of Bird Fall, but Deception could not follow up. The shockwave from the grenade's explosion flung Deception to the side too.

"Beautiful!" Li Yibo shouted, "The timing of that grenade was too perfect. Everyone, look. If this grenade had exploded earlier, Deceptions Bird Fall wouldn't have landed. The shockwave of the explosion has lower priority than Bird Fall. Deception's attack would have hit Life Extinguisher, and Deception would have dropped to the ground along with Life Extinguisher. However, by having the explosion come immediately after Bird Fall hit, Deception was sent flying away, unable to continue his combo."

"Shadow Clone Technique!" Pan Lin suddenly roared....


Deception suddenly used Shadow Clone Technique, instantly teleporting to Life Extinguisher's side, but before he could attack, Life Extinguisher raised his arm. His punch seemed to instantly expand as it flew towards Deception. 

Mo Fan reacted extremely quickly. Deception stepped to the side and the Rocket Punch flew past him. By the time he turned back, Life Extinguisher had already rolled to the side. In his original location was a small gadget instead.


Air Compressor's unique sound effect was extremely distinct. A high pressure air blast was released. With the distance between them, Deception had no way of avoiding it and was instantly sent flying into a wall.

Life Extinguisher half squatted on the ground. His hands never stopped to rest. Mechanical Seeker, Air Drop, Predator, Cruiser... All sorts of offensive Mechanic gadgets barraged Deception. At the same time, under the effects of an Amplifier, all damage from his skills was instantly doubled.

Boom boom boom boom boom…...

All sorts of noise erupted. Deception had only just crashed into the wall, and in the next second, he was covered by fire and light. Apart from gasping at Xiao Shiqin's combo, nothing else could be said. He had clearly been the one ambushed, but a short moment later, he was the one dealing more damage to the ambusher.

What could be done? This was a game after all. If this was real life, Deception slitting his throat would have been enough to instantly kill him, but in the game, life was a calculable statistic. A sneak attack would only let you seize the initiative. It wouldn't let you win with a single strike.

Excellent Era's fans had been worried for Xiao Shiqin the previous minute. Now, they were cheering again. The ones closest to Happy continued to shout.

"Did you see that? That's true skill! Skill!!!"

"Fucking scrap picker, go pick up trash!"

Just when the crowd was riled up, Life Extinguisher stopped attacking. The numerous bright lights receded. In the hole blasted apart by this fierce wave of attacks, there was no Deception to be seen. The only thing that lay in the hole was a charred scarecrow.

Ninjutsu - Body Replacement Technique! 

Body Replacement Technique and Shadow Clone Technique were similar, but because the substitute was a scarecrow, it was easy to distinguish it from the real body. It was mostly used as an escape tool. However, in the pro scene, there was no such thing as an absolute escape. A winner had to be decided in a match. Body Replacement Technique was often used like Shadow Clone Technique in this case. It was the sign of a sneak attack or a counterattack.

As soon as Xiao Shiqin realized something wasn't right, he immediately stopped attacking.

Where did Deception's real body go? Life Extinguisher spun around in a circle, but he didn't see any signs of Deception.

The teleportation range of Body Replacement Technique wasn't very large. Deception should be within his line of sight, but he wasn't. That could only mean one possibility!

The earth beneath Life Extinguisher suddenly started rumbling. A blade leapt up out of the ground. However, Xiao Shiqin already knew what was coming. When the effect of Underground Tunneling Technique was cancelled, Life Extinguisher had used Rotor Wings to fly up into the air.

Underground Tunneling Technique missed. Life Extinguisher immediately threw a grenade as a congratulatory gift. Deception hastily dodged and threw several shurikens at Life Extinguisher, but as the number one Mechanic, how could Xiao Shiqin's control over Rotor Wings be questioned? Life Extinguisher weaved around in the air, dodging all of Deception's shurikens.

Mo Fan saw that he couldn't get anything more and began retreating, but with the other side looking down from above, it wouldn't be easy to run. He could only use a skill: Ninjutsu - Smoke Bomb.

Thick purple smoke pervaded the area. The user of the skill would not be affected by the effects. Mo Fan had his Deception turn around and run. However, Xiao Shiqin immediately had his Life Extinguisher fly lower to the ground. The air flow induced by the rotating Rotor Wings dispersed the thick smoke. Not long afterwards, Deception was uncovered.

Mo Fan saw that quietly slipping away was impossible. He quickly formed a hand seal. While the cover from the smoke bomb had yet to be completely blown away, he activated Shadow Dance.

Upon seeing this, Xiao Shiqin had Life Extinguisher throw down an Electromagnetic Coil and then used a Rocket Propellor. Despite having the absolute speed advantage, he didn't retreat. Instead, he continued to throw down all sorts of tools in preparation to face Shadow Dance directly.

Mo Fan didn't mind. His goal was still to retreat. Shadow Dance was merely a distraction. Seeing that Life Extinguisher's attention had been attracted, his real body immediately ran outside of the range of Shadow Dance's heart, causing the numerous shadow clones to disappear, but then several Rising Winter Melons hovered over his head and exploded. The skills wantonly used to contest Shadow Dance weren't wasted. They actually headed straight for Deception.