The King’s Avatar

Chapter 376: Too Careless

The guilds had to advance or retreat together because it was just like Blue River said; the materials Lord Grim had requested just happened to be within their limit of acceptance. If everyone equally split the materials, it was still bearable. However, if a single guild backed out, sharing the cost would be difficult. Herb Garden had already left, though, but Ye Xiu didn’t know that, so the list of materials he wanted already made the remaining guilds extremely unwilling. Two guilds immediately refused. Splitting the cost was now impossible.

And from the looks of it, ceding land was also unacceptable. The two guilds didn’t want to talk anymore and planned on continuing to delay matters. The group chat went silent for a while again. Jiang You began: “Have you two already decided?”

“Decided!” The two practically said at the time, making the others wonder if they were discussing with each other in private.

“All together, three guilds have already left. From what I see, there’s already no point in this group chat.” Jiang You’s personality was very direct. He was extremely disappointed in this alliance and he clearly had some anger in him. After throwing these words down, he directly left the group. Cold Night followed soon after.

The remaining guilds saw that there really was no point, so they left as well. In the blink of an eye, the group chat dissolved because there was no one there.

Each guild began to discuss with themselves for their own plan.

Everyone had already seen the conditions and they was still the same as before, so therefore, some of the guilds began to negotiate with Ye Xiu. Misty Lock and West Riding Wind had different ideas, though. They felt that, with Thousand Wave Lake’s size and Happy’s few players, taking complete control over the entire map wasn’t possible. They might as well try delaying to see what would happen.

The group chat dissolved as the guilds went on their own paths. No one knew what the others were planning. However, Ye Xiu had a good understanding of the situation.

There were a total of nine guilds competing in Thousand Waves Lake. All of them had fought together during the Christmas Event. One of them had conflicting interests with the others and immediately cut off any and all connections. Although Ye Xiu felt it was a bit of a pity, he wasn’t too surprised.

The other side clearly hadn’t been able to reach a unanimous decision towards Ye Xiu’s condition, resulting in Blue Brook Guild and Tyrannical Ambition contacting Ye Xiu. They had hoped to pay materials in order to obtain the right for a peaceful development at Thousand Waves Lake.

Ye Xiu didn’t care which guild was which. If someone agreed, then he would happily welcome them. He had already calculated that the guilds definitely had the materials he wanted, so everything went along smoothly.

Blue Brook Guild, Tyrannical Ambition.

Ye Xiu confirmed that it was these two guilds and then reminded them that when they came to Thousand Waves Lake, they had to make sure their guild tags were turned on in order to avoid any mistakes. It would be best if they could tell him the others’ positions. That way, Ye Xiu could save some time since he wouldn’t need to take as many detours.

The two guilds had sent Blue River and Cold Night to talk with Ye Xiu. The two understood Ye Xiu’s thoughts very well, so they accepted in satisfaction. They were already spending materials, so they wouldn’t hesitate to make the most out of it. Right now, they were hoping that God would kill the players from other guilds quickly.

“What are the other guilds planning?” Ye Xiu asked Blue River.


“Tell me!”

“Senior, I’m not your spy!” Blue River was filled with grief!

“I wasn’t asking about your Blue Brook Guild. Don’t I already know what your Blue Brook Guild has planned? I’m asking about the other guilds!” Ye Xiu said.

“Don’t know.”

“That’s not possible! As Blue Brook Guild’s backbone and core member, it’s your responsibility and duty to accurately report information on the others guilds to their enemies. I’m sure you know that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. From this perspective, we’re friends, so why are you still protecting your enemies? I’m looking down on you!” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River’s cheeks were streaked with tears. What type of nonsense was this? Why did it seem logical?

“I really don’t know what the other guilds are planning.” Blue River said.

“Then do you have a general idea?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Some of them have decided to continue wandering around Thousand Waves Lake.” Blue River said.

“Hmm……” Ye Xiu expressed that he was thinking.

Blue River didn’t think that it was anything important, when suddenly, he received another message with a sharp question.

“You guys did this as a temporary measure. What are you planning?”

Sure enough, he had guessed that their temporary measure wasn’t without reason. However…….

“This question touches on our Blue Brook Guild’s interests, so I have a good reason not to answer, right?” Blue River replied.

“Oh, so you really do have plans?”

Blue River coughed up blood.

“With Thousand Wave Lake’s terrain, I reckon that you guys have no means of dealing with this situation. Are you guys planning on asking for outside help?” Ye Xiu began to guess.

Blue River remained silent.

“If you ask for outside help, you would have to tell them who I am…….. And if that’s the case, there wouldn’t be many people who would dare help!”

“Hey, hey!” Blue River couldn’t listen anymore.

