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Chapter 549: I’m a Tank

Chapter 549: I’m a Tank



“You’re planning on infiltrating Tyrannical Ambition?” Chen Guo had been sitting in front of the computer for the entire day. Fifty percent of her attention had been directed towards seeing what Ye Xiu was doing. If she needed to help Ye Xiu write a daily or weekly report, she didn’t want to miss anything.

“Yes.” Ye Xiu nodded his head. He was used to Chen Guo watching him and asking him questions from time to time.

“I feel bad for Tyrannical Ambition.” Chen Guo said.

“Ha ha, of course.” Ye Xiu laughed. After seeing Loulan Slash’s intelligence report, he immediately began searching for the listed guilds.

The branches of Tyrannical Ambition that everyone knew about weren’t guilds that Ye Xiu could get into because these branches raised Tyrannical Ambition’s banners. Fans of Tyrannical Ambition were lining up to squeeze into one! With Glory’s playerbase nowadays, filling several guilds couldn’t be considered incredible anymore. These branches of Tyrannical Ambition were all full. The big guilds won people over by virtue, so it wasn’t likely for them to kick someone out just to add someone out of kindness.

Besides, who would be so kind to Ye Xiu? Knock on their door, tell Jiang You, ‘I’m Ye Qiu, could you kick someone out and let me in?’ If Jiang You didn’t immediately summon thousands of players to kill him, that would already be considered quite kind.

Thus, Ye Xiu had to choose from the hidden branches of Tyrannical Ambition or the guilds allied with Tyrannical Ambition. Loulan Slash had given him a detailed report. He even had introductions for who controlled these branches. In the end, Ye Xiu chose a guild which someone from Tyrannical Ambition directly had control over. It was a guild called Exterminate the Heavens.

Ye Xiu felt like such an arrogant name perfectly matched his Unrivaled Super Hottie.

Then, there was Exterminate the Heaven’s guild leader: Senior Exterminate the Heavens!

No explanation was needed. Ye Xiu applied for the guild without any hesitation.

If Ye Xiu didn’t have the information given by Loulan Slash, Senior Exterminate the Heaven’s guild would only seem like a normal player guild. Although it was also a max leveled guild, it only had a little over a thousand players. This was pretty much the limit for normal guilds. The guild leader’s charisma could only do so much. Any more players and the guild would be very difficult to manage. The guild would need to use the guild storage as a foundation. However, building up a solid guild storage wasn’t easy for normal players. They would never be able to compete with the money and prestige that a Club guild possessed.

Guild Exterminate the Heavens had 1024 players. For a normal guild, it was quite good. As long as the guild storage system began to circulate, the guild would gradually grow. These types of guilds could indirectly become branches of the Club guilds. The Clubs obviously wouldn’t throw money to build up their guild storage. They just needed to make sure that the guild didn’t fall apart and the guild would naturally grow larger and stronger.

As a normal guild, this sort of business wasn’t something normal players would know about. As their gaming lives progressed, they would unknowingly grow alongside the guild.

After Ye Xiu sent in an application, he pondered over his plan, while waiting for the reply to come.

The reason he had confidence in being accepted was very simple. Normal guilds didn’t have players lining up to join them like the Club guilds did. Normal guilds just added whoever wanted to join them. They might as well add you for now. Besides, Ye Xiu wrote a note when he applied. It was only three words, but these words were very eye-catching.

The three words were: I’m a tank.

Yes, a tank.

Most teams were centered around the tank. It could even be said that the number of teams were restricted to the number of tanks. If a team didn’t have a tank, the team could only go and kill wild monsters. Dungeons and bossing would best be kept as dreams.

Tanks were also high-end classes and difficult to play. Despite being the core of a team, not many people liked to play them. Thus, for most guilds, the words “I’m a tank” was very desirable.

Sure enough, not long after Ye Xiu sent in an application, the guild added him. Someone in the guild greeted him: Welcome, friend.

Ye Xiu looked at the ID: Clove. This player was most likely a girl.

After sending a “Thanks :)”, Ye Xiu opened up the guild player list and skimmed through it. He also saw that the guild leader Senior Exterminate the Heavens was also online.

“Oh? A new member?” Senior Exterminate the Heavens finally spoke.

“Hi guild leader.” Ye Xiu typed. Chen Guo snorted: “So you’re acting polite?”

“Hey!” Ye Xiu said seriously. Then, he saw a bunch of people speak up in the guild chat. The majority of them were just lurking around. There might not be too many people online in a thousand player guild, but there were enough. The chat kept flashing as messages kept on being typed. The guild was quite active.

