The King’s Avatar

Chapter 336: All Star 24 (2)

Compared to the All-Stars that introduced before them, of the two Hundred Blossom players, one of them was lacking in terms of his character and his experience, while the other was lacking in skill. Though for Tang to be able to say “the junior succeeds the senior”, it meant that he was also a very arrogant guy. He didn’t care too much about all of this and stood there proudly.

As for Zou Yuan, he was more uneasy. He stood behind his character and it appeared as if he was too afraid to look at the audience.

Next up was Team Excellent Era’s two players, Sun Xiang and Su Mucheng. Their characters, the Battle Mage, One Autumn Leaf, and the Launcher, Dancing Rain, were quickly projected onto the stage. These two were originally the closest partners in the Alliance, but it was different now. Dancing Rain’s owner didn’t hide her thoughts. She stayed a good distance away from Sun Xiang, instead, standing closer to Hundred Blossom’s player, Zou Yuan. The broadcast team knew what they had to do and immediately featured this point. They shifted to the empty seat where Ye Xiu was supposed to be at and once again paused on it.

After them came Team 301’s captain, Yang Cong, with his Assassin, Scene Killer. Even though he was also the ace of a team, Yang Cong’s character couldn’t be considered top-tier and so, when it stood up on stage, it gave off a very modest appearance.

Following Yang Cong’s introduction was a short break. The audience counted twelve players on stage and immediately understood that these twelve players compromised one of the All-Star teams. Tonight, they temporarily became teammates. Team Samsara’s Zhou Zekai turned into the All-Star team’s temporary captain. However, this appointment was simply a title. Zhou Zekai carried the team captain name, but in reality, the one who took on the role of team captain was Team Blue Rain’s Yu Wenzhou.

No one had any objections to this. This friendly and polite team captain had exceptionally good relations with everyone in the pro circle.

The host conducted brief interviews with each of the twelve players and had them sit in specially prepared seats. The twelve players sat down on one end of the stage and then, the other twelve players began to come onto the stage.

First up was Team Tiny Herb and, like Blue Rain, they too, had three All Stars.

Team Captain Wang Jiexi. Character: Vaccaria. Class: Witch.

Vice Captain Deng Fusheng. Character: Angelica. Class: Knight.

And a Grappler. Li Yihui. Character: Flying Drops. He was also one of Team Tiny Herb’s main pillars.

Next up was two players from Team Tyranny, the team captain and vice captain, Han Wenqing and Zhang Xinjie.

Han Wenqing’s character was naturally extremely famous, the “King of Fighting”, Desert Smoke. Class: Striker.

Zhang Xinjie’s character, on the other hand, was a Cleric. Character: Immovable Rock.

After them was Team Void’s Li Xuan. Character: Sobbing Ghost. Class: Ghostblade. Alongside him was Wu Yuce from the same team. Character: Carved Ghost. Class: Ghostblade. He and Li Xuan’s duo Ghostblade combo was another classic combo in the pro scene and had been competitors against Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng’s title of best partners ever ever since their creation.

Following Team Void was Team Wind Howl’s Lin Jingyan. Even though his condition had fallen and now that he had been beaten by Tang Hao, the All-Star invitation was based on popularity, not skill. A God like Lin Jingyan could easily make it into the 24 All-Stars with just his past achievements. In addition, he also had Three Hits, the reputed number one Brawler character.

Lin Jingyan hadn’t come alone from Team Wind Howl. There was also Fang Rui. Character: Doubtful Demon. Class: Thief. His signature style was playing dirty, dirty and dirty.

Next up was Team Thunderclap’s captain, Xiao Shiqin, one of Glory’s four Master Tacticians. He was someone who could take a bad hand and give any team trouble. His character: Life Extinguisher. The name sounded extremely murderous, but his class was actually a Mechanic, which was not a character that could fight against another face-to-face.

After Xiao Shiqin was Team Royal Style’s Tian Sen, who had the back of a tiger and the waist of a bear. The energy from his build was enough to make one tremble. Pro players were practically all shut-ins. Very few of them exercised to such extents. As a result, a pro with a muscular physique was very rarely seen.

Tian Sen’s character was called Peaceful Hermit. Class: Exorcist. It was also a very old God-level character. Tian Sen was already the third owner of this character. With every following successor for this character, Team Royal Style turned worse and worse. Even with a top-tier character, they still weren’t even able to make it to the playoffs....

