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Chapter 280: Gathering a Mob!

“What are you planning on doing?” Chen Guo’s tone carried a hint of disbelief. Ye Xiu had aggroed two Christmas thieves, but he hadn’t gone to fight them, making her feel like he had gone insane.

“Should we count them?” Ye Xiu said.

“You’re crazy.” Chen Guo watched, dumbstruck.

“Right now, I count two of them.” Ye Xiu actually started counting, while Chen Guo continued to watch in disbelief. Is this guy planning on aggroing all of Sin City’s Christmas thieves onto his body? Why would he try to commit suicide?

Two Christmas thieves chased behind Lord Grim. The Christmas thieves’ levels, classes and stats were different, so they moved at different speeds as well. The newly-aggroed Christmas thief held a Greatsword and really did look like a Berserker. His movement speed was relatively normal, but the Assassin Christmas thief was clearly faster.

However, because Ye Xiu was using Aerial Fire to fly backwards, he held the advantage in movement speed. Not only were they not getting any closer, they were growing farther and farther apart, up until the point where the Berserker had been left behind. If this was any normal monster, Ye Xiu would have already escaped from the thief’s aggro range and would then stop being chased by the thief. However, this Christmas thief wasn’t going to give up. The thief was quite similar to a dungeon’s elite monster.


Lord Grim once again fired another round, hitting a third Christmas thief, who immediately took out his weapon and began chasing after him.

“Three.” Ye Xiu turned his head towards Chen Guo and reported the number he had counted.

Chen Guo had completely turned to stone. She didn’t have any reaction. Her head seemed to have already turned into a broken machine. Seeing Ye Xiu act like this, was he serious? There was no information on how many Christmas thieves were in a leveling area. However, the number of monsters in a leveling area had a limit. For example, if the limit was 100, then if there were 100 monsters, a 101st monster wouldn’t spawn. If the 100th monster died, then another monster would spawn after a certain amount of time.

Chen Guo had guessed what Ye Xiu was trying to do.

She had also guessed what the result of his actions would be.

However, was it even possible to do what he was planning? Could he guarantee that he could survive having so many Christmas thieves, all of different classes, chasing after him? Wasn’t that too much pressure?

“Number four.” Chen Guo was still thinking, when Ye Xiu reported that he had counted to four.

Because of the differences in movement speed, the four monsters were chasing after him in different places, but they were still quite a bit of distance away from Lord Grim.

Aerial Fire’s movement speed was determined by the character’s firearm. The higher the physical attack on the firearm was, the greater the recoil would be and the faster its movement speed would be. Ye Xiu’s Thousand Chance Umbrella was considered a Rifle with a recoil second only to the Handcannon. It was also a Level 25 Silver weapon, so its stats were equivalent to a Level 30 Orange weapon. The movement speed from its Aerial Fire was exceptional. In addition to his skilled playing, his Aerial Fire never seemed to stop, except only whenever he needed to land on the ground. It looked as if he was moving backwards in a perfectly straight line.

Chen Guo had no way of seeing this type of result through Ye Xiu’s first-person camera though. Otherwise, she would have definitely been astonished. All she could see was that Ye Xiu’s playing was quite quick and precise.

“Five.” Ye Xiu continued to count. The number of Christmas thieves that he had gathered became five.




The population in Sin City was sparse. Since Ye Xiu was only looking and not killing, his speed was naturally faster. Not long after, a long line of Christmas thieves were chasing after him, which caught the attention of any players who saw him.

“That many Christmas thieves in one mob? Lord Grim’s so greedy!”

“Sure, he’s greedy, but he’s good if he can actually kill them all.”

No one had yet to figured out Ye Xiu’s crazy idea. The players who had seen him had only thought that he was gathering a mob and then proceeding to killing them all at once, which was a common technique for leveling. However, Christmas thieves were quite strong and their respawns weren’t concentrated in one area, so most players decided to kill them one by one.

Only Chen Guo understood everything.

The train that Lord Grim had created was growing longer and longer. Right now, there were already eighteen Christmas thieves.

Lord Grim was completely safe, which was Chen Guo’s greatest astonishment. Among these Christmas thieves were long-ranged classes who were firing bullets and magic at him… But, none of these attacks affected Lord Grim’s movement speed.

While dodging these attacks, Lord Grim shuffled through streets and alleys in Sin City. While doing this, he had aggroed several Sin City residents as well, but these normal monsters weren’t as persistent and, after chasing for a while, they were shaken off.

