The King’s Avatar

Chapter 667: Talking While Fighting

Translator: Nomyummi Editor: GravityTales

All of Deception’s clones disappeared because the skill duration had ended. The good news was that all the aggroed players had realized those clones hadn’t been targeting them, so they didn’t attack him. If not, they would have kept chasing him forever. His real body would have nowhere to run!

Ninjutsu - Hundred Streams.

Deception still wanted charge through. He cast another skill and a hundred streams of water leaped towards Lord Grim to block his path. Just this attack alone posed no threat to Ye Xiu. He easily sidestepped it. Deception moved in the opposite direction and threw a smoke bomb.

Deception’s ninja sense was quite good. After using all of his ninja tools at Darkness City, he had immediately restocked his ninja tools after reviving.

Purple smoke billowed outwards. This was one area where Smoke Bomb was better than the Spitfire’s Smoke Bullet. The former’s effects took place extremely quickly compared to the latter. In return, Smoke Bomb’s area of effect was much smaller than Smoke Bullet. Deception merely wanted to use the Smoke Bomb to act as a wall, so that Lord Grim wouldn’t know which direction he was heading.

As soon he saw the purple smoke appeared, Deception immediately began moving, when he suddenly heard a loud rumble above him. He tilted his head upwards and he saw Lord Grim with a propellor rotating above his head. He had used Rotor Wings to float over the purple smoke. Deception’s sneaky movements could clearly be seen. At this moment, Deception truly felt like an idiot.

Lord Grim had the Rotor Wings dive down and retract in mid-air. A sword light flashed. Right when Deception dodged, he heard a boom. An explosion from below his feet sent him tumbling away. Deception tilted his head down to look down. Only a few remnant of scattered rocks could be seen. Even so, he recognized it as the Mechanic’s Machine Trace.

Why didn’t I see it?

Deception wanted to cry. It was because it had come out of the purple smoke! When he threw the Smoke Bomb, his own vision had been blocked as well, allowing the opponent to utilize it.

Because of this explosion, Deception had to stabilize himself. He couldn’t dodge Lord Grim’s Falling Light Blade as a result and crashed into the ground. He immediately recovered after landing, but Lord Grim had already rushed over. Lord Grim used a Falling Flower Palm and sent Deception flying away from the teleport formation.

I can’t beat him…...

Deception started to have thoughts of retreating. His own skills had been used against him as a cover for his opponent’s sneak attack. It truly made Deception feel defeated.

If I can’t beat him, then I should run!

Deception had quite the natural gift when it came to preserving his life. Once he made his decision, as he fell to the ground, instead of heading towards the teleport formation, he turned around and ran.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim naturally chased after him. His appearance looked funny, but the stats were no laughing matter. Ye Xiu was confident that his movement speed was enough to deal with Deception.

When he chased after him, he felt like Deception’s speed was a bit slow. Deception wasn’t just running to his next destination. He was running for his life!

Ye Xiu had a hard time understanding, but after looking carefully at Deception, he noticed that his equipment was a bit strange. Only now did he suddenly remember that, when Deception died, he had dropped two pieces of equipment. Loulan Slash had regarded it in disdain, but it was still a rare piece of equipment amongst normal players. Those two pieces of equipment probably gave him some movement speed bonuses. Without them now, of course Deception’s movement speed would be affected.

With his advantage, Ye Xiu wasn’t any under pressure. He wasn’t in a hurry either. He chased after Deception, all the while firing at him.

Deception didn’t really have much of a plan. He just knew that he couldn’t charge through to the teleport formation, so he wanted to rely on his speed to shrug Lord Grim off. He originally had confidence, but as he ran, Lord Grim kept following behind him, neither too far, nor too close. Lord Grim occasionally fired a few shots, annoying him very much. From the looks of it, Lord Grim probably had energy to spare. Was Lord Grim just playing with him?

Deception turned his head in despair. Lord Grim’s funny-looking appearance! It really was eye-catching, but at this moment, Deception finally noticed that he had switched equipment.

It’s over. I probably don’t have the movement speed advantage anymore!

Deception immediately thought of this point. The other side was chasing after him in a very relaxed manner.

If he couldn’t rely on his movement speed to shrug him off, his only choice was to hide. As a result, Deception began climbing over walls and crawling through holes and tunnels. He tried to use whatever he could to block his pursuer’s line of sight.

But none of it worked.

Several minutes passed. Lord Grim was still following after him. Deception couldn’t shrug him off or beat him in a fight. Lord Grim never got too close either.

“Maybe that’s the limit of his movement speed and it happens to be the same as mine, so he can’t actually catch me?” Deception thought.

“If that’s the case, then I just need to be patient!” Deception didn’t give up. He was frequently had to wait for opportunities to come when scrap picking, so he had quite a lot of perseverance and patience.

