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Chapter 681: A Day of Harvest

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

“How did these four guilds suddenly become allies??” The core leaders began discussing this question. Blue River didn’t participate. He told them farewell and left.

Why were they suddenly allies?

Even though Blue River didn’t have proof, he was certain that it was related to that guy. If he was the one who facilitated the creation of the alliance, with his status in Glory, it really would be possible for him to keep everyone under control…...

If everyone could be kept under control…...

Blue River thought of how the three guilds rushed forward to help Parade quickly kill the boss without any hesitation or scheming and then left together as one group. This sort of peaceful alliance without any in-fighting made him quite jealous!

Ye Qiu must be one of the main reasons for their alliance. Blue River had no evidence, but he was already certain. He may have realized it, but the other core leaders hadn’t. Blue River obviously wouldn’t share his knowledge of it with the others. After leaving the area with his group, he immediately reported it to Blue Brook Guild’s leader, Changing Spring.

“F*ck!” Changing Spring couldn’t help but curse, when he heard the news. As soon as he saw the name Ye Qiu or Lord Grim, his mood would always turn sour, no matter how good of a mood he had been in.

This person never seemed to bring good news.

Changing Spring recalled. He had done some good things, but he had done more harm than good. Anything good he did was easily erased by his bad deeds.

This time, he once again brought trouble. Four small guilds formed an alliance? What a problem! Changing Spring immediately wanted his spies to confirm this situation. Unfortunately, these small guilds usually weren’t their competitors, so even though he had a few spies in their guilds, no one kept too close of attention to them. Now, he suddenly needed these spies, but he couldn’t remember who these spies were. It made Changing Spring very frustrated.

The other guilds also heard their core leaders’ reports, saying that the four small guilds had formed an alliance to kill wild bosses. The big guilds wouldn’t ignore this kind of information and looked for their spies to confirm it.

Soon, spies from several guilds reported back. This sort of alliance wasn’t a secret. After fighting for wild bosses a few times, everyone would know anyways, so the guilds didn’t keep it a secret. Moreover, God Ye Qiu was participating. That wasn’t a secret either. As a result, everyone was certain about the reason for this alliance.

This news was like a strike of thunder to the big guilds. What’s going on? It was going so well! Why did this guy come out from his nest again? This time, his actions were on a large-scale. He directly brought along four guilds. Was he about to lead a peasant revolt?

The big guilds were uneasy.

In the beginning, they didn’t think much of the four guilds allying together. For this kind of competition, there would only be their own interests. How could there be lasting friendship? But once they heard that God Ye Qiu was leading the alliance, they could no longer stay calm anymore.

As soon as we stop paying attention to him, he stirs up trouble!!

The big guilds all cried. But the system wouldn’t care about their feelings! Wild bosses would still spawn.

Not long after Ocean Return Ganliya died, another boss spawned.

Except this time, it was a Level 55 one: Gale Gobi’s Buddhist Zhen Mo.

Level 55 bosses were naturally less difficult and Buddhist Zhen Mo was a pure Battle Mage. He wasn’t like other bosses, who could use skills from several classes. These types of NPCs were much easier to deal with.

The guilds, which received information of the boss, dispatched their troops. But after knowing about the four guild alliance with Ye Qiu interfering, they paid a great amount of attention to the situation.

But sending their elite groups over for a Level 55 wild boss felt a bit disgraceful!

Let’s wait and see! The big guild leaders thought similar things. This Level 55 boss was treated as a testing stone to observe things....


This time, they didn’t see the four guilds appear nor Lord Grim.

As for Ye Xiu and the others, they only found about the boss after its death was announced. None of the four guilds had encountered the boss. It wasn’t too unexpected. Level 55 maps were low-leveled. Not many players would be there. Even for players sent to look out for wild bosses, they couldn’t scout out every corner of every map.

Finding wild bosses depended on luck. More players simply lowered the influence of luck, but no guilds could reach every corner of the Heavenly Domain. When a boss spawned and when a boss was found all required time.

