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Chapter 472: Ninjutsu · Disappearing Body Technique

To the north of Wilderness Town was a flat wasteland with nowhere to hide. However, a river which snaked through the entire Heavenly Domain flowed from the mountain range. Dive into the water, follow the flow, and escape shouldn’t be too difficult.

Deception made a living as a scrap picker. He naturally had experience running away and had even decided where he should get back onto land.


A gray shadow zoomed through a window from the second floor straight down to the streets. After rolling, he leaped up and stuck his ninja blade into the wall. Using it twice, he jumped up onto the top of the wall. He pulled on the rope in his hands and the ninja blade returned. The entire set of movements flowed perfectly. Not a single sound could be heard. In covert operations, Ninjas were better than Assassins at hiding and had stronger attacks than Thieves. Deception had a solid understanding of his class.

Deception didn’t immediately go down after jumping up onto the rooftop. He looked around left and right first and then crawled quietly forward. Below on the streets, he could hear the sounds of hurried footsteps. Deception didn’t move and listened carefully to their voices.

“Don’t go onto the roof!”

This was what Deception hoped would happen, but reality didn’t turn out as he hoped. All of a sudden, the whirring of rotor blades could be heard. There was nothing he could do. He immediately rolled backwards and his character slid down the wall. Midway, he stabbed his blade into a crack in the wall and swung back. His character flipped in the air and then he put his back to the wall underneath the cornice. If one didn’t look up, it would be difficult to see him.

This wasn’t any normal technique. This was a Ninja skill, Ninjutsu · Disappearing Body Technique.

However, in order to get underneath the cornice, a certain amount of imagination and mechanical skill was needed. What places the Disappearing Body Technique could or couldn’t be used, whether or not the desired effects could be reached, all of this depended on the player. The ability to hide with the character’s back to the wall without falling down was a type of support given by the system.

Because it was a skill, it had a duration limit. At max level, this status could be held for 30 seconds. How many levels this skill should be skilled up depended on the player to decide. For Ninjas, this skill was undoubtedly an important feature of the class, but every player had their own play styles, so there were quite a few who played it as a battle class. For these types of players, just one point into this skill was good enough.

Deception was in the middle. The skill wasn’t at level one but it wasn’t at max level either. He could sustain this state for 20 seconds. In this type of situation, he felt like this was good enough, unless these players moved abnormally slow. After going up onto the roofs and seeing that there was no one there, if they decided to dally around, then Deception would be exposed.

Seeing the skill’s timer turning, Deception listened carefully to the sounds up above on the roof. However, amidst the noisy whirring of rotor wings, it was very difficult to hear them.

Once the rotor wings stopped whirring, movements could be heard from up on the roof. The sounds were all over the place though and he couldn’t tell how many people there were.

Soon afterwards, several shadows leaped down from the roof.

“One, two, three……. Nine, ten……” Deception counted. An entire team of players had come down. Deception held his breath. Luckily, no one in the team looked back. The team split into two groups of five, heading in separate directions.

Deception let out a sigh of relief. He watched as the two groups moved farther away. There were no movements from up above either. He still had three seconds of his Disappearing Body Technique left. Deception used this time to quickly flip up onto the rooftop.


A person was standing on the rooftop. Fortunately, his back was facing towards him. Under the Disappearing Body Technique, Deception’s movements didn’t make any noise when he landed. This person didn’t notice him.

They had actually left one person there.

Deception was extremely sad. If this wasn’t the game or the Arena’s sudden death mode, a slice across his throat would be enough to kill him off silently. Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible to kill off his opponent in one move. With his current equipment, it would take him at least a minute to kill him.

He couldn’t turn back either. There were certainly more pursuers coming after him there. Helpless, Deception could only continue forward. Exposed was exposed! It was just one person. It’s not like he would be trapped right?

Deception didn’t dare waste any more time. After a short moment of hesitation, he immediately moved. He threw out the string attached to his ninja blade. The string intersected and directly latched onto the person’s neck. He straightened his back and directly threw him onto the streets below.

He executed a clean Neck Bind Technique. He didn’t wait to see how that person would respond and immediately rushed forward onto the street below.

