The King’s Avatar

Chapter 81: A Blessing or a Curse

At this moment, Ye Xiu was waiting for Seven Fields and the others to dungeon together again. After making an appointment with Tyrannical Ambition for the Level 25 dungeon clear, they didn’t invite Ye Xiu to train with them. Compared to Blue River, they didn’t care about making any friendly relationships with Ye Xiu. They paid, he worked, it was that simple.

With regards to Ye Xiu not being put on the leaderboards after the successful Goblin Merchant first kill, Seven Fields and the others were extremely resentful. But Ye Xiu completely didn’t care. Regarding these sort of glories that normals players were envious of, Ye Xiu couldn’t care less. However, to normal players, this was an extremely significant glory. As a result, because he wasn’t put on the first kill leaderboards, although Ye Xiu didn’t care, he didn’t need to show it. In the end, as expected, he exchanged his bargaining chip with Tyrannical Ambition for many more rewards.

Seven Fields and the others felt that this wasn’t worth it at all, but for Ye Xiu, he thought of it as a cheap choice. Tyrannical Ambition was obviously very regretful, but there was no other choice! They valued glory even more than normal players. Their guild’s name being put up on the leaderboards was extremely important to them, so they were willing to pay a high price for it.

From the Goblin Merchant’s first kill, in the end, Ye Xiu received 20 White Wolf Bristles and 30 Spider Teeth from Tyrannical Ambition.

Spider Teeth came from the two hidden BOSSes, the Spider Elite and the Spider Warrior in the beginner village’s Spider Cave dungeon.

These two hidden BOSSes all looked weird. The Spider Warrior held a spider-shaped Spider Shield. The Spider Elite directly used its eight legs for boxing. When these two hidden BOSses were killed, there was a chance for them to drop the Spider Teeth. Because dungeons could be cleared limitlessly in the beginner village, Tyrannical Ambition had quite a lot of these sort of materials. 30 Spider Teeth wasn’t anything difficult for them.

As for White Wolf Bristles, those were dropped from Frost Forest’s hidden BOSS White Wolf. In these few days since the server opened, Tyrannical Ambition didn’t have many of these. Last time, Endless Night used 10 of them for nothing. This time, they couldn’t pay the 20 in full. Luckily, everyone had their dungeon entries renewed, so after killing off the Goblin Merchant, Tyrannical Ambition hurriedly formed parties to run Frost Forest dungeon in order to pay off the debt. Inside, all of their cheeks streamed with tears. F*ck, exactly who was the one doing the labor? Why did it seem like they were the ones slaving away to pay the debt?

The guild leader Cold Night was even more worried. This Lord Grim really did need a lot of precious materials. As their levels rose, there would be more dungeons and more wild BOSSes. Was it possible that they needed him to help them every time they wanted to get a new record? This guy’s appetite was huge. He was cunning too. He didn’t want money, only hidden BOSS materials. Like this, there was no way they could keep buying him!

Even if they could, this situation was burdensome. Were all of the tenth server’s leaderboards completely controlled by this single person? Especially the wild BOSS first kills and dungeon clear records. These two leaderboards embodied a guild’s strength the most.

It seems like the tenth server’s situation can no longer be controlled all because of the sudden appearance of this expert. Where did this guy come from? Cold Night didn’t understand. He also went to his guild’s headquarters to ask for advice.

Every side was like this and ran dungeons while carrying this worry. On that night, the tenth server’s first string players all broke through to Level 25. They switched equipment and learned new skills. Their strength instantly leaped one level. Although Cold Night was worried, he had already made an appointment with Ye Xiu for the Frost Forest clear record.

“Hello hello, we’re all Level 25, let’s break the record!!” Endless Night was Tyrannical Ambition’s contact person to Ye Xiu.

“Oh? Wait a bit. I’m still in a dungeon.” Ye Xiu said.

“You haven’t used up all of your dungeon entries, have you?” Endless Night started sweating.

“I still have one more.” Ye Xiu said.

“Hurry hurry.” Endless Night bounced up and down.

“Why the rush? We don’t need a cleric for the clear record.” Ye Xiu said.

“F*ck. Let me ask you what you need this time.” Endless Night said.

“Ten White Wolf Bristles, two Mithril Pendants, one Ice Crystal Staff.” Ye Xiu said....

“You….. you White Wolf Bristle maniac!” Endless Night cried. Their whole guild ran Frost Forest and with great difficulty, barely paid off the debt for their 20 White Wolf Bristles. And now he wanted another ten. Once Endless Night told the guild leader Cold Night about the White Wolf Bristles, Cold Night almost flipped the table: “Is he looking for trouble? He’s intentionally looking for trouble, right? Why does he needs so many White Wolf Bristles? If he wants money, aren’t all the materials the same? White Wolf Fangs! White Wolf Fur! White Witch’s Tears! Ice Remnants!! Ask him if any of these can replace it!”

Endless Night immediately asked and in the end Ye Xiu said extremely magnanimously: “Okay, I’ll first take these as mortgage. And then when you guys find enough White Wolf Bristles we can trade, how about it?”

“What do you want with all these White Wolf Bristles?” Endless Night looked and saw that this guy wanted these White Wolf Bristles no matter what. So it seemed like he didn’t want these hidden materials for money and wanted them for an actual purpose.

“To make equipment.” Ye Xiu said.

“Bullsh*t……..” Endless Night rolled his eyes. These hidden material’s most important usage was for making equipment. If he asked what he was making with them, then he was obviously asking what equipment he was going to make. They were only level 20. It wasn’t worth it to make such low-leveled equipment. So if he was going to make equipment, then it would obviously be the highest-leveled ones.

In the end, Ye Xiu didn’t reply to Endless Night’s question.

As a result, Endless Night didn’t go and question him anymore. He temporarily put down the White Wolf Bristles matter. The Mithril Pendants were just toys; they had no value. But Ye Xiu’s third request made their balls hurt.

Ice Crystal Staff was a Level 25 Orange Equipment. Tyrannical Ambition, from top to bottom, didn’t have one. Orange equipment had an extremely low drop rate. They were extraordinarily valuable and weren’t sold in the market. Even low-leveled equipment would sometimes be taken out by high-leveled players to show off because they truly were too difficult to find. Otherwise, how could Endless Night keep shaking his Orange Crystal Cross around. Orange equipment were for those with status.

“We really don’t have an Ice Crystal Staff.” Endless Night said.

“Then let’s talk later when you find one!” Ye Xiu wasn’t in a hurry. He wasn’t in a hurry at all. Lord Grim was only Level 21 and there were still plenty of opportunities to set a new Frost Forest clear record. But Tyrannical Ambition was worried! Their first string players were Level 25. If they continued to power-level, they would reach Level 26. If they broke a record at that level, then it wouldn’t count.

“Ask for something else. Can you ask to mortgage something?” Endless Night said.

“Your Crystal Cross?” Ye Xiu asked.

“F*CK!!!” Endless Night shouted.

Ye Xiu wasn’t done talking: “Your Level 20 Orange weapon is still a little lacking. How about a few more hidden materials too?”

Endless Night didn’t respond for a long time. He really had invited disaster onto himself. At this moment, he sent a request to Cold Night stating that he didn’t want to be the contact person anymore.

“Whoever wants it can have it!” Endless Night hugged his Crystal Cross and made a clean getaway.

Cold Night was unable to make heads or tails of the situation. He could only add Lord Grim as a friend for himself and ask. Hearing the three words Ice Crystal Staff, he also almost coughed blood.

“We really don’t have this.” Cold Night cried. Was this expert’s help a blessing or a curse?