The King’s Avatar

Chapter 237: The Members Aren’t Together

After chatting with Su Mucheng, it was time to eat so the two went on their way to eat dinner. Chen Guo and Tang Rou still hadn’t come back. After eating, Ye Xiu didn’t hurry and log into the game. He instead went onto the Glory forums.

The forum had lots of sections such as a section for dungeons, a section for every class, a section for the Pro Alliance and so on. Each category had their own subject, but if you wanted to find random information, you would have to browse around.

From the first server to the tenth server in addition to the Heavenly Domain, they were all extremely active. Famous players, resentment, and fun stories, they all went into here. Among these, the most popular was the Heavenly Domain and the second most popular was the tenth server.

The main topic of the tenth server was undoubtedly Lord Grim. From the Beginner’s Village all the way to the different records, as soon as someone opened up the page, they would see Lord Grim’s famous name all over the place.

In the tenth server, the dungeon records had become Lord Grim’s. Even the godly Three Great Guilds had to look for Lord Grim for help if they wanted a dungeon record.

The forum users had already figured out what was going on. They were all talking about how the big guilds would develop in this situation.

Right now, the guilds were all talking about their power behind-the-scenes. They would brag about how amazing their pro-team was or brag about how amazing their guild was in the Heavenly Domain or even brag about how amazing their guild was in the other servers. But for the tenth server, all they could do was cry.

In the tenth server, they appeared pretty amazing, but Lord Grim was more so. Some users commented this way.

In the forums, there was no shortage of users who would justify the big guild’s actions, but in front of the undeniable evidence from the dungeon record leaderboards, there was nothing they could say. In comparison, Excellent Dynasty was different. In Frost Forest, even though it was the lowest level dungeon, they at least had beaten Lord Grim. Just from this, Excellent Dynasty was able to brag and press down on the Three Great Guild’s influence.

Seeing these posts, Ye Xiu could only let out a little laugh. If this was ten years ago, he would have been extremely delighted about all this. But now, these weren’t his goals. He had created the current situation in the tenth server. Some of them were intentional, some weren’t, but none of them were surprising. How could they get what they wanted? That was what Ye Xiu was thinking about and what the guilds were thinking about as well.

After checking the tenth server section, Ye Xiu took a look around at the skills section, the equipment section, the dungeon section, etc. The forums gathered a large amount of posts and were an accumulation of many players’ knowledge. It could be said that it was Glory’s largest intelligence network. If you were good at searching, there were many things you could find.

In the blink of an eye, it was eight. Tang Rou and Chen Guo still hadn’t returned yet.

Ye Xiu asked the other employees for Tang Rou’s phone number. He was going to call her and ask her what was going on.

“Hello? Who is this?” Tang Rou was pretty loud and her surroundings were noisy. She was clearly in a crowded place.

“It’s me! Tonight at nine. PK! Are you coming?’ Ye Xiu asked.

‘Ah…. PK!” Tang Rou’s tone seemed very excited, but after a bit of silence, she regretfully said: “I won’t be back by then. Guo Guo and I are about to go watch a movie!”

“Oh, then have fun.” Ye Xiu hung up.

Tang Rou couldn’t come…… that was something unexpected. Tang Rou had played together with him most of the days. How could he have known that she wouldn’t come play today of all days.

After putting down the phone, Ye Xiu logged into the game. When he went online, Steamed Bun Invasion was there, so he hastily asked him: “Steamed Bun, today at night, PK.”

“Oh? Who’s so impatient to die?? Steamed Bun Invasion had massacred players all throughout yesterday. He was extremely arrogant right now.

“The guys who we KSed the BOSS from.” Ye Xiu said.

“Oh, looks like they just don’t give up. Perfect. I’ll teach them another lesson.”

“Where are you right now?”

“Line Canyon.”

“Are there any problems?” Ye Xiu asked. Tyrannical Ambition would temporarily halt their movements, but the other six guilds were still there! The players were currently looking for them and as soon as Steamed Bun Invasion appeared, it was very possible that they were watching him.

“There is!” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“What is it?”

“I can’t go out.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

‘You’ve been blocked?”...


“No….. I’ve never been here, so I’m a bit lost……” Steamed Bun Invasion replied.

“…… Search for a Line Canyon map and take a look at it. Remember to take detours and make sure no one is following you.” Ye Xiu began to sweat. The place Tyrannical Ambition had brought the wild BOSS to actually was a very remote place in Line Canyon.

“Senior, you’re so smart! There really is a person following me.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Really? And what?” Ye Xiu asked.

“I’m about to go fight.”

“…….” Ye Xiu was speechless. It felt like Steamed Bun had found people right after he had reminded him. He couldn’t have gotten the wrong people, right?

Steamed Bun Invasion hadn’t made a mistake though. In the beginning, the pursuer had carefully followed Steamed Bun, but he soon realized that Steamed Bun wasn’t paying attention at all. He had been found twice, but the guy just ignored him and kept on walking. As a result, he became more and more careless. Right now, he was wondering what Steamed Bun Invasion was doing since Steamed Bun Invasion was just walking around. He hadn’t killed any monsters and he had already gone in a circle three times.

“Is he lost?” The pursuer guessed. Steamed Bun Invasion turned his head again and then suddenly dashed towards him.

The pursuer panicked. He looked left and right. There were only monsters around him. Is this guy planning on fighting some monsters? Just as he was thinking this, Steamed Bun Invasion flung his arm and a Brick went flying towards his head.

The player hastily jumped to dodge it. He sent an “I’ve been found” to the guild and immediately began fighting with Steamed Bun Invasion.

Steamed Bun Invasion’s opponent wasn’t a normal player. After a few bouts, the player was killed.

“Ha ha, I killed him. This guy. I was always wondering why he was following me.” Steamed Bun Invasion reported to Lord Grim.

“Phew, how long had he been following you?” Ye Xiu hastily asked.

“Maybe ten minutes?”

“Steamed Bun….. you’ve been exposed. A lot of players are probably coming to surround you very soon!” Ye Xiu said.

“Really? Then I guess I’m going to have to fight.” Steamed Bun Invasion said.

“Be careful of your weapon’s Durability.” Ye Xiu reminded Steamed Bun Invasion.

“Weapon…… Huh? Where’d my claw go?”

“F*ck! Did it break? When the Durability goes to 0, your weapon will break! Check your system log.” Ye Xiu replied.

“Uh oh. That’s not good.” Steamed Bun Invasion obviously understood the importance of a weapon. He checked his system log and sure enough, his claw broke when he was killing that player.

Ye Xiu didn’t know what to say.

“A fight without a weapon. That’ll be difficult!” Steamed Bun Invasion was still discussing the matters with him.

“Do you think there’s hope?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Nope. Unless you save me.”

“By the time I get there, you’ll be dead and back in the city.”

“Since things are like this already, there’s no point in you coming here. I’ll just go directly to the city and we’ll meet up there.” Steamed Bun Invasion really was straightforward and easy-going. He went up empty-handed and pulled a large mob of monsters. The guild players quickly converged. They saw Steamed Bun Invasion in the middle of the mob yelling at them: “Have a good day!” and then died.

“F*CK!” Everyone cursed. What was this Steamed Bun doing? He had been walking around in circles, making it difficult for them to figure out what he was doing and after a lot of effort, they finally surrounded him only to watch as he killed himself.

The monsters left after killing Steamed Bun Invasion. His corpse was already gone.