It turned out that over on this street, another team had slip up to the left and right directions. They were currently moving apart! The instant they received the news, they turned their heads back and saw Deception. Without hesitating, the two headed back to pincer him.

How unfortunate! If it wasn’t for that guy on the roof, he would have gone through without anyone knowing.

After passing through two streets, he looked forward. There were people on the roofs!

Deception was depressed. He hadn’t even escaped the people behind him yet and there were already people in front. His path in front was blocked, so he flipped a coin and turned right.

It was hard to avoid escaping in a complicated manner. However, Deception hadn’t changed his general direction. His goal was to get to the river north of the town....

He ran crazily towards the street’s east entrance. The pursuers were right behind him. The ones on the roof didn’t jump down and instead chased after him along the roofs.

Deception wasn’t wearing good equipment and he had a lot of stuff on him. The effect of the weight on his movement speed was somewhat of a disadvantage. He had mainly relied on hiding in order to get this far. A straight running race like this was not good for him. Before, he had run at around the same speed as Lord Grim, which meant that Deception’s running speed had decreased to a Level 50’s speed.

This street was a bit too long. At his speed, he might not even make it out of the street. Deception observed his surroundings and saw an empty building in front of him. He immediately rushed into it. After going through it, he discovered that the building didn’t have a window!

Deception hastily headed back. The instant he got out of the door, he nearly brushed shoulders with the enemies. These guild players weren’t ordinary and immediately attacked him when they saw him. Deception reacted quickly and rolled along a wall, dodging the sword.

But right after finishing the roll, he saw a grenade float in front of him. Deception hastily rolled to the right. The explosion injured him a bit, but it hadn’t affected his movement speed.

Currently, Deception wasn’t afraid of losing health. He was afraid of the after effects of the attacks. For example, a stun or a grab or a blow away wouldn’t give him any opportunities to live.

Deception got up and saw ten or so people pounce at him.

Deception could only jump onto the roof. This was where he had come from. He really didn’t want to go backwards. But going back now would be to move forward later. At this crucial moment, he had to backtrack to advance.

Deception went back, but soon discovered his step back was trash enough. This street used to be empty, but now there were people there.

In addition, they had blocked the east exit which he had originally been moving towards. Deception could only turn around and head to the west. He saw several empty buildings and wanted to go through them, but he was conflicted. The same situation as before might happen and the building might not have windows. It would be the same as going into a death hole. Seeing the pursuers beside him, with this distance, if he went in he wouldn’t be able to get out.

The pursuers were getting closer and closer. The gunners hadn’t stopped shooting at him. Deception’s pathing in order to dodge these bullets had greatly affected his movement speed. On the other hand, the pursuers behind him were moving in a straight line. Due to this, it was only a matter of time before he would be surrounded by them.

With the distance between them, he might not even be able to successfully flip over a wall. He could only make a gamble!

Deception clenched his teeth and rushed into an empty building on the left side. As soon as he went in, he saw a window! His hopes resurged. Just as he was about to go through the window, he suddenly had a thought.

This window was so obvious, of course……

Deception suddenly moved back a step. He jumped and threw a ninja blade at the wall. He swung up and went into a corner above the entrance like a spider. Disappearing Body Technique.

Right as he finished jumping, shadows appeared at the entrance and characters went into the building. Without hesitating, none of them stopped and rushed out through the window.

One, two, three…….

The pursuers all went through this route. Deception counted and counted anxiously.

Hurry, hurry!

Deception counted as he urged them to move forward. Before, he had been annoyed at how fast they were running and now he was annoyed at how slow they were. His Disappearing Body Technique only lasted 20 seconds. Once those 20 seconds were over, he would drop down. Twenty seconds should be enough. Deception had made the calculations before he did this.

But the moment of excitement never came. He heard a worrying voice. In the direction of the window, he heard someone say: “Did he come through here?”

“No, I didn’t see anyone come out from here!”

There were people watching outside!

Deception immediately understood. If he waited there, he would certainly die. His only choice was to break through with force.

He quickly cancelled his Disappearing Body Technique and immediately landed on the ground. At the same time, someone came into the building through the door. Deception’s brandished his blade and stabbed it into this person’s head as he fell. Then, he landed on his shoulders and pulled out the blade. His character shot out from the door like a bullet.

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