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Chapter 849: A Straight Forward Collaboration

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Wu Chen felt like there was some sort of deceit hidden within this smiley face, but he had no way of directly asking about it. Since he had just mentioned Team Heavenly Swords, he would obviously think about it from this perspective. Soon, he realized their relationship.

Not too long ago, Heavenly Swords borrowed the discussion on whether or not Lord Grim was Ye Qiu to attract attention. Now, in the Heavenly Domain, Lord Grim and Heavenly Justice as well as several other guilds had formed an alliance together to steal bosses, becoming more prosperous by the day. None of that was a secret.

Team Everlasting was fairly weak, but any team determined to take the professional route required a guild in the game as a foundation. Team Everlasting had a strong guild too and used any way possible to obtain any materials they could. Unfortunately, the Heavenly Domain bosses were battlefields of the highest level, and they didn’t have the strength to participate. They still paid attention to them though.

Wu Chen thought about it from beginning to end. Happy and Heavenly Swords didn’t have a shallow relationship! Even if they never had a relationship in the past, after these recent events, they definitely had some sort of relationship now. What’s more, Team Happy really did seem to be a grassroots team that came out from an Internet cafe. However, if you looked at their team roster, they had God Ye Qiu, ancient God Wei Chen, a former championship team member Qiao Yifan, and extremely talented new players, who had started playing in the new server and had already improved enough to be at the level of a pro player. None of them were easy to deal with. They didn’t seem like a grassroots Internet cafe team at all.

Perhaps Heavenly Swords was their true backer. Heavenly Swords executed a daring move, creating two teams at once. One would be joining the Alliance through the application process, while the other would join through the Challenger League. When the time came, two teams in the Alliance would be under their control. That would certainly be an unrivalled advantage!

Of course, that definitely violated the Alliance’s rules, but all policies had loopholes if you looked hard enough. Wasn’t Heavenly Swords trying to achieve their goal through underhanded methods right now?

He couldn’t even bear to think about it. The more that Wu Chen considered this possibility, the more issues popped up, but in reality, did Happy really have such a complicated relationship with Heavenly Swords?

Everlasting had hopes for Heavenly Swords. That was a fact. In these past few years, new teams would join the Alliance every year, but very few were as daring and overbearing as Heavenly Swords. Right after they confirmed their addition to the Alliance, they came out with all sorts of publicity moves. They even dared to ridicule the top teams. Heavenly Sword’s confidence could be seen from these actions alone.

Now that the Alliance walked the commercialization route, having lots of money was a formidable advantage. As soon as Heavenly Swords popped up, many teams actually closely followed them. They hoped that the owner was a stupid person with lots of money, who would brainlessly try to increase the team’s strength after joining the Alliance and wantonly buy useless trash at extremely high prices.

No one thought that Heavenly Swords, which had come out with such high-sounding speeches before joining the Alliance, would actually be so low-profile in the summer transfer market that it was scary. This year’s summer transfer market was quite lively. All sorts of God level players and characters were transferred around, but this new team actually made no movements at all. Let alone a team with such confidence, even previous teams would spend some money at the start of the season to close the gap in strength between their team and other pro teams.

Heavenly Swords made no such decision. They didn’t sign any famous players or buy any well-known characters. When they showed up on the competition stage, they appeared with the very same characters from their Guild Heavenly Justice. They had bought a few pieces of Silver equipment, but it only totaled to 20. In today’s Alliance, they were considered a poor team that brought down the competitiveness of the league!

Some experts even wrote articles questioning the investigations conducted on new teams applying to the Alliance. Are they not able to clearly distinguish a new team’s quality?

The current Team Heavenly Swords barged into the Alliance loudly. Three rounds later, their loud entrance attracted quite a bit of ridicule.

However, some people also considered Team Heavenly Sword’s later conduct as correct. It proved that the boss of Team Heavenly Swords wasn’t a stupid person with lots of money. They understood this point, so they lowered their heads for now. Moreover, for their first season, they didn’t have any overly ambitious goals. They had money, but they didn’t plan on throwing it around and instead focused on steadily developing.

This analysis was closer to Heavenly Sword’s real intentions.

But then again, if Loulan Slash had never met Ye Xiu, things might not have turned out this way. They might have been like what others had been hoping for, throwing out money, messing up the market, and then gathering a bunch of All Star players and characters.

At the same time, this time, Heavenly Swords desired the plate left behind by the dying Everlasting. However, they were also now more familiar with a certain Ye Xiu.

He An was the ace player and manager of Team Everlasting. In comparison, Lou Guanning was the core player and the boss of the team. His words held many times more weight than He An’s.

