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Chapter 338: Know Yourself, Know Your Enemy

Team One quickly adjusted their advances. Those who had some sense of strategy immediately understood their intent. They discovered that the adjustments had been made to counter Team Two’s formation. The spectators didn’t know that there was such a large flaw in the booths. At the moment, they were all gasping in surprise. They thought that it was Team One’s Master Tactician, Yu Wenzhou, who was predicting Team Two’s formation like an all-knowing God.

As for Team Two’s supporters, when they saw this, they looked like captured lambs and immediately felt worried. They wished that they could rush up onstage and warn Team Two.

As Team One’s players closed in, quite a few members of the crowd anxiously stood up, when they suddenly saw Team Two’s formation change. The scattered players contracted together and were ready for the Team One’s incoming assault.

However, Team One reacted quickly as well. Their initial strategy was tossed away and they contracted as well, in preparation for a direct confrontation with Team Two.

The audience members who understood what was going on were clapping wildly. They felt that the two shot-callers deserved to be called Master Tacticians. They were like true Gods, predicting what the other side was going to do next.

How could they know that the shot-callers on both sides, Yu Wenzhou and Zhang Xinjie, were both laughing bitterly.

They were both smart, but their opponents weren’t stupid, either. In reality, the two sides could see the other side’s movements just from looking at the projection. They weren’t making any godly predictions. They were just looking at the map! Because both team consisted of top-tier players with a solid knowledge of tactics and strategies, even though they weren’t from the same team, their coordination wouldn’t be too poor. Their movements after hearing the commands were clean and crisp. It looked as if their adjustments to their formations had been practiced beforehand. The unknowing spectators only felt how amazing and spectacular they were.

Yu Wenzhou and Zhang Xinjie could see how sharp both sides were. Planning a sneak attack or flanking each other weren’t going to work. In this match, a direct confrontation was clearly their only option.

Zhang Xinjie felt like their side had the advantage in a direct confrontation. After all, their team had the balanced team composition. As for Team One’s offense-oriented team, they were better at bullying, but both teams consisted of all-stars. Their skill levels were equal, so there was no way that they would be pushed down so easily.

Thus, Zhang Xinjie stopped playing tricks. He gave an order and Team Two advanced forward in an X Formation.

The audience saw that it seemed like the fight would start soon. But who would have thought that the initially aggressive Team One would suddenly have their hands and feet bound and, instead of meeting the fight, they actually began to retreat. Their movements made the audience very confused. But what made the audience even more confused was that, when Team One began to retreat, Team Two suddenly halted.

The audience members looked at one another. What were these two Tacticians thinking? They couldn’t understand at all!

The audience was completely confused. Zhang Xinjie, on the other hand, had sweat pouring down from his head.

Why did Team Two suddenly stop? The reason they had stopped was because, as soon as Team One began to retreat, they were unable to see the positions of Team One’s players anymore from their booth windows. Team One’s five players utilized their dead angle in order to hide from them.

Zhang Xinjie would naturally be alarmed. He immediately understood that Yu Wenzhou’s strategic sight was better than his. He had thought about how normal matches and this match differed and that both sides had the ability to see the general overview of the battle through the projection. This was something that official matches definitely wouldn’t have, which was why Yu Wenzhou had specially took note of the position of Zhang Xinjie’s booth, in order to determine where his blind spot was. And now, he had used this point, giving his team, Team One, the chance to hide. Team Two was now fighting against an invisible enemy. The momentum immediately shifted. As for Zhang Xinjie, he hadn’t taken note of the position of Yu Wenzhou’s booth. It wouldn’t be good to randomly guess, either, so his only option was to have his team halt temporarily.

Zhang Xinjie didn’t hide anything and told his team of his current predicament.

“I can see from here.” Wang Jiexi replied. The positions of their booths were different, so they had different viewing angles. Zhang Xinjie’s dead angle could be seen from Wang Jiexi’s point of view.

“Then I’ll hand the shot-calling over to you!” Zhang Xinjie gave him the authority.

He may be called a Master Tactician, but that didn’t mean that their victory would be guaranteed with his shot-calling. Handing the shot-calling over to Wang Jiexi, in order to solve their current predicament, didn’t mean that they were necessarily going to lose. After Wang Jiexi observed Team One’s formation, he read and understood the opponent’s intent and Team Two naturally made their adjustments.

