The King’s Avatar

Chapter 841: Mana Consumption

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Everyone in Team Everlasting, including He An, who had discussed the plan in detail with the Qi Master, was completely speechless.

Mentality. This was an issue with his mentality. As soon as your mentality shifted off balance, your thoughts might run into a dead end. For example, this Qi Master had determined that unspecialized could attack him first from afar, so he tried to get him to waste mana that way. However, he was too tunnel-visioned on this strategy. When his opponent was clearly within his attack range, he was still waiting for Lord Grim to attack him first.

The spectators wondered whether he had been bribed. It wasn’t too outrageous for that to happen. However, his way of doing so was too unusual. Moreover, this guy still hadn’t reacted. Lord Grim and Heavenly Rage were still moving closer and closer to each other.  

He An really wanted to slap his teammate awake. It was such a crucial match. How can you commit such a stupid blunder? However, he didn’t do it in the end. He also knew that it was easy to make mistakes at crucial moments. It was because the player cared too much and wanted to win too much.

The distance continued to close. Team Everlasting’s Qi Master suddenly woke up. The previous round had left a deep impression on him.

This distance was how far Shadow Clone Technique could reach. Leopold was unable to escape from Lord Grim, starting at this distance. Leopold was then completely crushed.

The Qi Master finally woke up because of his sensitivity towards this distance. At this distance, he could have started attacking long ago. Even though his goal was to waste as much of Lord Grim’s mana as possible, that didn’t mean he couldn’t go on the offensive. Attacking was also a way to waste the other side’s mana. In addition, there were also opportunities to consume the opponent’s health and mana simultaneously.

Qi Bullet!

At this point, the Qi Master didn’t hesitate to start attacking. Heavenly Rage fired a Qi Bullet. The crowd’s suspicions of him throwing the match were finally dispelled.

The Qi bullet flew out. Lord Grim’s figure flickered.

The Qi Master had committed a big blunder, but his attention was fully focused on the fight. He saw Lord Grim’s flicker clearly.

As expected, Shadow Clone Technique.

The Qi Master had been expecting it and instantly deduced it. Without another word, he put an input. Heavenly Rage’s two palms rose towards the sky. Then, he bent his waist and slammed the ground. A wave of qi spread from his two hands. This attack covered all around him. Whether Lord Grim teleported to to the front, behind, left, or right of him, he would certainly be enveloped by this attack.

However, at this moment, the crowd let out a gasp of astonishment because Lord Grim had used Shadow Clone Technique to get above him, not to the front, behind, left, or right of him.

The airborne Lord Grim looked as if he were about to give Heavenly Rage an attack as he fell. Following aftewards would be a continuous combo. But Heavenly Rage stood up after slamming the ground and his palms faced Lord Grim.

Sky Piercing Strike!

The Qi Master had actually predicted Lord Grim’s movements. He had been prepared for this attack. A ball of qi flew out from his palms towards Lord Grim.

At this moment, Lord Grim raised his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. Ka ka and his umbrella split into propellor. Tu tu tu tu, it spun around rapidly, lifting him up. He casually loosened his hand and a grenade dropped onto Heavenly Rage…..

Heavenly Rage was still in the ending lag of his Sky Piercing Strike. He had no way of dodging the grenade, so it exploded on top of his head. The Qi Master wanted to cry. He obviously knew what options an unspecialized had, but he couldn’t react fast enough in the middle of a fight. They had only prepared for a week. How could he have mastered everything so quickly?

He had at least consumed some of his mana.

The Qi Master failed to strike Lord Grim, but that at least gave him some console. Being at ease made it easier for him to keep his mental state in balance, no? As a result, the Qi Master was still fairly calm. He immediately had Heavenly Rage turn around to continue attacking Lord Grim. However, Lord Grim had only used Rotor Wing to switch directions in the air, so he could dodge Sky Piercing Strike. After avoiding the attack, he followed with his own attack. Heavenly Rage’s turn of the body matched it too perfectly. It was so perfect that everyone in the crowd wanted to smack their foreheads.

Lord Grim’s Falling Light Blade struck Heavenly Rage’s forehead…..

A grenade and then a slice to the head. If this wasn’t a game, he would have died twice. Heavenly Rage was knocked down with this Falling Light Blade. He immediately teched it and rolled, but as soon as he got up, Lord Grim’s spear thrust towards him. Circle Swing grabbed Heavenly Range and threw him back to the ground. He fell so hard he didn’t know where he was anymore.

Too pitiful.

