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Chapter 488: Lure the Enemy in Deep

Chapter 488 - Lure the Enemy in Deep

East West 3rd Street

The system couldn’t generate a name for every street and alleyway in every town and city, so online maps outside of Glory often used this sort of naming method to mark out unnamed locations.

From a direction and distance perspective, this naming method was more intuitive than coordinates. When an experienced Glory player heard these name, he’d know the general location. By using this information along with the coordinates received, finding the exact location became easier and faster to find.

At this moment, on East West 3rd Street in a narrow alley going from north to south, a team of Herb Garden players began to retreat.

This was a full team of ten players. The captain was called Orobanche, the name of an herb. Herb and plant names were commonly seen in Herb Garden, especially among the senior guild members. Nowadays though, because of Herb Garden’s fame and strength, Herb Garden wasn’t going to refuse a fan for not having an herb name. Many Herb Garden players had herbs as names, but not all of them did.

Orobanche sent a message to Arisaema telling him that their team had retreated.

“We’re not going to attack, captain?” One of the team members asked.

“The guild leader told us to wait. Once they get closer, we’ll surround them.” Orobanche explained.

“Okay.” No one objected. Their opponents had seven people on their team, while they had ten. Even though they had a slight advantage in number, their opponent’s team had Lord Grim and Deception, both exceptional experts. Whether or not they could win was a completely different matter. All of them were veterans and very well knew their own limits, so none of them arrogantly declared they would take their opponents down for sure. It would be better to wait until more backup arrived before surrounding them together. There was a limit to skill. Even if your opponents were pro players with godly skill and amazing equipment, if you had a lot more people on your side, you’d eventually win. A numbers advantage would always be a reliable advantage in the game.

The team of ten sat in the alley quietly.

“Captain, you said……”

Suddenly, the light seemed to have dimmed all of a sudden. The team lifted their heads up. Two people were standing outside of the alley, blocking the sunlight from coming into the alley.

“See, I told you there would be people here!” The person on the left spoke. The ID above his head spelled out Lord Grim.

“If these people had been equipment, I definitely would have seen them!” The person on the right denied his inability. The ID above his head spelled out Deception.

“You can see equipment on the ground, but you can’t see equipment on someone’s body. What’s up with that?” Lord Grim lifted up one of his hands.

“Shut up!” Deception drew his blade.

A grenade rolled over, and a wave of fire blasted towards them.

Hand Grenade!

Flame Cut!

They had just passed the street, but then quickly came back. The team, which had been quietly sitting in the alleyway, wasn’t prepared at all. Ye Xiu and Deception chatted and moved quickly, immediately covering the alley in smoke and light. Captain Orobanche had been closest to the entrance of the alleyway and took severe damage.

Collapsing Mountain!

Lord Grim and Deception suddenly crouched. A Berserker flew over their heads with his huge sword held high above his head. The sword crashed down with a might that could split mountains.

Ice Wall!

Several ice walls shot up in the alleyway. The alleyway was very narrow. It wasn’t easy to get two people to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other. A single ice wall would be enough to block the alleyway, but instead there were four. This wasn’t like dominoes. If one fell, the other walls weren’t going to fall down too. They would have to break each wall one at a time. How long would that take?!

There were also seven enemies! They were blocking the alley entrance. Plus, they could throw whatever skills they wanted at them. With such little space to move around in, where were they supposed to run? It was impossible to escape.

Orobanche’s team was like a stuck monster. They could struggle all they wanted to, but they wouldn’t be able to find a way out. They tried to squeeze their way out, but Lord Grim simply repelled them with a Falling Flower Palm. Magic spells rained down on them from above and they didn’t even know where the enemy Elementalist was.

After a short moment, there were three shattered ice walls and ten corpses lying in the alley.

Whether they waited for someone to revive them or whether they revived back at the city wasn’t something Ye Xiu’s team cared about. They picked up the dropped items and gold before heading north through the alley.

“What? What did you say? Why didn’t you hide better?” Arisaema received the news.

Orobanche felt wronged. Hide better? Our original orders were to actively look for Lord Grim. Then, after discovering that Lord Grim had a team, you told us to not to make any rash movements and to await further instructions.

“Where are they heading?” Arisaema asked.

“Towards the north. Coordinates XXX, XXX.” Orobanche replied. This alleyway was so small, the outside maps didn’t even have a name for it.

