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Chapter 415: Sensation

After realizing that the issue of the Arena part of the challenge wasn’t actually an issue, Ye Xiu spent the entire day playing in the Arena. In the Arena section of the official forums, many discussions were being held concerning Lord Grim. More and more posts were created as the day went on and quite a few posts were repeated throughout the day. At the same time, there were just as many reports being made in the report section of the forums.

Lord Grim was hacking.

Quite a lot of players believed this was true due to three main reasons.

One, there was a 20 level difference in levels and equipment, yet he was still crushing his opponents like it was nothing.

Two, the weapon in his hands could change forms. This was absolutely unprecedented. He definitely wasn’t switching to different weapons either.

Third, according to the players who were defeated by him, they had been comboed from start to finish. He was being even more precise than machines.

Any one of the reasons above was enough to make a player doubtful, let alone Lord Grim having all three.

This was something Ye Xiu didn’t know about. He was only aware that getting into rooms was becoming easier and easier; so much so that people were now inviting him into their rooms. Moreover, the players who were crushed by him were quite stubborn. They would often have to be crushed four or five times before reluctantly giving up.

Lord Grim’s fame exploded. The tenth server players were all excited seeing this. Very soon, several tenth server players, who had joined the discussion, listed out Lord Grim’s achievements in the tenth server.

As a result, there were now more suspicious areas that Lord Grim could be reported for.

But soon afterwards, the response from the official company caused an even greater commotion from the players.

In the report section, the officials directly released a stickied post telling everyone who reported Lord Grim for hacking that after a careful investigation, Lord Grim was not found to have violated any rules. The officials asked players to stop sending in further reports on Lord Grim. A warning would be issued for the first offense. A temporary ban would be issued for the second offense.

Glory’s report department had a respectable reputation. One is one. Two is two. They were trustworthy and fair. Their handling of Lord Grim’s reports conformed with their consistent style. This wasn’t why the players were in such an uproar though.

They were in an uproar because if the report department officially declared that there was no problem, then there really were no problems with Lord Grim.

This meant that Lord Grim ignoring the 20 level gap and comboing everyone from start to finish was all skill. As for that unheard of weapon…… if it was unheard of, then it was obviously a Silver weapon. This guy actually had a Silver weapon?

Discussions concerning Lord Grim began to spread. They were no longer limited to the Arena. As long as it was a section in the forums, there would be posts on Lord Grim.

Ye Xiu finally grew aware of this. There was one very obvious point that stood out: no matter where he went, the room would have spectators. More and more spectators joined each time. Several characters appeared over and over again. They were clearly following him.

“You’re popular.” Chen Guo laughed. The two quickly thought of why there were so many spectators. Ye Xiu had clearly become famous in the Arena.

It would be weird if he didn’t become famous. Chen Guo muttered. She had watched on the side for a long time and towards the end, she became numb towards the matches. Ye Xiu wasn’t fighting a match in the Arena. He was practically hitting sandbags! Every time he fought, he would attack and then it would be over……

After playing for the entire day, he hadn’t lost a single time.

No, using the word lose wouldn’t be correct. He never experienced any sort of difficulty. As soon as Ye Xiu attacked, the match would be over.

“You’re not tired?” Chen Guo even asked this type of question. In her eyes, playing each match so fiercely and precisely must be tiring.

“Tired? Why would I be tired?” Ye Xiu asked back.

“Fighting each match like that…….” Chen Guo said. She didn’t know how to describe it.

“Oh…… It’s nothing. It’s very relaxing.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo realized that in Ye Xiu’s eyes, these players weren’t opponents, but ants. Those combos were the same as stepping on an ant. It was extremely easy for him, but the problem was that the ants couldn’t fight back. As a result, the ants cried “How strong! How scary!” The God lifted his foot up again and crushed the crying ant.

Videos of the God crushing ants began to appear, one after the other.

The players were all very excited. Such a prominent character hadn’t appeared in Glory for a long time. Those who appeared were quickly noticed by the Clubs and then pulled into the team to begin their career as pro players. Some of them were quickly washed out. Some worked hard to stand firm in the pro scene. Some became true top tier players in Glory.

And Lord Grim? What would happen to him?

There was no need to doubt his skill right? All of the experienced players confirmed this when they watched the videos. He was able to easily crush high leveled experts one after the other even with a 20 Level disparity. In addition, he even had his own self-made Silver weapon. Any of those points would be enough to make Clubs throw out their olive branches!

