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Chapter 867: Isolation

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Knowing what was coming, their progression was smoother and more decisive than their previous attempt. After swiftly wiping out the four waves of ambushes, the ten of them arrived once more in the courtyard. They killed the reinforcements, heard Frigid Eagle yelling for help, and saw the Vice Chief Brown Bear walk out lazily, just as he had before.

This time, would they still be given the chance to strike first? Of course not. Frigid Eagle hadn’t even managed to whip out his broom when with a "clang clang" sounded out with two flaming lighters landing at his feet.

Bosses weren’t dumb. Upon seeing these lighters, Frigid Eagle didn’t bother taking out his broom and tried to run. He hadn’t even managed to take three steps when the falling Heat-Seeking Missiles hit, creating a mushroom cloud. With his arms outstretched in a flawless line, Frigid Eagle was blasted off of the roof.

He hadn’t even landed when, with a stab, a spear had already arrived. The immense force from the spear nailed Frigid Eagle to the door of one of the side rooms in the courtyard.

It was Tang Rou, not Ye Xiu, who had struck.

Knowing what they would have to face, Happy had obviously devised plans on as they made their way over. Frigid Eagle’s offensive capabilities weren’t the best, but if they allowed him to jump about on that roof above their heads, he would become a very annoying distraction, so they eventually decided to deal with Frigid Eagle first.

However, they still had to be careful about Brown Bear when dealing with Frigid Eagle. Currently, all they knew was that this guy’s skills were probably from the Swordsman classes, but they didn’t know anything specific.

The responsibility of figuring out these specifics fell on Ye Xiu. Lord Grim didn’t wait for Brown Bear to jump into the courtyard before charging over. As for Frigid Eagle, he was under everyone else’s focused attacks.

With Ye Xiu’s ability, everyone knew that he could last a long time when facing any Boss one on one. In addition, Frigid Eagle wasn’t particularly powerful, so everyone hoped to take this chance and kill Frigid Eagle first.

This strategy wasn’t a bad one, but who would’ve thought that their plan would be thwarted just as they started? Brown Bear ignored the attacking Lord Grim, and with a swing of his club, he jumped directly at the formation around Frigid Eagle."Watch out!" Ye Xiu yelled hurriedly. Everyone turned only to see Brown Bear’s club slam into the ground. They hastily jumped and dodged to avoid the attack. Brown Bear’s offense was abrupt, standing there and swinging his club once more...

Tang Rou had no way of getting the currently airborne Soft Mist to dodge such a big guy. She was quickly slammed against the wall of a room on the east side by Brown Bear’s club, as if retaliation for how she had just nailed Frigid Eagle to the door with her spear. "Aggro Sharing!" Ye Xiu suddenly yelled out this Glory term. Everyone immediately understood what had happened when they heard this. They wanted to deal with Frigid Eagle and Brown Bear separately, but these two Bosses shared aggro.

Aggro Sharing was when two or more monsters had the same aggro target, and would advance and retreat as one. Under these circumstances, it was impossible to separate this battle into two.

"It seems like they at least have some sense of honor!" After saying this, Wei Chen had Windward Formation raise his Death’s Hand and a Hexagram Prison fell from the heavens, aiming to entrap Brown Bear. He had never expected that the weakling they believed Frigid Eagle to be would swing his broom then, seeming to throw the dust on the ground up and negating Windward Formation’s Hexagram Prison.

"What the hell is this? Dispersion?" Wei Chen was dumbstruck.

Witches had a skill called Disperse Powder, which would could get rid of a buff on its target. However, they hadn’t heard of a powder that could disperse curses that had yet to hit its target like this. Of course, there would always be some original skills given to Bosses. Yet these original skills were always so wretched, making players incapable of maintaining their cool.

Windward Formation raised Death’s Hand again and began to cast the power Death’s Door. Yet it was then that Frigid Eagle and Brown Bear both turned on him as one.

"Aiyou!" Realizing that something was wrong, Wei Chen didn’t care about the CD and wasted mana, hurriedly cancelling the skill and dodging as he yelled, "The aggro is really chaotic! Hurry up and stabilize it!"

Without a specialized MT class, wanting to save the situation at times like this became a chore.

If they couldn’t save the situation, then they would just have to leave the situation be.

"Ice Boundary, now! Gatling Gun to suppress!" Ye Xiu ordered.

"I’ll handle Frigid Eagle, you go for Brown Bear!" Wu Chen gave a shout, naturally directed at Chen Guo. The two Launchers immediately activated Gatling Gun, wildly firing at their respective targets.

Frigid Eagle’s small build was weak, getting pushed back continuously by the Gatling Gun. Brown Bear was completely different. With a level suppression of five levels, the momentum from the Gatling Gun seemed nonexistent against him as he continued to charge forwards, raising his club.


With a soft noise, Brown Bear’s feet were suddenly frozen to the ground. The ice continued to creep upwards and, not long after, Brown Bear had become an ice sculpture....

One Inch Ash’s Ice Boundary had arrived just in time. Seeing Brown Bear frozen into an ice cube, everyone was delighted. He had been completely frozen even under a five level suppression. It seemed like Brown Bear’s resistance to ice was probably negative. This was a great opening to take.

