The King’s Avatar

Chapter 470: Scrap Picking and Playing with Lives

Deception was stunned. If he hadn’t heard the sound of an attacking coming at him, he would have probably frozen in place.

What was their current situation? There were enemies on all four sides. It might even be too late to run away and yet this guy still wanted to pick up scraps? The problem was that this guy said he was going scrap picking, but his actions didn’t seem like scrap picking at all. What was scrap picking? Taking advantage of a chaotic situation to pick up dropped equipment. This was scrap picking. Deception taking the initiative to attack targets was already considered beyond scrap picking. But this Lord Grim directly grabbed a full health character to kill him and then pick up his scraps. Was that even called scrap picking? It was more like stealing.

Deception cursed silently. But when he looked left and right, he discovered Lord Grim that Lord Grim kicking down the Launcher might be the only way to escape. This escape route required the Launcher to be knocked down.

Thinking of this, Deception immediately felt like his motive to pick up scraps was simply done in the passing. His real intention was to kill off the Launcher to create an escape path. Deception thought about this as he rushed past this breakthrough and leaped down. When he looked down towards the streets, he immediately turned to stone.

Below, Lord Grim really was trying to kill that Launcher! The Launcher wasn’t an obstacle anymore to them. Once you hit him down, why would you waste your time killing him?

Was he really going to go scrap picking?!

Deception felt like there had to be some sort of scheme around this. Before he landed, he checked the Launcher’s equipment.

A character from a top guild wouldn’t have bad equipment, but that was only relative to normal players. Even though Deception didn’t have such a mountain to rely on, but he was able to prosper quite well through his scrap picking business. The equipment from these ordinary guild members weren’t good enough to make him drool.

When Deception landed on the ground, the Launcher’s equipment had already been thoroughly checked two times. However, with his two experienced eyes, he didn’t see anything very valuable on the Launcher’s body……

“Hurry up and help me! You’ll profit too!”

Right when he was puzzled about the situation, Lord Grim suddenly interrupted his thoughts.

Could it be in his inventory?

Deception suddenly reacted. He could only check the equipment being worn on the Launcher, but he couldn’t see what was in his inventory. The items in his inventory also had the same chance of dropping.

Because of this, Deception didn’t hesitate and brandished his ninja blade.

Ye Xiu completely crushed this Launcher. The various skills being used made the opponent’s head dizzy. It didn’t matter that his damage output was extremely low. Lord Grim’s level was low and his equipment was low-leveled too. Against a Level 70 character, the damage done would be very low. Under this sort of scenario, Ye Xiu might have the advantage in skill, but he could only kill him in so much time.

However, Deception was different. He started with two high-leveled Ninja skills, coordinating with Ye Xiu’s combo.

“Not bad! Be careful above you.” Ye Xiu praised and reminded him.

Deception lifted his head up and saw the players, who used to just be guarding the rooftops, come jumping down. Deception was worried! He felt like still trying to kill someone in this situation was a bit crazy.

But the items dropped by this guy must be very valuable right?

Thinking of this, Deception couldn’t bear to just leave, but how was he going to deal with all of these dumplings?

“Faster!” Deception heard Lord Grim shout. Then, he saw him rush forward and send out a Falling Flower Palm towards a player on the left. This player turned into a cannonball, crashing into two others.

Afterwards, he turned around and fired an Anti-Tank Missile. The players on the right side were just about to land on the ground, but instead, they landed on the missile and immediately went flying away.

Just like this, using a melee skill and a long-ranged skill, he used the descending players as toys. These players were unable to dodge in the air. Not a single one of them were able to close in on them and were all sent far away. Those who failed their Quick Recover rolled about on the ground.

“You still haven’t killed him yet?” Ye Xiu had returned and immediately criticized Deception for still fighting with the Launcher.

Deception was also somewhat sad. He had come out to pick up scraps, so he wasn’t wearing very good equipment. As a result, his damage output wasn’t very high either. Hearing Ye Xiu complain, he suddenly remember that he could use the equipment he had picked up.

Thinking of this, he quickly found equipment that would increase his damage output and wore them. His damage output immediately increased greatly.

“Yes, good good.” Ye Xiu watched the Launcher’s health drop and expressed that he was satisfied. Deception was already completely focused on the task though. When this Launcher died, his items would drop out in an instant. Deception was confident that with his ability as a scrap picker, he would be the first to pick up the items. At the very least, he didn’t believe the other side, when he said “You’ll profit too.”

