The King’s Avatar

Chapter 419: It’s Not That Simple

In reality, Ye Xiu didn’t actually have much experience interacting with his fans. The fact that he was an idol for so many years even with him hiding the entire time was simply a miracle. This type of player could only appear in eSports. Facing an excited fan, Ye Xiu displayed his usual calmness and didn’t appear tongue tied. He acted as if his fan was a normal person and said a simple “Hi.”

“I’m a big fan of yours! You definitely have to return to the pro scene!” Forest Landscape said.

“Of course.” Ye Xiu said.

Forest Landscape didn’t say anything afterwards. Even though he was facing an idol he admired, besides expressing his sincere support, he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

“What are you planning on doing now?” Chen Guo asked. Her voice could be heard twice, both in game and outside of the game, making it sound a bit weird.

“I’m obviously going to level!” Ye Xiu said.

“Let’s party up. I’ll carry you.” Chen Guo said and sent Ye Xiu a party invite.

“You guys carrying me……. might not be faster than me leveling on my own……” Ye Xiu said.

In a party, the individual would gain less experience per monster, but would kill monsters faster. Alone, the individual would gain more experience per monster, but would kill monsters slower. Leveling speed depended on how much experience was gained in a certain amount of time, so whether or not leveling alone or leveling with a party depended on the individual player’s skill and the party’s efficiency.

Ye Xiu was a top God. There was no need to question his individual skill, which was why partying with others might not be faster for Ye Xiu.

“But it won’t be as tiring.” Chen Guo said.

It was true. Whether it was more efficient to level alone or level with a party depended on the circumstances. However, leveling with a party was certainly more relaxing than leveling alone; that was indisputable. Thinking of this,Ye Xiu didn’t persist. Leveling alone was a bit faster, but it wasn’t significant enough to argue over.

As a result, the three partied up. They were just killing wild monsters, so there didn’t need to be any leading or cooperation. It was simply see a monster, kill a monster. Chen Guo and Forest Landscape were veteran players and were bullying Level 55 monsters as Level 70 players. What pressure could there be? Ye Xiu might be low leveled, but with his skill, saying that the monsters were being bullied would be being polite. There was naturally no suspense.

Chen Guo and Forest Landscape had specially come here to help him level and had already decided earlier that they would accompany him all the way to Level 70. As a result, they didn’t have anything else planned and stayed the entire time, killing Level 55 monsters. The Level 55 monsters obviously had some good drops, but because their levels were too high or too low, the chances were low. All it did was make the monotonous grinding slightly more interesting. Though for the two of them, how could accompanying their idol to level be boring? Doing this was very fun for them.

After leveling for an hour, the three chatted for a bit. Suddenly, they saw Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim stop and heard him say: “Someone’s coming.”

“So what?” Chen Guo didn’t understand.

“They’re heading towards us.” Ye Xiu said.

“Ha ha ha!” Chen Guo laughed, “The Heavenly Domain really is more chaotic than normal servers, but what’s there to be afraid of? Aren’t you a God?”

Forest Landscape didn’t make known his position, but in his heart, he didn’t think much of it either. PKing in the Heavenly Domain was very normal. Being ambushed by malicious players while leveling was something most players had experienced before. Not only that but they were completely prepared for this to happen. While Ye Xiu’s reaction was somewhat on the cautious side, Forest Landscape also thought that since he was a God, being so cautious for something small like this lowered his image of God a bit.

But Ye Xiu didn’t feel embarrassed at all. He only added: “It’s different.”

“Different? What’s different?” Chen Guo asked.

“In the tenth server, after Thousand Waves Lake, the top guilds stopped bothering us. Do you really think they would just come to peaceful terms with us so easily?” Ye Xiu said....


“That…… usually….. Not.” Chen Guo understood the relationship between guilds quite well. If the guilds weren’t fighting, it didn’t mean that they were at peace with each other. It only meant that the two were equal in strength and didn’t want to make any rash movements. If a guild had a problem, the other guilds wouldn’t feel bad hitting it while it was down. The harder the guild was hit, the better. Was Guild Happy viewed in this way by the top guilds? Chen Guo already had a deep understanding of their situation.

There was nothing they could do at Thousand Waves Lake, but saying that they had completely given up was something Chen Guo highly doubted. During those days, she had been helping Ye Xiu try to figure out what their plans were! It was just that later, the guilds showed no signs of movement. Ye Xiu didn’t say anything either and just left it at that. Now that Ye Xiu brought it up, Chen Guo naturally associated the incoming players to the guilds and immediately said: “Are you worried that they would dispatch troops in the Heavenly Domain?”

