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Chapter 880: Slowly

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Even the usually indifferent Mo Fan couldn’t ignore all of the criticism coming his way. He stopped playing and Deception stood off to the side foolishly.

When he fought, all he did was make things worse. Not fighting was easier to accept than fighting. Team Tiny Herb had no objections. Their team immediately started operating perfectly again.

On Happy’s side, without Mo Fan causing trouble, although their coordination wasn’t as practiced as Team Tiny Herb’s, under Ye Xiu’s continuous instructions, their teamwork wasn’t bad either. After all, they were only fighting a dungeon boss. There weren’t too many variations to the battle. Team Happy wasn’t lacking in individual skill. It was only the coordination between them that needed more practice.

Because they needed to keep up their level of coordination, none of them had the spare time to see the expression on Mo Fan’s face, the person who had incited Tiny Herb to complain. They could only see that Deception was sitting on the side and staring into space with no idea what to do. For a person like Chen Guo with a sharp mouth but a soft heart, she felt sympathy for him long ago.

But she also knew that this probably wasn’t outside of Ye Xiu’s expectations. Ignoring Mo Fan when giving out instructions was definitely intentional. If not, with Mo Fan’s skill, if Ye Xiu was willing to bring him into the group and Mo Fan listened to the orders, there shouldn’t have been any problems. The problem was that Ye Xiu had no such intention. Mo Fan didn’t even have an opportunity to refuse in spite.

Now Mo Fan was just standing awkwardly to the side. Through his view of the battle, he realized where the issue lay.

When the two teams operated, opportunities to attack would often be left behind. However, these opportunities were intentionally given to others, but not to him.

The movements and attacks of both teams covered for each other, linking and flowing smoothly together. Everyone had something to do. No one was idle, especially on Team Tiny Herb’s side. The synergy between each member of the team was more perfect. Their coordination appeared relaxed, natural, and unforced. His previous "seize opportunities to attack" strategy completely disrupted their flow. If the other side appeared as one person, his interjection was equivalent to putting a malignant tumor in that person.

Yes, a team’s cancerous tumor…...

Mo Fan didn’t know where he had heard this term from, but he realized that he seemed to be one. He was one on Tiny Herb’s side. It was the same for Happy.

In the previous ten-player dungeons, he couldn’t output a noteworthy amount of damage.

In this twenty-player dungeon, he had directly been given the cold shoulder with no way to deal damage.

Mo Fan understood there was a relationship between these two outcomes. He could still fight in the ten player dungeon because there was a lot more room to move and attack. There were plenty of openings. but for this twenty player dungeon, against a boss and the team’s high-level coordination, the window for an opening was much more tight. To find an opening, there was only one method. Integrate into the team. If he didn’t, it would only be like before. As soon as he made a move, he would be yelled at. That wasn’t integrating, but using a knife and dissecting the team.

Then, how should I go about doing that?

Mo Fan didn’t plan on standing by idly and watching. He needed to find a way.

He knew that Ye Xiu definitely had a way of integrating him into the team, but Mo Fan would rather die than speak up and ask for help. Mo Fan was determined to rely on on himself. He carefully observed the teamwork on both sides and pondered over how he should be a part of it. He needed to seize an opening without hindering others.

The battle continued.

Because the teamwork on both sides was well-practiced, everyone knew what to do, so there wasn’t much need for any instructions unless a big mistake happened.

But Ye Xiu kept on ordering about, commanding the players on Happy to do this and that.

Was there really a need? Many didn’t think so. Against monsters, the shotcalling had been beyond simple. It was practically everyone doing their own things. Facing this boss, the command became extremely detailed. They thought Ye Qiu was just making a big fuss over nothing.  

But Tiny Herb’s captain, Wang Jiexi, didn’t think so. He listened very carefully to Ye Qiu’s orders. From time to time, he would look over to see how Happy was operating.

He’s giving that Ninja openings! Wang Jiexi saw through it.

The previous Team Happy members that he mentioned before had all managed to catch his eye in some way or another. In comparison, Little Cold Hands, Concealed Light, and Chasing Haze were somewhat inferior. Apart from them, there was Steamed Bun Invasion and Deception. Wang Jiexi couldn’t get a good read on them, so he didn’t make any comments on them for now.

But from their technical skill, there was no need to question their skill. However, when evaluating a pro player, technical skill alone wasn’t everything.

This Steamed Bun Invasion sometimes made some strange and incomprehensible decisions. Even Wang Jiexi couldn’t make heads or tails out of it because he couldn’t see the intentions behind these decisions. It just looked like he was playing mindlessly....


