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Chapter 489: The Enemy Closes In, While We Back Out

Chapter 489 - The Enemy Closes In, While We Back Out

“Oh, like that huh……” The Berserker heard Ye Xiu’s reply and felt like he had a certain level of understanding now.

“How did you figure out their formation?” The Berserker asked again.

“It took me a lot of observation and analysis. Afterwards, I made a judgement based off of their teams’ distances, movement direction, and the empty spaces on the map.” Ye Xiu said.

“You can even do that?” The Berserker was surprised.

Deception had heard all of this before. In the beginning, he hadn’t believed it either, but after running around with Lord Grim for a while, he slowly realized that Lord Grim truly did have an understanding of the enemy’s positions based on how the players moved. Lord Grim didn’t know everything, of course, but it wasn’t something Deception could do.

“We have to learn from him well!” The Berserker told his comrades.

Changing Spring’s deduction was correct. These five players were indeed from Heavenly Justice. The Berserker was Loulan Slash. The Battle Mage was Little Bei. The Grappler was Night Tide. The Elementalist was Ocean Ahead. The Cleric was Thousand Falling Leaves. Ye Xiu had told them to come over to practice.

Loulan Slash’s group was planning on joining the pro scene. Practice was a must. The equipment issue could be solved some other way. Ye Xiu didn’t ask about this. He reckoned Loulan Slash wouldn’t be so confident that he would think the Heavenly Domain equipment he had equipped would be good enough for the pro scene. Loulan Slash didn’t tell him what they were going to do about it, so Ye Xiu wasn’t even going to ask.

In any case, an individual’s skill and the coordination between a team could always be improved. Especially after fighting with Ye Xiu, Huang Shaotian, and Wang Jiexi, Loulan Slash’s group had already completely dispelled their initial overambitious thoughts. Their goal the first year in the pro scene had changed to defending their spot in the Alliance.

Defending their spot meant not falling into the bottom two places, which would be auto-relegated.

A team joining the pro scene and then dropping out after their first year wasn’t anything new. Loulan Slash’s group felt scared just thinking about it. If they hadn’t met Ye Xiu, with their initial confidence, thinking they could immediately become the Champions, they would probably fall to last place and be relegated.


Loulan Slash’s group only had this thought in their heads now. They weren’t there to have fun in the pro scene. They weren’t fans like Chen Guo, who would just be happy to have the experience. They were there to make a name for themselves.

After learning that Ye Xiu was actually God Ye Qiu, Loulan Slash’s group obviously wanted to learn from him. As a result, Ye Xiu called them over to come when he saw such a big scene unfolding.

Although this scene wasn’t something that would ever be seen in pro matches, it was still a good opportunity to practice team coordination. Having the chance to spar with other pro players wasn’t something that could just be asked for.

When they arrived at the scene, the lightning fast offense led by Ye Xiu shocked not just Golden Fragrance and their enemies, but them too.

They already felt like they had learned a lot so far.

Who didn’t know how to group up monsters and kill them in one burst? But to do this to such an extent wasn’t something anyone could do.

So this was a pro!

Loulan Slash thought. This also made them realize that if they wanted to survive in the pro scene, they would need such a level of strength. However, if Ye Xiu wasn’t there to lead them like this, Loulan Slash wasn’t confident that he could do the same.

They were quite proficient with their own classes, but their knowledge on the synergy, skill combinations, and skill usages between the different classes couldn’t compare to Ye Xiu’s.

“Record it! Record it all!” Loulan Slash whispered privately to his team members.

“Of course. I’ve been recording this entire time.” Ocean Ahead replied.

“We’ll need to study this when we’re done and then we’ll go practice.” Loulan Slash said.

While talking, the seven player team encountered a Blue Brook Guild team. When the team of ten guild players saw these seven players, they immediately turned pale and turned tail.

This time, it was real. They weren’t trying to lure the enemy in deep or anything. This was because, they already had orders that any team with 30 or fewer players was to immediately escape.

These seven players were regarded as having the strength of 30 guild players by the guild leaders. Even with this, they weren’t sure. They were striving for a group of one hundred players before engaging in battle.

Slowly, the three guild leaders had already forgotten about hunting them. To their understanding, this was a confrontation between two equal powers. They would organize their strength and face their opponents.

Knowing the difference between their skill levels, the ten player team turned tail and ran for their lives. The seven players had no way of blocking them.

“Are we going to chase them?” Loulan Slash asked.

“Follow them.” Ye Xiu said.

The seven players chased after the ten runners.

“Pay attention to my pacing while moving.” Ye Xiu said.

Everyone began paying attention to Lord Grim’s movements....

