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Chapter 492: Sun Xiang’s Dragon Raising Its Head

Chapter 492 - Sun Xiang’s Dragon Raising Its Head

In the confrontation between the two teams, Ocean Ahead might have been the first to make an attack, but it resulted in his own team being swept away.

Loulan Slash, Little Bei, and Night Tide were thrown into the enemy’s Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire and then knocked back out.

Deception may have hit his intended target with Bird Fall, but it wasn’t because his opponent couldn’t dodge it. Rather, his opponent didn’t feel the need to dodge it. Following afterwards, his opponent’s rapid attacks quickly broke through Deception’s own follow-up attacks. The magic chasers exploded, sending him tumbling through the air and into a wall.

Ocean Ahead had been blown back by the Falling Flower Palm. Neither him nor the Cleric had yet to take damage, but they no longer had any protection from the frontline. The enemy Battle Mage had completely exposed the backline and he posed a heavy threat to them.

In this brief exchange, the other four enemies hadn’t even arrived in front of them yet and their formation had already been destroyed.

Now, an Electric Wave Formation had been placed.

The crackling electric ball was storing up energy. The Spellblade was casting this spell. As soon as he finished channelling, the electric ball would expand, creating a circular sphere, where enemy players inside would take electric damage over time. The spell couldn’t be dodged, whether one went into the air or underground. The only way to escape from the attack was to get out of the Electric Wave Formation’s effective range.

A max skilled Electric Wave Formation had a radius of 15 body units. With the team in complete disarray and the enemy Battle Mage completely controlling the situation, it would be very difficult for them to escape this attack.

At this moment, Ye Xiu finally acted.

He leaped into the air and his Thousand Chance Umbrella opened up. Ta ta ta ta! A stream of bullets shot into the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire.

A faint curse could be heard amidst the loud thunder. The electric ball suddenly shook. Everyone’s hearts tightened, but the electricity didn’t burst out. Zi! Like a power outage, the electric ball blinked and dispersed.

The veterans obviously knew this was because the Spellblade’s attack had been interrupted. The Spellblade had been hiding inside the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire, but Lord Grim had still been able to hit him.

Meanwhile, Ocean Ahead and Thousand Falling Leaves were frantically running. They had seen how terrifying this Battle Mage was. This Battle Mage had broken through the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire completely unharmed. What did this mean? It meant that he had dodged the random attacks from the Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire with inhuman reactions and hand speed. Then, he leaped into the midst of their entire team, sent four of them flying, and even sent Ocean Ahead a palm. Ocean Ahead and Thousand Falling Leaves had no close combat capabilities. Why would they dare to stay still and fight?

But this Battle Mage didn’t even glance at the two of them. He stepped forward with his spear pointing directly at Lord Grim. With the distance between them, this spear was way too far away to hit him, but at the same time, magic waves emanated out from the spear, forming a dragon --- Battle Mage Level 70 skill, Rising Dragon Soars the Sky.

Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim dodged to the side. Even though this Rising Dragon Soars the Sky had a long attack range, if it didn’t have the proper set-up for it, with such a large distance between the target, it would only be able to hit in theory. However, there was more than enough time for the target to dodge. Lord Grim didn’t seem flustered at all and leisurely headed towards the side.

Who would have thought that the magically formed dragon would suddenly shake its head to the side and bite down on Lord Grim. All of the magic waves poured into Lord Grim and with a dazzling explosion, Lord Grim was blasted flying away.

“Are you kidding me!!!!” Little Bei had just gotten up from the ground and his eyes almost popped out seeing this scene.

Dragon Raises Its Head!!!

Not just Little Bei, but everyone else recognized it too. When this Rising Dragon Soars the Sky flew out, the dragon clearly twisted its head. It was reputed that only Ye Qiu alone could perform this variation of the move, Dragon Raises Its Head!

Lord Grim was only a Level 52 character and his equipment was lacking too. The damage he took certainly wouldn’t be light after being hit directly by a Level 70 skill. He used a Quick Recover and landed on the ground steadily.

“Who are you?” Little Bei shouted.

To be able to perform such a mighty Dragon Raises Its Head, could this Battle Mage be the real Ye Qiu? Could this Lord Grim actually be a fake? Little Bei wondered.

“Sun Xiang.” Sun Xiang’s tone was filled with arrogance. He was very satisfied with how this Dragon Raises Its Head had turned out, especially with it being able to hit Ye Qiu. This was a scene he had dreamed of countless times and the dream had turned into a reality. Unfortunately, the scene took place in a random street in game. There weren’t any spectators watching. If this had taken place in the All Star Competition, how great would that have been?

As soon as this name came out, Loulan Slash and the others immediately stood there stupidly. A God! What an amazing practice today turned out to be. After taking down the little thieves, the boss came out?

“Who’s that? Is he good?”

At this moment, Deception came down from the wall and asked.

