The Great Ruler

Chapter 425: Crisis


Boundless Spiritual Energy swept out from the world as the six thousand-plus metre long rays of light radiated out. As the Spiritual Energy that blotted the skies started to condense, they transformed into a scarlet-red furnace. Within the furnace, six giant dragons of varying lengths roared and howled as they danced around. In the next instant, frightening temperatures started to radiate from within the furnace, hot to the degree that even the space was unable to endure, with signs of collapse gradually starting to appear.

As Dean Tai Cang sat within the furnace, a glowing Spiritual Energy shadow thousands of metres tall enveloped him within it. That was his Sovereign Celestial Body. However, at this moment, it continued to grow under the terrifying temperature of its surroundings, with faint signs of warping and distortions appearing on its gigantic body.

“Haha, Tai Cang! What do you think about this Six Dragon Heaven Incinerating Furnace our Demonic Dragon Palace has prepared for you? I really want to see exactly how long can you endure being in there!” The Black Dragon Sovereign heartily laughed towards the sky as he hovered outside of the gigantic scarlet-red furnace, his laughter brimming with unconcealable killing intent.

At this moment, Dean Tai Cang had fallen completely into his hands. After all, it was a Fifth Grade Sovereign against five First Grade Sovereigns. In such a fight, the latter five had the overwhelming advantage. Therefore, even if he was a Fifth Grade Sovereign, Dean Tai Cang was unable to break free from the grasps of the Black Dragon Sovereign and the other five.

Hearing the roaring laughter coming from the Black Dragon Sovereign, a chilling glint flashed within the eyes of Dean Tai Cang. Despite that, he didn’t make any irrational movements, continuing to focus on keeping his Sovereign Celestial Body up to protect his body. In this situation, the only thing he could do was the continue to endure. As long as the Northern Sea Dragon was able to deal with his opponent, Dean Tai Cang would be able to be rescued.

For the sake of killing him, the Black Dragon Sovereign and the others from the Demonic Dragon Palace had given it their all. However, while they had used all their available manpower to hold the fort here, the other two Heavenly Seated Elders of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy were currently rushing over to his location.

The only thing he could do was to give his all to endure under the encirclement by the Black Dragon Sovereign and the other five from the Dragon Demonic Palace.

Countless experts tens of kilometres in the surrounding area hovered in the air as the expressions on the faces of the various Elders present fluctuated in the presence of the frightening exchange happening in front of them in the far distance. Looking from the corner of their eyes, they noticed two people in confrontation with each other. Those two were the president of the Umbra Chamber of Commerce, Liu An and the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy’s Ling Xi.

“I never imagined that the Umbra Chamber of Commerce would actually lend a helping hand to the Demonic Dragon Palace. Looks like they’d hooked up a long time ago.” The eyes of a few big shots fluctuated as they observed the exchange of blows.

“There’s powerful Spiritual Energy fluctuations radiating out from within the Divine Spiritual City. The two Heavenly Seated Elders from the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy might have been obstructed. Most likely, the person that’s obstructing them is the president of the Heavenly Yuan Chamber of Commerce.”

“Could it be that the Umbra and Heavenly Yuan Chambers of Commerce are in an alliance with the Dragon Demonic Palace?”

“That doesn’t seem like it. Although Liu An’s obstructing Ling Xi, he’s basically not daring to launch any killing blows. Clearly, there’s some fear and dread in him. Perhaps, the Demonic Dragon Palace might have given them some compensation that’s hard to resist, which made them agree to take some action. Despite that, their actions are limited. Even if the Demonic Dragon Palace gets defeated, this would allow for them to have a buffer for excuses.”

Floating in the sky, a serious expression hung on the face of the president of the Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce, Xia Tianyan, as he observed the earth-shattering fights taking place in the region, as rays of brilliance continued to sparkle within his eyes. Like his Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce, the Umbra and Heavenly Yuan Chambers of Commerce were part of the three great Chambers of Commerce of the Northern Heavens Continent, with each one keeping each other in check. However, those fellows had unexpectedly allied themselves with the Demonic Dragon Palace. To him, this wasn’t any good news at all.