The train was still expanding. As the train passed, Ye Xiu had even met Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist.

Su Mucheng didn’t know about the situation and thought that Ye Xiu had encountered some trouble. She immediately fired at the mob of Christmas thieves. However, these Christmas thieves had the setup where only the first attacker counted, so they wouldn’t aggro onto her. The Christmas thieves continued to chase after Lord Grim and Su Mucheng was still attacking, so Ye Xiu messaged her.

“Stop attacking. Stop attacking.”

Su Mucheng stopped: “What are you doing?”

“Gathering a mob!” Ye Xiu replied.

“You’ve already gathered so many. That still isn’t enough?”

“Not enough. I’m going to gather all of the Christmas thieves in the entire city.” Along with this, he sent an arrogant smiley face.



“It’s a competition! A competition to see who kills the most Christmas thieves.”

“So it’s like that. Then, it looks like there isn’t any point to staying here?” Su Mucheng wasn’t surprised like Chen Guo was, because she didn’t doubt that Ye Xiu could do this.

“Seems like it.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Though staying here to watch the chaos doesn’t sound too bad.” Su Mucheng also sent a smiley face.

“Then you can go and grab a good spot in advance.” Ye Xiu said.


“At the clock tower.”

“Oh!” Su Mucheng immediately understood, but she didn’t immediately go. Her Cleansing Mist ran in the opposite direction of Lord Grim. Soon after, she sent a message with her coordinates.

“Do you want to play, too?” Ye Xiu obviously understood what the message was for.

“I’m afraid that I’d mess it up so it’s better if you did it on your own!” Su Mucheng replied.

Ye Xiu led the train to the coordinates and saw Su Mucheng guarding a Christmas thief, which hadn’t yet been attacked.

Another carriage was added to the train and Su Mucheng was now running around helping Ye Xiu find new targets.


Ye Xiu had stopped counting out loud, but Chen Guo was still silently counting.

Thirty Christmas thieves were following behind Lord Grim now. The train’s momentum was growing larger and larger. The footsteps from the train shook half the city block with every road he passed through.

Meanwhile, on Excellent Dynasty’s side, Chen Yehui had finally received a report.

In the beginning, he didn’t know about this. He had only been looking at the leaderboards and had seen Lord Grim’s name continue to drop. He had thought that it was because of Wind Following Sword’s actions, but he didn’t know that, up until now, Wind Following Sword hadn’t been able to find Lord Grim’s whereabouts.

Only now did someone in the guild talk about Lord Grim’s train.

“He’s gathered around twenty or thirty Christmas thieves.” a player reported.

Everyone thought that he was only gathering up a mob. Even Chen Yehui, who knew of Lord Grim’s real identity, didn’t even think of such a crazy idea.

“Has he gone mad from our methods? Is he planning on gathering a bunch of monsters and then killing them?” Chen Yehui thought. “Should we go and mess things up for him?”

The Christmas thief train continued to expand.

Forty. Fifty.

The spectating players finally felt that something wasn’t right.

There should be a limit to how many monsters he would gather, right? If he continued to gather them, wasn’t he just asking to to be killed?

No one continued to think that he was only gathering them for the sake of gathering them and killing them all at once. However, none of them had any clue what his actual purpose was.

Time continued to pass. Lord Grim’s placing on the leaderboards continued to drop, but the number of Christmas thieves behind him continued to increase.

Chen Guo was already in complete disbelief. Tang Rou had also noticed and was speechless, too.

One hundred.

Two hundred.

Three hundred……

The number of Christmas thieves continued to increase. The number of passengers in the train were enough to fill up an entire street.

A full six hours had passed.

Ye Xiu hadn’t left his seat the entire time. He hadn’t eaten dinner, nor had he had a drink of water. He hadn’t gone to the restroom yet, either. All he did was continue with his insane plan and winning Chen Guo’s special approval, who personally helped him light up a cigarette.

Chen Guo didn’t dare interrupt him. Now that things had reached this far, she wanted to see just how far Ye Xiu could take it. Just how many Christmas thieves were there in Sin City?

Chen Guo had already completely forgotten about her own character. She was only focused on Ye Xiu’s situation now. The pressure of three hundred Christmas thieves was quite enormous. Ye Xiu’s expression was completely focused. His gaze never left the screen and he had maintained this concentration for a long time already.