Following Tian Sen was Zhao Yang, Team Seaside’s ace player. Character: Boundless Sea. Class: Qi Master. Their team’s situation was the same as Yang Cong. The player himself and his character weren’t considered as extremely top-tier, but that was only when it was compared to the top of the top. After all, anyone on the 24 All-Stars list was still an excellent player.

The final twelve players had joined the stage. This team had Wang Jiexi as the temporary captain. He represented the team and said a few words. Afterwards, the host did a brief interview with each of them and the twelve sat down on opposite sides of the stage, facing the other twelve players.

Who would participate in the individual competition? Who would participate in the group competition? And who would participate in the team competition that hadn’t been announced yet? The audience was already quite excited.

Even though the All-Star event was just for show, if they were too relaxed, the viewers would lose interest. As a result, the Alliance would also set things up to fire up the All-Stars. For example, in this event, they had Blue Rain and Tiny Herb, Excellent Era and Tyranny, the two big rivalries, split into two different teams. By doing this, the players wouldn’t play so half-heartedly. Even if the players didn’t care, the fans still would. Some opponents, no matter the time, no matter the location, would never go easy. With these types of players bringing in the energy, what was there to be worried about?

The 24 players were, after all, the 24 most popular players in Glory, so they didn’t need a big introduction. The event quickly entered the competitive stage. The first round for the individual competition was about to begin. Who would be chosen among the two sides? The viewers watching at the stadium and those who were watching the TV were all impatiently waiting for the answer.

The host purposefully slowed down his words when announcing the first contestant in order to heighten the suspense.

In the end, the first team chose Team 301’s Yang Cong, while the second team chose Team Royal Style’s Tian Sen.

Of the twenty-four players, there weren’t any that even the top-tier Gods would be able to steamroll over. Their performance onstage was way more important in this level of competition.

Though for these two players, the end deciding factor was actually the differences in their characters.

Peaceful Hermit was more than powerful enough to be considered a God-level character. Comparatively, Yang Cong’s Scene Kill was a bit inferior. Tian Sen took advantage of his character’s superiority and struck steadily and surely without giving any major openings, until he won the match.

After finishing the match, the two received interviews on the spot. Naturally, the winner said that the loser had played well and that he had won through luck. As for the loser, they said that the winner had played better and deserved the victory. After all, this was only the All-Star event. The two didn’t have any enmity towards each other and weren’t affected by any riling up. The two happily shook each other’s hand and the first match ended.

For the second match, Team Hundred Blossom’s Zou Yuan was sent out. For the second team, they sent out Team Tiny Herb’s Grappler, Li Yihui.

Zou Yuan’s Dazzling Hundred Blossom was undoubtedly a God-level account. It was just that there was nothing praiseworthy about his performance in the season. This hastily-found substitute had to take the place of God Zhang Jiale and he also had to use the team’s core account. The amount of pressure on Zou Yuan was unimaginable. Though for this All-Star event, where there didn’t need to be any pressure, the relaxed Zou Yuan unexpectedly gave off his most outstanding performance of the season. He defeated the Champion team’s Li Yihui, obtaining a heated round of applause.

After another modest interview, the third match began. For the individual competition, each match was one round. There was no best-of-three format. As a result, there wasn’t a need for too much thinking for who to send out.

For the first team, they sent out Team Blue Rain’s Berserker Yu Feng. As for the second team, they sent out Team Wind Howl’s dirty Fang Rui.

In the individual competition, the two rivals, Blue Rain and Tiny Herb, had both sent out players. Unfortunately, they had missed each other. If these two teams’ players fought, the audience members were certain that the match would be more intense. From this, it could be seen that the host split the teams accordingly, but when it came to the actual competition, which players were sent out entirely depended on the players. If not, then how could the Alliance miss out on such an opportunity?

Yu Feng’s Berserker was a class that went for direct attacks. Fang Rui’s character, on the other hand, was a dirty Thief. This match turned into a game of hide and seek, but no one dared to look down on the amount of skill involved in the match.

The two were carefully examining the other side’s movements and slowly wearing down their opponent. Of the three individual matches, this one took the longest. After a good five minutes, Fang Rui’s dirty Thief made a mistake, which was seized by Yu Feng, who directly ended the match.

The applause was deafening. A dirty way of fighting was one type of extreme. Some people loved it, while others hated it. The audience members who were clapping like crazy were naturally those who hated that sort of dirty fighting. Seeing the dirty Fang Rui get cut down brought them incomparable delight.