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Chapter 799: Nonsense

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Li Rui also ran away.

Chen Yehui brought six gamers from the training camp with him, and two ran away. They didn’t have enough for a five-man team battle.

But was there a need to fight any longer?

Chen Yehui didn’t think so. Those six were outstanding among the training camp in Excellent Era. If they needed six players from the training camp to form a team to represent Excellent Era, he believed that only those six qualified.

And these six failed to get the upper hand on Team Happy.

No, that statement would be too immodest. What upper hand? They were clearly on the losing side. Qiu Fei’s performance was relatively steady and managed to defeat Tang Rou, who was in the spotlight. However, he immediately alarmed Ye Qiu, whose position would unlikely be touched by them.

But apart from that?

Li Rui had a strong sense of self-importance and believed he was outstanding. But he made a joke out of himself by switching six accounts. After being tormented back and forth, he only managed to win against Steamed Bun Invasion once, before he was toyed with by a Warlock called Windward Formation.

As for the other four, only Bai Shengxian managed to have a go, but he also made a fool of himself. He said he would bully the noob, but he ended up being oppressed by the so-called ‘noob’ twice. He lost to the point that he didn’t dare to try again.

The three’s performance was enough to show their level of skill against Happy. Chen Yehui no longer felt the need for the other three to have a go. The more they tried, the more they would lose. Even if they happened to win once in awhile, the difference between their wins and losses weren’t enough to embarrass Team Happy!

If they couldn’t faceslap, what was the point?

Chen Yehui didn’t stop Li Rui from leaving, while the remaining four looked at one another in dismay. They looked at Windward Formation, who was still standing at the arena field. This was a plot Li Rui had set up in order to be in the limelight, but now they had fallen into it. Windward Formation was clearly more skilled than Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion. If Li Rui was toyed around with, then they wouldn’t fare any better. Why would they line up to be tormented? Everyone came here to faceslap, if they couldn’t, why would they turn their cheeks to be slapped?

The four didn’t utter a word, neither did Chen Yehui. Windward Formation even started asking for the next person to come up. Then, the door was pushed open and Qiu Fei returned.

Qiu Fei’s didn’t hide the disappointment from his face.

He ran to Happy Internet Cafe, and looked around several times. He thoroughly checked every customer before each computer, but he still couldn’t find the person he was looking for.

Of course he couldn’t find them.

Ye Xiu’s group moved to the rented apartment much earlier on, and Chen Guo was also with them. As for Happy Internet Cafe, after it overcame the obstacles and won their way through all the challenges, the faceslapping group stopped showing up. The customers present in Happy Internet Cafe were those who came for the free internet. Happy no longer had to keep the promise of staying free until the season. Since it was peaceful, Chen Guo didn’t need to supervise it. She could now have fun and hang around with the other group.

Qiu Fei couldn’t find Ye Qiu, so he returned disappointed. Qiu Fei didn’t have his contact info. It used to be effortless to find Ye Qiu in the club, how could he have known such a day would come?

There would be an opportunity somehow.

Qiu Fei didn’t greet anyone when he returned, but only quietly returned to his seat. No one touched his computer, so the screen was fixed on the scene when he last fought with Soft Mist. His Demon Fighter was on the floor, while Soft Mist stood on his side. Although she was a female character different from One Autumn Leaf, the character still looked majestic. She was just like the silhouette he always admired.

Every character carried the player’s spirit within them! Using this to distinguish the player was more accurate than looking at one’s habits!

Qiu Fei suddenly remembered how Ye Qiu used to tell him this. It sounded incredible, but he didn’t really believe it. He was now witnessing it for himself. Even though it was a different character and she stood there without moving, Qiu Fei felt that this was Ye Qiu, the Battle God and One Autumn Leaf.

He was always there. He had never left. He had never changed.

He only cared about winning or losing in Glory; To Qiu Fei, he was always the instructor who gave his all. Even if it was a situation like this, Ye Qiu was still the same, he would guide and help Qiu Fei with a coaching match.

All of Qiu Fei’s doubts were erased at once. He did not need to find Ye Qiu in person to ask for the truth. Ye Qiu had already used his match to explain everything. The player’s spirit could be passed on through the character!

Qiu Fei was filled with enthusiasm and a smile showed up on his face. After he looked around, he realised everyone was staring at him. He knew that everyone would be puzzled after seeing him running back and forth recklessly. But when he scanned past everyone, he failed to find Li Rui. ...


"Where’s Li Rui?" Qiu Fei asked.

"He left." Someone answered.

"He left?" Qiu Fei was puzzled.

