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Chapter 883: First Kill Conclusion

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It was rare for the pro player chat group to be so lively. Usually, during the season, at least half of the pro players every week weren’t in a good enough mood because of their match outcomes, but right now, their conflicts were entirely in the game. For pro players, First Kill and First Clear records weren’t anything too important. Their main purpose was to familiarize themselves with the new update, so apart from those in the chat group forming parties together, there were also many game-related discussions going on as well. If one didn’t know these were Glory pro players, the chat group appeared like a normal chat group.

"Have all of the twenty player dungeons been taken?" Ye Xiu charged out and asked.

"It seems like it." Someone replied.

"Has anyone formed a fifty player group?" Ye Xiu called out.

All of a sudden, countless people sent out blood spurting emojis. You old man, you’re beyond shameless! You want to run a fifty player dungeon? Afterwards, are you planning on running a hundred player dungeon?

This time, his call didn’t receive a reply. After all, a fifty player dungeon wasn’t like a twenty player dungeon. For a twenty player dungeon, only two teams were needed to run it, but for a fifty player dungeon, five teams would need to coordinate. Which team wasn’t busy right now? Don’t look at how how there were people constantly chatting in the chat group. That didn’t mean they had nothing to do. It was just a dungeon, after all. For pro players, how hard could it be? Dungeoning while chatting in QQ was no different from releasing extra energy.

"Fifty player dungeon! We’re receiving early bookings. Anyone? Anyone?" Ye Xiu had guessed that no team was idle at the moment, so he left everyone some leeway. There was still no reply. Ye Xiu was helpless. He returned to the game and saw that Team Tiny Herb was still there!

"No one wants to join." Ye Xiu said in the game.

"You actually wanted to run a fifty player dungeon..." Wang Jiexi said. Ye Xiu’s noisiness hadn’t only been seen by him. Quite a few Team Tiny Herb players in the chat group had seen it too.

"If we can, why not? But it looks like we won’t be able to." Ye Xiu said helplessly.

"If we find people from our guilds, beating the dungeon would be too difficult." Wang Jiexi said.

"Yeah..." Ye Xiu agreed. For dungeons, the more players required, the harder it was, even more so with a five level suppression. The difference between pro players and normal players was day and night. Even with a God commanding them, normal players might not be able to keep up with the pace. Bringing them to challenge these dungeons right now was too unrealistic.

"It looks like you’re not interested in running dungeons without any First Kills?" Wang Jiexi said.

"Yeah." Ye Xiu nodded his head. In reality, he didn’t care so much about the record itself, but rather the rewards they would receive for the records.

For a poor team like Happy, the update was an opportunity. Even for the pro team powerhouses, despite having an enormous advantage over Team Happy in terms of materials, upgrading Silver equipment wasn’t something that could be completed in a short amount of time. Gathering and studying these new materials from the update would require a nontrivial period of time. During this period of time, if Happy could obtain large amounts of Level 75 Orange equipment, in terms of equipment, they could greatly close the gap between themselves and the other pro teams.

During this period of time, pro teams might continue using their Level 70 Silver equipment or use exceptional Level 75 Orange equipment. In terms of basic stats, everyone was on the same playing field. The only advantage Level 70 Silver equipment might have was that they fit the player better. Compared to Happy who had Level 75 Orange equipment now, the disparity was minute.

As a result, Ye Xiu hoped to obtain as many Level 75 Orange equipment as possible because Happy wasn’t like other pro teams with a powerful guild, even in comparison to those low-mid-tier teams.

So although the drop rate for Orange equipment was very low, with such large guilds and the fan foundation, their ability to obtain Orange equipment was far higher than Happy’s.

As for Happy? Their guild had only just started. Wu Chen had brought with him Guild Everlasting, but Guild Everlasting had been in relegations for two years and had taken a blow for being under Happy’s umbrella now. They were in a half-dead half-alive condition, so their strength was very weak at the moment.

Under these conditions, Ye Xiu couldn’t avoid being petty and intentionally aimed for those First Kill rewards because Happy didn’t have the qualifications to be as imposing as those pro teams. 

By relying on these First Kill rewards, the profits from their hard work weren’t small. In the entire Glory, they undoubtedly had the most Level 75 Orange equipment at the moment. However, there was still quite some distance before they could fully equip the entire team. It also seemed like their stable method of obtaining Orange equipment through First Kill rewards no longer existed. Ye Xiu couldn’t help but feel rather sorry.

Wang Jiexi was a team captain. He thought about issues the same way that Ye Xiu did. With Happy’s situation, it wasn’t hard to guess Ye Xiu’s thoughts. He smiled at this moment: "How about we swap pointers? We can do add stakes to it."

"Hahaha." Ye Xiu gave a hollow laugh. Lord Grim turned to Happy’s members: "Disband. Sleep!"

