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Chapter 535: Fierce Mantis

Chapter 535 - Fierce Mantis

This piece of news surprised Jiang You. He still wanted to calmly figure out what exactly happened, but the other guilds had already begun stamping their feet in anger. Tyrannical Ambition wasn’t the only one who had been attacked by a swarm of venomous flies. All of the guilds had been thrown into disorder. The sudden ambush by the venomous flies wasn’t easy to deal with.

“Is this the so-called ‘peaceful way’?” Three Worlds Six Realms couldn’t sit still once he learned that Blue Brook Guild had started fighting the boss. His guild hadn’t been eliminated yet and now someone had caused a ruckus. Did this mean everything before had been for naught? How could he stay calm?

Excellent Dynasty was in a similar mood. They had also won two matches in a row and were one of the last remaining guilds in the competition. When they heard about the disturbance, they immediately denounced Blue Brook Guild too. Apart from them, Misty Castle, Void Walk, Blossom Valley had truly hoped this would be a peaceful way of determining the owner of the boss. Seeing such an act of betrayal, they naturally felt extremely angry and also lashed out at Blue Brook Guild. They did it in the public chat too, directly exposing the misdeed to all of the spectators watching the deciding match.

The spectators heard the news and also went into an uproar. Blue Brook Guild immediately became the target of a rain of arrows.

Ye Xiu saw the situation from Chen Guo’s screen and felt somewhat disapproving. He sent Wei Chen’s Windward Formation a message: “Don’t you think that pretending Blue Brook Guild is fighting the boss feels a bit too fake? All of them can confirm it. This approach is too stupid. It’s not realistic at all.”

“He he, you have to link it with the actual circumstances. When something like this happens, it can easily be explained, but for some reason, Blue Brook Guild’s guild leader Changing Spring seems to have some sort of mental block towards typing words. If you want this guy to give an explanation to dissolve the situation, it’s not going to happen.” Wei Chen replied.

Ye Xiu was speechless. He didn’t think Wei Chen would be so merciless to Blue Brook Guild. He truly deserves to be considered one of the most shameless pros in the competitive scene.

“You truly have no sense of kindness.” Ye Xiu sighed.

As they discussed this with each other, the situation had already devolved into a complete mess. Nearly all of the eight guilds had been ambushed by venomous flies and had no time to deal with others. They could only watch with eyes dripping blood as Swamp Hunger Leipu pounced at Blue Brook Guild.

As for Blue Brook Guild? They had no idea what was going on. The venomous flies didn’t attack them. At first, they felt lucky and put up their guards. Who knew the other guilds had already put the blame on them and were looking at them with murderous intentions?

Finally, Blue Brook Guild encountered an attack, but it wasn’t by venomous flies. It was by the boss. For the other guilds, this completely confirmed the conspiracy theory. If it weren’t for the venomous flies attack them, the other guilds would have already started attacking Blue Brook Guild.

In reality, Blue Brook Guild had no idea the boss would suddenly charge at them. It seemed like someone had accidentally attacked or entered the boss’s aggro range. The problem was in this mess, no one had been paying attention.

“Who was it?” The team leader even asked, but the boss wasn’t going to wait for them to talk.

Swamp Hunter Leipu!

An Assassin and a Thief dual class. His movements were incredibly swift. He took a single step and became a blur. In an instant, he appeared in front of Blue Brook Guild’s boss team. He lifted up his two hands and pulled out two daggers. One of them was held in an upright position, while the other was held in reverse. He stabbed with one dagger and slashed with the other, sending two people tumbling backwards.

“Blue Brook Guild has started attacking the boss!!”

Someone suddenly yelled from nearby.

“We didn’t!” Blue Brook Guild’s team leader immediately yelled. He clearly realized pulling the boss in this situation was a very serious problem.

“Blue Brook Guild set up venomous flies to attack us and is now taking the opportunity to kill the boss! Blue Brook Guild is too despicable!!” Shouts of criticism came ceaselessly. The team leader of Blue Brook Guild was sweating like mad. The top core experts in the guild were peak experts and had gone to the Arena to fight. The team leader had been left here and had now encountered a difficult problem. In panic, he hastily asked the guild leader for help. How could he know the guild leader was in an even worse situation than him? He was drowning in spittle right now.

“Everyone retreat! Do not attack back!!”

The team leader couldn’t get a reply from the guild leader, so he could only give instructions on his own. He told his guild members not to touch the boss to prove their good faith.

But who was Swamp Hunter Leipu? A wild boss. Standing there taking a beating and not attacking back wasn’t something he would understand. If the Clerics started healing the injured, the boss would immediately switch targets to the Clerics. Even if the Clerics healed each other to tank the boss, they wouldn’t last long. Under this vicious cycle, the team would wipe out.

If they didn’t attack back, they would prove their good faith. It might be effective, but against Swamp Hunter Leipu, they would certainly die in order to prove this point.

The team leader never said clearly if this was his intention. The team members didn’t plan on sacrificing their lives for principles. If they couldn’t fight back, then what else could they do other than run? As a result, they began to retreat.