However, if the Demonic Dragon Palace was allowed to get rid of the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy today, they might become the Overlords of the Northern Heavens Continent once again. At that time, those peak influences in the Northern Heavens Continent not on their side would no longer be able to be that free anymore.

However, despite knowing this, Xia Tianyan didn’t dare to help the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. After scheming for so long, the Demonic Dragon Palace had even invited a figure as great as the Immeasurable Old Ancestor. Before the latter’s fight with the Northern Sea Dragon ends, they would still choose to side with the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy. However, if by the off chance that the Immeasurable Old Ancestor wins, they might have a bloodbath waiting for them.

As the frown on Xia Tianyan’s forehead grew increasingly wrinkled, a gentle voice rang out beside him. “Haha. President Xia. The matter before us…”

Turning his head to take a look, Xia Tianyan noticed that the person speaking was the Palace Master of the Western Extreme Palace, the Western Extreme Sovereign. At this moment, a faint smile hung on his face, while rays of brilliance similarly sparkled within his eyes.

“Is there anything you are planning to do, Palace Master of the Western Extreme Palace? If you choose the wrong side to stand on, it might invoke a catastrophe for youself.”

With a soft sigh, the Western Extreme Palace’s Palace Master replied, “If we are to choose between the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy and the Dragon Demonic Palace, I’ll naturally choose the former, as it will be better for us. The Dragon Demonic Palace’s ambitions are too big. I’m afraid that when they rule over the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, we will suffer the consequences.”

“What the Western Extreme Palace Master wants is to help the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy?” asked President Xia.

The Western Extreme Palace Master gave a helpless smile, with the presence of a struggle and hesitation present within his gaze. Although he was inclined towards the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy, with the current situation being unknown, it wasn’t the moment for him to decide which side to stand on.

“What do you mean, President Xia?”

Hearing that question, Xia Tianyan’s eyes slightly narrowed before slowly replying, “Don’t rush it. The situation now is in a deadlock. It isn’t wise to recklessly take action. If the time comes when the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy is genuinely unable to hold out, we can decide then on whether to take action or not. Furthermore, at that critical moment, if we take action and diffuse the difficulty, we might be able to form a greater relationship with the Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy.”

“Haha. President Xia’s truly worthy of being the person in charge of the Nine Summers Chamber of Commerce. You’re still able to weigh the pros and cons at this moment.” replied the Western Extreme Palace Master with a smile.

“This isn’t some kids play. Our entire foundation is in the Northern Heavens Continent. We have to consider it more deeply. The reward of many years of hard work would flow down the generations,” muttered Xia Tianyan as he shook his head. Looking towards the scarlet-red furnace floating in the middle of the sky, a deep feeling of fear and dread flashed within the depths of his eyes.

Hearing those words, the Western Extreme Palace Master nodded his head before softly speaking out. “I hope that Dean Tai Cang can hold on a bit longer. It’s best to wait for the Northern Sea Dragon to get over here. That way, the scheme of the Demonic Dragon Palace would fail.”

Humm! Humm!...

As the two people continued with their conversation, the space around the distant sky started to violently warp and distort, transforming into a spatial passage. In the next moment, countless figures shot out from within like a swarm of locusts.

Just as those people rushed out from the spatial whirlpool, they immediately noticed the scarlet-red furnace thousands of metres tall hovering in the middle of the sky, causing each and every one of them to turn dumbfounded.

Mu Chen was also in shock as the took in the scene before him. In the next instant, his face ferociously contorted as he noticed Dean Tai Cang trapped within the scarlet-red furnace, as well as the Black Dragon Sovereign present on the outside.

