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Chapter 910: Now I Can Be At Ease

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Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack turned around hastily. At the same time, they each threw out a Grenade towards where Footsteps in the Wind had just died. The dropped stockings should be there. Those guys who suddenly popped up must be moving towards that position to pick up the stockings.

Two gunshots followed, and the two grenades exploded while still in midair. An automatic pistol in a Mechanic’s hand let out wisps of smoke. That Mechanic put away his pistol and quickly collected all of the stockings on the ground.

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were shocked. The distance between the two sides wasn’t far. It could even be considered close, but when the two threw out their Grenades simultaneously, both Grenades were blasted apart by the Mechanic.

Even if automatic pistols had the highest attack speed among all the guns, shooting down two grenades in succession during such a short amount of time definitely wasn’t a feat a normal player could accomplish. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were both gunners. When they considered if they could do it, they weren’t a hundred percent confident. However, this person didn’t stop after shooting the two Grenades and picked up the stockings. Everything had been calculated.


The mechanical box hanging around this character’s waist revealed his class. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack immediately thought of one name: Xiao Shiqin.

If that player was a God, then those precise attacks wouldn’t too surprising. However, the name above the Mechanic’s head clearly showed that he wasn’t Xiao Shiqin.

When they saw the Brawler standing next to him, they immediately recalled a certain duo.

This duo was the other two-player team besides them. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack hadn’t thought much of this team, but both were two-player teams, so with neither side having any stockings, the scoreboard placed them next to each other regardless. When they checked the rankings, they had an impression of the names of these two insignificant characters. They looked at their names more closely. Weren’t these two that duo?

It had only taken an instant for Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack to go from shock to recognizing those two players, but the extraordinary hand speed of those two players showed. The stockings dropped by Footsteps in the Wind had actually been picked clean in an instant.

The number of stockings dropped wasn’t small because a string of system notifications appeared. It wasn’t something that could be counted at just a glance.

Those two players picked up the stockings and ran like the wind. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack weren’t willing to let the matter drop and repeatedly fired their guns at the two.

"Wow! How awesome!" Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack didn’t know who said those words because the two were running and hiding. The two quickly checked the rankings to see how many stockings those two players had picked up.


Sun Xiang’s Footsteps in the Wind had carried half of Team Excellent Era’s stockings, but he was caught by an ambush from Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack. He was still waiting angrily to revive. When he looked at the string of system notifications, he noticed that his stockings hadn’t picked up by those two gunners.

"They’re together!" Sun Xiang explained furiously to his teammates. If losing those stockings were painful, then losing those stockings in front of his teammates was clearly a hundred times more painful to him.

"First, those two Sharpshooters challenged me directly, then the other two hiding in the dark stole the stockings." Sun Xiang gnashed his teeth.


"Too despicable." The other Excellent Era players sighed. As for whether or not they were sincere, only they themselves really knew.

Xiao Shiqin refused to comment. He checked the names of those two players from the system announcements and searched for them on the team rankings. Then, he realized: "I say, they might be orioles lurking from behind!"

"Orioles lurking from behind?"

"Look." Xiao Shiqin explained patiently to Sun Xiang, "Those eight stockings were picked clean by those two. Even if the two sides made some sort of agreement, in that instant, those two became hostile."

"They really are despicable!" Sun Xiang shouted.

"Since the stockings are all on those two, then it makes taking them back that much easier for us." Xiao Shiqin said, "Do you have the coordinates for where you fought with them?"

"Oh, I have it." Sun Xiang wasn’t completely stupid....


"Head out." Xiao Shiqin called out to everyone. After knowing the coordinates, they had a rough idea of where those two might be. Xiao Shiqin and the others split up and began searching for Ye Xiu’s and Steamed Bun’s whereabouts. As for Sun Xiang’s Footsteps in the Wind, after twenty seconds, he revived and rushed furiously towards that area.

A battle was taking place in that area. With two gunners participating, the place was filled with smoke. Under the pursuit of Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack, Ye Xiu and Steamed Bun had no way of escaping cleanly. They could only go back and fight. Mechanics and Summoners had quite a few similarities, but also a few differences. Mechanics had the long-range control capabilities of Summoners as well as powerful individual strength. After all, many of the mechanical tools used were to strengthen the Mechanic, unlike Summoners who completely relied on summons to battle. Mechanics were a class with many different playing styles. With skills such as Mechanical Punch and Drill Attack, their close combat abilities were also quite impressive.