What Deception didn’t know was that Lord Grim had another reason for not catching up to him.

“Okay. Me and Steamed Bun are here.” Tang Rou messaged Ye Xiu.

“Oh, then let’s begin.” Ye Xiu replied and had Lord Grim suddenly speed up.

Deception had been planning on being patient, when he suddenly heard footsteps getting closer to him.

Is it that guy?

Deception was startled. He couldn’t help but turn his head to look.

It really was him! Lord Grim was suddenly starting to get closer and closer to him....


Deception used every trick he knew, but none of them worked. Lord Grim caught up to him every time and was constantly getting nearer and nearer.

Shuriken, Shadow Clone Technique, Caltrops…...

None of these skills stopped Lord Grim from closing in.

Hand seals!

Deception began forming hand seals. He once again used Shadow Dance!

This time, when his shadow clones appeared. Deception immediately pounced towards Lord Grim. He wanted to take advantage of the chaos to find a character that Lord Grim failed to notice and sneak out, but on his way here, Deception knew that he had to use the terrain effectively.

Shadow Dance.

Deception really liked to use this move. It was no wonder that he was quite good with it, but in front of Ye Xiu, he was still too green.

For Ye Xiu, it was wishful thinking if Deception wanted to use these shadow clones to bother him. He used a few skills and easily sent the few shadow clones around him flying away. When Ye Xiu looked around, he quickly noticed the clone trying to sneak away. At this moment, Deception realized that he had been completely seen through.

With a gunshot, that sneaky clone was hit in the butt and Deception’s heart hit rock bottom. He knew that his move had once again been seen through and dismantled.

The heart of shadow switched. He controlled his clones and looked for a different direction, where Lord Grim wasn’t paying too much attention to. Found it!

Deception saw an opening and immediately switched his heart of shadow over. He hastily tried to run. This time, Lord Grim directly used a Shadow Clone Technique to block his path.

Was this because this opening had been a trap, or because Lord Grim had insanely fast reaction speed? Deception didn’t know, but Lord Grim blocking his path in front of him was a reality. Run!

He immediately switched hearts, but his shadow clones suddenly disappeared. The skill duration had ended again!

Deception had been so busy figuring a way out that he had forgotten something as important as this. Such a low-leveled mistake shouldn’t happen to an expert.

“What’s the point in scrap picking all day? Is this really how you make your living?” Ye Xiu asked. It was a rare opportunity for them to meet face to face.

Deception turned around and wanted to run. This time, Lord Grim closed in on him. Ye Xiu wouldn’t give him an opportunity to escape. His Myriad Manifestations Umbrella opened up and he immediately attacked. Deception wasn’t able to block it and it became a life and death battle. Deception’s health rapidly fell.

He struggled and struggled instead of leaving his computer like he had last time, when he had been surrounded by Heavenly Justice. However, it was futile. The usual moves that worked against other players all seemed like child’s play to Lord Grim, who easily dealt with them.

“You’ve got so much talent! Scrap picking is just a waste! You should be using your talent in the right places!” Ye Xiu beat him up while talking the entire duration of the beating. Deception was about to go crazy.

“The finals are taking place right now. Do you even know what that is?” Ye Xiu said. Lord Grim’s spear stabbed through Deception’s body.

“It’s a competition between the best players and characters in all of Glory!” Ye Xiu continued.

“You don’t even know that? You’re like an expert who knows nothing about the outside world!” Lord Grim sent Deception crashing into a wall.

“What does any of that have to do with me?!” Even though Deception’s face was sliding down the wall, it didn’t stop him from talking.

“I’m forming a team right now. Would you like to join? There will be a salary as well as living accommodations included!” As Ye Xiu beat him, he sent him an invite. He was acting like a bandit from the Water Margins.

“What are you talking about?” Deception clearly didn’t appreciate this bandit’s conduct.

“You’re skilled. Picking up trash for a living is too much of a waste of that skill.” Ye Xiu said.

“What I pick up is never trash!” Deception said.

“Tsk.” Ye Xiu looked down at him in disdain, “That’s because you’ve never seen the really good stuff.”

“Such as the weapon in my hands. Have you ever seen one like it before?” Ye Xiu said.

“......” Deception had obviously never seen it before, but then again, Ye Xiu’s umbrella was a bit too much. No one in Glory would have ever seen this weapon before.

“This is what you call top-quality. Pick it up and you’ll see.” Ye Xiu said.

“This is……”

Bang! Deception was once again hit, but this time, he didn’t stand back up.

“Oops……” Ye Xiu was startled, “He died….. I was too focused on talking and didn’t pay attention to his health. He seemed like he wanted to say something?” Ye Xiu muttered.