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Chapter 618: Practice Room

Chapter 618: Practice Room

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The second floor renovation wasn’t a very large project, but it wasn’t a small project either. However, with Chen Guo personally supervised the project in high spirits, the work progressed swiftly. About two weeks later, the project was complete. They then moved in some equipment that had been prepared beforehand. Chen Guo inspected everything again and felt very satisfied with the work. Only then did she call everyone over and officially move them into the team’s new practice room.

“Isn’t it too bright?” Ye Xiu led the way in and made a remark. Sunshine came in through the huge window and into his eyes, forcing him to squint.

“It really is a bit bright.” Wei Chen followed after him.

Chen Guo ignored the comments given by these two shameless guys. She just continued to invite them to use the computers and experience the room some more. The computers used weren’t any different from the ones used in the Internet Cafe. Glory ran smoothly on these computers without any problems. As for their mice and keyboards, she had asked them which ones they preferred. Ye Xiu had recommended a suitable set for Steamed Bun.

There were twelve computer stations total, every three computers were in a group. The groups were arranged in a square formation, giving off a very competitive atmosphere. Because they used different sets of keyboards and mice, their seats were already fixed. Ye Xiu and Wei Chen were placed right underneath the strong ventilation fan. Chen Guo already regarded them as smoke machines.

The four people sat down in their respective seats, turned on their computers, and entered the game. Not long afterwards, Ye Xiu wrinkled his brows as he complained again: “It’s too bright.”

“Yeah.” Wei Chen agreed.

Chen Guo was just about to ignore their complaints again, but Steamed Bun also squinted his eyes and leaned extremely far forward, his eyes were about to touch the screen: “It’s too bright. I can’t see the screen clearly.”

Even Tang Rou said helplessly: “It really is.”

Chen Guo had never tried it before. She stood behind Tang Rou to check and suddenly felt stupid. She had intentionally positioned the room so that it faced the sun. The sunlight would brighten up the atmosphere, but it also brought an intense glare to the computer monitors. It really was hard to see stuff on the screen.

“We should hang a curtain.” Ye Xiu looked at the window.

Chen Guo accepted the suggestion and hung a curtain up over the window. They immediately spread it out.

“Good!” Steamed Bun was excited when he returned to his computer.

“Mm, this is good.” Wei Chen complimented.

Ye Xiu and Tang Rou didn’t say anything, but also looked very satisfied. Chen Guo was speechless. The curtain blocked the sunlight, making the room very dark. The brightly lit and magnificent practice room that she had imagined had turned into a dark and gloomy room. In this dusky room, the constantly changing light from the screens shone on the faces of the people in front of the computers. Even a beautiful girl like Tang Rou now looked like she was a ghost.

Chen Guo couldn’t bear it anymore. She walked to the entrance and turned on the light.

“AH!!” Everyone in the room cried out as if a bunch of leeches had been burned by the sun.

“Turn it off. Hurry up and turn it off.” Wei Chen’s voice was especially impatient and desperate. As he shouted, he kept on adjusting his seat and waving his keyboard and mouse. The light seemed as if it had an extremely dangerous effect on him.

The other three didn’t react as crazily. All of them kept looking up at the lights.

Chen Guo had personally chosen the lights as well. The lights were very beautiful crystal lamps, but right now, the others were glaring at them very unwelcomingly. Chen Guo was gloomy.

“Don’t turn them all on. It makes it too hard to see the screen.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo flipped two of the light switches off.

“A couple more.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo turned off more lights.

“Another one.” Ye Xiu said again.

Chen Guo turned off a couple more lights.

“Another one.” Ye Xiu still said.

Chen Guo turned off another light and then heard Ye Xiu say in satisfaction: “Mm, this is perfect. Let’s keep it like this!” ...


All of the lights had been turned off. Chen Guo was so depressed that she wanted to hit a wall. It turns out that she had done too many unnecessary things. The practice room had a few other features too, but right now, Chen Guo felt too afraid to display them to everyone. After the four felt satisfied with their environment, they had already begun focusing on the game.

Chen Guo was feeling down, when she suddenly heard Ye Xiu say: “Is this all? I remember you installed a projector too?”

“Ah, yeah!” Chen Guo heard his question and her spirits came back. She hastily ran to the corner on the east side and pressed on a button. The projector screen slowly descended. The screen was a bit smaller than the screen downstairs used to project the matches on Saturday, but it was more than enough for this practice room.

“Hey, this is real nice! We can use this projector to watch matches. We won’t need to go downstairs and squeeze our way through the crowd. Hearing all those noobs talking rubbish really makes me mad.” Wei Chen felt moved.

Everyone laughed.

In the beginning, Wei Chen had liked the way Happy Internet Cafe broadcast the Saturday matches. During his first week here, he had a good time with everyone else.

