The King’s Avatar

Chapter 325: It’s a Mess. A Complete Mess.

Amidst the shouts that were coming from all around the stadium, Du Ming returned to the match platform.

Even though winning back a match would not be able to erase the previous match’s loss, it would still be better than sitting back and doing nothing. Aside from playing another match, Du Ming didn’t know of any better method to come back.

Tang Rou once again randomly chose a map and the match quickly began. The host hadn’t even run off the stage yet, when the projection fell.

The stadium’s noise lessened after the match started. It had originally been an insignificant performance, but now they were beginning to care about who won or lost. Due to Tang Rou’s previous arrogance, numerous people were hoping to see her get crushed in this match.

This time, Du Ming wouldn’t be as careless. He wouldn’t carry the attitude that he would certainly win. His focus was now 120% and he had the conviction that he had to be victorious during this match.

The two sides fought and Du Ming quickly seized the advantage.

Du Ming’s fingers also flew quickly and he took the initiative, time and time again. He wanted to return everything Tang Rou had done to him, back to her.

Du Ming’s hand speed might not be as good as Tang Rou’s, but the quality of his actions was on a completely different level. Every action maintained accuracy and effectiveness. Even though he could randomly attack like Tang Rou previously did…… as a pro player, if he used that sort of tactic, he’d probably drown in the audience’s spittle.

He had to win and he had to win beautifully to let everyone know that the previous loss was just a mishap, an anomaly. His own skill completely soared above this normal player.

As for Tang Rou, she repeated her old strategy and randomly attacked by moving her fingers as fast as possible.

This time, the feeling of fatigue struck faster while her opponent was brimming with battle spirit. The two sides began a true contest of hand speed.

One side had quality.

The other side had speed.

Comparing the two, Tang Rou’s hand speed really wasn’t that much faster than his, but the quality of Du Ming’s actions were much, much better than hers.

In the end, the quality won.

But Du Ming didn’t have it easy, either. He couldn’t have imagined that such a pretty girl, who just had an intense battle, would accept another match without any rest.

He could win this match, but it would be quite difficult to win as beautifully as he’d have liked.

Regardless, he had to win this time.

Du Ming clenched his teeth and fought. But Tang Rou didn’t back down, either.

The pros were once again astonished…… even under this situation where she had already won a match, she was still going to maintain such a strong desire to win?

Was she really just a normal player? The pros discovered that they were all wrong. Even though her skill level was truly inferior to theirs, she still caught their attention. She wasn’t like the other normal players. She wasn’t thinking how amazing these pros were or how superior they were to them.

She truly wanted to beat them. This wasn’t just for fun. It was a true competition.

“This girl’s…… abnormal?” One player couldn’t help but make this somewhat impolite evaluation.

“After seeing this girl, I suddenly want to go up and play!” Quite a few players remarked.

There weren’t many players who were paying too much attention to the match now. With their experience, the pros quickly determined who would win the match. The reality was just like they had determined. Du Ming’s Blade Master took down Tang Rou’s Battle Mage.

How tiring, but how great!

Du Ming was dripping with joy after this battle. When he got down from the competition platform, he was nearly smiling.

At the center of the stage, the host was already somewhat speechless towards these two. Then, Tang Rou unexpectedly spoke.

“Can I challenge you again?”

Du Ming was startled. The host was startled. The audience was startled.

The first to react was still the host. He hastily followed: “Miss, that doesn’t conform to the rules, no?”

“What rules?” Tang Rou asked.

According to the rules, after an audience member finishes a match, a new one would come up. This rule had already been broken and the one who broke it was Du Ming. He did it in order to regain his reputation and dragged the audience member to play another round. They had already broken the rules once, so they couldn’t just fix it again, right? It wouldn’t be fair to say that the pro player had special privileges, right?...


The host didn’t know what to say. Tang Rou ignored him and only asked Du Ming.

Du Ming could only agree. He couldn’t refuse because he couldn’t find a reason to. If he had won the first time, then he had the right to refuse another challenge. But the problem now was that he had lost once and he had lost very badly, too. Now that the other side wanted to challenge him again, he had no way of refusing. If he refused, then people might think he was afraid. Because last match, he hadn’t won without putting in effort, he couldn’t help but admit that against a new player with that type of hand speed and that type of random attacking tactic, if he didn’t focus, he really might lose just like he did the first time.

