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Chapter 471: Each to One Side

Chapter 471: Each to One Side



Deception didn’t delay and ran out through the door, but when he looked left and right, he saw that there were already people on the two ends of the street. The two rooftops were also dangerous. His character was still in battle, so he couldn’t log off. Deception had no clue what to do. It felt like today was going to be the day he died. Thinking of how killing off that Launcher had been a huge waste of time, if he hadn’t wasted time there, would he have been able to escape?

Deception was somewhat annoyed. His most important goal in scrap picking was to escape alive. In order to do this, he had to be content with what he had and couldn’t be greedy. Many scrap pickers were in situations where they could escape, but died after trying to pick up an eye-catching piece of equipment.

Different from scrap pickers who traded their lives for money, Deception wanted both his life and money. However, this time, it looked like his streak of never dying was about to end. Who knew how much equipment from his inventory he would drop.

“Don’t block the entrance!”

Deception was trying to figure out his future plans, when he heard Lord Grim grumble and also exit from the building.

“What a scene!” Lord Grim looked around left and right and mumbled to himself.

The enemy guild players hadn’t arrived too quickly. Their main goal was to create a perfect encirclement. Catching a turtle in a jar would only be a matter of time.

“From the looks of it, I feel like that street over there might have fewer people.” Lord Grim went back to the window.

Deception wanted to cough up blood, but he didn’t want to die either, so he ended up following Lord Grim back into the building. Then, he saw Lord Grim rush to that window, but not go through it.

“What are you doing?” Deception couldn’t understand.

“Get ready!”


“Go out!” Lord Grim shouted. Deception saw him throw a grenade and then go out the window.

The blinding light from the grenade covered for them and because Deception was in the same party as Lord Grim, he wasn’t affected by it. He also jumped out through the window as well.


A word flashed in the party chat. Outside the window, people who were hit by the explosion lay on the floor. Lord Grim had charged forward to a nearby street and jumped onto a rooftop.

Deception didn’t dare delay. The small grenade didn’t have a very large explosion radius. It had only knocked down the small group of players outside the window. The others behind them had already come chasing after them. Deception was too afraid to even run forward and made a roll. Even so, he was still hit by a few attacks. Fortunately, he didn’t take any significant damage.

Deception drank a potion and also leaped up, using his ninja blade to climb up the wall.

This rooftop wasn’t very high and Deception quickly reached the top. When he looked back, the streets were filled with people. Long-ranged classes were firing continuously at them. Deception hastily flipped onto the roof to dodge these attacks.

“Why didn’t we jump here earlier!” Deception realized that there weren’t any ambushes waiting here.

“Just because there aren’t any now doesn’t mean that there weren’t any before.” Lord Grim replied and then continued forward.

After a short pause, Deception came to a realization. When Lord Grim had leaped out of the window previously, the area close to the window might have been empty, but there were people waiting out on the rooftops. As a result, he immediately returned back through the window to let them think that he wouldn’t come this way. This way the enemies on the rooftop were lured down. But then he came back again and threw a grenade outside the window, giving them a pathway to the rooftops.

By going in and out, he had actually made so many calculations. Deception was naturally amazed.

The area in front of them was completely empty. The enemy’s encirclement was now behind them. As long as they paid attention to any stray pursuers and avoided getting trapped again, they would successfully escape.

However, after seeing where Lord Grim was running, Deception creased his brows: “Isn’t that way a bit roundabout? This way seems better.”

“Oh? It sounds like you’re familiar with this area?” Ye Xiu heard Deception speak and replied back.

“Yeah.” Deception didn’t say anything more.

“If we’re going to run away, then that way is better, but I don’t think I ever said we were going to run away did I?” Ye Xiu smiled.

“Then what are you planning on doing?” Deception was puzzled.

“Didn’t I say it already? I’m going to go scrap picking.” Ye Xiu said.

“You……. You’re crazy!” Deception stopped moving....

“What? Isn’t this a good opportunity to go scrap picking?” Ye Xiu asked.

“If it’s our scraps, then it certainly is a good opportunity.” Deception said dryly.

“Woah, you have a sense of humor.” Ye Xiu was astonished.

“You can go and kill yourself!” Deception threw out and then left Lord Grim’s party. The pursuers behind them were getting closer. There wasn’t any time for him to just stand there. Deception went towards the path he considered as the best escape route.

