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Chapter 767: Gathering (1)

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Ye Xiu told Luo Ji his current problem and was brief and to the point about it. As a talented student of a famous university, his comprehension ability didn’t need to be questioned. Luo Ji nodded his head. He followed Ye Xiu’s suggestion, but his performance still wasn’t satisfactory.

Luo Ji felt ashamed. He turned his head towards Ye Xiu: "I always think I can do it in my mind, but when I try it in practice, it’s always harder than I imagine it to be!"

"It’s get better the more you practice." Ye Xiu urged for him to persevere. He knew that this might not be so easy for Luo Ji because it wasn’t an issue of unfamiliarity with the controls, but rather Luo Ji’s personality. He recalled Luo Ji’s guides and how tediously detailed they were. Those guides could only be completed by relying on that type of personality. Luo Ji wanted to make sure that each step that he took was perfect and without any flaws. Ye Xiu didn’t know if this habit was because he was a mathematician, but in any case, trying to control a character in the game with this mentality would be very difficult, especially when his mechanical skill wasn’t nearly good enough for that level of flawless control.

Luo Ji continued to struggle under Ye Xiu’s guidance. After a while, Ye Xiu couldn’t see any signs of improvement. Trying to overcome an innate habit wasn’t easy. Ye Xiu couldn’t come up with any suggestions. In order to change this situation, Luo Ji would either need to restrain his habit or improve his mechanical skill immensely so that he could pursue the perfection that he desired. Whatever the case was, it couldn’t be accomplished in just a day or two. Changing his habit would at least allow him to display a certain level of skill. It was due to this consideration that Ye Xiu chose to try and change his habit.

Luo Ji was determined. After listening to Ye Xiu’s instructions, he began trying his best to adapt. He forgot about the tiredness from his day of traveling. Ye Xiu and everyone else in Happy had gotten up early today, so the others hadn’t arrived yet. There wasn’t anything to do in the game for now. Ye Xiu continued to watch over Concealed Light. From time to time, he would give a few instruction and tips.

Around three in the afternoon, the door to the practice room was pushed open. Wei Chen strutted into the room with a cigarette hanging in his mouth. He looked like a big boss taking the lead. Steamed Bun and Qiao Yifan followed behind him. Mo Fan arrived a bit later and quietly walked in alone.

When Luo Ji heard them come in, he immediately put down the game and stood up. The people, who just arrived, noticed him.

"This is Luo Ji. Concealed Light." Ye Xiu introduced Luo Ji to them. Just when he was about to introduce Wei Chen and the others, Steamed Bun walked over with a wide grin: "Ha ha ha, it’s you! To think you actually had the chance to come! It seems like I didn’t misjudge you! It’s all due to my hard work!!"

Luo Ji didn’t need an introduction to know that this person was Steamed Bun. Wei Chen was a bit too old. Mo Fan’s cold and indifferent expression didn’t feel right. Qiao Yifan’s well-behaved and honest appearance didn’t seem to fit with his image of Steamed Bun. Sure enough, after solving by elimination, the funny looking fellow was that derailed Steamed Bun. Luo Ji was caught unprepared though as Steamed Bun rushed over to give him an enthusiastic greeting.

"Ha, this is Steamed Bun. You two should be quite familiar with each other!" Ye Xiu laughed.  

"Of course! I watched Concealed Light grow up!" Steamed Bun was already standing next to Luo Ji, shaking his shoulders wildly. Luo Ji wasn’t tall. He was about half a head shorter than Steamed But. He wasn’t exactly thin and feeble though. However, after being shaken around by Steamed Bun, he suddenly gave off a feeling of being weak.

Luo Ji wanted to say something, but Steamed Bun never gave him an opportunity to speak.

Ye Xiu gave Luo Ji an introduction to the others. This is Wei Chen. That’s Qiao Yifan. Luo Ji had either spoken to them in the chat group or in the tenth server, so he wasn’t completely unfamiliar with them. Only Mo Fan was a stranger. Ye Xiu knew that Luo Ji wouldn’t know of him, so he added: "This is Mo Fan. He just joined."

"I haven’t yet." Mo Fan coldly threw out this phrase.

"Mm, not yet. He’s just here to check out our team."Ye XIu said.

"Check out! An expert!" Luo Ji’s gaze turned respectful.

"Ha ha ha, expert my ass. Let me tell you. Last time I hit him with a brick and he had no idea where it came from. He was killed over and over for an entire month. Who knew how much sand and how many bricks he ate..." Steamed Bun chattered on and on. Although Luo Ji knew that Steamed Bun’s mind was off the rails, he wouldn’t randomly start rumors with no basis. He just didn’t have the same comprehension ability as a normal person. What was he talking about?

Luo Ji didn’t really understand. He just saw, as that cold and expressionless guy hear Steamed Bun’s non-stop chatter, his eyebrows jumped up.