The ten player team only had thoughts of widening the distance as much as possible and didn’t hold anything back. Seeing the seven players shrinking in the distance, their hearts calmed down a little bit, but not long afterwards, the seven players appeared behind them again, hanging around neither too far nor close to them. The ten player team tried to sprint away again, but they realized they didn’t have enough stamina. Without stamina, they couldn’t sprint and their running speed would drop. Starting from here, the seven players drew nearer and nearer.

“THEY’RE COMING!!!!” The ten player team cried for their lives and spammed their coordinates in the guild chat.

“Hang on!” The guild players could only reply. It would still take them time to arrive and help them.

“THEY’RE GETTING CLOSER! EVEN CLOSER!!” The ten player team was in complete chaos. The enemies were getting closer and closer in front of their eyes and there was nothing they could do but await their pitiful demise. It was a feeling even more terrifying than death.

“No good. Our support won’t arrive in time!” The captain of the ten player team looked around left and right. Apart from the seven enemies clawing closer and closer to them, there was no one else in sight.

“What do we do?” One of the members mourned.

“Log off!” The captain decided.

“Ah?” One of the team members gasped.

“If not, we’ll die for nothing! Our other team wasn’t weak either, but they didn’t even last a minute.” The captain hastily explained.

“Then let’s hurry up and log off! They’re about to get in range!” Another team member shouted.

Following afterwards, the ten players disappeared. They had logged off beautifully.

“No way??” The seven were completely stunned, even Ye Xiu. None of them expected their opponents to log off.

“Head east!” At this moment, Ye Xiu didn’t delay and immediately shouted out an order. The team switched directions from heading north to east.

“Why?” As long as there was a chance, Loulan Slash would always ask why so he could grasp Ye Xiu’s way of thinking.

“Our opponents have probably figured out our battle strength, so they’re probably gathering together. If we continue to go down that path, we’ll probably encounter a huge team. It’s better to turn back for now!” Ye Xiu explained.

The seven player team headed east. At the same time, the three guilds completely lost track of their position.

By gathering their troops together, they would obviously lose control over the area. If the previous team had died, their ghosts would still be able to monitor them for a bit. However, because this team logged off, they now had no idea which direction the seven had run off in.

A short moment later, the three guilds gathered all of their troops together and then stood there stupidly. Where was Lord Grim? No idea. Where was that team? No idea.

“F*CK! That’s too cunning!” Arisaema was pissed. After learning that their opponents had Heavenly Justice’s five experts too, the prey had become the hunter and their guilds became the targets. This was why they had hastily changed plans, but once their opponents got close to them, they suddenly turned passive again and hid. Now what were they going to do?

It wasn’t going to be possible for them to scatter around the map again. If they did, they would all become meat buns. The animals eating weren’t dogs either, but were really wolves.

Should they continue maintaining these huge teams? They had too few units and too little control over the area. Their opponents would be able to escape easily.

The three guilds were in a difficult predicament. It seemed like there was only one option in front of them: to give up on the operation.

They weren’t willing to! They had put so much effort and manpower and it was just going to end like this? The three guild leaders had this type of remorse. They felt like they were in the tenth server once again, where they were helpless under Lord Grim’s hands. The Heavenly Domain was supposed to be completely different, but in reality…… was it just the same?

“The other guilds……” Chen Yehui suddenly thought.

“They’re probably sitting there eating popcorn…..” Arisaema sighed.

With a good opportunity to kill Lord Grim, they hadn’t hidden the information away and actively shared it. However, the three guilds had been the first to arrive at the scene and after seeing such a commotion, the other guilds sat back to watch the show instead of joining. The three guild leaders definitely understood this. They would have done the same too. Killing Lord Grim would benefit everyone, so there was no need to compete to do it. As a result, everyone was very nice about it.

“I refuse to have it end like this!” Changing Spring roared, but what could they do? Keep adding troops? Changing Spring thought.

Chen Yehui took off his headphones and then picked up the cellphone on his desk.

“Ye Qiu is currently in the game. He’s leading those Heavenly Justice guys who are claiming they’ll be joining the pro scene next season. They’re showing off their strength.” Liu Hao had taken the call and then turned his head to explain the situation.

“Hmph, them? They’re nothing special.” Sun Xiang coldly said.

“However, the guild players aren’t enough.” Liu Hao said, “I heard they only have a total of seven players on their team, but they were easily able to kill off a full team.”

“I can kill off a team of normal players on my own.” Sun Xiang sneered.

“Ha ha, of course.” Liu Hao said, “I happen to have a few accounts on hand. Let’s give them a little surprise.”

“Oh?” Sun Xiang’s eyes suddenly lit up, “That sounds fun!”