Release that Witch

Chapter 939: Andrea the Marksman

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Without bothering to check the result, Andrea pointed to the next target with the aiming lens.

The magic power consumed in precise shooting varied with the difficulty of the shooting. The more difficult the target was, the more magic power she had to consume.

That meant that her magic power, which could have been sufficient for arrow or stone shooting for two to four hours, would be exhausted in about eight minutes from shooting from such a long distance.

She had to shoot as many bullets as she could.

Her ability responded to her will.

Andrea felt that she was dancing rather than shooting. The adjustment of the gun, the rising and falling of her arm, and every movement of her body seemed to integrate with the world in harmony.

Shooting at every breath, Andrea soon used up ten bullets and immediately changed to a new clip. The whole process was as smooth as water and as proficient as a well-prepared performance.

However, it was not so easy for the people on the stone wall.

Death was flying to Appen's army within seconds, while they were completely unaware of it.

The knight who was commanding the mercenaries to adjust the crossbow machines became the first victim.

The shooting range of these crossbow machines was about 120 meters, and the cast-iron arrows would easily penetrate the large shields and armors of knights within 30 meters. This weapon could be described as the best weapon for defending the palace in terms of a normal attack.

In order to withstand the monster soldiers of extraordinary strength, Appen had ordered them to move all inventory from the warehouse on the wall. Eight crossbow machines were arranged on the wall segment that directly faced Rising Sun Avenue. Considering the limited width of the avenue, any invader, no matter how strong he was, could not hide from the intensive shooting of the iron crossbows.

The mercenaries heard a muffled sound and saw the knight who had been giving orders fall silently back onto the ground, with his chest sunk in.

"Someone is attacking!" A warning immediately came from the top of the wall.

They drew their swords but failed to find out where the attack came from.

Followed by the second and third attack—

Death raised his Scythe again and again. The guards constantly fell, while the enemy did not appear. An inexplicable fear overwhelmed them. Death was not surprising for these people who had been used to fighting all their life, but it was a different story when they could do nothing but wait for death.

Especially for a few mercenaries who were confident about their abilities.

They found that their increasingly proficient skills were useless as their opponent did not even give them a chance to counterattack. Clumsy servants or experienced knights were no different in the face of such an unexpected attack. They saw their enemies in the Hermes battle at least, while they were just waiting for the call of Death this time.

Less than a minute later, over twenty people were killed on the wall segment. Upon hearing the painful moaning of the wounded, most people were about to collapse.

"Look for cover. There is a witch!"

Just then, the order of the chief knight somewhat woke them up, "As long as we hide behind the battlements and big logs, we can avoid the attack! Bring out the God's Punishment Arrows and shoot toward any possible direction to force that damn witch out!"...

Andrea also noticed the change on the stone wall.

A knight wearing golden-lined armor seemed to be commanding their actions. Those guards were moving closer to him and hiding behind various obstacles while shooting arrows without targets. Some of them even threw arrows by hands. Their purpose was obvious.

The actions of the enemy were not threatening to her at all. However, if she could not completely destroy the enemy, it would hinder the actions of the God's Punishment Witches in the siege.

The position of the commander was a blind zone for Andrea from the belfry. She could faintly see his arm, which was out of the battlement, and a small part of his helmet.

Usually, it was impossible for her to hit such a target; however, she had a different idea since watching the First Army's cannon show.

Andrea constantly drew the magic power to fill her arms. Pushed by the invisible hands, the gun in her hand continued to rise up until it pointed to the sky.

When the familiar feeling of harmony appeared again, she pulled the trigger without hesitation.

At that moment, Andrea felt that she saw the trajectory of the bullet. It was thrown high in the air but did not lose all speed after passing the apex. On the contrary, it dived toward the target with forward momentum. Although the distance between the two was about 600 meters, it had flown a longer distance in the air, so the time for this bullet was much longer than the previous ones she shot.

Then she lowered the barrel, aimed at the knight's helmet and fired. The second bullet arrived earlier and accurately hit the edge of the battlement. Bricks immediately splashed, and the deformed bullet spun to hit the upper part of the helmet and knocked it away. The huge impact made the knight lose his balance and fall forward, and exposed his soft neck.

At the same time, the first bullet arrived and, as expected, pierced into his skin from an angle, and fractured his cervical vertebra into several sections. The chief knight had no time to react. He just heard a muffled sound behind his head, felt the chill on his neck, and then lost consciousness.

This shot almost consumed all the rest magic power of Andrea. A strong sense of dizziness overwhelmed her and the consequence of excessive consumption made her hands tremble. She even had difficulty holding the butt of the gun.

Nevertheless, the fall of the chief knight also became the last straw for the mercenaries. The defensive line of the stone wall immediately collapsed. Everyone turned around and ran toward the stairs, lest they would become the next target of death. No one even paid any attention to the big logs, hot oil, and crossbow machines, which were seen by the God's Punishment Witches.


The horn for attacking was sounded.

Elena, who was in the siege team, rushed in first. In addition to carrying her commonly used tools, she brought a bundle of hemp rope in her hand.

Just as she approached the foot of the wall, she threw the rope. At the end of the rope, she had tightly tied a square-shaped hook.

A moment later, there were several "hanging cables" available for climbing the stone wall. The stone wall, which was about five meters high, was difficult for common people, but in the eyes of the God's Punishment Witches, it was a fence which they could directly climb over. Elena casually climbed to the top of the wall via the hemp rope only to find out the Castle District had been a mess.

The supervising and preparatory teams arranged by Appen did not play their roles. Just when the guards on the stone wall were defeated, the guards of Earl Luoxi suddenly drew their swords toward the guard team of the Kingdom of Dawn. The guards on the stone wall wanted to run away as soon as possible, so the three parties created chaos on the spot.

Elena raised her lips, took out the huge sword on her back, and leaped over the stone wall.

No one could withstand her frontal blows. As long as they were included in the range of the giant sword, the enemies were severely wounded or killed. By her power alone, she created a path in the crowd.

As the God's Punishment Witches joined the battlefield, Earl Quinn had the situation well in hand.