The King’s Avatar

Chapter 47: I’m Playing Unspecialized

“Help me fold the blanket. I brought you breakfast.”

When Ye Xiu got up and washed his face, he saw this sticky note. After tidying the room, he went to the living room table and looked. He was speechless and choked with sobs. It was 3 o’clock, who on earth would drink soy milk and eat YouTiao at this time? They were cold too. (TLNote: YouTiao are like deep-fried strips of dough. The texture’s like a donut, but they’re usually salty rather than sweet.)

But saying it like this meant that the Boss specially left it there and deserved to be given face. Ye Xiu took a Youtiao and put it in his mouth. After holding it in his mouth, he left the room.

Glory’s new server continued to bring popularity to the Internet Cafe. However, the Happy Cafe was big enough and there was rarely a time when all of the seats were filled. Ye Xiu turned around and looked for an open spot in the smoking area. But when he felt his pockets, he discovered that his cigarette box was empty. This was much more painful than eating cold Youtiao! The even more painful part was that he had no money either. How was he going to pass the day?

Ye Xiu felt that he should ask the Boss for his pay in advance. Although food and shelter were covered, he ate very little. Every day he only had two meals. Besides this, he didn’t know if he saved enough money to smoke. However, thinking of Chen Guo’s hate for smoking, Ye Xiu felt he’d have a hard time making this a reality.

While he let his imagination run wild, someone patted his back. He immediately turned his head.

Chen Guo was the one who patted Ye Xiu. With a turn of his head, the Youtiao in his mouth almost slapped Chen Guo’s face. Chen Guo, with her temper, immediately began scolding: “You hold cigarettes in your mouth. You hold Youtiao in your mouth. What can’t you hold in your mouth? Can you not use your hands?”

Thinking of hands, Chen Guo once again recalled how pretty Ye Xiu’s hands were. For those hands to be blackened by smoke or oiled by the Youtiao, that’d be a pity. Could it be that holding cigarettes and Youtiao in the mouth is proper? F*ck, this is making my head hurt. Chen Guo shook her head and glared at Ye Xiu: “Come with me.”

Ye Xiu followed Chen Guo to the reception desk. Tang Rou was currently sitting there. When she saw Chen Guo bringing Ye Xiu, she stood up and smiled.

“Tang Rou, Ye Xiu.” Chen Guo introduced the two.

“Hi.” Tang Rou extended out her hands. Chen Guo looked at these hands and felt envious of them. Ye Xiu’s hands truly were pretty, but they were after all male hands. If those were a girl’s hands, they’d be a bit too big. Tang Rou’s hands were true girl hands. Any adjective used, fine jade, slender, soft, nimble, etc, anything that could describe Tang Rou’s hands wouldn’t be excessive.

“Hi, hi.” When Ye Xiu said this, the Youtiao was stuffed into his mouth and he was chewing violently, so the pronunciation wasn’t clear. Seeing Tang Rou extended her hands out, he immediately did the same.

The two shook hands. Tang Rou also payed attention to Ye Xiu’s hands and did it while keeping proper manners. While they shook hands, she quickly glanced at it. Afterwards, her gaze continued to look politely towards Ye Xiu’s eyes.

After a casual shake, they pulled back their hands. Ye Xiu didn’t look any different on the outside, but he was pretty astonished on the inside. This was because he didn’t think that this girl, Tang Rou, would be like this.

Her appearance and figure were all outstanding. But the part that made her feel out of the ordinary was the aura that she exuded. Form, appearance, clothes, there was no part of her that made people feel uncomfortable. No matter what angle she was looked at, she was an immortal beauty from the legends. The only different part was her short hair. At first, it looked a bit weird, but after seeing it a couple times, this type of short hair only made her look more fresh and pretty.

But Ye Xiu’s astonishment wasn’t about this. He was astonished because why would such an outstanding girl be willing to work part-time at an Internet Cafe for two years?

No matter how big Happy Internet Cafe was, the only one who would become rich was Chen Guo. As for regular employees, the salary here wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t any type of work with future prospects.

