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Chapter 561: I Forgot

Chapter 561 - I Forgot

“Is he actually going to tank for us?”

The players in Happy Sheep’s team entered the dungeon one after the other. Happy Sheep received a message from the true tank in the team. This tank was clearly a kind person. He didn’t want Unrivaled Super Hottie to make a fool of himself and also thought about the safety of everyone else.

“Yeah, we’ll see how it goes first, but be on the lookout. As soon as he slips up falter, hurry and take over.” Happy Sheep said.

“Okay!” The original tank of the team, Seven Blossom Leaves, listened to Happy Sheep’s orders. He didn’t show any unwillingness to do so and didn’t say anything more after agreeing.

Happy Sheep was also very satisfied. Seven Blossom Leaves was truly a good person. He wasn’t like a lot of other tanks, who would curse at the healer for no reason when the team got wiped. As for Seven Blossom Leaves? Whenever the team wiped out, the first thing he would say was: “My mistake……” Then, he would analyze what he had done wrong.

He had just given him the task of keeping watch on Unrivaled Super Hottie. He could already foresee that if an accident happened, Seven Blossom Leaves would say he had made the mistake. A good person like Seven Blossom Leaves would probably act like this, even for someone as arrogant as Unrivaled Super Hottie.

Thinking of this, Happy Sheep was deeply moved. He decided that if an accident actually occurred, he definitely wouldn’t let Seven Blossom Leaves make himself the scapegoat. It would be okay for our own guild’s brothers, but for someone like Unrivaled Super Hottie? He can go kill himself. Why should someone as kind as Seven Blossom Leaves shoulder the blame?

Happy Sheep had been thinking the entire time. When he looked around, he saw that no one was around him anymore. Everyone had already entered the dungeon. He hastily ran into the teleport formation of the hundred player dungeon: Tomb in the Sky.

As the name implied, the dungeon Tomb in the Sky was a tomb in the sky. There were a total of nine minibosses, guarding nine magic-powered engines. After defeating the nine minibosses and destroying the nine engines, the Tomb in the Sky would lose its ability to fly and fall down to earth. At this moment, the Tomb in the Sky’s final guardian would appear and was also the dungeon’s final boss. If this final guardian was defeated, they would clear the dungeon. This dungeon’s hidden boss was the dark soul that resided within the tomb.

Whether or not the hidden boss appeared in the hundred player dungeon depended on luck, just like all of the other smaller dungeons in Glory. The only difference was that in this hundred player dungeon, the hidden boss could be fought after finishing the dungeon and didn’t have to be fought immediately. It wasn’t like normal dungeons, where the boss could suddenly jump out of nowhere. After all, rewards in the hundred player dungeon depended on progress made in the dungeon. If a hidden boss suddenly jumped out and killed everyone, it would be too depressing for the players. If the hidden boss was successfully killed, there would be an additional 20% progress reward, even if the dungeon had already been cleared.

When Happy Sheep’s team entered the Tomb in the Sky, everyone checked if there was a hidden boss or not. Happy Sheep was the last to enter, but he had already seen from the chat that no there would be no hidden boss for this run.

Even though there was no hidden boss, there would be another point of interest in this dungeon run. Currently, Unrivaled Super Hottie was in the front with his sword and shield up, but there was no one around him. All of the other players stayed back, maintaining a good distance from him as if he were the plague. Happy Sheep thought it was funny, but at this moment, Seven Blossom Leaves walked out from the group and stood next to Unrivaled Super Hottie’s side.

“You be the main tank. I’ll be the off tank. If you can’t hold on, call for me. There’s no need to force yourself.” Seven Blossom Leaves kindly advised.

“Oh? We only have an off tank? There’s no third or fourth tank?” Ye Xiu asked.

The third and fourth tank were the original off tank and third tank. Now that Unrivaled Super Hottie had become the main tank and Seven Blossom Leaves took the position of off tank, the other two naturally fell to the third and fourth tank. Unfortunately, the original fourth tank now became the fifth tank…… However, the Tomb in the Sky didn’t need five tanks! What a tragedy!

The original off tank and third tank, or the current third and fourth tank, clearly weren’t as kind as Seven Blossom Leaves. With Unrivaled Super Hottie calling them out and seeing Seven Blossom Leaves look around for them, the two finally stepped forward unwillingly.

“Everyone step it up! Let’s try harder!” Ye Xiu cheered.

“......” Everyone wanted to point their middle fingers at him, but resisted.

“Are the Clerics ready?” Ye Xiu asked again.

“......” No one uttered a word. Luckily, one of the Clerics was Happy Sheep. As the team leader, he had the responsibility of upholding the team atmosphere. At this moment, he stood out and replied, “Ready!” The other Clerics felt embarrassed to not say anything now and also shouted out.


“Yes yes yes, we’re ready!”

This time, Ye Xiu had only spoken a single word, when the DPSers impatiently interrupted him. This guy kept on warning them endlessly. Did he think he was a God or something?