However, Ye Xiu’s Listened Promise didn’t go and practice his taijutsu against those two Sharpshooters. He used the traditional Mechanic playing style, using long-ranged mechanical tools to attack his opponents, while frequently using Rotor Wings and Rocket Propellor to move faster.

Not long afterwards, Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack began realizing the severity of the situation. The other side was no less skilled than they were. The two had yet to recover from their battle with Sun Xiang. Now, they had come across two skilled enemies. An evenly matched battle would end up in their loss. What’s worse was that they couldn’t suppress the enemy Mechanic. In fact, his playstyle of spamming Airdrops and Mechanical Seekers was extremely annoying. In addition, that Brawler was no joke either. All sorts of sudden and dirty tricks like Bricks, Molotov Cocktail, Inject Poison came up, making it difficult to defend against.

"Let’s retreat first!" After the two talked to each other for a bit, they made this decision, unlike the vast majority of players who refused to give up because they had nothing to lose. For this ambitious duo, dying and then waiting to revive was fatal to their leaderboard rankings. A target with eight stockings had appeared in their line of sight. If they died, they would need to search for them again. How could that be so easy?

They couldn’t beat them, so they withdrew. The two felt like that would be very easy. They didn’t have any stockings, while the other two had eight stockings on them.

The two immediately relaxed their attacks, intentionally leaving gaps. If they retreated, the two didn’t need to run away in a hurry. The other side had no need to fight with them, so if they left some openings to let the other side escape, it should be more than enough.

Who would have thought that as soon as an opening appeared, not only did the other side not retreat, they treated this opening as a huge mistake.  

"They’re crazy!!"

The two were shocked at their opponents’ abnormal decision. This opening left them with no retreat. Now their opponents had grasped this opportunity and turned it into a match point.

"Haha, having learned the mistakes from those before me, I think it’s more reliable to just send you back to the revival point." Ye Xiu said. His Mechanic Listened Promise had charged at them full force under the protection of the Air Drops and Mechanical Seeker. This was the craziest form of attack for Mechanics. They stopped becoming control characters like Summoners, turning their own body into weapons instead and entering combat along with other tools.


Drill Attack!

Listened Promise waved his left hand and attached a machine from his mechanical box onto his arm. Then, his drill bit spun rapidly. His character also shot forward rapidly.

It was an attack from three sides. Steamed Bun’s Rain had come to pincer them as well. Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack were beaten up. One was caught by the Air Drop’s explosion. The other was Strangled by Steamed Bun. Then, Listened Promise’s Mechanical Punch struck. Blood flew out incessantly. Following afterwards, Rain used the Level 75 Brawler skill, Street Riot. Lower Your Head wanted to rescue her partner and nearly got caught up in the attack too. Without any way out, she could only do her best.

Lower Your Head directly closed in, attacking while using Sharpshooter close combat skills.

"Gun Martial Arts! Not bad!" Ye Xiu praised in astonishment. Gun Martial Arts wasn’t the name of a skill, rather it was when a Sharpshooter engaged in close combat and didn’t only rely on close combat schill and blended in Sharpshooter gun attacks as well.

This playstyle didn’t sound very complex, but in reality, combining gun arts and close combat skill together to engage in melee range, yet able to produce such high DPS was absolutely a pro level already. When normal players tried, they could at best increase their damage output by a few percent.

When Lower Your Head’s Gun Martial Arts came out, Ye Xiu could tell with a few glances that it was quite impressive. This girl certainly possessed the skills to be a pro.

"But it’s still a bit lacking!"

His Mechanic, Listened Promise, suddenly sprouted Rotor Wings and flew high into the air. Not waiting for Lower Your Head to retaliate, he fell back down. This escape and attack, rise and fall, disrupted Lower Your Head’s rhythm. It wasn’t a serious mess up, but for Ye Xiu, it was more than enough. When Listened Promise landed back down again, under the cover of a Grenade, he stealthily threw a Mechanical Seeker robot onto the ground.

Mechanical Seeker’s damage wasn’t very high, but it had a low cooldown. Mechanics would practically maintain one or even two to three Mechanical Seekers throughout the entire battle. But Lower Your Head didn’t notice it and continued firing at Listened Promise.

Explosion. Gunfire…...

Neither side retreated and began fighting to the death. However, Ye Xiu had only started trading blows after disrupting Lower Your Head’s rhythm. What’s more, his Listened Promise had more health. How could he lose?

Lower Your Head and None Dare Attack finally fell. The were gloomy and sullen after their deaths, especially when they heard the other side express his gratitude after killing them: "Now I can finally be at ease….."