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Chapter 82: A Swift Dungeon Record

The Ice Crystal Staff made Cold Night feel powerless, but it wasn’t because he wasn’t willing to give it up. Not matter how rare the item was. It was only a Level 25 equipment and nothing more. It was only a transition equipment and could only be used temporarily for that level stage. With regards to experienced players, they didn’t really care. Thinking of this, Cold Night couldn’t help but look down on Endless Night. It was only a Level 20 Orange equipment, that’s all. This guy treated it as a treasure and wouldn’t hand it over. He asked him for the reason and he answered that it was good-looking so he wanted to collect it.

“It’s only going to be used for mortgage. It’s not like you’re not going to get it back!” Cold Night said to Endless Night.

“Don’t trick me. Do you think it’s as simple as we’ll trade when we want to? Lord Grim clearly wants the Ice Crystal Staff. Do you know how many times we’re going to have to kill the White Witch for this item to drop?” Endless Night said. It was exactly this Ice Crystal Staff that made Cold Night feel so powerless. To find an Orange equipment, you could only rely on luck to get it!

“If we don’t have one, then we’ll buy one. There’s always a way.” Cold Night said.

“Do you want to try it now?” Endless Night said.

“Take your Crystal Cross and try to sell it.” Cold Night wasn’t happy. Right now the game was still in the new server opening stage, as an experienced veteran, he only sold equipment and never bought one. Right now, low-leveled equipment could be sold for some money, especially to those noobs. But once everyone was high-leveled and into the Heavenly Domain, low-leveled equipment were like floating clouds. At that time, a Level 25 Purple weapon would be the same price as a single White Wolf Bristle. When Cold Night said to buy it, he meant to buy it at a cabbage price later when the price fell. Buying a Level 25 Orange weapon right now, was an outright nooby action, how could Endless Night not understand?

“Sell it, sell it!” Endless Night teared up. He knew that this outstanding weapon he had in the Level 20s wouldn’t last forever. Endless Night could only gnash his teeth in rage at Lord Grim. Cold Night wasn’t happy either. He had a type of willing-to-sacrifice-everything-he-had feeling. This sort of feeling made him feel terrible.

However, for the guild’s activity in the new server, their reputation was number one! It was a worthy investment. In the end, these two players relied on this belief to maintain their faith. And they had no choice but to comply: this Lord Grim was too much of a veteran. Although the items he wanted were tricky, it was still within their limits. He didn’t demand ridiculous fees like a lion.

But the problem was, like this, Cold Night was extremely worried about their Three Great Guilds fighting over this Lord Grim. This definitely wasn’t something they could do for a long time. After making the deal with Lord Grim, Cold Night also logged out to ask the guild leader for help with his main account. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to participate in the Frost Forest clear record. It was that he was a f*cking Knight, Glory’s main tank class. As a result, he was also ignored like Endless Night.

Their one Knight and one Cleric, these two Priest classes, were originally the tenth server Tyrannical Ambition’s two core characters. Right now they had helplessly become miserable b*tiches. Seeing Lord Grim running over from outside Frost Forest, he immediately sent out four Level 25 DPSers from Tyrannical Ambition. While the strategy for the dungeon was being explained, Endless Night pinched his mouse resentfully. His clenched hands were drenched in sweat.

“This is the general idea. Does everyone understand?” After Ye Xiu finished explaining, he had confidence that with this sort of full DPS party, as long as they didn’t make any mistakes, there shouldn’t be any problem in setting a new record. He just didn’t know exactly how much they would beat it by.

When the four DPS players heard this, they were all in a daze. They were just like Blue River and the others when they first heard about using One Wave Rush, they all felt it was inconceivable.

“If there’s not problem, let’s go!” Ye Xiu announced. He casually led Lord Grim into the dungeon.

The four DPSers all carried a bit of doubt in their hearts. But once they entered the dungeon, they didn’t think anymore of it. They immediately rushed forward. They were going for a clear record. Every second counted.

At this moment, Lord Grim had already gone up to pull monsters. Compared to last time, the Thousand Chance Umbrella’s Original, Gun, Sword, and Lance were all Level 15 now. Ye Xiu was more steady in pulling monsters with his increased damage. While he instructed them on when to attack his pulled monsters, he unleashed attacks on other monsters.

The four output damage very carefully, afraid to OT. However, they soon discovered that under this person’s lead, OT, this sort of problem, didn’t exist. Did this person understand their damage output better than them?

Pulling twenty or so monsters in a One Wave Rush made the four DPSers scared witless. But under Ye Xiu’s step by step instructions, the four quickly took their position and like Blue Brook Guild, they went from doubt to shock to admiration to excitement....

After the first wave of monsters had been killed, everyone glanced at the time. They immediately determined that as long as they didn’t make a mistake, the record would certainly be broken.

“Kill!” The four players were as energetic as a rainbow. They were even more excited than Ye Xiu. After all, this record was to be set by Tyrannical Ambition. Ye Xiu didn’t care at all about this and continued to carry out his work.

Endless Night and the others were also running dungeons with other Tyrannical Ambition players. However, none of them were thinking about themselves: they were all thinking of that record-setting party.

From time to time, Endless Night looked at the time. In an instant, ten minutes had passed. Their team was also a Level 25 party, but seeing their current progress, it wasn’t possible for them to break the record. Not knowing where that other party was at, Endless Night couldn’t help but think about it. He was extremely curious, but he didn’t want to ask, afraid that his message might mess up their concentration.

As for the other members, they chatted while killing monsters. Their main topic was on Lord Grim, this mysterious expert.

In a flash, five minutes passed. The record-setting party had already been in the dungeon for fifteen minutes. Endless Night became even more anxious. He couldn’t help but open up the dungeon leaderboards and look. The current record was still that 20:24:11 record. Currently, their players’ strength had increased substantially. After these 15 minutes, the record could be newly set at any time.

“Clear!!” Someone in their party suddenly yelled.

Endless Night, who was still looking at the previous record, quivered. He immediately looked towards the system announcement and was taken aback.

System Announcement: Congratulations to Herb Garden’s players Plantago Seed, Giant Taro, Oriental Sweetgum, Rangoon Creeper, Malva Nut for breaking Frost Forest’s clear record, time: 17:48:45.

“Herb Garden’s players?” Those four were all astonished.

“Don’t worry, it’s not the end yet.” Endless Night unexpectedly said calmly. At this moment, every big guild had reached the Level 25 realm. They could obviously begin using all their strength to clear the Frost Forest dungeon. With Herb Garden’s level, it wasn’t anything to fuss about. 17:48:45. This record could still be beaten by their party. Lord Grim’s party had entered the dungeon for 15 minutes. They should also be done soon, right?

Endless Night’s expectations weren’t wrong. When Herb Garden’s record had been broken, Ye Xiu’s party didn’t even blink. This was because they had already completely assessed what type of time they could set. 17:48? How sorry! Herb Garden’s players could only be happy for a minute.

The four Tyrannical Ambition players excitedly thought this. On the other hand, Ye Xiu continued his steady damage output.

Suddenly, another System Announcement popped up.

System Announcement: Congratulations to Excellent Dynasty players: Gray Black, Sea Breeze, Inherit, Nowhere to Run, Purse for breaking the Frost Forest clear record, time:13:24:21.

The entire world was shocked!