They didn’t fight back, but by running, it looked like they were trying to move the boss away from all of the other guilds. Were they trying to prove their good faith or did they have other evil schemes in mind?

“They want to leave!” The other guilds fending off venomous flies saw what was happening and thought their true objective was to pull the boss away....


“Blue Brook Guild is about to pull the boss away. Guild leader, do we kill them or not?”

“Guild leader, kill or not???”

At this moment, the guild leaders saw the news and became furious. Everything had already reached this step, who would listen to Changing Spring’s excuses? Samsara’s Three Worlds Six Paths directly left. Excellent Dynasty’s Chen Yehui quickly followed suit. On the other hand, the other guilds were in a bit of a predicament though.

According to their agreement, Samsara or Excellent Dynasty should be the ones to kill Swamp Hunter Leipu. Even though someone had broken the agreement first, if they used this opportunity to fight for the boss, they wouldn’t be any different from the original betrayer. With so many spectators as proof of their losses in the previous matches, it wouldn’t be appropriate to fight the boss.

They didn’t dare to act rashly in this type of situation. Was Blue Brook Guild really that sh*tty?

Everyone mumbled to themselves, but none of them said it out loud. They had already lost their opportunity to kill the boss. In any case, it would be better to watch the events unfold. Why should they speak up for Blue Brook Guild? Even if one day everyone finds a peaceful way to walk on, thoughts of hoping the other side to fall would always stay.

Deep down, everyone knew a peaceful way of competing for objectives was just an ideal. The reason for their temporary agreement wasn’t the norm. Against a God like Lord Grim and an eye-catching Heavenly Justice, they had to give them their attention. None of them truly had much good faith towards each other.


Three Worlds Six Paths was the first to give the order.

He had taken a huge mental blow and felt like he had been duped. Right now, it was either the fish died or the net split. Even if his guild couldn’t get the boss, he would make sure Blue Brook Guild would suffer. Three Worlds Six Paths could be hot-blooded at times. He wasn’t someone who only planned carefully and meticulously.

With his personality and at this type of battle, the morale he could muster up was frightening.

Nothing else mattered, but to kill!

Samsara was the first to be hit by the venomous flies and had suffered a few losses, but they were also first to stabilize the situation. Anyone who came to kill the wild boss would naturally be the guild’s elites. A disturbance like this wasn’t something that would stop them.

Even though they hadn’t completely cleared away the venomous flies, when they received their guild leader’s order, several of them took up their weapons and charged towards Blue Broo Guild.

“Brothers! Forward! Kill those despicable, shameless Blue Brook Guild dogs!!” Samsara’s team leader roared and took the lead. His face had already been torn apart and his voice didn’t sound pleasant.

At the same time, Three Worlds Six Paths gave a reply on the post on their agreement. He announced that Blue Brook Guild would reap the consequences for going back on their word. Samsara had been tricked and they weren’t going to tolerate it.

Fight! Your Blue Brook Guild might be one of the Three Great Guilds, but our Samsara isn’t afraid. Today, we’ll teach you a lesson!

It was very rare for a guild leader to make a declaration. With how the Club guilds operated, even though there had been many conflicts across all of the servers, no one had ever made such a powerful statement. Let alone challenging a stronger guild, it wasn’t wise to do so from a business perspective either.

Three Worlds Six Path’s reply was picked out and made as a post. Supporters gathered together, not just Samsara fans, but the neutral fans also stood by Samsara. Team Blue Rain fans didn’t know the truth and with just the revelations given by the spectators, they had no way of justifying their guild’s actions.


In Poison Fang Swamp, Samsara charged at Blue Brook Guild, who were still trying to prove they weren’t attacking the boss. How could they have known the others thought they were trying to pull the boss away? When they saw Samsara suddenly rushing at them, they once again panicked. Samsara was smart too. They only attacked Blue Brook Guild and wouldn’t aggro the boss. Swamp Hunter Leipu would be focused on Blue Brook Guild and would act as a helper to Samsara.

“F*ck, what are you guys going?” Blue Brook Guild’s team leader still wanted to try explaining the situation, but Samsara directly chopped him into pieces and turned him into a corpse. Samsara shout their resentment and went berserk.

Blue Brook Guild no longer had a leader and fell into disarray. They formed small groups and defended against the attack.

The other guilds had stabilized their teams, but because they had lost the matches in the Arena, their guild leaders ordered them not to interfere. However, one guild was different. Excellent Dynasty had stabilized themselves after the venomous fly ambush, but didn’t directly charge forward like Samsara. They simply smiled as they watched Blue Brook Guild get slaughtered.

“Samsara brothers. Our Excellent Dynasty has a share of this boss!” Excellent Dynasty’s team leader felt like very pleased with their circumstances.

“Okay, come! Even if you two both fight together, our Samsara isn’t afraid!” Samsara’s players didn’t plan on stopping. Excellent Dynasty was surprised. What a fierce mantis! After finishing off the snake, the mantis was also planning on taking down the oriole.