Network manager, cashier……what youth would pursue this type of job all their life? These were only temporary jobs so that they could eat their fill. Normal people wouldn’t want to work in these types of jobs for two years. To saying nothing of an outstanding girl like Tang Rou.

“Come come come. You guys fight a round.” Chen Guo wouldn’t let Ye Xiu continue to ponder. After introducing the two, she went straight for the main subject. She looked as if she had waited all day and had to restrain herself from dragging Ye Xiu out of bed.

“Fight?” Ye Xiu asked.

“Glory! Where else can you fight?” Chen Guo said.

“Oh, you can play Glory?” Ye Xiu asked Tang Rou.

“No, I don’t know how.” Tang Rou smiled.

Chen Guo heard this and was extremely unhappy: “If you can’t play, then what am I?”

“You really can play. I’m just so-so that’s all.” Tang Rou said.

“How good is so-so?” Ye Xiu didn’t understand.

“Don’t listen to her modesty. She really can play.” Chen Guo had already dragged the two to their stations.

“Little Tang, use my Chasing Haze!” Chen Guo said and asked Ye Xiu: “And you? You reached Level 20 yesterday night, right? What class did you change to?”...

“I still haven’t changed.” Ye Xiu said.

“What, you’re not going to change?”

“I’m playing unspecialized.” Ye Xiu said.

“Unspecialized?” Chen Guo was astonished. Even in her five years, the era of unspecialized characters was already long gone. She had only heard a few veterans bring it up and using their words: it was just a legend.

“How do you play as an unspecialized character? How are you going to level after 50?” Chen Guo said.

“You couldn’t before, but now you can.” Ye Xiu said.

“How are you going to level?” Chen Guo asked.

“Heavenly Domain.” Ye Xiu said.

“Are you joking?” Chen Guo said wide-eyed, “You want to complete the Heavenly Domain challenges at Level 50?”

“I’m awesome, right?”

“Awesome, my ass!” Chen Guos said, “A Level 50 challenging the Heavenly Domain…….” Chen Guo tried to analyze how hard that would be. But after awhile she hadn’t gotten anywhere because it really was too difficult. She didn’t even know where to start.

“If you want to see it, then please don’t fire me.” Ye Xiu laughed.

“You’re mad.” Chen Guo concluded.

Ye Xiu laughed and logged into his account: “I’m only Level 21. I’ll play against your Level 70 in the Fixed Field.”

“You want to use that lousy account?” Chen Guo’s eyes widened.

“Then what do I use?” Ye Xiu didn’t understand.

“I’ll borrow whatever class you want!” This was also why Chen Guo asked what class Ye Xiu changed to. Chen Guo had many frequent customers, so she was certain she could borrow an account to temporarily use.


“Get lost!”

Tang Rou looked at these two, quite interested. She discovered that he was just like how everyone described. This person was really good at making Chen Guo angry!

“We can just casually fight one round. There’s no need to be so serious!” Tang Rou said.

“Exactly.” Ye Xiu agreed.

“How are a Level 21 and a Level 70 going to fight.” Chen Guo said.

“Fixed Field!” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo was speechless. Fixed Field was for practice. Victory or defeat wouldn’t be recorded. In Fixed Field, the system would fix all attributes and equipment. After being fixed, it didn’t matter if it was a Level 21 and a Level 70 character, their attributes would be the same. But even if the attributes were fixed, the difference in the amount of skills they had couldn’t be amended. A Level 21 character definitely wouldn’t have skills that could be learned after Level 20. This couldn’t be fixed. Even if a Level 21 and a Level 70 fought in the Fixed Field, the Level 21 would still be at a disadvantage.

“You forgot. I’m unspecialized. Level 20 and Level 70 doesn’t matter.” Ye Xiu said.

Chen Guo finally understood. Right. If it was an unspecialized character, level didn’t matter, because unspecialized characters couldn’t learn Level 20 and above skills.