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Chapter 824: Are They That Strong?

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Reflect Attack!

Wu Chen choked on his surprise. He hadn’t expected that at all. Laser Rifle was a very fast attack and he wasn’t prepared for it, instantly taking a hit from the reflected Laser Rifle. He definitely wouldn’t be able to fire that Stinger.

The others had only tried to interrupt upon hearing Wu Chen’s call, sending their attacks half a beat too slow onto Lord Grim’s open Myriad Manifestations Umbrella. They were all preparing a second attack when their eyes caught a flash of blue light and an icy aura appeared...

Ghostblade skill: Ice Soul Protection Boundary, otherwise known as Ice Boundary.

Team Everlasting’s members were all focused on the Death’s Door Windward Formation had been chanting. With this powerful skill, they couldn’t escape their fate of being controlled. They hadn’t expected Qiao Yi Fan to use One Inch Ash and successful sneak attack them. With the appearance of the ice boundary, the five were all frozen with the sounds of crackling ice. Now the result was set. Don’t even think about escaping, if they didn’t interrupt that technique, they were all ducks sitting at Death’s Door.

Team Everlasting’s players paled as one. Lord Grim’s Myriad Manifestations Umbrella shield was still open and in their way! If they were all frozen, how were they to interrupt it?

The chant for Death’s Door quickly came to an end and it was summoned in front of the five. At such a distance, they would have trouble escaping from Death’s Door, even if they weren’t frozen by the Ice Boundary.

"Fire Wave Formation!" Wu Chen yelled anxiously into the chat.

This was a hint everyone understood. Ice and fire were opposing elements, so if they could activate a fire element Fire Wave Formation, the Ice Boundary would disappear quicker. He An’s Go Forth hadn’t been completely frozen, only slowed, so he could still activate his skills.

But they soon saw a helpless message from He An. "I’m dizzy!"

Go Forth was dizzy again...

Team Happy wasn’t made up of just one or two players!

As Qiao Yifan’s One Inch Ash sent out an Ice Boundary, Steamed Bun’s Steamed Bun Invasion had also been silently approaching. He expertly threw a brick and it struck Go Forth perfectly in the back of his head. Everyone else had only been frozen, but poor He An; not only was he slowed, but he was also dizzy thanks to a brick.

The five trapped by the Ice Boundary were helpless in the face of Death’s Door, and the dark energy from within quickly grabbed all them. Tang Rou’s Soft Mist had long since charged over as well. All that aggression she had been holding in erupted, swinging her spear and giving the five tangled in dark energy a beating. Her combos were stacking rapidly, causing the golden light from her Battle Spirit to intensify. Her attacks became faster, her damage rose, and the chasers from her skills became larger, flying out and exploding. The mere sight of all the health being blasted away was enough to make anyone’s heart ache.

Lord Grim, Windward Formation….

These two characters charged over as well. With Death’s Door holding them all in, these five had been tormented for quite a while. Wu Chen carefully considered the situation at hand, suddenly noticing that their opponent’s were rushing to deal damage, but this offense wasn’t without clarity. For example, no one was attacking Go Forth anymore. That was because his health was low enough and they had no healing skills. They didn’t need to continue their offense on him, since Death’s Door still had a spectacular ending!

Gradually, Team Everlasting’s five characters were pulled into Death’s Door by its death force, and then Death’s Door suddenly imploded, as if trying to banish the five characters into a parallel world.

Amongst the wildly pulsating death force, the five characters were thrown out by the blast, and He An’s Go Forth lost the remainder of his health in this blast, being the first character to fall in this battle, but the other four had their health chipped away at a steady rhythm by Team Happy’s orderly attacks.

Wu Chen’s Dawn Gunner had the second lowest health. With Death’s Door’s explosion, he hadn’t been taken out, but Lord Grim’s Sky Strike caught the falling Dawn Gunner and sent him towards Steamed Bun Invasion, who jumped up and greeted him with a Strangle.

With a 50% reduced in physical defense, Dawn Gunner didn’t last long under the following assault, becoming the second to get taken out.

The remaining three had their health intentionally reduced. After Dawn Gunner had been dealt with, the Team Happy five turned heel together and instantly surrounded them, taking them out.

Although Team Everlasting seemed to still have three people, their core class and reliable captain had also been wiped out. The battle was over.

The encirclement of the remaining three was done in silence. No one talked in the match chat channels or in the audience public chat. Everyone watched on in silence, sitting in front of their computers.

On this side was a team eliminated from the Pro League, on that side was a grassroots team originating from an Internet cafe. Two teams like this wouldn’t be able to play any kind of high end competition, and wouldn’t gain any fame, but, this team competition was definitely a textbook example.

