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Chapter 167: Taking Back the Record

At 3 o’clock in the afternoon during Tang Rou’s afternoon shift, the two had once again sat by themselves in front of their computers. Tang Rou had decided to give up playing the game during her shift and decided to look over guides instead. Ye Xiu, on the other hand, went to the smoking area to try and find a computer. One time, when Chen Guo was bored, she secretly made some calculations: if she charged Ye Xiu according to the Internet Cafe’s usual fees, then Ye Xiu would be paying twice the salary he gets.

Chen Guo had managed the Internet Cafe for so many years, but this was the first time she had seen anyone utilize the Internet Cafe employee benefits to such a level. Tang Rou was a close second and she had an even greater desire to take advantage of them than Ye Xiu did. This sister was busiest during the afternoon shift. She practically had no time to play the game, so she asked Chen Guo to move her to the all-night shift. Chen Guo tried very hard to put it off.

In game, the Blue Brook Guild was preparing for their record-setting run when Blue River suddenly saw a notification that Lord Grim had come online. He immediately felt a great deal of pressure.

It wasn’t a coincidence that they would be on at the same time. Blue River and his group often played the game all-night too. Their resting schedule was practically the same as Ye Xiu’s. In fact, they had only come online moments ago. Blue Brook Guild naturally understood the importance to this battle. After Changing Spring arranged for who would go, he called several players to work together and explore the dungeon. Desolate Land was a dungeon that these Heavenly Domain players hadn’t run in a long time, so they had to take some time to familiarize themselves with it.

After doing that, they all went to borrow their provided account cards. Changing Spring had personally brought over three experts to the tenth server. Blue River wasn’t using his own account right now. His character had already leveled past Desolate Land’s level limit, so it couldn’t be used to set the record. These account cards had just been obtained the previous day. This meant that the characters hadn’t used any of their entries for Desolate Land yet.

None of the experts had shown any signs of unfamiliarity with the dungeon on their first run. They were, after all, experts. Blue River was the one who was most familiar with the dungeon as he had entered it the most recent. As a result, he was appointed as the leader. They were able to achieve a time of 29:21:45 with just a few small mistakes. They had beaten their previous record. The experts that came over to help were extremely effective.

Blue River made a major mistake on their second run. The mistake affected their final time, which was 33:54:89. This run ended quite poorly. Even if they stretched out the leaderboards, it wasn’t even fast enough for them to be placed in the top twenty.

“Sorry…….” Blue River apologized to everyone. Their poor performance was all because of his mistake. The more experienced experts knew that, due to mistake, there was no way for them to set the record this time. As a result, they played more carelessly and listened to Blue River’s constant apologies.

They were all old friends, so no one said anything. They couldn’t guarantee that they wouldn’t make a mistake either.

“This is our last run for today……. we can do it everyone.” Changing Spring said.

“Sigh, this is unexpected! After leaving the normal servers for so many years already, to think I’d have to come back and try so hard for this dungeon again.” Someone said.

“Me too. I suddenly feel a bit nostalgic speaking about this!” Another player followed.

“Blue Bridge, hurry up and get to the Heavenly Domain! It’s been so long since we’ve dungeoned together.”

The current five-man team was Blue Brook Guild’s strongest combo.

The guild leader Changing Spring, Ice of Dawn, Chilling Nightfall, Flying Brushstroke, and Blue River’s main account Blue Bridge Spring Snow were Blue Brook Guild’s Five Greatest Experts! Changing Spring had gathered these experts to dungeon in the tenth server, leaving even Poplar Beach unable to object.

The players’ strengths wouldn’t lose out to Poplar Beach in any way. In the guild, they were also considered seniors. Their dispatch meant that Blue Brook Guild was using their greatest strength to fight. Even if Poplar Beach was confident that he was better than Blue River, because of what their team signified, there was no way he’d be able to switch in for Blue River.

“This is our last run for today. We can do it, brothers!!” Blue River said and then took a deep breath. He was even more pressured than the other four. This record was closely related to his guild’s power in the tenth server. But once he thought of Lord Grim, Blue River couldn’t calm down. He was always worried that their record wouldn’t be good enough and that it would be stepped on by Lord Grim again.

Calm down, be cool, concentrate!!

Blue River kept on repeating these words to himself as he entered Desolate Land for their third run.

Changing Spring was a Berserker, Dawn of Ice was a Summoner, Chilling Nightfall was an Elementalist, Flying Brushstroke was a Spitfire. and with Blue River’s Blade Master, their team was a full DPS team without an MT or a Healer either. Even though their skill level couldn’t be compared to pro-players, they were definitely at the peak of normal players.