Amidst the audience’s confusion, the two started the third round.

“It’s a mess, a complete mess……” the host muttered. The team responsible for the broadcast were also going crazy. But there was nothing that they could do. They couldn’t just force them to leave the stage in front of all of these spectators, right?

In the blink of an eye, the third match began and Tang Rou once again ferociously moved her fingers.

“Still so fierce……”

Compared to the worried host and broadcast team, the pros didn’t care. In fact, they found it more interesting.

“Does this girl plan on using the same strategy over and over again to outlast Du Ming?” someone guessed.

“How fierce!”

“But the host won’t allow it! Or else it’ll never end……”

“Little Zhou, what do you think?” One pro even ran over to Samsara’s team to ask. Now, the pros were no longer secretly whispering amongst their own team about Tang Rou’s skill. The exciting scene made them gather together into one joyous group.

Samsara wasn’t included in these happy teams. Du Ming was one of their players but when other pros ran over to ask them, Samsara’s players stayed silent. Zhou Zekai, who was mentioned by name, replied: “No idea!”

“It’d be best if they didn’t interrupt them, so we can see just what that girl is planning.” One player said.

“No idea!” Zhou Zekai repeated himself, making the other pros walk away speechlessly. They looked around, wanting to see what the host would try and do to stop them. Right now, no one was paying attention to the content of the match. Some weren’t even paying attention to the end result. They just wanted to know if there would be a next match, whether there would be a fourth or a fifth match, and also whether it would continue until one person collapsed from exhaustion.

The pros looked all around, but they didn’t find anything. Though, for Ye Xiu and Chen Guo, one of the employees there looked for them.

“Miss, that Miss Tang on the stage is your friend, right?” The employee asked politely.

“Yup!” Chen Guo replied. She cared a lot about who won or lost. She watched intently and hadn’t really noticed him.

“Could I ask that both of you have her come down after the match ends?” The employee said.

“Hm?” Only then did Chen Guo turn to look and discover that the host had unexpectedly run over.

“You see, we have to give other people a chance! She’s already played three rounds.” The host tried to reason. He was clearly afraid that they were going to play another match after the current one ended.

“If they want to fight, then let them!” Chen Guo didn’t want the excitement to end. She didn’t want to drag Tang Rou down.

“But our event needs to continue. I beg of you.”

“Isn’t that the event right there?” Chen Guo said.

These one on one matches usually only took a few minutes. The host personally running off stage to try and negotiate with Chen Guo was clearly a mistake. While they were talking, the two finished the match.

And this time, Tang Rou unexpectedly won again. The two once again competed with their hand speeds, but this time, Tang Rou performed abnormally well. As for Du Ming, because he had won a match, he had relaxed considerably and hadn’t expected Tang Rou to be so abnormally accurate with her actions. Her randomly thrown out attacks suddenly jumped up a level and he hadn’t able to adjust in time. Amidst another wave of shouts, he lost once again.

The host was still begging Chen Guo, when Ye Xiu reminded him. The host turned around to look and almost coughed up blood.

And this time, Tang Rou didn’t come down again. Du Ming had challenged her again, which Tang Rou naturally accepted. The two didn’t even wait for the host and directly started another round.

“Wow, Du Ming’s luck is so bad!!” The pros were almost about to roll on the floor laughing. In this match, Tang Rou’s unsteady actions suddenly became more on point out of nowhere, catching Du Ming off-guard.

After losing a match, he had to win the next one to win back some of his reputation. If he won again after that, then that would truly be better. But he unexpectedly lost another one. Who knew how many more he needed to win in a row to win back his reputation.

This time, the host didn’t dare delay any further and hastily ran back.

“Forget about it. I’ll call her down!” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was a soft on the inside, but hard on the outside type of person. In reality, she had already been convinced by the host. Her previous words were done to delay the host and help Tang Rou play another match. Now that she heard Ye Xiu say this, she nodded her head: “Alright, go ahead!”