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Chapter 473: Difficult to Find Escape Route

Ninjutsu · Bird Fall!

After having just bumped into some bad luck, Deception whooshed out through the door. His character moved like a shadow, leaping directly over the incoming players’ heads. This time, his actions were completely unexpected. None of them had made any mental preparations. Deception landed on the ground and rolled forward. Without pausing, he got up and jumped up onto the rooftop.

The pursuers on the streets were in complete disorder and only realized what had happened after a short moment of confusion. They quickly turned their heads and saw the shadow of Deception drop towards the neighboring street.

The guy had run away again!

The players were furious. All of them recognized Deception. Some of them had even had their equipments stolen by him before. No one had any good feelings towards him. Although the guilds had never organized a group hunt for him, the players had privately organized their own hunting group before, but they had never been able to catch him.

Deception and Lord Grim were on two completely different ends of the spectrum for the guilds.

From the guild’s perspective, a lone soldier like Deception would never be able to injure their guild’s interests as a whole. No matter how annoying he was, it was just like an ant biting an elephant. However, while Deception caused trouble, there would always be a few inside the guild who would have their interests injured by him. Even though the top guilds could easily make up for the damage Deception did to them, there were many players who still detested him.

Lord Grim was the opposed. Lord Grim’s actions didn’t do any direct damage to the individual members of the guilds. However, the pressure he put out suppressed the guild’s strength as a whole. For example, in the tenth server, Lord Grim’s brilliance made the playerbase understand that he was an expert who didn’t care about the top guilds. This type of situation affected the top guild’s development greatly, but it was difficult for the individual members of the guilds to feel anything.

In the end, only an opponent like Lord Grim could make the entire guild act. Deception was simple a complimentary gift attached to him. However, in terms of execution, most of the guild members wanted to abuse their orders to carry out their private interests. They didn’t need any encouragement from above to kill Deception. They were more than happy to do the task.

“Is there anyone on East and West 8? Deception is heading in that direction!”

Against Deception, many of them were sincerely cooperating together.

“We’re there, but we don’t see Deception!”


“He’s on the rooftop! He didn’t jump down!!”

The players who had just climbed up immediately saw Deception hiding in a place out of view from the others looking up from the streets.

“North and South 4, seal off the intersection between roads 47 and 48!!!”

“North and South 4 here, but we only have five people……”

“He’s on the rooftop. If you can delay him, that’s enough!!!”

Information continued to be passed around. Everyone reported Deception’s whereabouts and concentrated their strengths into encircling him.

There were all sorts of ways to communicate with each other. The temporary channel set-up by their guilds could only be used by people in their guilds. However, those in the alliance needed a way to communicate with each other as well. In game or out of game, as long as they could send information back and forth amongst each other, it didn’t matter. For a while, the people in charge of receiving and sending out information were extremely busy.

“Are the people at the people at the intersection ready? Deception is almost there!!”

The pursuers on the rooftops saw that they were almost at the end of the street and hastily urged them.

“Ready!” They were already in position.

“He’s here!!”

The five players at the intersection suddenly saw a shadow drop from a rooftop. The party leader gave a shout and skills were released in that direction. However, they soon realized that something wasn’t right. Wasn’t this shadow a bit too small?

“It’s not a person! It’s a piece of equipment!” Everyone instantly figured it out, but in that short instant, the real shadow landed. However, the five were still in their ending animation for their skills though! Just like this, Deception broke through.

“Deception broke through the blockade and is heading north towards North and South 4.” Even though it was shameful, the five made their report as they chased after him.

“Is there anyone at North and South 4? The target has just crossed intersection 48! No one can block at 49, 410, 411.” Someone shouted.

“Received! I’ll be at intersection 410 very soon!”

“We already see the target and are chasing after him. East and West 9, coordinates AX又,AX又.”...


“East and West 11 is being reinforced. Coordinates 默又, 默又.”

“We’re at North and South 12. Do you need our help? Coordinates, 巛,巛.”

The nearby players reported their positions and their coordinates. Their chase after Deception was very active.

But the guild leaders of the three guilds were speechless at their situation. They didn’t mind everyone being so enthusiastic to kill Deception, but the important thing was, their other chase was the complete opposite.

Their main goal was still Lord Grim, but there was no news from the chase for Lord Grim in the past five minutes. He hadn’t left the Wilderness Town, but he had already escaped from their pursuit.

Against Deception, it was a chase. Against Lord Grim, it was a search. News about Lord Grim came about every two minutes about having not found him yet.