As for Deception, Wang Jiexi had previously observed that while he was very determined, it just felt like he wasn’t compatible. When they began fighting the boss and he kept jumping in and disrupting the coordination of both sides, Wang Jiexi finally understood. His technical skill was at a pro level, but his team awareness was practically zero. This guy should be receiving more instructions from the leader, but Ye Qiu didn’t say a word.

In the beginning, Wang Jiexi couldn’t make any sense of the matter, but after noticing Ye Qiu’s commands, he understood that he was secretly urging the ninja to understood the importance of teamwork.

However, would that guy be able to understand it?

Wang Jiexi turned Vaccaria’s line of sight towards Deception. In-game characters were expressionless, so Wang Jiexi couldn’t penetrate into his mind. However, Wang Jiexi could clearly see the openings left by Ye Xiu’s side, but time and time again, Deception stood there, wasting these openings. Wang Jiexi even felt somewhat angry. He wanted to tell that piece of wood how to integrate himself into the team.

Besides Wang Jiexi, no one else realized this point. Everyone was doing their own part and had begun ignoring the previously annoying Deception. Wang Jiexi waited and waited. He was starting to feel numb. He was only feeling numb though. He reckoned that Ye Qiu was probably feeling extremely impatient, upon seeing Deception not realize it. From his commanding, it didn’t sound like he was irritated though.

Wang Jiexi was just thinking about all of this, when Team Happy exposed another unnecessary opening. This opening could be taken easily, allowing the player to integrate into the team. At this moment, Deception, who had been staring blankly for a long time, finally moved. A shadow flickered. Wang Jiexi was alerted. He turned Vaccaria’s line of sight to see where Deception would go.

Sure enough, he’s going there!

Wang Jiexi saw where Team Happy’s opening lay, as well as Deception’s movement direction. It was precisely this spot.

Rush in and attack…...

So he’s finally starting to understand.

As the team captain, Wang Jiexi was very meticulous towards these sorts of things. It was as if he were a coach. As soon as he saw Deception finally catch an opening, it was like a game of Tetris, when you stacked the tetrominoes high up and then cleared away four lines at once with an "I" block. But before he could finish feeling that bliss, he saw Deception pull away and let that opening flash by.

"What’s he doing?" Wang Jiexi was shocked. Soon afterwards, he understood why.

Wang Jiexi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at the reality of things. Deception was too inexperienced. He rushed in and attacked once. He didn’t know how to take advantage of this opportunity to integrate into the flow and had no idea what to do afterwards. As a result, he decided to withdraw to avoid being a malignant tumor.

"My condolences!" Wang Jiexi sent Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim a message revealing his sympathy.

"Same to you." Ye Xiu replied. He knew what Wang Jiexi was pointing at, but in terms of guiding a new player, Wang Jiexi had gone to even greater lengths for Gao Yingjie.

Wang Jiexi sighed. He continued to watch Ye Xiu patiently help Deception using this method, but after this Deception took his first step, he once again started worrying people again. This guy was good at finding opportunities. He caught all of the openings that Ye Xiu left for him, but the problem was that he always only hit once and then retreated, waiting in satisfaction for the next one to come. It didn’t seem like he was aware that he had already opened the door, but instead of going through it, he seemed to want to play around by jumping in and out. No wonder it had to be so troublesome. What a stubborn guy! These were only Wang Jiexi’s thoughts. He didn’t know too many details about the relationship between Mo Fan and Ye Xiu.

Even after the first boss fell, Deception failed to completely make it through the door.

First Kill announcement.

Because the two guilds had joined together, the announcement did not mention the guild names, but the team members involved were still listed.

The uproar triggered by this announcement was far different from before.

The pro players were fine. Those in the chat group knew that Wang Jiexi and Ye Xiu had joined hands to run a twenty player dungeon. The normal players, on the other hand, saw the resplendent character names of Team Tiny Herb, as well as those half-praised half-hated guys of Team Happy. 

What’s going on? How did those guys from Team Happy ally with Team Tiny Herb and run a dungeon together?

The normal players just couldn’t understand. In the dungeon, the Tiny Herb players were going crazy. Wang Jiexi spoke to Ye Xiu in a serious tone: "This is no good. No good at all."

"I think it’s quite reasonable!" Ye Xiu said.  

"Reasonable is no good!" Wang Jiexi seemed to be unable to find a reason to dispute Ye Xiu’s words. In the end, he vehemently objected: "Do you think that just because you’re an unspecialized, you need every piece of equipment? That’s too much of a cheat!"