“They were without a doubt waiting for this opportunity because if my character was to continue leveling, it would definitely have to enter the Heavenly Domain. But in the Heavenly Domain, I’m only Level 50. They have a 20 level advantage and have an abundant number of troops. How could they let such a good opportunity go?” Ye Xiu said.

“You had already expected this to happen?”

“Yeah.” Ye Xiu replied.

Forest Landscape had heard of Ye Xiu’s deeds in the tenth server from Chen Guo. Hearing the two of them talk, he had a good understanding of the situation. Thinking of the 20 level advantage and that every top guild was sending in their experts to kill him, his image of his God immediately went back up and his respect even increased. He really deserved to be called a God. He pulled the wind wherever he went.

Seeing those players heading straight for them, Ye Xiu stayed on alert, but he didn’t panic. Because he had been on guard since the start, his leveling location had been chosen with this in mind. When they killed monsters, they went through a relatively open map, so that they would discover incoming players early. Seeing that there were only a total of five players heading towards them without any movements elsewhere, it probably wasn’t an ambush. Even so, Ye Xiu had to be careful.

After waiting for the five players to come closer and seeing the guild tags on top of their heads, the three were very surprised.

The guild name on top of their heads wasn’t one from a Club. Because of how the game was set up, guilds could only have up to 10,000 players. However, a team definitely had more than 10,000 fans. As a result, the Clubs would often set up branches in order to accept more fans. These branch guilds often had an obvious indicator to which Club it belonged to. The guild name of the five players in front of them had nothing to do with any of the Clubs though.

“They’re from Justice.” Chen Guo called out the other party’s guild name.

“Hm? Who are they?” Ye Xiu asked. He could tell from Chen Guo’s tone that they had some background to them.

“Heavenly Justice is a player guild. It’s quite powerful. Their guild leader is called Loulan Slash. I heard that he comes from a rich family and used money to create his guild.” Chen Guo explained to Ye Xiu. Ye Xiu hadn’t paid attention to things in-game for a long time, so how could he know of these types of player guilds?

“Oh……” Ye Xiu understood after hearing Chen Guo’s introduction. No matter the online game, the company couldn’t stop people from spending money in order to get stronger. Put some money in and even if you didn’t have the skill, you could get a fully body of powerful equipment, which would be more than enough to bully the majority of players. Calling someone who spent money to get stronger as someone with no skill was wrong. Those who were willing to spend money meant that they at least cared about the game. No matter how bad their mechanics were, they wouldn’t be worse than a noob.

This was why Ye Xiu didn’t discriminate these types of players. It was the opposite for him actually. He was quite envious of them. Using money to get equipment would save a lot of time……

“They shouldn’t have anything to do with the guilds backed by Clubs.” Chen Guo continued. The players from Heavenly Justice soon arrived. They didn’t even look at the monsters around them and headed straight for them. If they weren’t looking for trouble, Ye Xiu could only guess what their goals were. There was nothing he could do. He was too popular!

When they got closer, the five slowed down. But since they were in-game characters, their walking animation was set by the system, so their walking was very ordinary. However, the equipment on them was clearly extraordinary. With Ye Xiu’s experience, he didn’t even need to look up their info pages to know that their equipment were top quality. It had to be known that even in the pro scene, not every character had self-made equipment from head to toe. A lot of their equipment were Orange equipment from in-game. For these types of equipment that could be found in-game, many players had them and definitely wouldn’t be hard to get for someone with money.

The equipment on these five players would definitely make any player in-game envious, especially the one in the middle with the ID Loulan Slash. His character had a Greatsword that even Ye Xiu recognized. This sword was called “Swordpoint”. It was a Level 65 Orange weapon. Even though it wasn’t a Level 70 weapon, it was even used in the pro scene.

This Greatsword had a special effect, which had to do with the character’s Physical Attack and the item hotkey. For every weapon put on a hotkey, the character would have a 10% increase in Physical Attack.

In Glory, there were a total of 12 item hotkeys. In other words, if they were all weapons, the character could have a 120% increase in Physical Attack, which was very powerful. In theory, “Swordpoint” allowed for the highest Physical Attack in the game. The issue of how to self-make the special effect of “Swordpoint” had perplexed the research teams in Clubs ever since the weapon had appeared in game.

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