This time, Buddhist Zhen Mo spawned near a city, so it didn’t take long to gather everyone to attack it. Level 55 bosses were usually attacked as soon as one arrived. They wouldn’t wait. As a result, Herb Garden was the first to arrive and killed it quickly. The other big guilds had gotten into conflicts. But after the boss was killed, everyone quickly left. The alliance that deeply worried the guild leaders didn’t appear.

This boss went by just like this, but they couldn’t be calm yet. Everyone knew that the battle was just beginning…...

The morning passed. No boss spawned, so no one knew what their future battles would be like. At this moment, the world war erupted again.

The cause was once again because of the teams. However, the timing was different. Last time, the war began after the match and that batch of players started fighting. This time, it began in the morning. When the players logged on one after the other, they began discussing the match yesterday.As a result, they started arguing and fighting. More and more players participated, so a few players from last night and the players this morning from the big guilds once again started a war in order to show their support for their team.

The wars of fire this time wouldn’t stop so easily. Players increased as the day went on. As more and more players logged on, more and more would enter the war. Many players from last night, who had been stripped naked of their equipment, had their spirits reignited when they entered this kind of environment again.

Wei Chen came to the practice room in the afternoon. After receiving the news, he cursed out loud and began fighting.

The alliance took advantage of the bosses again. And no Club guild didn’t know of their alliance at this point. During their boss fights, they encountered several other small guilds, but Ye Xiu didn’t add them into the alliance this time.

Four guilds was enough. More guilds meant less materials for each of them and it would be sort of pointless. Killing the wild boss was just the method to getting the materials! If they split all of the items among every guild, no one would be able to grow.

Right now, the loot was being split between five parties. Each party received three to five materials from a boss. It was low enough already. Any less materials and no one would be happy.

That night, when Ye Xiu logged off, they had killed seven bosses: three Level 70, two Level 65, one Level 60, and one Level 55. All of them landed into their alliance’s pockets. In this process, the other small guilds clearly couldn’t compare. They weren’t any threat at all.

The four allied guild leaders were overjoyed and excited.

They were excited because they had gained so much these two days and overjoyed because they had been able to join this alliance, especially for Radiant and Parade, who had hesitated initially. Now, they were thanking the gods for making the right choice. Seeing how pitiful the other small guilds were, was it because they were weak? No. Their strength wouldn’t lose to any of the four guilds, but the difference was that they weren’t in an alliance.

Seeing how these small guilds were still struggling like before, the four allied guild leaders felt deeply moved. When they competed for the wild bosses against the big guilds in the past, they had been pitiful too. Even so, they weren’t going to welcome anyone into the alliance just because they felt sympathy for them.

Plainly speaking, their alliance was purely for their mutual interests. There wasn’t any kindness or hatred when fighting for wild bosses. It was purely a competition. Even though there were different methods for doing so, the competition was fair. Some guilds were stronger than others, but if you were strong, you were strong. The big guilds were bigger because of the many years of accumulation. They had spent great efforts and seized many opportunities to get to where they were today.

Their monopoly over the wild bosses was painful for the smaller guilds, but it didn’t have anything to do with right or wrong. If the small guilds had the ability, they could also conduct a monopoly.

This was the cruel nature of competition.

Apart from killing wild bosses, Ye Xiu also had Tang Rou and Steamed Bun go scrap picking again. There were accidents, of course. In this kind of intense war, Tang Rou’s Soft Mist had died once. Steamed Bun had died three times. Ye Xiu hadn’t died, but he didn’t dare to bring his Myriad Manifestations Umbrella with him.

They lost some, but they gained much more. They only aimed for the elites and picked up countless equipment from them until their inventories were full.

These pieces of equipment were put into Happy’s guild storage. Chen Guo went over to admire all of it and knew that their guild’s starting point was very very high. The elites from the big guilds! Their equipment was much more difficult to get than common equipment. These were all items that the big guilds especially prepared to win popularity. And these now belonged to Happy. Scrap picking….. maybe it really is a fast way to get rich? Chen Guo thought to herself.