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Chapter 490: Team Excellent Era

Chapter 490 - Team Excellent Era

“Here’s a Battle Mage account card.” A trace of treachery flashed across Liu Hao’s face as he handed an account card to Sun Xiang.

In fact, before Sun Xiang even came to Excellent Era, he hadn’t used a Battle Mage. However, his Battle Mage was also very good. After obtaining One Autumn Leaf, some people speculated that Sun Xiang had planned on succeeding Ye Qiu long beforehand. Why else would he put in so much effort to train his Battle Mage? If he really planned on snatching the name of Battle God, then Sun Xiang was truly an ambitious fellow.

Right now, they were using open accounts, so even if Liu Hao had given Sun Xiang his original class, Sun Xiang would still be able to perform at a high level as well. However, Liu Hao still gave him a Battle Mage account, a class Sun Xiang had only officially taken out halfway through his first season. It could be said that Liu Hao had a good grasp of Sun Xiang’s personality.

If he gave Sun Xiang his original class, Sun Xiang might be able to perform well, but with his arrogant and confident personality, he definitely wouldn’t take it well and might even become angry. It would be implying that he didn’t have confidence in Sun Xiang’s Battle Mage. Making such an action might rub him the wrong way.

Sun Xiang was impatient in proving his Battle Mage could succeed Ye Qiu’s. In the All Star Competition, he challenged Excellent Era’s sworn enemy and Ye Qiu’s long-time rival Han Wenqing. However, it resulted in a loss by the slightest of margins. However, for him, the result was completely humiliating, especially after Han Wenqing declared in front of everyone how he couldn’t even compare to Ye Qiu…...

Sun Xiang had lost, so he couldn’t refute it. He hadn’t lost his poise in front of the public at that time either. Only his teammates knew just how furious Sun Xiang was after the match. His mentality had been affected for several days in a row. Those who tried to console him only seemed to make it worse by striking the nail in deeper. Now, it motivated him to try even harder to prove his strength and directly make Ye Qiu and Han Wenqing concede.

Ye Qiu was now playing in game.

It was just in the game. With Sun Xiang’s arrogant personality, he normally wouldn’t put it in his eyes. However, in the previous spectacle, he had been there too. At that time, he had wanted to fight Ye Qiu. Unfortunately, Ye Qiu never gave anyone the chance to. After beating Huang Shaotian, he ran off, making Sun Xiang extremely upset.

Liu Hao had seen all of this and immediately used this to his advantage today.

When he handed over the Battle Mage account card to Sun Xiang, Liu Hao called a few others together. Half of Team Excellent Era was headed by him.

“Do we need this many people?” Sun Xiang heard Liu Hao call others to come and coldly scoffed.

“Ha ha, this is for fun. Everyone should have some fun together.” Liu Hao didn’t dare be careless with his words, especially with Sun Xiang. If not, Sun Xiang wouldn’t want anyone to help, which would completely mess up his plans.

After hearing Liu Hao say this, Sun Xiang didn’t say anything further.

Once everyone got together, they logged on. Their accounts were all max-level open accounts and were naturally in the Heavenly Domain. Liu Hao and Chen Yehui contacted each other and immediately organized this team.

Their characters were close to each other in the beginning, so they quickly found each other.

Battle Mage, Spellblade, Elementalist, Striker, Cleric.

This was their team’s class composition. When Liu Hao heard the opposing team had a Cleric, he didn’t dare to be careless. Along with himself, the team had Sun Xiang, He Ming, Shen Jian, and Zhang Jiaxin.

Among them, He Ming had a position somewhere in between the main team and the substitute players. He was often the team’s sixth player. The other four members were Excellent Era’s main force. If Su Mucheng could be called in to help, they would have made the team that they used in official matches.

Su Mucheng was obviously out of question. Plus, calling too many people would make it seem like he was scared of Ye Qiu. Even though Liu Hao didn’t mind being too careful, with Sun Xiang there, he was afraid Sun Xiang would be unhappy with it. Five players was the standard for a team in competitive play anyways. He didn’t think Sun Xiang would object to that.

Everything went as Liu Hao expected. Sun Xiang coldly humphed, but didn’t say anything else towards the team.

“Which way?” Sun Xiang wanted to hurry up and fight.

“Wilderness Town. I’m still trying to get an exact location.” Liu Hao said, while telling Chen Yehui to use everything he had to find Ye Qiu’s position.

Chen Yehui obviously complied. Ye Qiu had already gathered an incredibly strong team together with him. For their guild, if they sent too few players to fight them, they wouldn’t be opponents. If they sent too many, they wouldn’t be able to maneuver around and would be stuck in place. Chen Yehui felt gratified for Liu Hao coming to help so readily. As a result, he quickly assembled a ready-to-die team and told them to do everything in their power to figure out Ye Qiu’s location.

