The King’s Avatar

Chapter 233: Sacred Fire

Line Canyon Entrance. One of them was inside the canyon, the other was outside. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim and Zhang Xinjie’s Endless Night saw each other at the same exact time.

Ye Xiu recognized this ID, but his stance gave him an unusual feeling.

In any case, he had already been found, so he sent Endless Night a message: “Who’s there?”

The real Endless Night behind Zhang Xinjie saw Lord Grim’s message and immediately felt that Lord Grim really was very arrogant.

“You won’t be leaving.” Zhang Xinjie quickly replied. It was so quick that it looked like a blur to Endless Night. When he finished reading it, he saw that Lord Grim had already replied back: “Oh? Is there an ambush out there?”

Another flash and Zhang Xinjie sent another one: “Yeah.”

“How many?”


Jiang You and the others were all ready to battle. How were they supposed to know that the two were actually chatting with each other. Only Endless Night, who was standing behind Zhang Xinjie, watched in disbelief.

They chat so fast! Endless Night gasped in amazement. From Zhang Xinjie’s screen, he saw Lord Grim calmly running up the slope, while looking left and right from time to time around the canyon.

“Your positioning isn’t bad!” Zhang Xinjie received another message from Lord Grim.

“Ha ha. If you’re done looking, you’d better be careful!” Zhang Xinjie replied.

“Coming.” Lord Grim replied. He suddenly sped up and his character sprinted up the slope, making the spectating Endless Night’s heart jump. Seeing that Lord Grim was coming, Jiang You and the Striker nervously glanced at Zhang Xinjie.

Zhang Xinjie was as calm as ever and focused on the screen in front of him.

Close. He’s getting closer and closer…….

Jiang You’s hands were trembling. He wanted to start attacking, but with Zhang Xinjie there, he was too afraid to start anything and could only wait for Zhang Xinjie’s instructions. However, Zhang Xinjie still hadn’t said anything.

We’re still not going to attack? From our current positions, I should be the first to attack, no? Or maybe my thought process is too simple and Vice-captain Zhang thinks that I shouldn’t require instructions and is waiting for me to make a move?

Countless thoughts revolved around in Jiang You’s head. He once again glanced at Zhang Xinjie and saw his lips suddenly move.

“Mage!” A voice resounded through his headphones.

“Hm?” Jiang You stared blankly for awhile before he understood that Zhang Xinjie was giving him a command. He immediately turned his head back and began to act. There’s no need to think so much.

His play making was still good though. Flame Explosion and Frost Ball rolled down the mountain along with a Raging Flames that was ready to be unleashed at any moment.

Jiang You controlled his spells well. Flame Explosion and Frost Ball didn’t shoot forward in a straight line. The two spells flew one after the other at different angles. But when Lord Grim met with the Flame Explosion, he suddenly changed directions and then switched back, avoiding both spells without losing much speed.

“F*ck!” Endless Night cried out. There were many ways of dodging Jiang You’s two spells, but Lord Grim had used the quickest and most dangerous method. It had to be known that the Line Canyon exit was a slope, which affected a character’s move speed. Successfully using a “Z Shake” in this type of terrain wasn’t easy.

The results from his difficult maneuver were astonishing. Lord Grim had barely slowed down from these two spells and instantly lessened quite a bit of distance between them. Jiang You hadn’t expected this, so his Raging Flames was thrown in the wrong direction and landed behind Lord Grim.

“Gunner!” Zhang Xinjie’s voice resonated. The Sharpshooter immediately lifted his gun and shot a round at Lord Grim....


Lord Grim rolled and the bullet landed besides him, creating several sparks. He then rolled another three times to a spot below the cliff and escaped from the Sharpshooter’s line of sight. The Sharpshooter stepped forward and jumped off the cliff. He turned his body midair and was about to shoot again, when suddenly he heard a warning: “Careful.”

“Swoosh swoosh swoosh……..” By the time the Sharpshooter noticed these three sounds, it was already too late. Three Shurikens hit his body making his character lose balance as he flew out.

Ninja skill, Ninja Tool: Shuriken.

After knocking away the Sharpshooter, Lord Grim immediately leaped towards that direction. As soon as his head was exposed, the Striker appeared and welcomed him with a Dashing Jab.

Zhang Xinjie gave directions with both shouts and through messages. The Striker had received the message long ago to follow the Sharpshooter and to guard this direction.

The sudden punch hit its target and sent Lord Grim back into the Canyon.

“Yes!” The Striker roared, cleansing him of yesterday’s sorrows. His character rushed forward and jumped to follow up with an Eagle Stamp.

“Yes, my ass!” His Eagle Stamp hadn’t connected, when Lord Grim poofed and disappeared, turning into a cloud of smoke.

How could the Striker not know that this was the Ninja skill: Shadow Clone Technique? But in order to use this technique, you had to set up where the real body and fake body would be. Determining the direction and the distance as well as using it was quite complicated. How could he have done it in such a short amount of time?

The Striker hastily turned to look behind him. He saw Lord Grim’s real body standing on the cliff where he had been guarding. His hands were raised and pointed towards him. A chaotic black energy ball floated beside him which then rotated and formed a few black arrows that shot at him.

Warlock skill: Curse Arrow.

The Striker had nowhere to run. He had almost been shot by a barrage of Curse Arrows.

Warlocks, Assassins, Thieves, and Ninjas were all Night Walkers. Curse Arrow was a type of skill that could be charged to increase its power. The longer it was charged, the more arrows there would be. Lord Grim hadn’t had time to charge, so he only shot a few arrows over and then went on his way.

But as soon as he turned his body, a sword light sliced towards him. Lord Grim immediately jumped, just barely dodging the Blade Master’s Sword Draw.

At this moment, a storm of white flames rained down. Lord Grim had leapt up and had nowhere to dodge.

Everyone stared in awe and watched as the white flames continued to coil around Lord Grim’s body after he fell. Only then did they know that this time, they had successfully hit Lord Grim. The one who had done this attack was Zhang Xinjie using the Level 30 Cleric skill, Sacred Fire. Clerics weren’t a class that only healed.

Sacred Fire was a DoT skill, which lasted 5 seconds. The damage decreased with every second and after being cast, it didn’t matter whether it hit the target or not since it would continue to burn in the place it landed for 5 seconds. In those 5 seconds, if the target bumped into it, the skill’s full effects would take place. But the damage wasn’t the scariest part about Sacred Fire.

The scariest part about Sacred Fire was its 3 seconds Silence. Characters that were hit by Sacred Fire wouldn’t be able to use any skills for 3 seconds.

Priests and Night Walkers couldn’t compare to Mages, Fighters, or even Swordsman and Gunners in their ability to kill, but they had many CC skills.

Being unable to use skills was an extremely bad situation for Ye Xiu. Even worse, after Zhang Xinjie used Sacred Fire, the other Cleric also moved up to use it as well. Under Zhang Xinjie’s lead, Clerics weren’t the backline, but the main force in controlling the field.

The Cross in the Cleric’s hands glowed white. Ye Xiu knew the skill was coming, but didn’t randomly jump around. He didn’t know where the Sacred Fire would be cast and if he was Silenced again, he’d be in a hopeless situation.

Ye Xiu decided to jump off the cliff. He immediately adjusted his camera and looked around him. When he looked down, he saw Crowd Lover’s staff pointing up……

A column of flame erupted and Lord Grim was instantly rooted in his position. Another Sacred Fire rained down once again.