“Hurry hurry hurry! They’re about to surround us!” Lord Grim hurried over to help, complaining while attacking. Sending the dumplings flying away would only buy them a few seconds of time. All of them quickly got up and charged forward at them again. Ye Xiu had no way to send them all flying again. The two were truly in a difficult situation. They hastily tried to kill off the Launcher, while dodging the incoming enemies’ attacks.

A forest of spears and a rain of arrows descended onto them. The two skipped about like two little monkeys. They were about to be surrounded, but the Launcher was at critical health. Just a bit more and he would die.

The chasing guild players didn’t know the truth behind why Ye Xiu and Deception were fighting with the Launcher. They just thought he was being a brave hero and sacrificing himself in order to stall for time. Everyone felt very moved and couldn’t bear to watch the Launcher actually dying.

“Cleric! Cleric!” Everyone in the group shouted....

In this sort of many against few scenario, Clerics tended to follow a bit behind everyone else. Hearing an urgent call, a Cleric appeared. Seeing the situation, he knew what to do and rushed forward to heal the Launcher.


But then there was an explosion and the explosion blasted the Cleric flying away. There was even a knife stuck in his forehead.

“Cleric, heal yourself!” Ye Xiu said in a low voice.

“Troublemaker! You’re looking to die!” Deception held his knife-tossing position.

The two characters turned back and made the decisive blow.


Deception’s ninja blade swung down. Lord Grim’s spear thrust forward. Both hit at the same time and blood spurted out from the Launcher’s body. The Launcher fell and with a “hua”, equipment jumped out from his body. Deception immediately focused and his mouse moved so fast, even he didn’t know where he was pointing at when he picked them all up.

“I got them!!” Deception was excited. He delightedly turned to look at Lord Grim, when he realized he was suddenly gone.

“Are you waiting to die?”

Lord Grim’s voice unexpectedly came out. Deception immediately turned to look and saw that he was already five units away.

How could he be so fast? Unless he didn’t pick up any equipment?

Deception was surprised and opened up his inventory. Earlier, he had only cared about picking them up and didn’t check to see what he had gotten.

When Deception saw what he had gotten, he immediately felt disappointed.

A pair of shoes dropped. It wasn’t bad, but it was far from what Deception was expecting. It wasn’t anything worth dying for.

“Could he not have even tried?” Deception thought and turned around to look. The Launcher’s corpse was still there. Deception took note of his name.

“Over here!”

Deception was still thinking about equipment, when a voice suddenly came. Another group of players were in front of them and had blocked their path.

Deception didn’t think and immediately turned his body to jump towards a wall. Before, that street had people guarding the rooftops. But here, they shouldn’t have had enough time to make any arrangements yet right? Deception doubted they would have made preparations for the entire town.

But when he looked, he saw a greatsword smashing towards him. Deception reacted extremely quickly and raised his ninja blade.

This wasn’t a Blade Master’s Guard. The system didn’t help out in any way. It was entirely the player.

It could be said that this was technically an attack, but the target wasn’t the opponent, but rather the opponent’s sword. This sort of attack could be considered a guard. If it was successful, the opponent’s damage and knockback could be reduced.

Guarding in this way was even more difficult than attacking. After all, if an attack missed, it wouldn’t matter much, but if a guard missed, then the player would take the full brunt of the hit. But in this situation, Deception didn’t have any other choice but to guard. His mouse moved and his ninja blade went out in a swift arc, hitting the greatsword.

“Dong!” Deception wasn’t hit by the greatsword, but he couldn’t jump onto the roof either. Because of this attack, he had to land back onto the street.

“I say, is your memory that bad?” Lord Grim’s voice floated over.

Deception was startled. Could there be people here too? Just how big of a net had these guilds constructed?

“Don’t only think about the roofs. Over here.” Lord Grim called. He moved into an empty room. Without stopping, he directly went through a building and jumped out from a window.

Deception rushed forward and was just about to jump out through the window, when he saw a shadow leap into the building. Deception hastily raised his blade, but he quickly recognized the name on top of the shadow: Lord Grim.

“Ha ha ha, there’s even more people over there.” Lord Grim laughed, but the news he gave wasn’t anything to laugh about.