“Bro, seriously? Did you buy this your account?” Loulan Slash asked incredulously. Deception was very infamous. As players in the game, they obviously knew who he was. They had never interacted with him before though. Today, because of Ye Xiu, they were fighting together as allies, but they hadn’t talked to him much, b. But Deception actually didn’t know who Sun Xiang was, which made everyone very astonished. They wanted to doubt him, but then again, he showed the skill to back up his name. They had seen Deception’s capabilities while fighting alongside him. He wasn’t any weaker than them.

“You really don’t know?” Ye Xiu was also surprised. Deception didn’t know about him, so he probably didn’t pay much attention to the news nor any drama floating around. He didn’t have any friends either, so it would make sense if he didn’t know about him, but to not even know the name of a God like Sun Xiang? That was strange for an expert like him. Could he actually be someone who only cared about himself and didn’t care about anyone else?...


“Why should I know?” Deception asked in return.

“You’re just pretending.” Sun Xiang laughed coldly. Deception had been the only one to hit him, so his skill obviously wasn’t bad. Sun Xiang doubted such an expert didn’t know a God like him.

“How’d you like the taste of my Dragon Raises Its Head? It’s not bad, right?” Sun Xiang ignored the pretending guy. He only had Ye Qiu in his eyes. He thought he could easily succeed him, but his ghost always seemed to be haunting him.

“Mm, not bad.” Ye Xiu seemed to be as calm as ever. Beside him though, a girl had cried out loudly. This girl was Chen Guo, of course. She wasn’t happy at all about Sun Xiang’s Dragon Raises its Head. She had originally been indifferent towards Sun Xiang, but after knowing about the details about Ye Xiu’s release from Excellent Era, she now hated him. And now, Sun Xiang was actually able to perform Dragon Raises Its Head. Chen Guo didn’t feel comfortable knowing this.

“How talented. You couldn’t do it in the All Star Competition yet, no?” Ye Xiu continued.

“You’re right, but now I can do it even better than you.” Sun Xiang said. After returning from the All Star Competition, he had gone through intense practice and research before mastering Dragon Raises Its Head. In addition, after comparing it to Ye Qiu’s previous uses of the move, Sun Xiang was certain his Dragon Raises Its Head had an even greater range than Ye Qiu’s.

“So what?” Ye Xiu said.

“......” Sun Xiang was stumped. He had done something even Ye Qiu couldn’t do and felt extremely happy about it. However, Ye Qiu himself didn’t seem to think much of it. It was like punching cotton, not satisfactory at all!

“So what? Ha ha, this means you’re already of the past. Did you really think your little show off of Dragon Raises Its Head in the All Star Competition would be enough to make others not forget about you? But now, you’ve already been completely replaced. What else can you do to prove yourself?” The Heavenly Lightning Earthen Fire faded away and four characters walked out. The one who replied to Ye Xiu was the Spellblade, Liu Hao.

Lord Grim turned around slightly. Ye Xiu glanced at them, but simply repeated himself: “So what?”

“Hmph! You’re pretending!” Liu Hao also choked slightly at Ye Xiu’s response and then used Sun Xiang’s line.

“I really hope to see how long you’ll be able to keep on lying to yourself like that.” Liu Hao continued. Liu Hao’s skill in provoking others was at a higher level than Sun Xiang’s.

“He Ming? Shen Jian? Zhang Jiaxing?” Ye Xiu looked at the enemy’s classes and guessed their identities.

Loulan Slash and the others sucked in a cold breath. This was Excellent Era’s main team! That Spellblade was probably Excellent Era’s vice captain, Liu Hao. This was the pro team’s main roster! Their equipment was just slightly lacking.

“Sorry, Ye. Today, we’re going to have to play as pigs and eat the tiger.” He Ming said.

“Play as pigs and eat the tiger?” Ye Xiu laughed, “It won’t be that easy! Do you know what it means to play as pigs and eat the tiger?”

“Ye, your actions in the tenth server can be considered as playing as a pig and eating the tiger.” He Ming calmly answered.

“It looks like you don’t understand it well enough.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh? Then, please give us a lesson.” He Ming said.

“To play as a pig and eat the tiger, the tiger has to do his part too. If a pig plays as a pig, then the pig can’t even try to eat the tiger.” Ye Xiu said.


“It’s just an analogy. You don’t need to assign roles to it.” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Ignore him. He’s good at this sort of trash talk.” Liu Hao said in a low voice. He didn’t care about Ye Xiu’s mocking.

“Who’s the pig? Who’s the tiger? We’re about to find out.” Sun Xiang said.

“Are you guys really pro players? We have the absolute advantage. Do you guys actually not see that?” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Let alone Excellent Era’s players, even Loulan Slash’s group stared stupidly at these words.

“We have more people.” Ye Xiu said.

TL:To play as a pig and eat the tiger comes from a story. A hunter is tasked by a village with killing a tiger. The hunter is unable to do so with force, so he learns to how to oink like a pig. The tiger hears the oinking and thinks there is prey nearby. The hunter lures the tiger over in this way and then launches a sneak attack, when the tiger least expects it. The tiger may not have immediately died, but it is gravely injured. The hunter finishes off the wounded tiger and brings the dead tiger back to the village.