"What? You’re scared?" Team Tiny Herb’s Yuan Boqing might be a Cleric, but his personality was quite hot-blooded. He shouted out provocatively.

"We’re not scared!" Ye Xiu smiled, "I just feel like if it comes to facing you guys, just me is enough. There’s no need to trouble everyone!"

"That’s true." Wang Jiexi laughed. After saying that, Vaccaria turned to say to everyone: "Disband. Just me alone is also enough."

"Hahaha." Everyone in Tiny Herb laughed. Yuan Boqing added: "We won’t fight, but we won’t disperse either. Staying here to watch is fine, right?"

"Yuan Boqing, how arrogant! I’ve put up with you long enough! Do you dare to 1v1 me?" Ye Xiu picked out his name.

"F*ck, you’re picking a fight with a healer? So you can even do that!" Yuan Boqing shouted....


"I’ll permit you to pick any class you’d like." Ye Xiu said.

"Why don’t you go to the side to cool off!" Yuan Boqing said. As a pro player, he could play other classes too, perhaps even better than most normal players, but facing another pro player, switching to a class that he didn’t main was looking for death.

"To be more fair, I won’t use my main, an unspecialized. I’ll pick another class too like let’s say a Battle Mage? There’s no room for argument there, right?" Ye Xiu said.

"You f*cker....…" Apart from cursing, Yuan Boqing indeed couldn’t refute.

"Haha, if don’t dare, that’s fine with me." Ye Xiu said.

Yuan Boqing wanted to cry. What could he say? If he said he dared to, wasn’t that looking for death? If he said he didn’t dare to? That motherf*cker, it had nothing to do with whether he dared to or not. How did the subject get so twisted to such a point?

"Why not swap pointers with me?" In the end, God Wang Jiexi was the most calm. He easily pulled the topic back.

"With you? I’ve fought against you who knows how many times. It’s too boring. I’ll go to sleep!" Ye Xiu said.

"More like you’re scared." Yuan Boqing jumped out to call out, but then he stared blankly.

"F*ck, instant retreat..." Tiny Herb’s Liu Xiaobie said stupidly. Right after Ye Xiu finished his sentence, Lord Grim immediately disappeared. He decisively logged off without any hesitation. The others on Happy hadn’t even dispersed yet!


Ye Xiu stretched. He stood up and moved around a bit. Everyone in the room was looking at him as if they couldn’t look at him straight. In the end, it was Mo Fan, the person who spoke the least, that glared at Ye Xiu with a face full of disdain: "Despicable! Shameless!"

Ye Xiu glanced at him and replied with two words: "Leecher! Deadweight!"

Mo Fan’s face instantly turned blue and black. He really wanted to retort, but he had no choice but accept it. In the dungeon, his DPS had truly been a mess.

"Everyone, don’t sleep too late!" Ye Xiu called out to everyone.

"Sigh, there are no more records to get. What a pity!" Chen Guo sighed.

"Our harvest today was already quite good." Ye Xiu said.

"That’s true." Chen Guo nodded her head. If she weren’t with this group, she would never have imagined such earnings. Not long ago, she was just a normal Glory player, but now? She had a bunch of records under her name and had fought together with the best pro players. For an ordinary player, this type of experience could only be dreamt about.

Chen Guo sat at her seat and stared in a daze up until Tang Rou was about to leave and called out to her: "You’re still not going to sleep?"

"Oh... I’m going." Chen Guo immediately got up too.

"Little Tang, our team is amazing!" Chen Guo suddenly said.

Tang Rou was surprised. She then smiled: "It’ll be even more amazing later."

"Yes, it definitely will be." Chen Guo smiled. She went back to her room with Tang Rou, but she didn’t sleep for very long, when her phone rang, waking her up. Chen Guo checked her phone. It was Esport Home’s reporter, Chang Xian. She immediately picked it up.

"Little Chang, what’s up?" Chen Guo asked.

"Hi Sis Chen." Chang Xian greeted Chen Guo. Even though Team Happy wasn’t able to occupy the cover page of the papers after eliminating Team Everlasting in the second round, Chang Xian still maintained a good relationship with Happy. He had never slept over here, but he would always drop by Happy Internet Cafe every few days, getting familiar with the cashiers and employees at Happy Internet Cafe. When he saw Chen Guo, he would chat with her. He talked about this and that. It wasn’t just limited to work. He was clearly trying to become friends as a way to establish a relationship with them.

Over time, Chen Guo got used to his behavior.

When he ran by the Internet cafe or chatted with her online, it would never be for anything too serious. When he had business to talk about, he would always contact her by phone first. As a result, when Chen Guo saw it was Chang Xian calling her, she knew that it wouldn’t just be small talk.

"It’s like this, Sis Chen. Do you remember what day it is today?" Chang Xian asked.