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Chapter 554: Bone Dragon Aldton

Chapter 554 - Bone Dragon Aldton

Only Crispy Bean wasn’t aware of the huge shift on the damage chart. As a tank, Crispy Bean also had to put out damage, but with his exceptional equipment, it was obvious that his damage output would be greater than the rest of the team. Thus, he had only checked before the first boss and saw his gigantic lead. At the same time, he looked down on Unrivaled Super Hottie’s leeching, and then stopped paying attention to the chart afterwards.

After beating the third miniboss, everyone took a break. Crispy Bean took a look at the damage chart out of boredom and jumped up in surprise. The second to last place Unrivaled Super Hottie was no longer there. Crispy Bean counted from the bottom one at a time, until he saw him in second place. In addition, his damage numbers were about to surpass his own.

“How is that possible?” Crispy Bean wailed. Even if he was a tank, his equipment advantage should put him far above everyone else, but at this moment, he was about to be beat. Crispy Bean had a hard time believing it.

“What is it?” Crispy Bean’s cry had caught the attention of the others in the team. No one except Clove said anything.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I was just looking at some gossip!” Crispy Bean said.

“What gossip?” Clove asked again.

“It’s nothing. It’s nothing. I saw wrong.” Crispy Bean hastily excused himself. He simultaneously looked at Unrivaled Super Hottie and began examining his equipment.

“Could there be some sort of abnormal equipment that I overlooked?” Crispy Bean thought. He carefully checked every equipment on Unrivaled Super Hottie, not neglecting even a piece of jewelry.

Nothing. He had nothing abnormal on him. Crispy Bean was quite experienced with Knight equipment. The equipment on Unrivaled Super Hottie exposed his poverty. Even the Dragon Guardian Axe wasn’t anything in Crispy Bean’s eyes. None of his equipment had any hidden strength.

How is that possible?

How is that possible?

Crispy Bean didn’t dare to express his doubts. He could only mutter to himself. His cry hadn’t disrupted the team’s mood. The third boss had actually dropped another weapon.

Players placed the most value on weapons. In this dungeon, three bosses and a monster had dropped a total of four weapons. Their luck this run was extremely good. Everyone was happily discussing their luck. It was too bad the fourth weapon was a ninjato though. The team didn’t have any ninjas, so no one could use it. In the end, the team decided to donate it to the guild and split the contribution points.

Everyone was doing their best to deal damage. Clove felt like the mood was good and felt happy in her heart. Only Crispy Bean was still pondering over how in the world it was possible for Unrivaled Super Hottie’s damage to be so high.

From then on, Crispy Bean began paying attention to the damage chart and Unrivaled Super Hottie’s moves. He adjusted his pulling method and put more effort into dealing damage.

His adjustment produced results. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s name stayed at second place, unable to pass him. After killing off the last wave of monsters, the team reached the end of Bone Dragon Abyss to face off against the final boss of the dungeon: Bone Dragon Aldton.

Aldton used to be a red dragon, but after dying, it became a bone dragon. Most of his stats had already changed, such as Dragon’s Might.

“Report your Spirit.” Clove asked everyone before the final boss.

As Heavenly Domain players, they knew why she asked about their Spirit. Because as long as one was against a dragon, Dragon’s Might would take effect. If a player’s Spirit didn’t reach a certain level, the player would be affected by Dragon’s Might. According to the game, the player would feel threatened by the dragon and be unable to display his or her full strength. When this happened, the character’s stats would weaken depending on the level of Dragon’s Might and the character’s Spirit.

Aldton was a bone dragon. As an undead creature, it had lost much of its dragon abilities. Even though it still had Dragon’s Might, it couldn’t compare to other dragons. In front of Aldton, players could accumulate enough Spirit to negate the effects of its Dragon’s Might.

The game didn’t announce the data to the public, but players had already figured it out. Heavenly Domain players weren’t noobs. Before running a dungeon, they would look at a dungeon guide. They had known the boss was a dragon. They reported their Spirit stat. All of them had reached a level where they could ignore the effects of Dragon’s Might. This was the benefit of standing on the shoulders of giants. At release, Aldton had been an extremely difficult boss to beat. The bone dragon made every player’s head hurt.

“It looks like everyone prepared well!” Clove notified everyone before the run about this issue. It had only been a reminder though. Actually getting the equipment to meet the requirements wasn’t something that could be done just by thinking about it. However, it looked like everyone had prepared well and worn proper equipment that could ignore Aldton’s Dragon’s Might. Speaking of this, Bone Dragon Abyss was already considered outdated, so their equipment didn’t need to be amazing.

