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Chapter 699: Revive Him in a Bit

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Zhao Yuzhe always sounded like he was invincible, but how could West Riding Wind let him go in alone against so many people? He hastily dispatched troops to assist him.

Zhao Yuzhe didn’t say anything, but he clearly knew that this was common sense. He didn’t stop West Riding Wind from providing helpers. If he actually thought he could stop them singlehandedly, his arrogance would have truly reached the heavens.

The two sides clashed. Without exchanging any sort of pleasantries, Loulan Slash jumped up and initiated with an Earth-Shattering Slash.

In front of normal players, Loulan Slash still felt a sense of superiority. He knew his skill level was far better than those so-called elite experts, but this time, he had miscalculated. He didn’t think he would be facing the season eight Best Rookie.


A pillar of fire shot up into the air. Zhao Yuzhe’s Hazy Scene flicked his sleeves and cast a Raging Flames. This time, the spell’s purpose wasn’t to conceal himself, but rather to arrogantly show Loulan Slash his might.

The pillar of fire enveloped Loulan Slash, but according to skill priority, Raging Flames lost to Earth-Shattering Slash. Loulan Slash staggered momentarily after being hit by the pillar of fire and lost a bit of health, but he was already falling.

"F*ck!" Loulan Slash cursed. His stunning blade was unexpectedly stopped by someone’s Raging Flames. It made him feel like he had been disgraced. He turned his character around. As he slashed downwards with his Earth-Shattering Slash, he thought of looking for that Elementalist, who shot him out of the sky.

The tip of his blade crashed to the ground.

Cracks in the earth appeared, where the tip of the blade struck. At the same time, Loulan Slash found the Elementalist he was looking for, because the Elementalist had taken the initiative to run towards him.

The Elementalist’s jump avoided the shock wave produced by his Earth-Shattering Slash. Loulan Slash was still in the middle of his skill’s animation lag. Hazy Scene landed next to him along with an Electric Ring, shocking Loulan Slash.

Once Lightning Ring hit, Loulan Slash was launched into the sky. Of all the knock-up skills, Elemental Power took the longest to execute. However, Loulan Slash actually failed to notice it. Unable to control his body, Loulan Slash was thrown into the air.


Light flooded Loulan Slash’s screen. Hazy Scene had tossed out a Flame Explosion at him. Not waiting for him to fall, Hazy Scene flicked his hand and a shadow flew out. This was an Elementalist Darkness skill: Dark Missile. When the shadow touched Loulan Slash, it seemed to grab at him, pulling Loulan Slash back up into the air. Once Loulan Slash started to fall towards the ground again, he heard sounds of crackling. A Frost Ball flew over, where Loulan Slash landed. In an instant, frost iced over his screen.

Electric Ring, Elemental Power, Fireball, Dark Missile, Frost Ball…..

In just that short amount of time, Loulan Slash had been bombarded by a chain of spells. Loulan Slash no longer regarded this person as just another elite player. He already knew that he had encountered an expert.

Hazy Scene?

Loulan Slash had played the game for a long time now. He recognized the top experts from the various guilds, but had never heard this name before…..

His character was about to hit the ground. Loulan Slash refocused and immediately used a Quick Recover. Surrounding him was the pitter patter of ice and snow. Hazy Scene had already cast Blizzard to surround and isolate him.

Loulan Slash didn’t panic. He crouched down and made a move. In order to break out of this situation, one usually had to use quick moves with short cooldowns. Loulan Slash decided on Collapsing Mountain. He leapt out of Blizzard’s range towards Hazy Scene.

But when the tip of his sword struck, all he hit was an afterimage. Hazy Scene had instantly teleported backwards. Loulan Slash soon discovered that he was surrounded by enemies. Who knew how many skills were raining down on him at this moment? Loulan Slash seemed to hear a snicker from the other side as if mocking him since his move had been so obvious.

Loulan Slash was furious!

Falling into a trap was obviously bad, but he wasn’t alone. Behind him was his team’s Cleric, Thousand Falling Leaves. God Ye Qiu was also using a Cleric account called Enlightened Lord today too. Even though Enlightened Lord had crappy equipment, Loulan Slash didn’t doubt that his skill could make up for it. With God Ye Qiu backing him, how could he die?

Loulan Slash didn’t think that it was possible. He also laughed in ridicule. He grabbed his sword with both hands and spun around, using a Whirlwind Strike to fight with the enemies that had closed in on him.

