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Chapter 546: Breakout

Chapter 546 - Breakout

“You scared me!!” The voice that came out of Lord Grim’s character was actually a female’s voice, who seemed to be grumbling at the person sitting next to her.

Chen Guo hadn’t thought that, as soon as Lord Grim had logged on, her entire screen would be surrounded by light. Lord Grim was completely enveloped by the Satellite Beam. Using this beautiful screen, no one noticed Lord Grim’s appearance. Because of the short period of invulnerability after logging in, Lord Grim didn’t receive any damage from the Satellite Beam.

The reason behind Ye Xiu choosing to control the Satellite Beam’s split pillars manually was to force the surrounding enemies away. When Lord Grim appeared and ran, no one would be able to block him immediately.

However, escaping just like this clearly wasn’t going to happen. Lord Grim’s log off location had been marked as the center of the encirclement. The Satellite Beam descended on this location. The enemy encirclement had only been disturbed by Ye Xiu’s Chasing Haze, as well as Wei Chen’s group. Actually breaking through would require much more effort than just running.

“Hurry up! Hurry up!!!” Chen Guo anxiously urged. She was already standing up, while controlling Lord Grim. Ye Xiu quickly shifted to where she stood. Chen Guo also hastily moved away. The two switched characters, both attempting to escape.

Chen Guo’s Chasing Haze had originally been outside of the encirclement, but the enemy had instructed a team to surround her, but because of Wei Chen’s sudden ambush, this team was instructed to hold their position, so Chasing Haze didn’t have as much trouble escaping.

The challenge was getting Lord Grim to escape. Even though he had logged on cleanly without anyone immediately noticing his presence, he had now been completely exposed. Everyone immediately abandoned Wei Chen’s twenty players and switched to chasing Lord Grim.

When Wei Chen saw that his gang wasn’t even be considered bait and the enemy side completely ignoring them, he couldn’t tolerate it. With an angry shout, he charged at the enemies, along with his gang, to prove their existence.

“Teams 5, 7, and 8 block that side. Everyone else surround Lord Grim!” The group leader could see the entire situation clearly. He had the three closest teams block Wei Chen’s assault and had everyone else continue pursuing Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu hadn’t touched Glory in two days. Now that he had control over Lord Grim again, he was filled with energy. He swiped his mouse and Lord Grim shot his gun at the ground behind him. He flew into the air and onto a dead tree branch. On this dead tree branch hung the poor player who had been blasted into the air by the Heat-Seeking Missiles. The tree branch couldn’t hold the weight of both players and broke. The poor player fell. This attack had been too sudden. The players below were running while they aimed their weapons at Lord Grim, when they heard a cry from above their heads. Before they could lift their heads, their cameras went staggering towards the sky and they tumbled into the mud.

Lord Grim turned around. With a flash, the slash from a Sword Draw flew towards two players who were trying to flank him from the left. The players who were coming from the right were just about to use their own Sword Draws, when Lord Grim suddenly leapt into the air towards them and disappeared from their sight. Ye Xiu had used a Z-Shake in order to slide past these players without slowing down.

The blockade formed by these three players had been broken through, but there were still a lot of players left. Ye Xiu looked around in a circle. Without stopping, he quickly figured out the most optimal pathing. He crouched and rolled forward, dodging an attack from the left. As he got up, he blasted the enemy player away with a Falling Flower Palm. However, because of the over ten level difference, the blow away effect from the Falling Flower Palm was greatly reduced. It couldn’t even be considered a blow away, more like a trip.

Ye Xiu also felt grieved. If Lord Grim had been Level 70 and the Falling Flower Palm worked normally, breaking through this encirclement would be a piece of cake.

This had been within Ye Xiu’s calculations though. He continued running forward past the “tripped” player. Another pincer attack from the left and right came. Ye Xiu accurately predicted which attack would arrive first. He shook his Thousand Chance Umbrella into a spear and stabbed towards the left. Then, with a Circle Swing, he swung the enemy player on the left into the enemy player on the right, slamming both enemies into the ground.


Too fast!

The players that were still a distance away from Lord Grim could only become spectators for now. In their eyes, Lord Grim’s attack had been very fast.

Attack speed.

This stat wouldn’t increase as one leveled up. The only things that affected attack speed were the player’s skill, equipment, and the special effects of their skills.

If a player’s skill was the only deciding factor in attack speed, then in theory, attack speed could be limitless. From this perspective, equipment was what restricted one’s attack speed.