“If you don’t believe me, go ask your team. In the water, even Huang Shaotian wouldn’t dare come.” Ye Xiu said.

“The team has the numbers advantage!” Blue River said.

“If they all come into the game, then wouldn’t that mean they’d be giving up on their team record?” Ye Xiu asked back.

“If each guild sends one pro, it’ll be enough.” Blue River remained stubborn.

“Disturbing all of these teams is kind of embarrassing……..” Ye Xiu said....


“You scared?” Blue River secretly felt good, especially because the other side didn’t reply back after he sent the message.

Blue River didn’t keep talking though. He hadn’t been on his account for several days so his character’s experience was falling behind. He put on his equipment and prepared to gain some good experience. Not long after he began to travel, a message popped up. He checked and Lord Grim had replied.

“Tch, you were just bluffing! I just went and asked around. None of the teams said they were sending players over!”

“What? Who’d you ask?”

“The players from every team!” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River had run out of tears. How could he forget! This guy had a completely different status than he did! The other side didn’t need to guess. He could just directly go to the pro circle and ask. He had been in the pro scene for so many years. How could he not have known players from the other teams!

“It’s late now. We were planning on notifying them tomorrow.” Blue River continued to quibble.

“Did I hear that right? How come it sounds like you’re the Club’s boss or the team captain? They’re just going to come if you tell them to come? Are you summoning creatures?” Ye Xiu replied.

Blue River stayed silent.

“Liar! Lie after lie!” Ye Xiu didn’t let up.

“……” Blue River could only reply with ellipses.

“Oh! I found a party! Talk to you later!” Ye Xiu suddenly replied.

“Which guild?” Blue River asked excitedly.


“F*ck your sister! We made an agreement!!” Blue River cried in shock. Had this punk completely joined in on the guild battle and was now going back on his word?

“I lied. They’re from Misty Castle.”

Blue River coughed up blood again. Wasn’t he busy? How could he still joke around like that? But….. Misty Castle was good! Misty Castle hadn’t felt that this was problematic. Letting them get a good taste of retribution would be good. Speaking of Misty Castle, they had already been wiped out once. Did that team really just rush back, only to be killed once again? How unlucky of them.

Blue River’s guess was correct. Misty Castle’s party really was just that unlucky. Before, they had been closed in on, unbeknownst to them and died. They had just rushed back and this time, they were able to save some time though. Right before they were about to enter the water, they saw Lord Grim’s group jump out of the water.

A dungeon team would only have five players. With Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng there, wiping them out was very easy, whether it was on land or on water. In addition, they had Tang Rou, Steamed Bun Invasion, Thousand Creations……. And the cheerleader, Concealed Light.

It could be said that this battle on the shore was even more without suspense than it was in the water. Ye Xiu and Su Mucheng were as valiant as ever. Plus, Tang Rou was going all out. Tang Rou’s skill was already much better than the usual guild elite.

Even the elite teams from the grandest of guilds were nothing but paper in front of these opponents and were easily cleaned up.

Misty Lock naturally became furious after hearing this news: “You pigs! You clearly knew that there was danger. Why didn’t you scout it out clearly first and choose a better route?”

The players who were being yelled at also had their cheeks streaked with tears. It wasn’t that they weren’t being careless. It was just that they just didn’t think that the other side would hide at the shore side. Weren’t they supposed to be wandering around the dungeon island? This move looked as if the other side was waiting for them to return. It was way too shameless.

“Care a bit more. Be more careful. Is that too much to ask!” Misty Lock personally lectured them. Misty Castle had formed their own group chat with the overall guild leader personally directing the tenth server’s elite teams.

What could the five players who were being yelled at say? They had to run over from the main city again!

“Work’s done. Let’s continue on with what we were saying.” Ye Xiu chatted up with Blue River again.

“I already have nothing to say to you.”

“Has your dungeon team come over yet?” Ye Xiu asked.

“What are you planning on doing?” Blue River was being extremely cautious.

“If you see any other guilds, give me a call!” Ye Xiu said.


“You’ll be coming over to level here, right? You pay attention, too!” Ye Xiu said.

“I’m not a spy!”

“Didn’t you keep on stressing that you were a spy before?”

“That was that account.”

“It’s all the same to me. Pay attention! If you find anyone, tell me.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay. I’ll talk to you later.” Ye Xiu added.

“Which guild now?” Blue River was surprised. What insane efficiency! It was fortunate that their Blue Brook Guild had made an agreement.

“It’s quite embarrassing to tell you, but it’s Misty Castle again…… Sigh, they’re too careless!” Ye Xiu replied, while looking through reports from his guild. He had the manpower now, too.