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Chapter 863: DPS Chart

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The club guild leaders assembled once more, but this time, they could only vent their frustrations. They had no way of solving the problem. Happy’s team was in the dungeon. Apart from the system itself, who could stop them from conquering this dungeon? Within the first hour, the first boss had been killed. What about two hours later? Three? Four... if this continued on unhindered, tonight would become Happy’s day of celebration. It was the busiest night of the year. Who knew how many people would remember Happy’s name?

Jealousy and envy!  

The guild leaders gnashed their teeth. According to the recent reports, as soon as the First Kill record announcement and the recruit notice came out, Guild Happy, as well as their subordinates, Guild Everlasting, quickly reached the maximum guild member application limit.  

To some players, the attractiveness of the First Kill could be considered as even more tempting than a beautiful performance by a team.  

When a team performed well, players would at most be delighted in spirit, but when a guild claimed a First Kill, apart from pride, it also proved their guild’s superior strength. Being inside this kind of guild might provide opportunities for them to surpass other players. Even if they couldn’t squeeze into that level of a team, if that superior team obtained equipment from a dungeon and didn’t need it, it would be placed in the guild storage. 

It would take time for normal players to have the opportunity to challenge ten player dungeons. They needed to level and find level 75 equipment from five player dungeons. But with these conditions, they could directly get ten player dungeon equipment from the guild storage. The temptation was enormous for numerous players.

The main leaders of Happy were still in the dungeon. The recruit notice had been announced, but the work needed for accepting applicants wouldn’t immediately begin. A system announcement after killing just the first boss also surprised them at first. Afterwards, they remembered to check the boss’s corpse for the loot that he dropped.

Compared to a five player dungeon, the equipment quality in raids would always be better. Even for Purple and Blue equipment, the stats of raid equipment were more outstanding. In addition, five player dungeons had a higher Blue equipment drop rate, while raids had a much higher Purple equipment drop rate. As the number of participating players increased, if the equipment drop rate was too low, many wouldn’t get anything. As a result, the overall equipment drop rate in raids was far higher than in five player dungeons.

In ten player dungeons, it was normal for a boss to drop two pieces of equipment. In 20 player dungeons, every boss was guaranteed to drop at least three pieces of equipment. It was even possible to get four with enough luck. In 50 player dungeons, every boss could drop between six and eight pieces of equipment. In 100 player dungeons, if every boss didn’t drop twelve to sixteen pieces of equipment, how could a 100 player dungeons be worth the effort?

Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout was a ten player dungeon. The probability of a boss dropping two pieces of equipment was quite high.

After reflecting on the First Kill announcement, everyone realizing that they could check the loot that dropped, which was undoubtedly very fun to do. Chen Guo was already asking impatiently "Who’s going who’s going?" By her tone of voice, she was clearly waiting for someone to say "You can go." She prepared to immediately go forward and check.

But Ye Xiu wasn’t in a hurry. He suddenly posted a chart in the team chat.

Everyone took a look. It was the DPS chart for this section. In the past, these statistics could only be checked after clearing the dungeon. However, it seemed like Level 75 dungeons had made some changes to the base of the game itself. Not only was there a First Kill record for just the first boss, it seemed like the DPS chart could be checked at any time.

"The DPS chart can be checked in between stages!" Ye Xiu immediately brought up the topic. It couldn’t be checked at any time, but in stages after a boss was killed.

"Everyone, take a look." Ye Xiu said, "Usually, I would tell everyone to learn from whoever’s first, but today, I don’t need to say anything further."

In first place, it was obviously Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim. He relied on DPS to establish aggro, so how could his DPS not be the highest? Lord Grim’s current Level 55 Myriad Manifestations Umbrella was equivalent to a Level 60 Orange weapon. The stats were ten levels lower than everyone else’s weapon. Unspecialized didn’t have any single hit high-damage skills. Under this condition, Lord Grim still being number one was simply a display of his skill.

After Ye Xiu, number two was Wu Chen’s Dawn Rifle and then Wei Chen’s Windward Formation.  

In terms of equipment, Wei Chen’s Windward Formation was number one. He had a Level 70 Silver weapon and three pieces of Silver equipment from Everlasting. In the Challenger League, he could be considered a cockroach. However, Warlocks weren’t high DPS classes to begin with, so in the DPS charts, he couldn’t compare to a pure DPS class like Dawn Rifle’s Launcher.   

Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion followed next.

There was a fair gap in the DPS of these two compared to the three in front. Because of the team composition, melee classes needed to dodge attacks in order to reduce the pressure on the healer, so they naturally couldn’t focus purely on dealing damage like the long-ranged classes. Ye Xiu could dodge while outputting damage, but Tang Rou and Steamed Bun didn’t have the skill.