How to use the map to turn the tides when disadvantaged. That was what this match had shown.

The players weren’t the most skilled.

Their equipment wasn’t the best.

Even the tactics that were used weren’t flawless. If Team Everlasting had been a little more on guard and noticed the backup ploy faster, then they wouldn’t have lost the upper hand and been wiped out in one counterattack.

Unfortunately, there were no "if only"s in tactics. Plus, even if Team Everlasting had managed to guard against the backup ploy, that didn’t mean Team Happy didn’t have any other tricks up their sleeve.

Reality was the only way to judge tactics. And from the results of this match, Team Happy’s tactics were extremely successful....


"Team Happy is so strong!!!"

As Team Happy sent the last last member of Team Everlasting out of the competition, the person who had been publically supporting Team Happy before jumped out again.

After flooding several pages of the chat with a fwoosh, the person left again without waiting for a response.

The spectating faceslappers were depressed! How is that all their efforts came back to slap them in face? What kind of team would it take to eliminate this Team Happy? Even a team that originated from the Pro League like Everlasting wasn’t enough; could they really be a team strong enough to go against Excellent Era?

Thinking of this, more or less everyone shook their heads involuntarily.

A team strong enough to go against Excellent Era? With that sort of equipment! Though they didn’t know where these guys had gotten all of those pieces of silver equipment, just that wasn’t enough to match up with the subs for Team Excellent Era.

Suddenly, it became a trial to try and estimate Team Happy’s strength! The cons of not having a full understanding of the team’s ability was something the faceslappers had experienced over and over again.

From when they thought this team was arrogant and personally tried to shoot them off their high horse, their actions came back to bite them again and again, because they always thought: this should be enough to defeat Team Happy, right?

So when they cheered and jeered about Happy losing, when they were ready to finish an essay on Happy’s defeat, Happy always sent back a solid slap to face, punching the words from their mouths.

It was painful! The faceslappers had been holding this grudge for so long and never got a chance to unleash their anger; the effort of holding it in was killing them.

In comparison, Team Everlasting’s fans were truly depressed.

There was no record of turning things around after losing with a 1 to 8.5 lead while having the home advantage. Was Team Everlasting’s journey this year coming to an end so soon?

Next year? Would there even be a next year for them? They had nothing to do now, not even the Challenger League, so what could they use to keep themselves and the confidence their players and fans had afloat.

There wasn’t a lack of disappointed people tonight.

Team Everlasting’s fans were crushed and disappointed and their players were obviously no better.

Such a large difference in points was enough to make them as lifeless as the dead.

The match was over, and everyone sat in their chairs as if they had been paralyzed. No one spoke, and no one could squeeze out even the smallest of smiles. Though they knew it wasn’t over, there was another round, this result made their morale plummet.

Everyone stayed silent, no one moved and no one spoke until the door was pushed open. They all subconsciously turned to look, only to see the boss of Club Everlasting standing in the doorway sadly.

Club Excellent Era.


When Team Everlasting’s five characters had been caught by Death’s Door, Tao Xuan had already hurled the documents to the ground. Then as Team Happy wiped out Team Everlasting one by one, Tao Xuan’s mood had gone from sunny to cloudy, then those clouds darkened with rain, ready to storm at any time.

Especially the end, seeing the public chat flooded with "Team Happy is so strong!!!", it got to his nerves.

"Is Team Happy really that strong?" Tao Xuan spoke darkly.

"With Ye Qiu, their strength is definitely above normal teams," Cui Li forced himself to speak.

"Then is Team Everlasting a normal team?" Tao Xuan asked, pointing at the screen.

Chen Yehui looked at Cui Li with sympathy. This question wouldn’t be easy to answer, but who would’ve thought Cui Li would easily say, "Though Team Everlasting was eliminated the year before last, their ability has declined greatly since they were a part of the Alliance. They sold their core character that year, and their Captain and core players also left. A year later, they lost the Challenger’s League which put them into a terrible situation. Now their team only consists of one player from the original team. All the others were found in a rush, and even their manager is a player. Their strength is far inferior to a real pro team!"

Chen Yehui was surprised by this logical analysis. This was truly a man who deserved to be manager; he had really done his homework!

As Cui Li finished his matter-of-fact speech, he was sweating internally! He hadn’t really done much research on Team Everlasting. It was just that when he saw the tides turn, he did a quick search on his phone and formulated such a speech.

"Actually, this victory might be a good thing. When they really start believing in their own power is when they’ll meet a dead end." Cui Li added on.