The adjustment was simple. Their goal was to not suffer losses. They weren’t thinking of using the knowledge of their opponent’s positions to their advantage. This was because this match truly was too transparent. The flaw in the booths made it so that both sides knew themselves and knew their enemies. Even when Yu Wenzhou used his knowledge of Zhang Xinjie’s point of view to his advantage, by switching the command over to Wang Jiexi, everything had gone back to the beginning. Neither side could deceive the other.

Even if they took Wang Jiexi into account, there was still Li Xuan and Deng Fusheng……. It wasn’t like Yu Wenzhou could account for everyone’s point of view, right? If he really did, then their movements would be very limited and they wouldn’t be able to make any sneak attacks.

These exchanges truly showed the two sides’ abilities. It was just that, to the audience members, they couldn’t really understand what was going on. Only Ye Xiu, who was an expert and who had gone up on stage before, could tell from their movements what their situation was. He couldn’t help but laugh when he saw it.

“Ah, this isn’t very fun. You can see us. We can see you. Hide and seek? They might as well just send one player up at a time and play the group competition out!”

Up until now, the two sides still hadn’t fought each other, yet. But Team One’s chat window suddenly exploded with Huang Shaotian’s chatter. These words couldn’t be seen from the projection, but they could clearly be seen on the electronic screens that were broadcasting the battle, as well as on the player’s computers.

Huang Shaotian represented everyone and directly stood out, challenging the other side to duels.

“Do you dare?”

“Are you coming?”...

“You afraid?”

“Could it be that you want to fight me in a 2v1?”

No one on either side responded. Huang Shaotian was obviously ridiculing them. He was indicating that not accepting his challenge would be too shameful.

The audience clearly wasn’t as cool-headed as the pros were. They had already begun to get riled up. Team One’s supporters looked down on Team Two’s cowardice. Team Two, on the other hand, were ridiculing Huang Shaotian’s competitive attitude and how he wanted the team competition to turn into individual duels.

At this moment, the players on stage still hadn’t done anything and the audience members were already on the verge of breaking into a brawl.

Team Two stayed cool-headed the entire way through. On one hand, they were used to it. But on the other hand…… Huang Shaotian was continuously taunting them. But he wasn’t wrong though; their Team Two didn’t dare.

Dueling also depended on the team composition. As a whole, Team Two had support and crowd control classes. They were very complete. But in duels, they were against burst characters. If Zhang Xinjie’s Cleric from Team Two went up, that would just be giving Team One free points. How could they agree to duels?

But there was no escape! Huang Shaotian saw through this point and knew that they wouldn’t agree, so he continued to taunt at them. This was also a part of his style. Team Two consisted of all-stars, so they wouldn’t be so easily incited. As a result, they could only laugh bitterly. There were some from Team Two that wanted to respond back to Huang Shaotian, but Han Wenqing was currently crouching at his reserve seat.

Being taunted at like that wasn’t good for their reputation. Team Two advanced forward to pressure them, but Team One seemed to take delight in watching Huang Shaotian taunt them and retreated in response.

If Team Two had someone who liked to trash talk, then they would have spoken up long ago. But the problem was, in Team Two, not a single one of them liked to trash talk. And for Team One, they had the King of Trash Talking, so they had the complete advantage in the chat window.

Retreat, retreat, retreat. Team One only retreated, while Team Two only advanced.

Sometimes the person that was doing the trash talking didn’t know if it was working. Team Two thought that they were being very cool-headed in response to Huang Shaotian’s trash talk, but to the outsiders, they thought that they had been provoked by Huang Shaotian.

Team Two continued to push forward and, just as they were about to fight, Team One’s five players suddenly scattered. Team Two still hadn’t figured what was going on, yet, when suddenly, Team One’s players disappeared from their sight.

The five players were already used to looking out of the window to see the projection.




“None here.”


The five players communicated and immediately became alarmed. Had the other side actually figured out where all of their dead angles were?

“Hurry and retreat!” Zhang Xinjie shouted. He had already realized that they were in one of their opponents’ formations. They seemed to have intentionally lured them to this spot and created this situation…….

Zhang Xinjie retreated along with everyone else, while carefully observing the terrain around them, looking at those spots that they weren’t able to see.

“Everyone, stay in position!” Zhang Xinjie quickly reminded. He discovered that there were too many places here for the opponent to hide.

At this moment, the first attack of the match struck.

“Pshew!” Team Two nimbly stepped to the side. A Laser Beam split their formation into two.

“Ha ha ha, I can finally move!” A word bubble popped out from above Huang Shaotian’s Troubling Rain. Who knew where he had come from? He struck with a Falling Light Blade from up above, directly into the five players’ formation.