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Chapter 135: What Unspecialized Means

“Okay!” Liang Fang replied. This time he didn’t test him and seriously attacked. He tapped his keyboard and his character Blood Frenzy stamped his feet and shook his arm. A blood-red aura surrounded his body, the Level 25 Berserker Skill “Berserk”.

The Berserk status lasted 20 seconds. In those 20 seconds, the character’s strength, attack speed, movement speed, and abnormal status resistance increased, while the character’s intelligence, physical defense, and magic defense fell greatly. Every level required 20 skill points and its max level was 10. It was an essential buff for Berserkers.

Liang Fang just began and he was already in a Berserk state. It really did fit with his personality. He liked to finish things as quick as possible. Endurance battles were battles that Liang Fang hated the most.

After recognizing that the opponents were Team Tiny Herb, he instantly guessed what the other side’s purpose was and helplessly shook his head.

“Boss, can we talk later?” Ye Xiu said to Chen Guo.

“Okay, okay. Hurry up!” Chen Guo was even more worried than Ye Xiu.

Ye Xiu’s left hand tapped the keyboard, while his right hand adjusted his earphones. This sort of high-level battle required the assistance of sound. Glory was in a first-person perspective. Movements from behind were mainly determined through sound. Experienced pro-players could determine how far away the opponent was behind them through how loud or soft the opponent’s footsteps were. The frequency of the footsteps could also tell them how quick the opponent was moving.

Ye Xiu put on his headphones and immediately heard Blood Frenzy heavy steps. His character turned and he saw Bloody Frenzy with his two bloodshot eyes slashing towards him.

Level 5 Berserker Skill: Heavy Hit, which fully utilized the weapon’s weight. The damage and weight of the weapon were directly correlated. Blood Frenzy’s Breaking Water Greatsword was around 5 kg, more than twice as heavy as Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella. This Heavy Hit’s aura was extremely frightening. Ye Xiu didn’t take it head on and leaped back to avoid it.

Heavy Hit smashed into the ground with a loud bang. A small crater astonishingly appeared right where Lord Grim had just been. Ye Xiu’s mouse swept and Lord Grim stabbed forth with a Dragon Tooth. However, Liao Fang didn’t have Blood Frenzy dodge. Instead, Blood Frenzy lifted his sword and used Back Slash, intending to fight with Lord Grim head on.

The battle lance arrived first, hitting Blood Frenzy square in his chest. However, there was no Stun. Under the Berserk status, the user would have increased resistances to status effects. Dragon Tooth’s Stun effect wasn’t very high originally. With the increased resistances, he naturally wasn’t stunned.

Along with the sword itself, the greatsword brought along chunks of earth, which flew towards Lord Grim. However, Lord Grim had recovered and leapt backwards, dodging this attack.

Liao Fang stared blankly. He immediately knew that the attack speed of the battle lance in Lord Grim’s hands didn’t have the slowest attack speed of 1 like he had presumed. Because of this disadvantage in attack speeds, fighting Lord Grim head on wouldn’t work.

Pro-level battles were like this. Any random detail could give them lots of information.

Even though Liang Fang’s Blood Frenzy was in a Berserk state. It was only a Level 2 Berserk. Even when Berserk was maxed, it would only increase attack speed by 1, which would still be far from the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s attack speed of 5.

Even though being slower didn’t guarantee a loss, Liang Fang was currently fighting against a top-tier God. Along with his battle lance, which had an attack speed of 5, that was simply too difficult. Ye Xiu fully utilized his advantage though and easily suppressed Liang Fang’s Blood Frenzy. After 20 seconds, Blood Frenzy’s Berserk status ended and he clearly hadn’t succeeded in his original intent of a quick battle.

While fighting against Blood Frenzy, Ye Xiu watched the others and discovered that the other ten players didn’t have any intent on acting, even when he had Lord Grim deliberately enter their attack range.

Ye Xiu smiled. His hand speed suddenly exploded out. Lord Grim’s Thousand Chance Umbrella immediately changed three times, completing three different class’s skills. Blood Frenzy was blasted out. However, as a pro-player, he naturally didn’t have any trouble Quick Recovering. Blood Frenzy rolled and just as he was about to stand up. Ye Xiu’s Lord Grim had already used a Shadow Clone Technique to shift to his position. The distance he would fly had clearly been calculated by Lord Grim.

Unable to get up in time, Blood Frenzy was torn up into a bloody mess and died shortly after. Liang Fang was staring blankly at his screen. From beginning to end, he hadn’t found any chance of winning. Suppressed, completely suppressed. Every plan, every movement had been calculated by his opponent. The opponent’s movements in the beginning weren’t too quick, but even so, he had been completely suppressed so easily. Once the opponent’s hand speed burst forth, his end had quickly come.

In game, everything was silent.

Tiny Herb’s practice room was also completely silent.

“Xiaobie, your turn.” Wang Jiexi spoke and chose a player.

“Okay.” He answered.

Liu Xiaobie, a very strange-sounding name, was widely known for his hand speed.

Even for pro-players, there were differences in hand speed. Liu Xiaobie could be ranked as having the fastest absolute hand speed in Tiny Herb. However, in terms of effective hand speed, he lost to captain Wang Jiexi by a level. Pro-players clearly knew that absolute hand speed was just for show, while effective hand speed was the truly valuable in real combat. Liu Xiaobie still had a ways to go there. His hand speed wasn’t being completely utilized yet.

Liu Xiaobie was a Blade Master. Once he heard captain’s orders, he immediately had his character move out.