The greatsword slashed through the air, creating a whirlwind. Wielding his greatsword, Loulan Slash was actually able to send numerous enemies flying away. He also saw his health wavering back and forth. The Clerics behind him were working hard to keep him at high health. Sure enough, he couldn’t die! Loulan Slash was filled with confidence. After using Whirlwind Slash, he targeted that Hazy Scene and shot forward with a Colliding Stab. He was about to teach this guy a lesson.

"Slow down!!!"...


Thousand Falling Leaves hastily shouted, but it was too late. Loulan Slash tore his way through the enemy ranks. The Howling Height players cut off his retreat and swallowed him up.

The light from Thousand Falling Leaves’s cross died down. Loulan Slash had broken out of her healing range. She looked at God Ye Qiu standing next to her and saw that he had also put his cross away.

"What do we do?" Thousand Falling Leaves asked him.

"Oh. Revive him in a bit." Ye Xiu said.

"D*mn!" Thousand Falling Leaves sent out an emoji with sweat pouring down its face. She didn’t think Loulan Slash would be discarded so easily. Her gaze stopped over where Loulan Slash was located. God Ye Qiu was already directing his troops to break through from a different side. Gladiator Vitalivis appeared before them. It had ash-colored skin with its hollow eyes staring at them. It held a dagger in its right hand and a bone shield in its left. The Gladiator was currently locked in intense battle with Howling Height’s players.

The break through their defences surprised Howling Heights. Their guild leader and Zhao Yuzhe had personally went over to block them. How were their defences broken through so easily?

"That Knight. Attack!" As soon as Ye Xiu’s voice fell, a white flame ignited around the Knights facing Gladiator Vitalivis. Cleric skill: Sacred Fire.

The annoying part about Sacred Fire wasn’t the damage that it dealt, but the 3 second silence. Ye Xiu’s Sacred Fire had been cast at the perfect moment too. That Knight was just about to get an opportunity to use Maelstrom Counterattack to return damage to Gladiator Vitalivis. All of a sudden, his shields burned and a white fire instantly covered his body. He had already finished the actions needed for Maelstrom Counterattack. His shield had been ready too, when he discovered: F*ck! The skill didn’t activate. My skills are all grayed out!


Silence was a CC effect, which stopped a character from activating skills. If a player was put into this condition, players usually said they were "silenced".

The Knight couldn’t use any of his skills. The Gladiator Vitalitivis’s dagger still slashed at him. Caught off guard, that Knight was sent flying away. Not only did Ye Xiu’s Sacred Fire stop him from using his skills, but it also put a marker on him. Heavenly Justice’s players heard Ye Xiu’s orders and immediately bombarded that Knight with their attacks.

Even though the main tank was the main healing target, the healers weren’t prepared for this type of sudden attack. Numerous players were focusing their attacks on the main tank. The boss didn’t stop attacking either. The tank was still silenced. How could their heals be enough to keep him alive? In an instant, the Knight was killed.

"Off tank!!!"

Howling Height’s players anxiously roared. Everyone knew what happened when the main tank died. If the off tank didn’t hurry up and pick up the aggro, it would be disastrous.

But where was the off tank?

Their off tank had died too!

Who knew when, but a Brawler and a Battle Mage without any guild tags were currently beating up their off tank.

Anyone who could be a tank had strong endurance, but the problem wasn’t whether the off tank would die or not. Howling Heights needed someone to hurry up and quickly control the aggro, but their off tank was being pummeled into the ground. Everyone knew: not good!

"Third tank….." The leader shouted, but the third tank wasn’t ready. He was like everyone else and hadn’t noticed that the off tank was out of commission. He wanted to hurry and cast a Provoke, but he was too late. After Gladiator Vitalivis killed off the tank, it spun around with a Shining Cut.

This low-leveled skill was extremely powerful when used by the boss. The Shining Cut looked as if it could slice apart the skies. Quick and fierce! No one was prepared. The Shining Cut passed and instantly removed three characters from the fight. Three other characters had dropped to critical health and immediately ran away.

Level 70 wild bosses were the most powerful monsters in Glory. Instantly killing a player wasn’t anything special.

The third tank’s Provoke was finally used, but he had taunted too many attacks. Apart from Gladiator Vitalivis’s attack, Heavenly Justice had focused their attacks on him. The instant that the third tank died, he was at a loss: did I make a mistake? I used a single-target Provoke and not an AoE Roar. Why did all of those Heavenly Justice Players attack me?

"Fourth tank!!" Two voices shouted at the same time.

"F*ck!" The person leading Howling Height’s attack against the boss hastily called the fourth tank over, but their enemies called it out at the exact same time and slaughtered their fourth tank.

"Stop them! Stop them!" The leader quickly reacted. With Heavenly Justice making a mess, they had no way of retaining control of the boss. They had to kill them off first.