A ready-to-die team was essentially a suicide squad. Chen Yehui’s suicide squad consisted of individual units. If they saw Ye Qiu’s team, they would certainly die. In any case, they were to try and run. Once they died and became corpses, they were to stay there and monitor them. In short, they would constantly update Chen Yehui with Ye Qiu’s position.

By being made up of individual units, their scouting range would be enormous. Chen Yehui was willing to sacrifice his troops to achieve this. After organizing them together, he told them to hand over any important equipment they possessed to someone else for safekeeping. His message told them that the probability of dying was extremely high.

This team was aware of this and after receiving their orders, they immediately spread out.

This method was truly effective. One of the players heading east quickly made a report. He had found the seven players, who were running quickly. However, he didn’t know their goal.


Chen Yehui didn’t care about their goal because the guild wasn’t going to be the one to fight them. His objective was very simple: to find their position and report to Liu Hao.

The first player to find the target was also quite lucky. He hadn’t been discovered, but this also meant he would have to continue watching them until he died....

This brother wouldn’t be so stupid as to get too close. He watched from far away, but as a result, he couldn’t see their IDs clearly. In the end, after seeing them make a turn, he ran over, but had already lost them. With his method of tailing, he would certainly lose them after a while.

But by finding their general location, Chen Yehui organized the others to narrow their search to that area. Soon, a second player caught sight of them again. However, this brother wasn’t as lucky and was discovered. After making a report, he valiantly sacrificed himself.

“Didn’t you say they gathered all of their troops together? Why are we still bumping into random players out here then? They’re alone too.” Loulan Slash asked after cutting this player down.

“They couldn’t pinpoint our positions, so they probably sent out a ready-to-die team to find out our positions at the cost of their lives.” Ye Xiu said.

“Then we’ve been exposed already.” Loulan Slash said.

“For now, yes, but it’s not like we’re just going to stand there stupidly and do nothing, no?” Ye Xiu said.

The seven players continued moving ahead. Chen Yehui continuously received reports of their location from the sacrificed players. These seven players just seemed to be wandering around randomly. He couldn’t figure out their next step.

Chen Yehui sent Clerics over to revive them and then had them continue scouting.

Whenever Chen Yehui received a set of coordinates, he would send them over to Liu Hao. Liu Hao and the other pro players quickly arrived in Wilderness Town. The randomly changing coordinates made them helpless too. They could only run towards the coordinates sent to them.

Arisaema and Changing Spring hadn’t given up yet and had their huge army walk around through Wilderness Town and see if they could bump into them. The two would sometimes let out sighs. Chen Yehui didn’t have the energy to deal with these two. He had five seniors from the team calling for him!

After not seeing any results for a while, Chen Yehui was starting to get anxious, so he secretly sent more players to scout around. This time, two scouts found the opposing team simultaneously. With more scouts, the reports began coming in faster and Liu Hao’s side now had a sense of direction to head in.

“Have you guys noticed something? Everyone we’ve killed so far has been from Excellent Dynasty.” Little Bei suddenly spoke up.

“Really?” Ocean Ahead replied lazily. It had always been one target at a time and the targets never showed any resistance either. They would run as soon as they were discovered. It felt so pointless now. In the beginning, it had been fun, annihilating team after team, but now it felt like the big feast was over and dessert was being given a tiny nibble at a time.

“Be careful, they’ve upped their scouting.” Ye Xiu said, “Reinforcements must have come, so they have more players at their disposal.”

“Yeah, don’t get careless!” Loulan Slash was their Heavenly Justice’s leader and was calmer than the others.

“Yo yo, there’s a team over there!” Little Bei suddenly realized.

“Hm?” Ocean Ahead heard this and grew excited. His character moved around in a circle, trying to find the enemy team.

“It’s only five players……” But after seeing the team, Ocean Ahead couldn’t hide his disappointment.

“It’s still better than a single person.” Little Bei shrugged.

“A simple matter nonetheless.” Ocean Ahead commented.

“Be careful.” Ye Xiu’s voice was solemn though

“Is it some sort of trap?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Be careful when facing them.” Ye Xiu didn’t give a direct reply.

The five players at the end of the street also saw the seven players and immediately charged at them. Seeing this, the seven players immediately felt like something wasn’t right because their enemies had always ran for their lives as soon as they were discovered, even if they were a team of ten players. However, it was just a five player team now, yet they were actually rushing forward instead of retreating. The enemy should have a grasp of their strength, but they still dared to do this…...

“They can’t be weak.” Loulan Slash concluded.

“Even if they’re strong, how strong could they be?” Ocean Ahead asked.

“Could there be some sort of ambush lying in wait?” The Cleric, Thousand Falling Leaves, wondered.

“There shouldn’t be any. The enemy has been trying to find our location this entire time, so they wouldn’t have had enough time to set up an ambush.” Ye Xiu said.

“Which means they must be experts!” Loulan Slash turned serious.

“Good!” Ocean Ahead grew excited. This Battle Mage loved to fight.