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Chapter 230: A Bit Early Today

System Announcement: Players Lord Grim, Soft Mist, and Steamed Bun Invasion have defeated Cliff Ronin Alpine.

Even though it wasn’t a first kill, a wild BOSS kill was still very big news. Among the clamors of surprise in the world chat, some players congratulated them.

Far away in Congee City, Jiang You saw the system announcement and these messages on the world chat. He really had the urge to cough up blood…..

Of course, the players who had been searching for the BOSS the past hour were very unhappy with Lord Grim. At that moment, Lord Grim’s reputation became quite unpleasant. After this system announcement, the number of players who questioned this also became much smaller.

Jiang You knew the facts, but he couldn’t tell them. The BOSS had been forcefully snatched away and their hour of hard work had been stolen.

“We have to kill Lord Grim!” Jiang You slammed his keyboard and messaged Cold Night.

Cold Night hadn’t personally experienced being killed and even though he was disappointed, his feelings were far from Jiang You’s level of resentment.

With the news of the BOSS, there was no longer any chance for them to stealing the BOSS, so the seven guilds quickly gathered together.

“What about Cleansing Mist and that One Inch Ash?”




But as long as Lord Grim was still there, they wouldn’t give up. The guilds were now maneuvering all of their troops towards that location. They had to close in on Lord Grim’s whereabouts.

They were closing in from every direction and had blockaded every single route. This time, unless Lord Grim could fly out of Line Canyon, then……

“F*CK!” Cold Night suddenly cursed.

“What?” Everyone else immediately asked.

“Lord Grim’s logged out.” Cold Night was gloomy. He had opened his friends list and saw that Lord Grim’s name had turned gray. He quickly used a search and sure enough, Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion had all logged out as well.


The players from the seven guilds had worked bitterly the entire night and their result? All they did was run around the world looking for Lord Grim’s tracks.

And Lord Grim’s group?

They had wiped out a 32-player team.

They had run a dungeon twice.

They had killed elite teams.

They had killed a wild BOSS.

Everyone was scratching the walls and Tyrannical Ambition’s players were beating their heads against the wall, while coughing up blood. The 32-player team wipe out had their players. Two of their elite teams had died. And there was even information that others didn’t know: The Cliff Ronin Alpine had been stolen from them and their elite team had even died again. It could be said that Tyrannical Ambition’s elite teams had suffered a loss three times.

But now, the other side wasn’t even online. What were they supposed to say?

Someone suggested that they guard the place where Lord Grim had logged off 24/7, but who knew where Lord Grim’s group had logged off at?

They had blocked off all the roads and surrounded Lord Grim’s previous whereabout, but they still didn’t know when exactly they had gone offline. Lord Grim could have gone somewhere else to log off when the guilds were still getting in position to surround him. And the area they were surrounding was huge. They didn’t have enough manpower to stand guard 24/7.

The crowd of players from the seven big guilds stood there stupidly like rocks……

Back at Happy Internet Cafe.

Tang Rou left her computer and saw Ye Xiu smoking at the front desk. He looked like he was in quite a good mood....


Of course, Ye Xiu would be in a good mood. After killing the Cliff Ronin, an Amber Crystal had dropped, which was something he needed. Every year, only a few were found and for them, after only one try, it had actually dropped.

Just this was enough to make Ye Xiu satisfied. Apart from this, Cliff Ronin Alpine had also dropped a Purple weapon, two Blue equipments, and two Breath of the Cliffs.

The Purple weapon was a Level 30 Twin-Tailed Swords, which was often used by Assassins. No one in Ye Xiu’s group could use it, so the only thing they could do was sell it for gold.

As for the two Breath of the Cliffs, these were used as uncommon materials for creating accessories. Their drop rate was much higher than Amber Crystals, but they only dropped from wild BOSSes, so there was only a limited amount of them too.

“Are the materials that dropped useful?” Tang Rou asked.

“Yeah, the Amber Crystal is extremely useful! We can hold on to the Breaths of the Cliff for now. If we don’t use them, we can always sell them for money or equipment.” Ye Xiu said.


“We got off pretty early today! It isn’t even six yet, so you can go to sleep early.” Ye Xiu got up and stretched.

“Then I’ll…… you still have to stay till seven.” Tang Rou patted the front desk.

“Yeah….. I almost forgot.” Ye Xiu sat back down.

“I’ll be off then.”


Tang Rou said goodbye and then went to the second floor. When she got to the door, she saw a light coming from the room.

“Guo Guo, you got up so early today.” Tang Rou pushed open the door to enter, but when she looked inside, she saw the TV on. A TV channel was playing making the room turn dark and light on and off. When she looked again, she saw that Chen Guo was sleeping on the sofa again.

Tang Rou chuckled bitterly and patted Chen Guo: “Guo Guo, get up and go to your bed to sleep!”

“Huh? Is it morning already?” Chen Guo heard Tang Rou’s voice. She looked around and aside from the TV, everything else was dark. Chen Guo looked at the time drowsily: “Why’s it not even six yet?”

“Uh……” She had stopped playing abnormally early today. It would take a lot of time to explain, so Tang Rou didn’t know what to say right now.

“You got off early today? Did you eat?’ Chen Guo asked.

“Not yet.”

“Go eat some food and then go to sleep. I’ll go see what’s in the fridge.” Chen Guo got up from the sofa.

“No need. You should hurry up and go back to your room to sleep!” Tang Rou said.

“I’m hungry…..” Chen Guo said and went to the fridge anyways.

She took out some food: milk, bread, and jam. Tang Rou also went to help.

After making two jam sandwiches, they split it. Chen Guo ate, while asking: “How was your day?”

“Oh, it was fun!” Tang Rou ate, while explaining to Chen Guo.

Chen Guo listened quietly, laughing and gasping in surprise.

“Hurry up and level. I’ll be waiting for you guys in the Heavenly Domain. I’ll be going off to bed now.” Chen Guo said after eating and listening and then went to bed.

Tang Rou was startled. She knew that Chen Guo had always wanted to play with her. Now that she was playing, it seemed like Chen Guo was growing ever more distant from her. In the past, Chen Guo had frequently pulled her along to watch the pro matches and talked about stories in Glory, but she had also spent more time watching TV or doing something else with her every night.

In recent days, however, the time they were spending together was becoming less and less. And how many nights was Chen Guo freezing on the sofa alone?

Whenever Chen Guo was obsessed with the game, she never forgot to take care of me. But what about myself……