“You’re missing out on a big opportunity!”

When he jumped onto another street, Deception heard that guy shout from behind him.

Deception didn’t say anything. He gave a disdainful face emoji. He knew Lord Grim could still see word bubbles at this distance.

Wilderness Town, top of an abandoned building.

Excellent Dynasty’s Chen Yehui, Blue Brook Guild’s Changing Spring, and Herb Garden’s Arisaema. These three guilds had gathered together. Killing a boss or attacking a scrap picker, none of these tasks required guild leaders to personally watch over. However, for pursuing Lord Grim, even with the guild leaders personally leading the campaign, they still weren’t able to complete the task.

The guild leaders didn’t dare be negligent in the Heavenly Domain. These three guild leaders were from the three guilds in today’s conflict, so they had received the information the fastest. They had acted quickly too. The troops in Wilderness Town mainly consisted of their three guilds.

As for the small conflict over the Wilderness Escort, it was just a small matter for these guild leaders. There would always be friction between the guilds. It would be abnormal if there wasn’t a conflict over a boss. This was nothing to be worried about.

“He really is Ye QIu. He can even survive in this type of situation.”

It wasn’t possible to see the entire Wilderness Town on the second floor of this small building. The one speaking, Arisaema, had received the news from his subordinates. When he said this, Arisaema really wanted to see Chen Yehui’s expression. For Excellent Dynasty, the name Ye Qiu was a very sensitive subject.

“Oh? He really is Ye Qiu?” Chen Guo replied dully.

“Ha ha.” Arisaema laughed. Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. Their Herb Garden was certain of this and he doubted that Excellent Dynasty wouldn’t know. But from the looks of Excellent Era’s statements, they clearly wanted to limit the number of people that knew this.

These sorts of public statements expressed the attitudes of both Excellent Era as well as Excellent Dynasty. It was just that these statements could only influence their fans’ opinions towards Ye Qiu but they couldn’t change them. As a result, for Excellent Dynasty, dealing with Ye Qiu was a difficult task. They needed a completely good reason to do so. Obscuring Lord Grim’s identity was obviously a good method.

Is there anything I can utilize among these? Arisaema thought to himself. In addition, he believed he wasn’t the only one thinking about this question. Chen Yehui himself was being cautious too.

“They split up!”

Changing Spring suddenly said. He had just received news from the front lines.

The speed at which Chen Yehui and Arisaema got their news wasn’t any slower than him. Before Changing Spring could finish, they also got the news.

“We can’t let Deception go that easily. For the outside world, Deception is the main target. Lord Grim is simply implicated with him.” Chen Yehui said.

“Ha ha.” Arisaema laughed. Sure enough, Excellent Dynasty was very worried about chasing after Lord Grim, but Chen Yehu wasn’t wrong. Even for their guilds, chasing after the Glory star Lord Grim put huge pressure on them. Deception’s appearance was an opportunity. They couldn’t let this opportunity go away so easily. They had to bring these two down together.

Deception is heading towards the north, Lord Grim is heading towards the west.” Changing Spring said.

“I already have troops on the north side. Deception won’t be able to escape.” Arisaema said confidently. Honestly speaking, Deception wasn’t a big threat to them. No matter how great of an expert he was, with his lone wolf personality, he might injure their guild, but it wouldn’t hurt their foundation. The top guilds were more forgiving towards him because they had thoughts of roping him in.

As for Lord Grim, they had already experienced his abilities in the tenth server. In addition, with his identity, he was an even bigger player than they were. This was the type of player the top guilds placed great importance on.

“Lord Grim’s goal seems somewhat strange. What is he trying to do going west?” Changing Spring wondered.

Wilderness Town was on the southwest corner of the Heavenly Domain. Towards the west was the map’s end. In the game, this was an impossible to climb over mountain range. This mountain range covered the entire Heavenly Domain’s western boundary.

“Pull back the encirclement. Trap him at the foot of the mountain. Let’s see what he can do.” Chen Yehui said.

“I’ll take care of the north.” Arisaema said.

“I’ll take the east.” Changing Spring said.

“Then I’ll take the south!”

In order to make things easier to command, the three guilds didn’t mix together. This time, the three were working hand in hand and had made the appropriate arrangements. The three guilds had their work clear-cut. Their goal was to pursue Lord Grim and take his head.