“Woah, a Knight too! Are you a tank?” Someone saw the new member’s class and shouted it out. Sure enough, the word tank was quite eye-catching. Knights were mainly played as tanks, but they didn’t necessarily need to be. There were quite a few players who used Knights as DPS classes. Of course, more players were interested in PvP. Knights had high defense and health, making them quite a formidable PvP class.

“Yeah, I’m a tank.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? A tank?” The guild leader clearly hadn’t seen Ye Xiu’s guild application, so he hadn’t seen the note. When he heard the new member was a tank, he was very happy.

“What are your stats?” Exterminate the Heavens asked....


‘Stamina 750, Strength 520, Intelligence 414, Spirit 405.” Ye Xiu reported.

The chat suddenly fell silent. After a while, someone couldn’t help but comment: “So weak!”

Knights grew in a balanced manner similar to unspecialized characters. However, tanks naturally chose their equipment in a certain way. Stamina and health were their priorities. The rest would be switched out depending on the situation. Stacking strength would increase their physical resistance. Stacking intelligence, on the other hand, would their increase magic resistance. Stacking spirit would increase debuff resistances. Different equipment could be used against different opponents.

However, the stats Ye Xiu reported didn’t even pass as average. High-end tanks usually had over 1000 Stamina. The passing line for normal Knights was 840 Stamina. Ye Xiu was lower than the normal Knight passing line by 90 Stamina. In terms of stats, he was a legendary squishy tank.

“What are your equipments? Let me take a look at them.” The guild leader Exterminate the Heavens sent a sweating emoji.

“I haven’t played in a long time, so my equips aren’t that good.” Ye Xiu said. He let them have a look at his equipment. The guild veterans looked and sure enough, they were all outdated pieces of equipment. Nowadays, it wasn’t difficult to reach the passing line. After all, tanks played a special role and their equipment wasn’t too expensive.

“How skilled are you?” Exterminate the Heavens asked.

“Look at my name.” Ye Xiu proudly replied.

“Ha…..” Chen Guo laughed.

“Unrivalled Super Hottie…..” Ye Xiu’s name made everyone go speechless. Even Senior Exterminate the Heavens felt defeated. After a long period of silence, he coughed: “Clove, make a team tonight and bring this brother out to get some equipment!”

Clove was the one who had added Ye Xiu into the guild. She clearly had a fairly high position to have that sort of authority. Senior Exterminate the Heavens meant that you’re responsible for the person you added!

Clove didn’t object and replied with an “Okay.” Then, Ye Xiu received a friend request from Clove. He accepted and then received a message from Clove:” When are you free tonight?”

“I’m free anytime.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then is 7 okay?”


“I’ll message you at 7 then.” Clove said.

“Sounds good. What dungeon will we be running tonight?” Ye Xiu asked.

“We’ll be running Bone Dragon Abyss. The weapons and shields that from there are very suitable for you. The dungeon isn’t too difficult either. Will there be any problems?” Clove said.

“No, I was just asking. I’m going to go take a look at a guide.” Ye Xiu said.

“......” Clove was speechless.

“See you tonight.” Ye Xiu politely replied.

Afterwards, the guild went quiet. The guild members were probably gossipping about Unrivalled Super Hottie. After Ye Xiu joined the guild, he didn’t have much else to do, so he went to a Knight instructor. He reset his skill points and re-allocated them.

A skill reset wasn’t free. The more times you used a skill reset, the more expensive it became. Besides, times when one made a huge mistake and needed to make a big fix, most players would wait until it was time for the game company to announce a special event for skill resets. Any other time, the players would just endure. Who would do a skill reset over a single error?

At 7PM, Ye Xiu finished eating and logged onto Unrivalled Super Hottie. Chen Guo didn’t want to miss it and was ready to watch him play.

As soon as he got on, Clove immediately messaged him: “You came!”

“Yes, I’m here.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Come to Kansas City!” We’ll go together.” Clove typed.

Ye Xiu teleported to Kansas City. This was a Level 70 city. Whether it was a map or a city, the place wouldn’t be as empty as a Level 55 place. One could fully experience the gathering place for all Glory players. No server could compare to the liveliness of a Level 70 area in the Heavenly Domain.

At the north gate of Kansas City, Ye Xiu saw Clove. She was a female Cleric. Around her were nine players with the tag “Guild Exterminate the Heavens”. Bone Dragon Abyss was a ten player dungeon. They had been waiting for Ye Xiu to arrive.

Ye Xiu hastily had Unrivalled Super Hottie run over and turned on his guild tag. When he walked closer, he immediately asked: “Huh? Why is there another Knight? If an equipment comes out, it won’t be easy to split!”