Slash Slash Draw, Level 27 Blade Master, Lightsaber Mastery, Level 25 Purple Weapon Flickering Light Sword. Physical Attack: 233, Magic Attack: 253. Strength + 11. Attacks had a 2% chance to Dizzy.

“Wait a minute.” Ye Xiu suddenly said. Everyone was startled.

“Are you guys planning on doing a Group Competition?” Ye Xiu said.

“Yeah.” Wang Jiexi unexpectedly answered back. Lord Grim was now standing face to face with his Fiery Blaze. Liang Fang’s Blood Frenzy had been killed by Lord Grim under his watch.

“Too annoying.” Ye Xiu said....


“Then what do you suggest?” Wang Jiexi asked.

“Let’s just do a team competition!” Ye Xiu said.

Everyone immediately went into an uproar. This guy actually wanted to do a team competition with the ten of them. The problem was, he was only a single person. And the ten players over here weren’t any ordinary ten players. They were Team Tiny Herb, last year’s Champions. This year, they were also the favorites for being Champions and they hoped to be the second team to be consecutive Champions like Excellent Era. To be looked down upon like this, everyone was immediately infuriated on the spot. Liu Xiaobie already began shouting: “Captain, let me destroy him!!!”

“What happened?’ Liang Fang, who had just revived, was still on the way there, so he didn’t know what was happening.

“That guy actually said he wanted to fight against our entire team by himself. F*ck!” A teammate next to him said.

Liang Fang was startled. He wanted to say something, but he held back.

He had lost, extremely miserably and tragically and was thoroughly convinced by his loss that his opponent’s experience, knowledge, and mechanical skill were all above his own by a level. Plus with an unspecialized character’s advantage…….. In all honesty, Liang Fang had never seen an unspecialized character before. Unspecialized characters had already become legends when he had first started playing Glory. He had only heard a few old teammates talk about how strong and what unspecialized characters were. Today, he had finally experienced their might personally, which was clearly even more abnormal than what the old teammates had said. Unspecialized character’s attacks were impossible to predict. Although they were only low-leveled skills, it included skills from all 24 classes. How could anyone figure out which one of those skills he was going to use?

This type of advantage would still exist at high levels. Unspecialized characters only lacked the explosive power of high-level skills.

Right now, Liang Fang really wanted to say that no one was his opponent if they dueled. Even if captain had personally come up, Liang Fang still wasn’t confident. He was a pro-player with his own clear judgement. He wasn’t like those loyal fans who exaggerated their idol’s strength.

But to say that no one was his opponent would arouse Lord Grim’s fighting spirits. Even if this player was extremely skilled, to actually want to solo their entire team, even Liang Fang, who knew how terrifying he was, couldn’t help but feel that he was being a bit too ridiculous.

“Captain!! I’m going up!” Liu Xiaobie yelled, sucked in a deep breath, and then moved!

His Blade Master Slash Slash Draw used a Triple Slash to instantly close in on Lord Grim and used an Upward Slash.

“Dong”. Lord Grim had unexpectedly drawn his sword and then used Guard to block it.

Sword Draw!!

This thought immediately flashed across Liu Xiaobie’s mind. At this moment, Blade Masters would definitely use Sword Draw, this fairly long-ranged attack, to chase him down.

He had to be quick!

Liu Xiaobie was a player with high hand speed. He of course loved to go all-in. Fight with hand speed. This thought flashed through his mind. His fingers also quickly moved. Slash Slash Draw sheathed his sword and then pulled it out! Sword Draw’s sword light instantly flashed……

“Ta ta ta ta ta……”

A string of crisp machine gun sounds rang out. Slash Slash Draw’s Sword Draw was instantly dissipated and his entire body poured out blood. If this wasn’t a game, he’d have become a corpse bleeding from bullet holes long ago.

Launcher Skill: Gatling Gun.

At this moment, Liu Xiaobie finally understood what an unspecialized character was and what others meant by it having attacks impossible to predict.

He originally wanted to compete in hand speed and see whose Sword Draw was faster! However, his opponent didn’t use Sword Slash and instead moved backwards to use Gatling Gun.

No matter how far Sword Draw reached, how could it reach farther than a gun?

The chain of bullets hit Liu Xiaobie. Just as Gatling Gun finished, the opponent’s Sword Draw suddenly came out. Liu Xiaobie deserved to be called a player with high hand speed. In this short instant, he completed a Guard. Slash Slash Draw lifted his sword upright. “Dong” The Sword Draw was blocked. Just as he was being hit back by the blow, he heard three consecutive sounds. The opponent’s sword had turned into a gun. Launcher Skill: Anti-Tank Missile.

Liu Xiaobie wanted to hide, but in the end he was still hit. The three Anti-Tank Missiles weren’t in a straight line. The opponent used Tri-Shot and the three Anti-Tank Missiles were pulled into a triangle formation, enshrouding an area. No matter how Slash Slash Draw moved, he would be hit by one.

Following after were a string of low-leveled skills, no signs, impossible to predict. Liu Xiaobie and Liang Fang were the same. They had only heard of the era when unspecialized characters reigned free. And this time, they had personally experienced it for themselves.

Defeated. Liu Xiaobie was also defeated handily. And he was the same as Liang Fang. He had been beaten extremely miserably without any chance of fighting back. This wasn’t supposed to be possible for pro-players. Even if they were against God-level opponents, such as their team captain, it shouldn’t go so far as to not even having a chance of winning!

Chances always existed, it just depended on whether or not the individual could grasp it.

But when fighting against Lord Grim, Liu Xiaobie and Liang Fang both discovered that there was only one way to not lose: don’t go up and duel him.