“Those near coordinates XXX, XXX. Pay attention to the north side. If you see Lord Grim’s team, lure them in deep!” Arisaema ordered and told the information to Changing Spring and Chen Yehui.

The guild teams were still looking at the map after studying these coordinates, when Ye Xiu’s team rushed out from the small alleyway. When Ye Xiu’s team looked around, they didn’t see anyone around.

“This way.” Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim led the way.

Not long after heading left, another alleyway heading north appeared. Lord Grim and the other six went in....

This time, after going through the narrow alleyway, they saw a team of ten players. This team was from Blue Brook Guild.

Did the guild matter though?

Clearly not. The seven players charged forward and attacked. This team of ten was still digesting the orders given to them. Who would have thought their mission would suddenly land on top of their heads? They hadn’t even figured out how they were going to position everyone, when Lord Grim bound them together with a Shadow Cloak and threw them onto the streets.


The team cried. If they were going to be so violent, where was the need to fake it? They turned their heads and immediately began running. They were truly luring their enemies in deep. Who would dare call them out for acting fake? They truly were putting everything they had into running for their lives.

Unfortunately, they weren’t able to escape. Six of them tried to head inwards to hide, but were quickly caught and killed.

Ye Xiu saw the direction these six were heading towards and was forewarned. He took his team in the opposite direction, while figuring out how to head north and break out of the trap.

“I lost a team too!” Changing Spring shared the same losses as everyone else.

“Where did they head?” Arisaema quickly asked.

After hearing this, they saw the map and became silent. Looking at their direction, they were heading in the opposite direction from their encirclement. If they kept heading north, they would break out of their range and escape!

“Hurry! Hurry up and pull back! Pincer them from both sides.” Arisaema shouted, while ordering his subordinates.

Changing Spring was more calm: “Didn’t these two teams die a bit too quickly?”

Only now did Arisaema realize that he had ignored this issue.

How had a full team of ten players die so fast?

“Who are those five people?” Arisaema and Changing Spring both had a team die to them. Now they were at the same level of understanding as Chen Yehui. These five weren’t just random players.

“No guild. We don’t recognize their names either……” The twenty players who had died didn’t know.

“What were their classes then?” Changing Spring asked.

It would be easier to figure out who these experts were after narrowing down their options. Their intelligence network was spread far and wide. They had information on all of the experts in the Heavenly Domain.

Chen Yehui hadn’t asked this question because he already had a feeling that he knew their identities. Did their classes really matter? Anyone at the pro level could play any class far better than ordinary players. Pro players wouldn’t only know how to play their own classes. You had to know yourself and know your enemies thoroughly in order to win. If you didn’t know your opponent’s class well, how were you going to win?

“Berserker, Cleric, Elementalist, Battle Mage, Grappler…….” Arisaema and Changing Spring got a list of their classes. By narrowing the options, they could figure out the origin of this class composition.

The report quickly came back: Heavenly Justice’s five experts played these five classes.

“Heavenly Justice!” The first to receive the information was Changing Spring.

“Ah? You’ve figured it out?” Arisaema said.

“Heavenly Justice??” Chen Yehui was very surprised when he heard this answer.

“Wasn’t Heavenly Justice planning on entering the pro scene?” Changing Spring said.

“I’ve talked with them before. Their skill isn’t ordinary. I tried to pull them in before, but I wasn’t successful. Now I know the reason why.” Arisaema said.

“I haven’t seen them in action for a long time though, so I don’t know how strong they really are.” Changing Spring continued. He had tried to do the same thing as Arisaema before.

“But if they dare to enter the pro scene, they can’t be bad, no?” Chen Yehui said, while thinking. He connected Heavenly Justice’s experts with the hidden experts inside the Internet Cafe across the street from them.

“To think Heavenly Justice would act against us first.” Arisaema said.

“Heavenly Justice? Do you have proof? These are open accounts.” Changing Spring said.

They went silent. Open accounts were used so that no one would be able to recognize the person using it. This was why top guilds had so many of them!

“Against such a team, ten people isn’t going to be enough! Hurry up and call everyone together.” Arisaema hastily said.

“Already done.” Changing Spring replied.

On the streets, a team of seven was running around.

“What are we going to do next?” The Berserker spoke in a much more respectful tone to Lord Grim compared to how Deception spoke to him.

“They have an encirclement set up. Right now, we have to hurry and run along the perimeter and break through. We’re not going to attack them face to face, so they won’t be able to make use of their number advantage.”