“Of course. Of course.” The team replied....


Clove followed: “However, negating Aldton’s Dragon Might isn’t everything. Be mindful of his attacks. You all might have read the dungeon guide, but I should still talk about it again!”

‘First is his bite attack. It’s a single target attack. Before attacking, Aldton will lower its head. The attack has a range of 12 units and does lots of damage. The attack also has a chance to inflict a Level 70 Bleed. Be careful of his bite, especially Cloth armor classes. If you get bitten, drink a potion immediately.”

“Understood.” The two cloth armor characters replied.

“There’s also his wing attack. Aldton will lifts its wings and attack. The starting animation is very obvious, but it’s not so easy to predict because of the many ways it can use the attack. There are different ways of dodging and different safe spots every time. It’s not easy to describe. Just make sure to be on the lookout for it.”

“In addition, Aldton has a tail attack, which can be used in many ways. It can do a horizontal sweep, whip strike, or a stab. The horizontal sweep has a wide range, making it difficult to dodge. However, if you predict it, you can dodge it. As for the whip strike, it’s more flexible than the horizontal sweep, so be mindful of it. As for the stab, it has a quick starting animation and is difficult to see. The stab is the most difficult to deal with. Try not to stay too close to each other to minimize the damage taken.

“Finally, Aldton has a breath attack. The breath attack covers a reverse triangle area. The area isn’t fixed. The bigger the area, the longer the startup animation will be. However, the power is always the same. Besides the fixed damage, it will also lower your health by 50% and lasts 10 seconds. This effect cannot be dispelled and is very troublesome. If you get hit while at 50% health, it’s possible that you will die in one hit, so if you get hit by his breath attack, immediately leave the range of battle and wait until the effect wears off before going back in.

“This…… what if the tank gets hit?” Someone asked. The tank would certainly be directly facing the boss. It would be difficult for the tank to avoid such a wide area breath attack. If the tank left the battlefield, the boss would follow him.

“Normally, this boss requires a secondary tank. When the main tank is hit by the breath attack, the secondary tank will take the aggro. However, we don’t need one. Crispy Bean can hold on even with half his health, so you don’t need to worry.” Clove said.

“Okay okay.” Everyone understood and paid their respects to Crispy Bean. Crispy Bean had been waiting for this moment and gave his thanks. Afterwards, Clove explained the strategy. Once the team finished resting, they started the fight.

Crispy Bean was naturally the first to charge forward. At the same time, he didn’t forget to look around him. Sure enough, Unrivaled Super Hottie had followed him.

At this point, everyone knew he wouldn’t mess up the aggro, so Crispy Bean couldn’t say anything about his actions. However, the final boss wasn’t a miniboss. It had tricky attacks and besides its bite attack, it didn’t have any other single target skills. When it attacked the tank, it would definitely attack the others at the same time. Right now, Crispy Bean really hoped this guy would be sent into outer space by Bone Dragon Aldton’s tail.

Crispy Bean used a strong aggro skill to pull the boss. A green glow shone from the two black eyes of Bone Dragon Aldton. It lowered its head and chomped at Crispy Bean.

Crispy Bean had prepared. He raised his shield and blocked the giant fangs. Just like this, he blocked the attack. Due to the shield, the bleed effect wouldn’t take effect. This was one usage of a shield.

He took out his sword and attacked the dragon’s head. Metal collided with bone, producing a ear-piercing noise. The sound was so bad, Crispy Bean couldn’t help but furrow his brow. At this moment, a figure came descending from the sky. With two hands holding a huge axe, he slammed the axe into the dragon’s head before it could pull out.

The ear-piercing sound was so loud it made Crispy Bean shiver. Unrivaled Super Hottie’s brave strike was like an attack towards his spirit.

Bone Dragon Aldton pulled back its head and flapped its two wings.

At nearly the same time, Crispy Bean and Unrivaled Super Hottie rushed forward together below the Bone Dragon. This was a safe space, where the Bone Dragon’s wings wouldn’t be able to reach. However, with both Knights running in, the space was a little bit narrow.

“Don’t get in my way!” Whenever Crispy Bean saw this annoying guy and his annoying name, he would feel extremely agitated.

Ye Xiu didn’t reply. After the bone dragon flapped its wings, he immediately rushed out of the safe space.

Aha! You stupid noob! Go die!!!

Seeing this scene, Crispy Bean was delighted. After the bone wings went out, the bone wings would certainly retract and the retraction would also do damage. Rushing out now was still too early. This was a mistake numerous players made against the boss.

“Careful!!” Clove saw the scene and immediately gave a warning.