“I was just going to say DPSers, don’t be too hasty.” Ye Xiu grinned.

“......” The DPSers fell silent.

“Then I’m going to pull some monsters over?” Ye Xiu asked.

Go kill yourself! Everyone shouted in their minds. The Clerics wanted to pretend they disconnected, while those who weren’t Clerics wanted to tie up the Clerics.

Unfortunately, these weren’t options. The team leader Happy Sheep said, “Pull!” Unrivaled Super Hottie rushed forward. In everyone’s eyes, his posture was disgustingly ugly.

“He’s going to die immediately.” Someone quietly whispered.

“Yes.” It wasn’t convenient for them to say these things in chat, but they could still talk to each other in private. If this Unrivaled Super Hottie only looked at the bosses in the guides, then he would neglect many difficult problems in the dungeon. For example, when entering the tomb…… However, no one wanted to remind him. Everyone wanted to watch him suffer!

“Be careful, there’s a trap at the entrance!” Someone shouted. This voice wasn’t unfamiliar to them. It was the original main tank, Seven Blossom Leaves....


“Sigh……” Everyone sighed. Seven Blossom Leaves was truly too kind.

“Yi?” Ye Xiu replied.

“Ha ha ha, look at him. It looks like he got a cramp. Did he get sick?” All they heard was a “Yi?” Then, Unrivaled Super Hottie suddenly started shaking. Some of the players immediately began ridiculing him. However, as soon as they spoke, they saw a cold light suddenly jump out from the side of Unrivaled Super Hottie. A spike had shot out of the ground!

Cheng cheng cheng cheng!

Spike after spike pierced the earth and shot out of the ground, all from beneath Unrivaled Super Hottie’s feet. However, not a single one hit him because Unrivaled Super Hottie kept on shaking. It made everyone feel nauseous, but he just happened to dodge every spikes every time.

“Is he dodging them?”

Everyone was astonished. They were clearly seeing it, but they had a hard time believing it. His movements were too minute and quick to see.

Living through this spike trap wasn’t uncommon. The trap had been completely figured out with the bodies of countless players. All of the players in Happy Sheep’s team knew how to walk through the trap without triggering it. However, getting through the trap in this way was something they had never seen before.

“Oh, there’s a trap here. Right, I totally forgot.” Everyone heard Unrivaled Super Hottie mumble to himself. Then, he turned around and shouted to everyone: “There’s a trap here! Everyone, be careful!”

F*ck, who needs you to tell us!! They once again resisted sending him a middle finger.

“Incredible. You actually dodged all of them.” At this moment, Seven Blossom Leaves had already reached Unrivaled Super Hottie’s side.

“You flatter me! You’re not bad either!” Ye Xiu said.

“You can get past the traps without triggering them. If you forget, then just follow me!” Seven Blossom Leaves walked to the front.

Seven Blossom Leaves, can you not be so kind! Everyone cried. However, they had second thoughts. Someone as arrogant as Unrivaled Super Hottie might say in an arrogant tone: “No need. I can get past the traps even if I step on all of them!”

But in reality, they heard him say: “Really? You can do that? Then let me see how you do it.” Unrivaled Super Hottie followed behind Seven Blossom Leaves, leaving everyone speechless.

As a result, besides the few spikes that Unrivaled Super Hottie triggered in the beginning, none of the other traps were set off. They took the safe route and passed by safely.

“Is everyone through?” They heard Unrivaled Super Hottie asked them with a concerned tone.

“We’re all through.” Only a small number of players replied.

Unrivaled Super Hottie didn’t seem to mind. After passing through the traps, he spun around twice: “Two paths? Hm? One second, let me check the guide.”

“Okay okay. You don’t need to look at it. Take the left path.” Happy Sheep said helplessly.

“Okay.” Unrivaled Super Hottie headed the left.

“You……” Happy Sheep only said one word before something happened. The others were elated, but one person still spoke out: “Careful!”

The moment the warning came out, two stone statues on the left path suddenly began moving.

The stone swords didn’t have any light reflecting off of them. As they tore through the air, they headed straight for Unrivaled Super Hottie.

“Woah!” Unrivaled Super Hottie yelled and immediately rolled.

“F*CK!!” This brilliant dodge made Happy Sheep shout in anger. Because he was the team leader, he had been patient with Unrivaled Super Hottie, but at this moment, he was about to start cursing. The reason was because he was the team leader! For someone who kept on making mistakes, he would always curse at them relentlessly.

Unrivaled Super Hottie rolled forward. Even though he dodged the two swords, he rolled into range of another two statues. His one move lured in four statues!

The smaller creeps in hundred player dungeons were all at the same level as normal small dungeon bosses.

For some stronger teams, defeating four statues at the same time was possible, but for Happy Sheep’s team, which seeked safety, they only had high confidence in pulling one statue. After getting familiar with the dungeon, they gradually began pulling two statues. From time to time, there would even be scary moments, but this time, this guy with his ridiculous name actually pulled four statues at once?!

What did he think they were? Tyrannical Ambition’s main team?