However, in reality, this was a misconception.

In Glory, weapons had an attack speed that ranged from 1 to 10. If a player’s skill was poor, they might only be able to utilize an attack speed of 7 or 8, despite having a weapon with an attack speed of 10. If a player’s skill was good, then the player could reach an attack speed of 10, but couldn’t go any higher than that.

However, a player could increase their attack speed with a skill. There might be a limit for speed, but how does one attack in the fastest way possible? By taking the shortest attack route.

Thus, it could be said that in order to increase attack speed through the player’s skill, the player needed to be precise, not quick! ...


Precise judgement and control was required to perform the attack along the shortest route. Even with similar attack speeds, if one player attacks along a different route, it would take slightly longer for their attack to arrive.

Lord Grim’s attack looked very fast because of this. In reality, all of the forms of the Thousand Chance Umbrella had an attack speed of 5, but that didn’t necessarily mean that this was his limit. An attack speed of 10 couldn’t be considered the limit either. It was simply a limit set by the weapon. Other equipment and the effects from skills could also increase a player’s attack speed. However, because of the mechanics of the game, having higher attack speed wasn’t always better. If a player’s attack speed was too high and the player couldn’t keep up, then the player wouldn’t be able to fully utilize the speed.

The guild players were astonished at the speed of Lord Grim’s attack, but was Lord Grim only fast with his attacks? His movement speed was also the same.

Ye Xiu’s extremely good control over his stamina allowed his movement speed tempo to constantly change, making the pursers unable to properly grasp it. They would predict that Lord Grim would move to a spot, so they would release an attack targeting this spot. However, when Lord Grim actually arrived at that spot, he would always seem to step over their attacks. They felt like Lord Grim wouldn’t reach a spot yet, so they held their attacks, but when they attacked, all they saw was his back.

The guild’s encirclement went from scattered to orderly, but before they could rearrange the troops properly, Lord Grim had already broken through. Along the way were bodies flipped into the ground. No one had been severely hurt, but they lost their chance at blocking Lord Grim. By the time they recovered, they would only see the body of the next person being thrown into the ground.

“STOP HIM! STOP HIM! STOP HIM!!!” The group leader, who could be considered rational and quick-witted, could only resort to this. It wasn’t that he didn’t want a concrete formation. Lord Grim’s actions far surpassed the speed at which he could react. By the time he had thought of a way to stop him, Lord Grim had already gotten past that section.

He tried making predictions, but with Lord Grim’s weird pathing, he had no way to predict how Lord Grim would break through.

Conventionally speaking, the fastest way to break through was in a straight line, but Lord Grim was already halfway out and anyone could see that he wasn’t moving in a straight line. He just moved wherever there was a hole.

Where were the opportunities?

Answering this question and then making the arrangements would require the group leader to think twice as much as Ye Xiu needed to. There was no way the leader could win a mind game like this. Besides shouting “STOP HIM!!”, he didn’t know what else he could do.

In the blink of an eye, Lord Grim had broken past the final layer and rushed out of the encirclement. Everyone was stunned.

What just happened?

Everything happened so quickly. When did he break out of the encirclement?

But after seeing everyone lying on the ground, they felt like a long amount of time should have passed, right?

No one could get a clear understanding of the situation, but they could understand one thing: Lord Grim had successfully escaped.

Their eighty players had been thrown into disarray by an outside force and then broken through just like that.

“Chase….” The group leader shouted. He felt like his voice was very mechanical. He felt like it was what he should shout. As for what he should do after, he had no idea.

“Old thing, I’ll be heading out first!” They heard Lord Grim shout.

“Go! Go! This senior is going to slaughter everyone here!” A coarse voice responded.

Lord Grim ran away, but the twenty rescuers hadn’t. They had been killing the entire time, whether they were against three players, four players, five players, or even ten players…...

In the end, these twenty players eventually turned into corpses. They dropped some equipment, but the guild players couldn’t feel happy at all. Compared to the equipment that they had lost, these twenty players had profited a lot more. They had no way of getting their lost equipment back either.

They had been helpless against Lord Grim’s escape, but these twenty players had killed off 39 of their own players. They had lost almost twice as many people and this was with the opposing side having incomplete equipment and levels.

When the team leaders reported back to their respective guilds, they said this to their guild leaders: we successfully eliminated the rescue team, but Lord Grim escaped.