Everyone thought to themselves. The current Heavenly Rage had been closed in on just like Leopold! An unspecialized at melee range was too terrifying!...


It was just as everyone predicted. When Heavenly Rage got up, Lord Grim’s attack arrived. The Qi Master chose the correct choice this time though. When he got up, he pushed his palms outwards to create a Qi Shield. Lord Grim’s attack just happened to hit this Qi Shield. Borrowing the shockwave from the Qi Shield being shattered, Heavenly Rage slid back several steps. He thought he could pull apart the distance, when Lord Grim carried his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella and rushed forward with the Knight’s Charge.

The Charge skill was faster than a character’s movement speed. However, Heavenly Rage had borrowed the resulting shockwave, so his movement speed was faster than normal too. The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella charging at him missed him just by a bit. His heart thumped with joy!

Lord Grim didn’t hit him. He had wasted some more of his mana.

But that Charge wasn’t everything. Lord Grim didn’t reduce his speed. A glint of light shined and a sword was unsheathed. A Berserker’s Colliding Stab followed after…..

This time, Heavenly Rage couldn’t avoid it. The sword struck his chest. Colliding Stab’s momentum wouldn’t stop with just that. Lord Grim rushed forward along with the target. It looked like he refused to let go until this sword killed Heavenly Rage.

Ye Xiu didn’t need this skill’s charge effect. When it was about right, he switched skills, not letting the other side any time to adjust before he performed his unspecialized combo.

The Myriad Manifestations Umbrella constantly switched forms. All sorts of skills from different classes were unleashed at a speed that the crowd couldn’t keep up with. The previous combo that made everyone forget themselves in its beauty reappeared. 

However, with the combo from before, the crowd wouldn’t lose themselves. It was still stunning to see though, even if they didn’t want to admit it.

The other players in Team Everlasting had expressions of horror. If this continued, would Heavenly Rage be killed in this way just like Leopold?

Only He An followed Lord Grim’s mana bar closely. Every point of mana was another point of happiness. He knew that hoping the Qi Master to make a huge comeback wouldn’t be possible. Now it was a matter of how much more mana Lord Grim would use up. Next, it would be up to him to use this advantage and win!

Use a bit more mana!

He An paid attention to Lord Grim’s mana bar, while checking on Heavenly Rage’s health bar from time to time.

The Qi Master hadn’t given up. He was still struggling because he knew that he wasn’t here to win this round, so he wasn’t too troubled by the opponent suppressing him. He just needed to make things hard for his opponent, so his opponent would need to use more skills to kill him.

Qi Masters were also Cloth classes. From their equipments’ stats, their defense wasn’t anything much. But in reality, Qi Masters had far better defensive stats than other Cloth classes because of their passive skill: True Qi Protection.  

After learning this skill, the Qi Master’s mana directly affected their defense. Their defense would increase proportionally according to their remaining mana.

Qi Masters that emphasized offense and disregarded defense might not use this skill, but the majority of Qi Masters sought consistency, so True Qi Protection would usually be maxed. Even though the effects of the skill would decrease as their mana decreased, the increase in defense was still very distinct.

It was because of this skill that many Qi Masters valued equipment, which improved their mana and mana recovery in order to increase the benefits from this skill.

In the pro scene, few players would specifically choose equipment for the benefit of just a single skill. Pro characters would change depending on their needs.

He An was regretted not preparing for this beforehand. If he had known Heavenly Rage’s goal woud be to waste mana, they would have stacked mana and health on him. It would have been very effective.

Right now, Heavenly Rage could only rely on himself to struggle. But seeing Lord Grim’s mana compared to Heavenly Rage’s health, He An let out a sigh of relief. If this continued, even if Lord Grim’s mana didn’t go completely empty, there should only be 10% remaining. Even if he drank the best mana potion, it would be at 30%.

With 30% mana and Lord Grim’s damage output, He An was confident his Go Forth wouldn’t fall even if he just stood there letting Lord Grim attack him.

Go Forth was a Spellblade. Don’t look at how they dealt magic damage. The health and defense of Spellblades were first class. Among the Swordsman classes, Berserkers only wore heavy armor. Spellblades wore plate armor though, which had the highest physical defense out of all the armors. Spellblades also stacked Intelligence, so along with accessories, their magic defense was very mighty as well.

No matter how many skills an unspecialized possessed, whether it was physical or magic damage, trying to get through a Spellblade would require enormous damage output. And how much mana did Lord Grim have left?

Seeing the situation, He An’s smile grew wider and wider.