Yet Ye Xiu didn’t even have time to make plans to utilize this when with a bang, Frigid Eagle threw a Lava Flask directly at the ice sculpture of Brown Bear. The lava ran down the sculpture, instantly melting a good portion of the ice. Brown Bear struggled for a moment, cracking the ice, and swiftly escaped his frozen state. "These two assholes!" Everyone yelled out in shock. These two Bosses not only shared aggro but were also so united and cooperative, knowing how to support one another. The difficulty of this battle had just risen again. "Take Brown Bear into the room, isolate them from each other," Ye Xiu immediately found a solution. It was only a team of two, so how hard could it be? In the pro scene, they would have to face five players at once who were as close as they could get, and fought in sync. 

"Get the aggro off me!" Wei Chen was still jumping around anxiously, because the two Boss’ aggro had been locked on him after his failed Hexagram Prison and had yet to switch targets. With their line up, Windward Formation would have to stop attacking to get the aggro pulled away. Wei Chen currently couldn’t even use control skills to protect himself and was under immense pressure, being chased by two Bosses.

"Hold on for just a moment longer," Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had already started to attack. Since they shared aggro, he didn’t target Brown Bear, but just focused on bullying Frigid Eagle.

Under Ye Xiu’s focused attack, the two Bosses’ attention finally switched to him. After checking the positions of the two bosses, Ye Xiu didn’t hesitate to head into the room at the front.

The two Bosses gave chase. Knowing the plan, no one went after Brown Bear, and all focused on Frigid Eagle instead.

"Are you certain that you can hold the aggro?" Wei Chen then asked.

Ye Xiu’s plan was that he would keep Brown Bear busy inside the room while the others stayed outside to give beat Frigid Eagle up. Under these circumstances, the aggro of attackers outside would accumulate quickly and easily overtake Lord Grim’s aggro. After all, Frigid Eagle was much weaker and there were so many people focused on killing him.

"Whoever OTs comes inside and keeps Brown Bear busy," Ye Xiu said.

"It’s that a bit too dangerous?" Wei Chen said. It was ok for Ye Xiu with his skill, but if it were Chen Guo or Luo Ji who had to go inside and keep Brown Bear busy, then it would be equal to sending them to their deaths. "Whoever has the greatest DPS shouldn’t be too weak, right?" Ye Xiu resolved the problem with a single retort. Whoever OTed had to be the fiercest attacker. For those of Chen Guo and Luo Ji’s skill level, they wouldn’t possibly become that person. Wei Chen’s worry had been for nothing.

"But it might still be a little troublesome for ranged characters. Dawn Rifle, hold back on your DPS a little!" Wei Chen added.  

"Right," Wu Chen agreed. It wasn’t a very good idea for his Launcher to go into that narrow room and keep a powerful melee Boss busy. He had always had the highest DPS as they progressed, so it seemed like he would have to hold back now. 

With Wu Chen holding back, Tang Rou’s Soft Mist’s offense became even fiercer. Frigid Eagle wanted to charge into the room to support Brown Bear, but was locked in place by a whole group of people, so he could only make supercial counterattacks. Poor Frigid Eagle’s health was falling with a whoosh and, not long after, his superficial attacks changed and gained focus. Two rapid magical attacks sped towards Soft Mist.

"Switch!" Ye Xiu had also realized Brown Bear seemed to want to leave the room and that someone must have OTed.

Tang Rou’s movements were swift. Soft Mist darted through the doorway with a Dragon Breaks the Ranks, throwing Brown Bear’s attention back to room that he was about to leave. At the same time, Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim sped out of the room. Frigid Eagle was about to enter when Lord Grim flew directly at him, blasting him back with a palm to the chest.

"Little Cold Hands, stand under the doorway and keep an eye on the situation inside," Ye Xiu ordered the healer. After all, Tang Rou’s skill wasn’t quite as good as Ye Xiu’s and would be hard pressed to stay inside without injury.

"Be careful to not OT, Little Hands!" Ye Xiu’s only worry now was Little Cold Hands. With their strategy, the aggro would switch between them as they dealt damage. With that, the continuously healing that Little Cold Hands did would make his aggro accumulation the most stable.

An Wenyi might have improved greatly as of late, but, facing a boss alone, he would have no chance.

"I know." An Wenyi had evidently also considered this, and made sure to not use any high level heals that would accumulate a lot of aggro. "Hold on, I’ll switch with you soon!" After giving Tang Rou those words of encouragement, Lord Grim ran up to attack Frigid Eagle.

The situation inside the room was far more dangerous than the situation outside. Frigid Eagle wasn’t very strong anyways, so they were more or less just bullying him. Meanwhile, Brown Bear was powerful, and it was a one on one as well, so the difficulty was immense. After Soft mist had entered the room, Little Cold Hands became exceptionally busy. Fighting a Boss alone inside a room was a definite challenge for Tang Rou.

"We can’t hold on like this for long, hurry!" Calculations were An Wenyi’s forte. Seeing Tang Rou’s situation being completely different from Lord Grim’s while inside, he had to heal continuously. A little longer and it might be him who had to rush inside. If he went inside, that was equivalent to walking to his own death.

"Give me space!" Ye Xiu called out and Lord Grim retreated to squish next to Little Cold Hands. Frigid Eagle, wanting to enter the room, followed after without prompting. Lord Grim continued to give Frigid Eagle a beatdown while occasionally turning around to cast a heal on Soft Mist. This way, he not only took some pressure off of Little Cold Hands, but also gained more aggro for himself.

"Can your mana hold on like this!?" Wei Chen yelled.