“Indeed, the Demonic Dragon Palace has taken action against our Northern Heavens Spiritual Academy!” Shock filled Mu Chen’s heart. Aren’t those fellows too gutsy?

The appearance of the spatial whirlpool immediately attracted the attention of the myriad of experts present outside of the Divine Spiritual Mountain. On the outside of the scarlet-red furnace, the chilling glare of the Black Dragon Sovereign swept across Mu Chen. In the next instant, the frosty killing intent within those eyes appeared to have turned substantial, causing Mu Chen to feel a chill sweeping across his entire body.

“Yellow Dragon! Go and capture that brat, and take back the Great Meru Demonic Pillar!” Panning his head, the Black Dragon Sovereign darkly spoke towards another Sovereign from the Demonic Dragon Palace.


Hearing the command, the yellow-robed male nodded his head, before turning and leaving. As of now, the furnace had already been stabilized. Although they were now lacking a Sovereign, which would result in the lengthening of the duration they needed to kill Dean Tai Cang, there should not be any unforeseen circumstances that would pop out.

Turning his body around, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign shot across the skies, heading towards the direction where Mu Chen was. Sovereign pressure radiated out, causing the faces of the people coming out from the Divine Spiritual Mountain to contort.They scattered, fleeing in all directions, as all of them could naturally see that the Yellow Dragon Sovereign was rushing straight towards Mu Chen.

A faint change appeared on Xia Youran’s lovable face as she hastily shouted out, “Run quickly, Mu Chen!”

Although they had seen how powerful Mu Chen was while they were in the Divine Spiritual Mountain, even that Mo Xingtian would be like an infant before a genuine Sovereign, completely unable to put up any resistance.

Gasping his hands tightly, Mu Chen’s gaze instantly grew dark. However, despite that, he didn’t turn around and flee, knowing that it would be completely of no use. Faced against a genuine Sovereign, turning around and fleeing would only result in him being killed by a single slap from the latter.

“You really have the courage. I’ve truly thought that you would turn around and flee like a mouse.” Stopping a few hundred metres away from Mu Chen, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign spoke in an indifferent tone as his yellow eyes stared with apathetic eyes towards the former.

“Hand over the Great Meru Demonic Pillar, and I’ll give you a quick and painless death,” said the Yellow Dragon Sovereign as he extended his palm out.

Tightly staring at the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, a smile appeared on Mu Chen’s face as he revealed his pearly-white teeth. “In your dreams!”

Hearing Mu Chen’s reply, not a single fluctuation appeared on the face of the Yellow Dragon Sovereign’s face, appearing as if he had predicted that reply. Therefore, nodding his head, he replied, “Then, I’ll just have to personally take action. I hope that you can endure that kind of pain, as people who have landed in my hands would feel that even death is something they can’t wish for.”

As his voice rang out, vast and boundless Spiritual Energy flared out from his entire body and Sovereign pressure pressed down on Xia Youran and the others, causing them to be unable to catch their breaths.

Taking a step forward, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign extended his hand out.


However, at the instant when he took action, a whooshing sound suddenly resounded out as a current of Sword Aura flashed across the horizon. Transforming into a myriad of swords, they covered the earth and hid the skies as they enveloped over the Yellow Dragon Sovereign.

“Insignificant trifle.”

Not even turning his head over, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign waved his sleeve, sending Spiritual Energy rays thousands of metres long shooting towards the skies. Smashing straight against the current of Sword Aura, it completely shattered the latter.


A glowing figure shot over, finally descending beside Mu Chen. It was Luo Li. At this moment, a chilling expression was present on her lovable face as she stared towards the Yellow Dragon Sovereign, while her slender jade-like hands grasped her Luo Shen Sword tightly. Dark red blood stains flowed down on the body of the sword, causing the sword to appear slightly red.

“The two of you?”

Slightly panning his head, the Yellow Dragon Sovereign sent a smile over, one that appeared cold and indifferent.

“Until death do us part. Alright then, I’ll grant your wish.”