Some people even began guessing which team Lord Grim would join. Some people even began analyzing which team Lord Grim would fit the best with. After studying his class, discovering that none of his opponents was lower leveled than him, and noticing that he had played in the Arena for a full day, the players quickly concluded that he was doing the Heavenly Domain challenge.

“He’s a talent!” The players all sighed....


“He’ll quickly become a pro player!” Everyone thought.

No one questioned that the player was already a pro player because no pro player had the free time to run to the game, do the Heavenly Domain challenge, and bully a bunch of normal players all day.

The day quickly passed.

The next day came and players went to the websites for all the big teams to see if there was any news of Lord Grim being scouted. However, there was no news.

Afterwards, they went into all the big Glory forums and discovered that Lord Grim was still an extremely hot topic. A few reporters even tried to interview him by finding him in-game, but none of them succeeded.

All of the gossip was focused on Lord Grim.

Every time a gossiper spoke, Lord Grim would always be mentioned.

This was only the first day too.

The second day, the third day, the fourth day……

Day after day passed. Lord Grim’s path didn’t change. Every day, people would chase after him in the Arena to watch him fight. Some even took the initiative to go into battle. All of them ended in defeat. Being crushed by Lord Grim became an event in Glory after the Spring Festival.

Ye Xiu obviously knew of this after so much activity in the past few days, but he didn’t care. He just wanted to complete the Heavenly Domain challenge. If people wanted to line up and fight him, then that was great.

One day, Huang Shaotian’s low leveled account, Flowing Tree, logged into the game and cried a bunch.

“F*ck your sister! You’re PKing with so many people, but you don’t have time to fight one round with me?” Huang Shaotian had asked to fight him several times, but the fight never happened. He resented it greatly.

“It’s for a quest……” Ye Xiu replied. He didn’t remember ever seeing Troubling Rain giving him an invite, but even if he had, Ye Xiu definitely would have refused. Fighting with Huang Shaotian wouldn’t be a one or two minute match and he might not even win either. It would simply be a waste of time!

“I’ll wait until you get to the Heavenly Domain! You wait!” Huang Shaotian said fiercely.

Ye Xiu replied with a cool face and then ignored him.

The sudden appearance of a prominent character gave Glory players a lot to talk about. The atmosphere seemed to be even more lively than during the Spring Festival event. Some people even bought a tenth server account card and ran to the tenth server to personally watch.

There were clearly many bored players.

But there was one thing players couldn’t understand. They were already clear on what Lord Grim was capable of, so why hadn’t any Clubs invited Lord Grim over?

Every old veteran player had their own team they supported. Quite a few even began contacting the Clubs recommending him.

The Clubs didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

The Clubs weren’t as stupid and slow as the players thought. Early in the first day, they had all received reports. The Club system had a system similar to those in basketball and football. There were scouts, whether they were part time or full time, that went to dig out potential talents. Now that there was a talent that just directly appeared in front of them, not seeing him would be too stupid. It could be said that on the first day, every Club had received several reports on Lord Grim.

A Club had a managing department, a team, a guild, an equipment research department, scouts…… they were split into many departments. Information among them could be shared or withheld.

Lord Grim was Ye Qiu.

Most of the guilds knew. The teams also knew. But the other departments might not know of this.

But in any case, once things got to this stage, with Lord Grim being pushed in front of the Clubs, this information was quickly shared to every department. The secret that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu quickly became known to everyone in the Club.

As a result, the Clubs had to give up on chasing after him. If he was Ye Qiu, then there was different concern.

While the players were just having fun with this gossip, the Clubs had to think of their interests and began seriously pondering over Ye Qiu’s abrupt fame in the game.

With rumors of Ye Qiu creating a team, the Clubs all had a tacit mutual understanding not to let out the news that Lord Grim was Ye Qiu. If the news leaked, it would be hard to say how many eyes would be enamored, how many would be looking forward to it, how many follow along. For the Clubs, not stirring up trouble for Ye Qiu was already quite nice of them. They didn’t have any reason to help Ye Qiu come back though.

Just how much can he do by himself?

The Clubs didn’t dare look down on Ye Qiu, but they didn’t think he could do much alone. This sort of online sensation in game could be achieved by any pro player. After all, pros were in a completely different world than normal players. Ye Qiu might be building up momentum through this sensation. They couldn’t stop him, but they weren’t going to help him. This was what the Clubs all thought.