At sixth place was Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash. He wasn’t far behind Soft Mist and Steamed Bun. For a supportive Phantom Demon, that was quite impressive....


These three were in the second group of the DPS chart. The players in the third group appeared as if they were leechers. Then again, Concealed Light and Chasing Haze were sandbagging in order to coordinate with the team. Ye Xiu had instructed Luo Ji to only use four summons to deal damage. Under this command, no matter how skilled the player might be, his damage would definitely be limited. As for Chasing Haze, Chen Guo was scared of messing up the team’s rhythm, so she often took the initiative to sandbag, so her performance was naturally subpar.

The most surprising was Mo Fan’s Deception. This guy’s skill was solid. Deception’s equipment wasn’t bad either, but he was actually in the third group along with the sandbaggers Concealed Light and Chasing Haze. Everyone stuck their heads out and looked at him. They wanted to see what kind of expression this usually cold and indifferent guy had.

Especially after Ye Xiu said in a serious tone: "Ahem. For those with a low DPS and without any particular reason, try harder!"

These words were obviously directed at Mo Fan because Luo Ji and Chen Guo had "particular reasons", but for Mo Fan’s Deception, with his skill and eagerness, it was quite surprising to see such depressing damage output.

Everyone looked at Mo Fan. Sure enough, Mo Fan’s expression was especially gloomy, but he still didn’t say anything. His two eyes were filled with confusion though. He wasn’t sure why his DPS was so low.

Mo Fan was the only person sitting alone. No one could see what he was doing. After Ye Xiu said these words, he didn’t expand on it and asked: "Who wants to check the loot?"

"Me me!" Chen Guo eagerly jumped up. Chasing Haze ran over. She quietly prayed to herself, even though she didn’t really know what equipment this dungeon dropped.

"Two pieces!" Chasing Haze crouched and searched the body. Chen Guo could already see what the equipment was and first reported the number.  

"One purple, one blue!" Then, she reported their quality.

Even though it was a raid, it still wouldn’t be easy to get Orange equipment to drop.

"What are they?" Everyone was already getting impatient and started asking questions one after the other.

"Uh, not good..." Chen Guo could see what had been dropped and said gloomily. Then, she posted the stats of the two pieces of equipment in chat for everyone to see.

The pieces of equipment were obviously Level 75. Getting a Purple one was already quite lucky. Chen Guo said not good because none of these pieces of equipment suited any of the classes on their team.

"It’s no big deal. We can just throw it in the guild storage!" Ye Xiu didn’t care. Their team all had a set of Orange equipment. Level 75 was a higher level, but the color mattered. Level 75 Purple equipment was at the same level as Level 70 Orange equipment. So for Level 75 equipment, they needed Orange ones for them to be upgrades. For Purple equipment, it would depend on the stats. As for Blue equipment, there was no need to look at it at all! To normal players, Blue equipment just passed the minimum standard. For competitive teams, it was definitely too lacking.

"Okay, let’s continue! Everyone, work hard at dealing more damage!" Ye Xiu announced loudly. Everyone heard his words. Wasn’t he still pointing at Mo Fan? After all, apart from him, everyone else had performed quite well. Chen Guo and Luo Ji had certain restrictions, yet they were still on the same level as Mo Fan’s Deception.

As a result, everyone couldn’t help but glance at Mo Fan again. This quiet guy looked very determined now as if he were holding back a burst of energy.

The ten players advanced deeper towards Sealed Mountain Thief Hideout. Before the second checkpoint, more Sealed Mountain Thieves that hadn’t been seen before appeared, but with the team’s skill level, they quickly figured it out and passed through it. The more they got used to these monsters, the easier it became. Only An Wenyi was nervous. He had never healed an MT like Lord Grim before! This guy kept dodging around. He did evade large amounts of damage, but the problem was that even so, An Wenyi had to watch him attentively. What if he suddenly made a mistake?

The path to the second checkpoint progressed faster than the path to the first checkpoint. Around thirty minutes later, the group reached the second boss.

Defense Commander Sand Leopard.

This boss was once again unfamiliar, so the team employed the same strategy as before. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim went forward to probe it out. After everyone observed the boss’s patterns, they would immediately swarm it.

Mo Fan’s Deception was positioned towards the front of the pack. Compared to before, he was a lot more active. He clearly wanted to use the second checkpoint to prove his worth. In the path towards here, he had been especially diligent, but everyone knew that in dungeons, the hardest part was the boss. The stats for DPS mainly came from the boss. The damage dealt to small monsters wasn’t much. It wasn’t possible to deal enough damage to small monsters to become part of the team’s main force.

Even though Mo Fan operated alone, it wasn’t like he had never dungeoned before. There was no way he didn’t understand this reasoning.