The King’s Avatar

Chapter 80: A Guild Leader’s Troubles

“Never heard of it.” Blue River accompanied Changing Spring and was at a loss too.

“If there really is such a person, then I’ll come over some time and see for myself!” Changing Spring said.

“Okay. Wait until he’s Level 23 and I’ll make an appointment to set a new record in the Boneyard. You should come when the time comes.” Blue River said.

“He’s not Level 23 yet?” Changing Spring was surprised.

“Still 21…….” Blue River was a little embarrassed on behalf of Lord Grim. No matter what was said, levels in a game would always be a type of symbol. As the tenth server’s most popular expert, with levels as such an important indicator to normal people, this made people like Blue River, who was almost Level 25, speechless.

“This this this….. I definitely have to see him for myself if there’s a chance.” Changing Spring said.

“Then, I’ll call you over next time.” Blue River said.

“Okay.” Changing Spring nodded his head. Although he didn’t say it directly, he already understood Blue River’s purpose for coming here. Blue River wanted to know what the true guild leader’s decision on what to do with this expert, on whether or not to fight for him with everything they had.

After casually chatting for a bit, Changing Spring left. Blue River habitually admired his high-leveled account. Right when he was about to go offline and leave, he suddenly heard a voice he didn’t like: “Oh, old Blue? Why did you come over?”

How unlucky! He had only come back for such a short amount of time and he unfortunately ran into this guy. Blue River sighed and turned around. He immediately saw Poplar Beach, this extravagant name, as well as that full body of extravagant equipment.

“Nothing much. I had a bit of business to do here.” Blue River replied indifferently.

“If you have so much time, why don’t we compare notes in the arena?” Poplar Beach was clearly concerned about the previous unfinished duel.

“No time. I still need to go back to the new server to dungeon.” Blue River crisply rejected him.

“It won’t take that long!” Poplar Beach seemed to like controlling his voice to sound luxurious. From this guy’s name to his equipment, they were all extremely extravagant. Naturally, the actual meaning of his words was suggesting he could easily dispatch Blue River.

Blue River was a person who was worried about losing face, so he was immediately angered. His blood was boiling and he had the heart to immediately teach this guy a lesson, but then he suddenly heard a voice: “Blue Bridge, shouldn’t you hurry up?”

Blue River turned around and he didn’t know when, but Changing Spring had come back.

“I’m going.” Blue River responded and didn’t bother with Poplar Beach, immediately logging out.

Changing Spring had come back to get him out of trouble. Blue River clearly understood this.

As for Poplar Beach, many players in the guild knew about his pressuring. Although the current rumor was that the guild leader had sent Blue River over to pioneer in the tenth server in preparation to give Poplar Beach a position, Blue River clearly understood that one aspect of Changing Spring’s action was because he didn’t want to see this sort of struggle between him and Poplar Beach. This was because for this type of struggle, no matter who won, the loser would lose a lot of face and it was very possible that the loser would leave the guild. This would be like being forced to leave. It would definitely arouse many people’s sympathies and would cause a lot of people to lose hope in the guild. The shock caused by this probably wouldn’t be small. After all, Poplar Beach and Blue River represented the powers between Blue Brook Guild’s new and old players.

As for the other aspect, Changing Springs covertly helped Blue River keep his position. At a glance, Blue River looked as if he had been kept away from the Heavenly Domain’s core, but in the tenth server, Blue River was in charge. Who knew how many newly recruited experts he would find there. Once these players entered the Heavenly Domain, it’d be hard to say if those players would even put Changing Spring in their eyes, Poplar Beach even more so.

Sending him to the new server was letting Blue River develop his foundation. Banishment or whatever, that type of thinking was too naive.

Blue River clearly understood this because this was something Changing Spring had calmly explained to him. He had even told Blue River more directly that if Blue River PKed with Poplar Beach, he wasn’t optimistic for Blue River. He believed that if the two fought for three rounds, then Blue River would only have a thirty percent chance of winning....

Blue River was helpless. He really wasn’t confident in beating Poplar Beach. Now it seemed that Changing Spring saw this even more clearly.

Blue River, his heart like a mirror, saw Changing Spring suddenly turn back to help him out of the situation. In his heart, he was deeply moved by his attentiveness. As a result, he didn’t bother arguing with Poplar Beach and directly went offline.

Thinking of this, in that moment he logged out, Blue River suddenly had a weird thought arise. He really wanted to see the terrified look on Poplar Beach’s face when he was completely suppressed by Lord Grim.

This thought wasn’t too good…… Blue River hit his head. No matter what happened, Poplar Beach was still a fellow guild member. Although they had some enmity towards each other, how could he let an outsider make him lose face?

But….. he really did look forward to it! Blue River discovered that he was trying to cheat his own heart. After letting out two long sighs, he put his Blue River account card in and returned to the tenth server.

Right when he went online, someone from his guild called him over to dungeon. Blue River saw that he was almost Level 25. His heart suddenly dropped; he had forgotten something!

Thinking, he immediately looked for Lord Grim on his friends list: “When do you want to clear Frost Forest with us again?”

Frost Forest’s clear record wasn’t at its limit. The several players online were about to hit Level 25. After switching their equipment with Level 25 ones, that was the moment when they could achieve Frost Forest’s final record. However, even if they wore Level 25 equipment, if they wanted to copy Lord Grim’s method of One Wave Rush, then although they could do everything else, pulling the monsters like Lord Grim wasn’t possible for them. They all stealthily tried it before.

Blue River had been thinking of clearing the Boneyard when Lord Grim hit Level 23 and forgot that he hadn’t completely settled Frost Forest’s record.

“This……” Ye Xiu’s reply was a bit hesitant.

“Did someone already make an appointment?” Blue River fainted.

“I’ve made an appointment already.” Ye Xiu said helplessly.

“Is it Tyrannical Ambition again?” Blue River said gloomily.

“It is!”

“Brother, I asked for an appointment at the Boneyard, but you told me that you’ll talk about it later! Why is that when they ask for one you agree?” Blue River’s cheeks streamed with tears.

“The appointments you make are all things I can’t do yet! I can do Frost Forest today night.” Ye Xiu said.

Blue River was helpless. He decided to watch Lord Grim’s level attentively. Right when Lord Grim reached Level 23, he would immediately make an appointment for Boneyard.

Frost Forest…… Blue River felt a little pained. They had just set the record not long ago and tonight, it would be broken without a doubt.

“Or maybe not?” Blue River suddenly thought. Although their levels would all be Level 25, their equipment might not keep pace with them so quickly. Only now did Blue River and the others have a full suit of Level 20 Purple equipment. That was also only because beginner village dungeons could be cleared without a limit. In the process of dungeoning until Level 20, they naturally found a lot of good equipment. But now? Although Level 25 equipment dropped in both Frost Forest and Boneyard, Purple equipment didn’t have a high drop rate. It had only been two days, each dungeon had only been cleared four times, would they be able to completely arm a party?

He calculated this, but Blue River was still gloomy. Although there weren’t as many Level 25 Purple weapons as Level 20 ones, there was still enough to arm a party. Their Blue Brook Guild could, so Tyrannical Ambition should be able to too! Sigh…….