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Chapter 168: Fire Witch Cashew

Blue Brook Guild’s PR went quite smoothly. After all, the announcement of their new record was still there. The leaderboards could also be checked at any time. With the presence of this proof, there was nothing new players could criticize them for. New players also didn’t have any sort of hate directed towards Blue Brook Guild. The reason why they suddenly raised a storm upon them was simply because Full Moon Guild’s bragging made them feel unbelievably disgusted.

The time slowly crept towards midnight. Blue River slowly grew nervous as well. From 12:20 – 12:30, those ten minutes, Blue River stopped doing everything and stared at his screen.

The system suddenly made an announcement.

As soon as he saw the word “system”, Blue River froze.

System announcement: Please play the game in a healthy manner and take a break every once in awhile!

“F*ck! My hair almost turned white from fear.” Blue River couldn’t help but curse out loud. It was the system announcement that frequently came during the night to remind the players to take a break from the game. Of course, from a game company’s perspective, they wouldn’t want their players to stop playing the game. Years ago, players might have felt warmhearted from this fake and insincere reminder. Only noobs would be tricked by this reminder!

At 12:30, their record had yet to be broken. Blue River let out a sigh of relief. But then he immediately thought of something else: what if he didn’t start at exactly 12:00?

As a result, Blue River went back to nervously staring at the screen.

“Old Blue, you’re not going to dungeon today?” The team that Blue River played with frequently went over to ask him.

“I’m going. I’m going!” If Lord Grim was really going to break the record, then there was no point in worrying about it and wasting time. Blue River thought this way as he followed his team into the dungeon. However, he couldn’t concentrate on the dungeon. He made numerous mistakes and, at one point, he almost caused the whole team to be wiped out.

“Old Blue, how about I lead……” Everyone was scared now, but they all understood why Blue River was so distracted.

“Okay, you lead then!” With the switch, Blue River didn’t make as many mistakes as he did before. Prior to that, he was practically leading the team to their deaths.

After Line Canyon was cleared, it was as if half the night had gone by. There wasn’t any new system announcements, letting Blue River finally relax a bit.

Meanwhile, on Ye Xiu’s side, they hadn’t gone to set a record tonight. At 11 o’clock, Tang Rou changed shifts and began playing the game. They invited Steamed Bun Invasion and waited for Su Mucheng to come online. The four-player team then went to Fire Forest together.

Frost Forest, Fire Forest, Gloom Forest, and Sunlight Forest were Glory’s four large forests, which were also leveling areas and dungeons.

Frost Forest was the lowest-level one among the four. Fire Forest, which was the one Ye Xiu and his group were going to, was a Level 34-36 area.

As Level 30 characters, Level 35 monsters would give them the most experience. However, no matter how much experience wild monsters gave, there was no way they could compete with the elite monsters in dungeons. Plus, because of the end of dungeon experience rewards, running to the leveling area instead of to a dungeon was not the wisest choice.

A veteran of the game like Ye Xiu definitely wouldn’t make such an unwise choice. However, they weren’t going there to level. Ye Xiu’s goal was the Fire Forest’s wild BOSS, Fire Witch Cashew.

In Frost Forest, the strongest hidden BOSS White Witch was proficient in Ice Elemental Magic. As for Fire Forest, the Fire Witch, proficient in Fire Elemental Magic, was an existence even greater than hidden BOSSes: wild BOSS.

The wild BOSS was always the highest level in the leveling area which meant Fire Witch Cashew was Level 36.

Level 36 was 6 levels higher than Ye Xiu and his group’s characters. They wouldn’t gain much experience because that exceeded the five level limit,. However killing a BOSS wasn’t something that was done to gain levels.

Still, a 6 Level Suppression! This was a huge disadvantage for them. The current elite teams of the big guilds were Level 32, yet even they didn’t dare to provoke the Fire Witch Cashew.;they were already scared of a 4 Level Suppression. After all, she wasn’t just some regular monster. She was the strongest BOSS type, a wild BOSS.

A 4 Level Suppression was already enough to make the players retreat. But Ye Xiu was about to lead his team to battle against this wild BOSS that had a 6 Level Suppression. As for the other three, they weren’t scared at all.

Excluding Su Mucheng, Ye Xiu felt a need to let them know that a 6 Level Suppression wasn’t a joke.

“Everyone, note that there is a 6 Level Suppression between us and the Fire Witch.” Ye Xiu said as they searched for the Fire Witch. The Fire Witch was definitely there. A wild BOSS would just wander around after spawning if it wasn’t killed immediately. The tenth server had opened for three weeks already! It wasn’t just the Fire Witch; wild BOSSes from all other higher-leveled areas were already waiting for players to clear them! It was different from the first week, where the wild BOSSes hadn’t spawned yet.

“Okay.” Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion replied nonchalantly.