For a low-leveled dungeon like Desolate Land, even though they weren’t using their main accounts, they were still confident with rolling through the dungeon using their full DPS team. Only this type of DPS team could take the final record. For example, in their previous record for Desolate Land, even though they didn’t have an MT, they still had Bound Boat’s Cleric. Because of this, their DPS was brought down as opposed to Lord Grim’s team which was full DPS. As a result, it was clear that if they didn’t use a DPS team too , then there would be no way to compete with Lord Grim. This was why Blue River needed the help of experts from the Heavenly Domain.

Third try!

Everyone’s spirit was at their peak. They had made mistakes in their last two runs, but this time, they were going to put an end to that. Everyone put in 100% of their effort and pushed on and on.

The first BOSS fell.

The second BOSS fell....

The rest of the way went by smoothly after they had cleared out the monsters. Their current performance was definitely worthy of being praised. However, they had understood very well about BOSS Toya’s style. Stealing time from Toya needed a bit of luck. This BOSS had too many skills. Who knew what he would do when they faced off against him! There wouldn’t be a set time without a good strategy. Many wanted to restrict Toya but, at Level 30, they didn’t have enough skills. So their only choice was to use coordination.But coordinating against such a complicated BOSS needed both time and practice. Due to this, the difficulty of fighting this BOSS increased.

But this was only a low-level dungeon! Many players would only play here for a bit and then move past this stage. Who would take the time to research it? This was why restricting Toya was still just a theory.

The expert team of five hadn’t trained together for any sort of coordination,which meant that they hadn’t thought of that type of theory. These players were just using the usual strategy. They would attack and then rely on themselves to push down Toya.

The battle flew by and the remnants of the battle was displayed on the castle walls and in the rear garden.

Sword lights, bullets, magic, and summoned pets filled the garden as the five players surrounded Toya. At this moment, none of them could afford looking at the time. They could only do their best!

Toya fell. Blue River didn’t even get the opportunity to check the time, when suddenly, the system announcement popped up!

Their Blue Brook Guild had finally taken down this Desolate Land’s record: 26:31:55.

“We did it!” Those four were extremely happy, but Blue River didn’t even think about relaxing yet. 26:31:55. They were only faster than Lord Grim’s record by a minute and a half. But Blue River clearly knew: Lord Grim’s team hadn’t reached their limit yet. Not only was their equipment lacking, but they also had someone on their team who was holding them back. Even so, their Five Greatest Experts team was only able to improve the record by a minute and a half. This meant that this record wasn’t completely unbeatable yet.

“Do you guys think it’s possible to improve this record?” After they exited the dungeon, Blue River asked them seriously.

“You think that this record isn’t enough to beat Lord Grim?” Changing Spring said.

“Yeah.” Blue River nodded his head.

“If we have to improve, then there’s isn’t much we can do about the small monsters. It would all have to depend on Toya. If we are able to completely suppress Toya and be the first to act, then it’s still possible to improve the record.” Flying Brushstroke said.

“In any case, the record’s already been broken and we don’t have anymore entries left. Right now, the whole world is looking at it. Find people to bring back our influence and clean our name!” Changing Spring said.

“Okay!” Blue River replied. They had prepared for this moment. Blue River called the guild and Blue Brook Guild’s name immediately appeared all over the world chat.

The topic today was a follow-up to last night’s topic, which meant that the taunters from last night might not all be present. But Blue Brook Guild wasn’t trying to attack these guys, they were only telling everyone: Blue Brook Guild doesn’t need Lord Grim’s help to set a record.

“Blue Brook Guild actually did it!” Cold Night saw the record and then quietly watched the advertising done by Blue Brook Guild in the world chat.

A minuted and a half. For Lord Grim, it might still be possible to beat that! Cold Night’s line of thinking was similar to Blue River’s.

“It looks like we’ll soon find out what exactly Blue River’s attitude towards this is and what exactly Lord Grim will do.” Cold Night thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Changing Spring and the others withdrew after setting the record. They obviously wouldn’t stay to level these accounts. As for Blue River, he was in a more difficult position. He looked at their record and suddenly feared that Lord Grim’s name would appear in front of theirs.

After the wave of fear, Blue River suddenly realized that Lord Grim should have already used up all of his entries for the day. It wasn’t midnight yet so with this in mind, he felt at ease knowing that their record wouldn’t be broken right now!

It looked like the most crucial stage would take place from 12-2 o’clock again!

Seeing Lord Grim’s name lit up on his friends list, Blue River was in a conflicted mindset regarding whether or not to talk to him. After pondering over it, he decided to not talk to him after all.

The record had already been stolen back. Lord Grim, I won’t come to an agreement with you this time around! Blue River encouraged himself with such thoughts.