"Alright, let’s call it a day!" Chen Yehui spoke. Even though Qiu Fei returned, there was no need to continue today’s challenge. They had already lost so many matches. What was the point? They couldn’t switch accounts endlessly. Li Rui have already used six Battle Mages. The spectators weren’t stupid. Even if they were fans of Excellent Era and the ratio of Battle Mages were greater, it would have been too much of a coincidence to gather up so many Battle Mages for a challenge at once.

"Then we’ll take our leave." Bai Shengxian could no longer continue. When he heard Chen Yehui’s declaration, he got up, informed everyone, and was ready to escape. It was very embarrassing for him for viewing the opponent as a noob, but end up being tormented for two matches. He could no longer hold it in.

Even though the other three didn’t fight, they didn’t feel regretful at all. If they really went, they might have ended up embarrassing themselves like Li Rui and Bai Shengxian. If such an embarrassing story was spread in the club, it might affect their future! The three also informed others of their leave and left. Qiu Fei didn’t have to need to stay, but he wanted to save the recording of the previous match, so he hastily typed on the computer.

Chen Yehui had already accepted Qiu Fei as a Ye Qiu hater like him, so he came over to watch Qiu Fei upload the document of the recording onto the disk. He smiled and said. "Little Qiu was not bad today."

Qiu Fei turned around and smiled back. He was not Mo Fan, Qiu Fei would respond politely to the befriendment of others. This was unlike Mo Fan, who would always have an emotionless and deadpan face.

"Would you like me to get you a USB drive?" Chen Yehui made a stance that was prepared to ransack the boxes.

"No need, no need. It’s almost done uploading." Qiu Fei said.

"Little Qiu was not bad." Chen Yehui nodded and repeated what he said previously. "You never forget to improve yourself!"

"I’m supposed to." Qiu Fei said.

"When you fought that match, was the opponent Ye Qiu?" Chen Yehui asked.

Qiu Fei nodded, his eyes continued to gaze at the screen’s uploading progress. 36.8%.

"He was sneaking here and there, who knows what sort of trick he’ll pull next time." Chen Yehui said.

Qiu Fei turned his head around. His expression changed.

Chen Yehui thought he had found a friend and continued to speak. "A match is a match, but he deliberately made it into a training match. What was the meaning of it? To insult you?"

Qiu Fei smiled with disapproval. He was about to say something, but Chen Yehui continued with his tirade. "Forming a grass-root team and pulling off all kinds of ridiculous stunts. Is he deliberately trying to irritate us? This guy must have noticed Excellent Era’s drop in performance. Excellent Era current situation must have been a part of his conspiracy. As for him? He left us mid-way."

Chen Yehui continued to speak nonsense because anything malicious against Ye Qiu must be satisfying to hear for Ye Qiu haters! Chen Yehui wanted to befriend Qiu Fei because his skills were pretty good and he would become a helpful supporter of his. Even though Qiu Fei was under Sun Xiang’s oppression, it didn’t mean his future was in total darkness. Whatever happened. He was better than Li Rui and those other guys. Besides, he was a Ye Qiu hater, so it would be fun chatting together!

Qiu Fei looked at the screen, the uploading bar depicted 57.7%. Chen Yehui didn’t see much of a reaction from Qiu Fei, so he continued to search for their resonating point and spoke badly of Ye Qiu. This was something he was good at.

"Let’s talk about you! You originally had a bright future, but he just suddenly left. It forced the club to find Sun Xiang to save us from our current situation. That’s why you’re in such an awkward position. Does he have no sense of responsibility? To give you hope and then destroy it. Is it fun to mock your dreams?" The more Chen Yehui spoke, the more he entered the role. He even thought of his previous self, and his anger immediately got out of hand.

The screen’s uploading bar continued to increase. 80.2%.

"Ye Qiu is so hypocritical. He likes to speak all sort of nonsense like Glory, winning, and teamwork, but what did he do? He dragged us all into the mud and left us like that. Why don’t we hear him talking about winning or teamwork anymore? Hypocrite! Bah!" Chen Yehui spat with disdain. The uploading of the recording happened to reach 100%.

"Oh, it finished uploading. Alright, you can return. Remember to visit when you’re free!" Chen Yehui said, when the uploading finished.

Qiu Fei stood up and turned around. What Chen Yehui saw was not a friendly smile, but a fist. It smashed into Chen Yehui’s face.

Chen Yehui’s surroundings spun and stars appeared before his eyes. He felt as if his brain was smacked out by the force of the punch. His body tipped back and stumbled. When he lost his balance, he crashed and pushed a table out of place while he fell and rolled under it. Chen Yehui didn’t think that Qiu Fei had such strength. They spent their whole day hanging before the computers, so they shouldn’t be well-built. But when the fist came his way, Chen Yehui was beat down under the table and lost his sense of direction. His lips felt as if it were on fire, and his front teeth seemed loose. Between the buzzing noise in his ears, he heard Qiu Fei say: "Nonsense."