Lou Guanning trusted Ye Xiu very much. He even regarded Ye Xiu as their adviser. Happy had borrowed their equipment to bring down Everlasting. Lou Guanning wasn’t stupid. He was aware that Everlasting would definitely be sold away. After meeting Ye Xiu, who let them know not to aim too high, Heavenly Swords made every effort to walk the steady road. However, their current record was still disappointing. If they took Everlasting’s resources, their strength would certainly improve noticeably. Everlasting was just about to disband too. How could they let that opportunity go?...


Lou Guanning desired Everlasting’s resources, but before getting involved, he asked for Ye Xiu’s advice, which surprised Ye Xiu.

Truthfully speaking, how could Ye Xiu not know that as Team Everlasting’s killer, rushing in to loot their corpse before they were even completely dead was certainly distasteful, but he didn’t dare to wait.

Don’t look at how everything seemed quiet at the moment. Who knew how many teams were waiting in store to snatch them up! In particular, Ye Xiu’s most troublesome competitor was actually Team Heavenly Swords.

Because Team Heavenly Swords needed these resources as urgently as their Happy. In addition, the other side had money, while Happy did not. Heavenly Swords could buy everything all up at once, but that wasn’t possible for Happy…...All kinds of markers indicated that Happy’s competitiveness was very weak. Ye Xiu was even worried that if Heavenly Swords really did make their move, there would only be slags left for Happy.

Who would have thought that Lou Guanning would actually run over to ask for his advice before making his move.

Of the two windows on his screen, one belonged to Wu Chen, an opponent they had just killed off, while the other belonged to Lou Guanning, who was a competitor that could steal away all of the meat in an instant. Ye Xiu was feeling all sorts of things right now.

Lou Guanning’s trust in Ye Xiu was quite moving. It was a feeling of a sincere friendship. The two sides would not only be doing things for their own benefit. From now on, any collaboration between Happy and Heavenly Swords would be placed above their own interests.

In the beginning, Ye Xiu had borrowed Heavenly Justice’s strength to suppress other guilds. On the other hand, Heavenly Justice utilized the suspicion of Lord Grim being Ye Xiu to hype up their team’s arrival in the pro league... all the way until the two sides worked together to fight for wild bosses in order to strengthen their own teams, borrowing each other’s strength.

Lou Guanning came over to ask a question, which was for his own purpose, but Ye Xiu felt like this sort of trust wasn’t easy for him. Lou Guanning definitely wasn’t an idiot and knew about Happy’s situation better than many others. He would certainly know that Happy would also be very interested in a dying team.

Even under this kind of background, Lou Guanning still asked Ye Xiu for advice. Ye Xiu wouldn’t avoid the topic. He wouldn’t conceal his team’s intentions. The two would open up their gates and speak frankly because any ill-feelings that might be involved in this competition was finally eliminated.

Their intimate collaboration made things very difficult for Everlasting.

Team Heavenly Swords was a sincere and rich team, but right now, even Team Heavenly Swords wasn’t reaching out to them. What else could they hope for?

Team Everlasting’s core members were discussing this issue for the past few days. They had no idea if Team Heavenly Swords had any intention of reaching out to them.

And now, once Wu Chen thought about the relationship between Happy and Heavenly Swords, he felt like he had grasped the crux of this issue.

In order to grab the money mountain Heavenly Swords, they might not be able to ignore Happy’s request! The two teams may or may not be one, but right now, they were advancing and retreating together. Everlasting could not ask to sell their goods because then they would be in a disadvantaged position in the negotiations. Everlasting also didn’t want to stretch out their necks and let them behead them. The two sides were lacking someone behind the scenes who could put up a bridge and this someone might be Happy.

Don’t look at the value of this someone. This someone would be a kind of mediator between the two sides, allowing both sides to negotiate from equal positions. If not, the two would continue remaining on the side, refusing to move. In the end, it might end in losses for both sides.

This mediator didn’t come out of nowhere either. It was artificially designed. From what Wu Chen reckoned, if it wasn’t for Happy sticking their hands in the matter, Heavenly Swords might have started offering prices already. Happy stopped Heavenly Swords from buying. At the same time, they couldn’t get Team Everlasting to come to sell to them. As a result, they were able to set themselves up in this clever position.

Even worse, even if you discovered the other side’s plans, there were no other options because it was only by walking this path could everyone’s interests be protected, unless Team Everlasting let their emotions decide things.

Wu Chen brought his thoughts into the discussion. After a moment of shock, Everlasting’s boss sighed: "A scheme. A true scheme….. Let’s trade with Happy then. We don’t need to shut our mouths too tight. Afterwards, have them bring in Heavenly Swords. If what you say is right, we don’t need to ask for them. They’ll come to us."