“Don’t underestimate this 6 Level Suppression! Combined with her identity as a wild BOSS, a lot of skill effects will be reduced by 60-100%. Do you know what a 100% reduction means? That means a complete reduction; no effect. That’s why during battle, you’re going to need to adjust. Dragon Tooth’s Stun, Sky Strike’s Knock-up, Sand Toss’s Blind, and Brick’s Dizzy. All of these will have a reduced effect on her.” Ye Xiu lectured.

“Oh, so it’s like that!” The two nodded.

“Haven’t we already encountered this type of situation in Line Canyon? Wasn’t the BOSS there higher leveled than us?” Tang Rou said....

“Yeah, it was higher leveled, but starting from Level 30, normal dungeons wouldn’t have level ranges higher than three usually. This is because a very high Level Suppression is difficult to deal with. 3 Levels is still manageable. If it weren’t for that, then the Level 36 Fire Witch would have been killed already. How else could we have gotten a chance to kill it?” Ye Xiu explained.

“Okay, I’ll pay attention to it.” Tang Rou didn’t dare to include Steamed Bun Invasion with a “we”.

“Steamed Bun, do you understand?’ Ye Xiu asked.

“Understood.” Steamed Bun Invasion replied. Ye Xiu couldn’t tell whether or not he actually understood.

The four wandered around Fire Forest and sometimes killed a few of the monsters along the way. The monsters in all the Four Great Forests were Goblins. Their levels were different, so they would obviously be different from each other. The Fire Forest’s Goblins all had red skin with a blood-thirsty look on their faces. They looked much more fierce than Frost Forest’s goblins.

“Here, she’s over here.” Ye Xiu found the silhouette of the Fire Witch Cashew.

In the middle of an open space in the forest, a large bonfire blazed. Fire Witch Cashew was standing crazily on one side. She carried an extremely long magic staff, with a flame-shaped rune on top, which seemed to pulsate with the raging fire. Beside her, a large mob of small Fire Forest Goblins were circling around the bonfire. They seemed to be holding some sort of a grand ritual. They were shouting and running around, but none of them left.

“What do we do? No one has touched it for so long that so many monsters have gathered……” Su Mucheng said.

“Don’t worry, we have time. Everyone has their potions, right?” Ye Xiu said.

“Got ’em.” The others replied. Ye Xiu had already told everyone to spend their money in Congee City and buy mid-grade potions.

“Okay, then the two of you go run away.” Ye Xiu said.

“What?” Tang Rou didn’t understand.

“You and Steamed Bun run. We’ll destroy that bonfire. The enemies will crazily chase after us and then we’ll counterattack.” Ye Xiu said.

“Okay.” Tang Rou’s Soft Mist and Steamed Bun Invasion ran off. Su Mucheng’s Cleansing Mist immediately began to store up energy for a laser. In that instant, Ye Xiu lifted up his Thousand Chance Umbrella and sent Anti-Tank Missiles over.

Three consecutive Anti-Tank Missiles and a giant laser beam shot towards that bonfire. The explosion splashed in every direction like a firework. The Goblins shrieked and ferociously glared at the two of them. The Fire Witch also turned to glance at them. She raised her magic staff and chanted in an unknown language. The Goblin’s arms suddenly glowed with a red light.

“Tsk tsk, the entire mob has Flame Chasers! The system is so shameless.” Ye Xiu said, while having his Lord Grim Aerial Fire backwards. Cleansing Mist did the same.

Although their movement speed was quick, it required them to repeatedly chain the same action over and over again. However, this wasn’t a problem for pro-players. While under their control, their speed wasn’t much slower than a Witch’s low-altitude flight. The only weakness was that they could only fly backwards. Because of this, there were several things they needed to careful of. For example, Ye Xiu was warning Su Mucheng: “Be careful! Don’t crash into a tree!”

“If I follow you, then I won’t crash into anything!” Su Mucheng said.

“That’s not true.”

“If you made a mistake then you’d be the first one to crash into a tree.” Su Mucheng said.

“No…… I’m afraid you’ll crash into me.” Ye Xiu said.

The two talked as they Aerial Fired. It clearly wasn’t anything difficult for them. One of them was in the front; the other in the back. They were both light and quick. The distance between those fierce Goblins and them grew wider and wider, but the Fire Witch’s movement speed wasn’t inferior to those two. She didn’t need to use her legs to run. She simply flew in the air towards them.

“Give her something to play with!” Seeing that the Fire Witch was closing in, Ye Xiu yelled.

“Okay.” Su Mucheng said. The two flew backwards as they fired towards the Fire Witch.

If this was a normal monster, then being repeatedly fired at like this would cause it to be pushed back. But to this Fire Witch who was 6 levels higher, these bullets had no effect on her movement speed.

“A little bigger!!” Ye Xiu yelled as he fired three Anti-Tank Missiles. Su Mucheng was slightly slower, causing their six Anti-Tank Missiles to form a line.

The six consecutive Anti-Tank Missiles exploded one after another. The Fire Witch finally gave the skills some face and was slowed down a bit. But the effects didn’t even last a second as she quickly began closing in again.