But good things didn’t last forever. In the second week, after Wei Chen got a good seat to watch the match, he got into a big argument with the person next to him. That person was commenting on the match to his friend and acted like he knew everything. Wei Chen listened to him and saw that it was all complete nonsense! As a result, he passionately participated in the discussion and pointed out all of his mistakes. That guy didn’t have the patience to listen to any of Wei Chen’s words. He looked at Wei Chen in contempt: “You understand?”

Wei Chen wasn’t a typical gaming nerd. He had come from the streets. After being in the streets for so long, he had gone from being a small delinquent to a big boss. His temperament was the same as it had been back then. He was too lazy to reason with this guy. When right, others might play as the scholar who can never win an argument with a military man, but Wei Chen was the military man and would straight up use force to win.

But in this occasion, Wei Chen didn’t make a move. According to him, because he had just gotten to the Internet Cafe, he had to give the boss face. In addition, since they were going to form their team, he had to control himself. Later, Ye Xiu heard the story and looked down on him: “Don’t listen to his nonsense. He’s just saying that because the other side had the numbers advantage.”

In short, from then on, Wei Chen no longer watched the matches with the crowd, but he really did like the feeling of using that big projection screen to watch matches. Chen Guo had installed one for them up here, making Wei Chen very happy.

‘Let’s watch the matches here this week.” Wei Chen declared.

“Uh….. I still like downstairs.” Steamed Bun said.

“Why is that?” Wei Chen asked.

‘More people, bigger screen.” Steamed Bun excitedly said. His simple reasoning was hard to to dispute.

Facing his own teammate, no matter how angry Wei Chen was, he couldn’t just go up and punch him! So he sincerely educated Steamed Bun: “Steamed Bun! Look, we’re extremely skilled players aspiring to be pros. It isn’t right to crowd together with those noobs. They won’t understand the words that you say, but the words that they say will only make you angry. What’s the point?”

“That won’t happen! I feel like it’s good!” Steamed Bun said.

Everyone laughed again.

Wei Chen was helpless. He had been with him for two weeks already. How could he not know about Steamed Bun’s ability to derail any topic at this point, so he didn’t try to put in pointless effort. He buried his head in the game once more.

These past two weeks everyone else had been leveling on their own accounts. Wei Chen continued to spy on Samsara. With his skill, Wei Chen still wasn’t a core member of Samsara yet, but he was at least an elite player of the guild and had joined the elites of Samsara’s main guild. During these two weeks, he had participated in several wild boss fights and made heroic contributions to the guild. Even if he was a spy, the guild was happy to use him. After all, the benefits brought about by such an expert could clearly be seen.

Wei Chen earned their trust, while slowly moving his gang of brothers into the guild.

Wei Chen had been guiding his friends for a long time, so their skills weren’t bad. They at least had the qualifications to hold a seat in any of the big guilds. They had originally been members of Blue Brook Guild, so they didn’t have any issues in joining.

Normal players might not care if he recommended a bunch of players to join the guild. The guild leader might even happily welcome all of them, but a Club guild had to be much more careful. After all, the competition between the Club guilds was too fierce. It was no longer as simple as playing for fun.

As a result, under Wei Chen’s arrangements, his friends pretended like they were Samsara fans and sent their applications to Samsara. There were countless Samsara fans and many of these fans wanted to join the Club guilds that they supported. No one would ever have any suspicions towards this reason. Afterwards, they just needed to patiently wait for the guild to recruit them.

Wei Chen didn’t have any proper business to do when he went online. After walking around in a circle, he received a personal message from the guild leader Three Realms Six Paths.

The guild leader of a grand Club guild was someone very high-up in the game. To personally receive a message from the guild leader showed how high of a status Wei Chen held.

Wei Chen opened up the message and after conversing with Three Realms Six Paths for a bit, he cursed: “F*ck!”

“What’s wrong?” Ye Xiu glanced over.

“That f*cker already wants this senior to lead a team. I still haven’t gotten everyone together yet!” Wei Chen cursed.

This had originally been his and Ye Xiu’s original plan. Wei Chen displayed his talents as a leader. In order to properly utilize his talents, the guild would give him a team to lead. Wei Chen was currently in an elite team of Samsara, but such a top team would certainly be commanded by the guild leader, Three Realms Six Paths. No matter how amazing his leading was, it wasn’t his place to go beyond his status. Leading was a very prestigious matter. If your guild’s elite team and even the guild leader were listening to a single person’s orders, what did that mean? It clearly wouldn’t be appropriate, so the two of them were certain that Samsara would give Wei Chen a team to shine. However, they didn’t anticipate that Samsara would move so quickly. Only a few of Wei Chen’s friends had joined the guild!