Five minutes! That was more than enough time to be out of combat, but they knew that lord Grim was still online. He had escaped, but hadn’t gone offline. This meant he didn’t care about them at all. The three were uneasy. The news telling them “he’s not here, he’s not there” made them extremely annoyed. And then when they looked how active Deception’s chase was, it was obvious how they were feeling.

“What is this guy planning on doing?” Besides the moment Lord Grim and Deception split up and deciding not to let Deception escape, they never mentioned Deception’s name again. Their attention was on Lord Grim.

The three were conflicted.

Lord Grim had already escaped from their eyes. They thought he would immediately log off and were originally disappointed and angry, but who would have thought he wouldn’t logout. However, they soon felt uneasy. After all, logging out was the safest and most efficient method. If he wasn’t going to log off, then it meant there was something he still wanted to do.

Ye Xiu hadn’t even done anything yet and he was already making these three guild leaders feel uneasy.

They still hadn’t found any signs of Lord Grim, yet all they were getting were information about Deception. The more the three looked at the incoming news, the angrier they got.

“What’s going on? They can’t even kill off Deception?” Chen Yehui was the first to curse. The more impatient they got over Lord Grim, the more unsettled they became. Poor Deception had become their outlet to vent their anger.

“Nine Heroes, Golden Fragrance! How come there’s still no news from you two??” Chen Yehui reprimanded two players in his guild.

“We’re guarding the south side…..” Nine Heroes and Golden Fragrance were Excellent Dynasty’s core players and Chen Yehui’s trusted aides.

“What are you guarding for? There’s still no one after five minutes! Hurry up and move. Go look for him.” Chen Yehui roared.

“Do we look for Lord Grim or Deception?” Nine Heroes carefully asked. He was a bit confused. In the beginning, the guild leader was criticizing them for not catching Deception yet and then he switched the topics to him and Golden Fragrance, complaining how they weren’t working hard. Then, he told them how there was still no sign of him after five minutes, talking about lord Grim again. Finally, he told them to look for him…… Nine Heroes felt like the guild leader’s thoughts were a bit jumbled.


“Understood……” The two hastily told their troops to move out and look around. After shouting at these two, he picked out more names to instruct. The group leaders who were scolded yelled at the party leaders inside their groups. The party leaders immediately urged their party members. In Excellent Dynasty, everyone from top to bottom was given a yell. No one dared to be negligent again. They looked around and searched. A portion of them went over to help out the other chase and quickly kill off Deception.

Chen Yehui found Deception extremely annoying. It was like when you were working hard at something and there was this house fly buzzing around you all the time.

Deception was ready to run as if his life depended on it along one road, but he soon encountered a strong blockade. He wasn’t going to kill himself to do so though Deception was just a bit tougher than before. In places where he would have ran back, he now chose to break through them with force. Yet even so, he still hadn’t escaped from the pursuit. Deception’s current goal was the north exit, but he was getting farther and farther away from it. He was being pushed to the foot of the mountain on the west side. Once he got there, his options would be more limited. They originally needed to surround him on all four sides, but if they trapped him there, they would only need to surround him on three sides.

“Is there anyone at intersection 24! Is there anyone there!!” The communication once again started. Deception had already been forced to this position.

“Here.” Someone replied. This was Excellent Dynasty’s Golden Fragrance. After being yelled at by Chen Yehui, she and Nine Heroes led their teams around. They just happened to have gotten here and received this message for help.

“Deception is heading towards your direction.”

“Okay, give him to us!” Golden Fragrance was one of his guild’s core members, so her thoughts were more from an upper level perspective. Her attitude towards Deception was the same as her superiors, but now that they had bumped into each other, she wasn’t going to let it go. After being yelled out by her guild leader, she was quite panicked too! They only had two targets for this operation. It wasn’t easy to find an outlet to vent her anger. Now that an outlet had come to her, she was going to play around.

“Spread out!” Golden Fragrance led more people than the others. Her group wasn’t made up of just three or five people. Right now, the ten players under her were ordered to completely spread out, leaving intersection 24 empty.

“Tell me the target’s coordinates.” Golden Fragrance requested.

“Coordinates 又,又.” Someone replied. He was clearly still chasing after Deception. Deception wasn’t having it easy either. Everywhere he went, he knocked into a bee’s nest. He had never gotten out of combat. If he could, he would have logged off long ago. Why would he still struggle? Right now, the north side was completely blocked off. His only choice was to run south. In front of him was an intersection. After having been on the run for so long, he knew there would soon be people rushing to block the intersection, but it seemed unexpectedly quiet this time!