"Okay okay. Steamed Bun, you go sit with Concealed Light!" Ye Xiu interrupted Steamed Bun’s chattering.

"No need no need. I’ll just sit by myself." Luo Ji frantically threw off Steamed Bun’s right hand, which had been resting on his shoulder the entire time. He returned to his seat like a wisp of smoke. When he looked around, no one else was sitting next to him, but the next second, Steamed Bun’s butt came down into the seat next to him. His tone of voice sounded like he was doing him a favor: "Fine. Today I’ll reluctantly give you some personal guidance!"

Luo Ji was depressed! But he felt like switching seats was too disrespectful. He didn’t like making a fuss with others. Helpless, he could only focus on the game and continue following Ye Xiu’s instructions.

"NO no. Why are you such a loser!! Tell your dog to block that!" Steamed Bun shouted.



Luo Ji was speechless. That was a Summoner’s Fire Spirit. When the Fire Spirit attacked, it would look kind of like a dog. As a result, Steamed Bun referred the spirit as as a dog.

"Over there, over there!!"

"Over here, over here!!"

Steamed Bun pointed left and right on Luo Ji’s screen. Not only was he constantly blocking Luo Ji’s line of sight, his screen now had countless fingerprints plastered all over it.

"CAN YOU BE QUIET!!" Luo Ji flared up. He didn’t want to lose his temper, after just arriving at a new environment and meeting so many new friends, but he couldn’t bear it anymore! He admitted that Steamed Bun’s chattering was sometimes right, but his pointing wasn’t helping. It was just making things worse.

"To think you would speak to your senior with such a tone! Do you not want to live?" Steamed Bun clenched his fists. Normally, Luo Ji wouldn’t be afraid of shouting in the game, but looking at Steamed Bun’s posture, was this going to turn into a real life PK?

"Steamed Bun, stop bothering him! Go back to your seat!"

Luo Ji was finally rescued by Ye Xiu. He let out a sigh of relief once Steamed Bun was yelled back into his seat. After Ye Xiu shouted at Steamed Bun, he went to take a look at Luo Ji’s practicing. Seeing that he was still working hard, he gave a few words of encouragement and went back to his seat too.

"Pretty much everyone’s arrived. How about we tidy up that place, so we can eat, sleep, and practice in the same place?" Chen Guo saw Ye Xiu sit back down and turned her head over to talk to him. It felt a bit wasteful to just stop using the practice room in the Internet Cafe, after it had just been renovated, but the guys at Excellent Era and Xiao Shiqin strolling right in left a thorn in Chen Guo’s mind.

After all, the Internet Cafe needed to open up its doors for the business to run. It wasn’t convenient to keep things private here. To create a pro team, their tactics and training routines would need to be protected against leaks.

"Then what about here?" Ye Xiu a

"Here... do Clubs have two practice rooms?" Chen Guo asked.

Ye Xiu smiled: "If it’s for the pro players, just one. The others would be for the training camp. I don’t think we’ll be needing that anytime soon though?"

So it really is like that. Chen Guo thought to herself. They weren’t an official pro team until the team made it through the Challenger League. Even if Team Happy became a pro team one day and formed a club, many facilities couldn’t be completed within a short amount of time. A training camp was still far far away.

"I was just thinking that when official matches start, wouldn’t people suddenly intruding be a serious issue?" Chen Guo said. She understood how the Challenger League worked. In the beginning, when numerous teams were competing, the matches were conducted online. It would only be until the later stages of the Challenger League that the Alliance would host a place for teams to gather and play their matches there. As a result, for a long period of time, they would need to be in charge of creating a suitable competition environment. In addition, the Challenger League matches were played at a fixed time, which everyone had to follow. If some sort of enemy did something lowly like bother them outside of the game during their match time, it would be troublesome. A place like the Internet Cafe, where people often came in and out, clearly wouldn’t be a good location.

"You’re worrying too much. Nothing like that has ever happened before for the past many years. In online competitions, competitors don’t know each other’s details. Once the Alliance begins hosting the matches offline, that is even less likely to happen." Ye Xiu smiled.

"Aren’t we different? There’s that side!" Chen Guo pointed outside the window, naturally towards Excellent Era.

"That’s even less likely. Think about it." Ye Xiu started to sweat. No matter how it was said, Excellent Era was once a glorious club that had dominated the scene. Who would have thought that Chen Guo would think of them in such an unsportsmanlike light.

"I just can’t feel at peace." Chen Guo mumbled to herself.

"Once everyone gathers, we’ll see what everyone thinks!" Ye Xiu said.

"When is that last guy going to come?" Chen Guo asked. Right now, they were only missing An Wenyi. Once he arrived, the entire team would be at Happy Internet Cafe.

"Soon, I think?" Right when Ye Xiu gave this reply, he received a message from QQ. He checked it and saw that it was from An Wenyi. He would be arriving at City H at 7:35PM.