Against the Gods

Chapter 1936 – The Sonata of Calamity

Partially Edited Chapter – Rubble

Mo Beichen’s outstretched palm clenched. It felt like the space of the entire world was being torn and compressed.

The grayish sky above their heads collapsed completely. The terrifying power that utterly defied common sense riddled the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning’s gigantic body in wounds in just an instant.

Only a couple of breaths had passed, but it was already injured worse than it was during the war of the Western Divine Region.

Equally, it knew that there was no escaping the mire of death it had sunk into… after all, the power ravaging its body now was something that didn’t belong to the current universe.

R O A R————

It was the most stunning and mournful roar it had unleashed up until this point. It was ordering all Dragons of Absolute Beginning to stay away from this place, and warning all the denizens of the God Realm of Absolute Beginning of the calamity’s arrival. At the same time, it continued to gather all its power to mount one last resistance against the foreign threat.

Fifty kilometers… five kilometers… three hundred meters…

The further it traveled, the more its body was broken down layer by layer. Inevitably, its final descent grew more and more powerless as well.

When it was about thirty meters away from Mo Beichen, it broke into several large parts, scattered into countless smaller pieces… and finally fell.

Never again would the roar of a Dragon Emperor be heard in the God Realm of Absolute Beginning.

In the end, the final resistance of a proud, mighty dragon was unable to make contact with the vicious shadow of the abyss.

During the war against the Western Divine Region, it had suffered a terrible blow from Long Bai and was forced to battle against the Dragon Gods afterward. It hadn’t fallen then.

After Long Bai died, the title of the strongest dragon of the current universe rested on its shoulders.

But today, it died without being able to touch its killer.


The sand as far as five thousand kilometers away was kicked up when the Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning’s corpse hit the ground. However, it only managed to blow up Mo Beichen’s hair and clothes.

Mo Beichen lowered his arm leisurely and let out a hmph. “Its willpower is strong, but it simply isn’t the right choice to be our dog. A dragon’s natural pride will always get in the way.”

“Before His Majesty arrives, we must—”


Suddenly, a shredding noise interrupted Mo Beichen and even rocked his body for an instant. He immediately looked toward the source.

An incredibly sharp aura had cut through the pressure he had applied on the duo, releasing them temporarily.

The sudden release caused Jun Xilei to hit the ground heavily. At the same time, a sword beam struck the World Jade on her waist, shattering it and causing it to flash crimson. [1]

“Hmm!?” Mo Beichen’s pupils shook. He couldn’t seem to believe that there existed someone in this universe who could tear through his suppression by force.

However, he reacted immediately by flipping his palm over. The hole was instantly filled up, and a great pressure pressed down on the duo once more.


Jun Xilei let out a muffled groan as ten thousand mountains pressed down on her once more.

This time though, she was able to grit her teeth and turn to look at her master. Her eyes were filled with infinite fear and sorrow.

Jun Wuming remained upright and unyielding even though the pressure had become several times stronger than before. He refused to bend his knees even until the very end.

His white hair danced slowly as a sheen of white light enveloped his body. Every strand of white light was made up of tens of thousands of sword auras.

Countless swords danced within his old eyes as well.

Sword… Termination…

The two words that incited disbelief and despair appeared in Jun Xilei’s thoughts and eyes. She would never forget this scene for as long as she lived.

“Another calamity has risen. This era sure is a tumultuous one.”

Jun Wuming’s warm and gentle voice rang beside her ears. “Live well no matter how rough the road ahead of you may be, Lei’er.”


Jun Wuming’s body blurred, and his hair, his flesh, his blood, his bone, his will and even his soul transformed into what seemed to be an endless amount of swords. It drilled countless holes in Mo Beichen’s aura, drove the man backward, and caused his expression to change for the first time.

Meanwhile, the crimson divine light of the World Jade had enveloped Jun Xilei completely. Her lips parted, but she vanished before she could say a single word.


Mo Beichen’s gaze flickered. He instantly cut through space and appeared where Jun Xilei had been a moment ago, but what he discovered caused his brow to furrow into a deep frown.

He didn’t think that an instant would be enough time for his prey to elude him completely. In fact, there was barely any sign that a spatial teleportation had been completed at all.

All around him, countless swords were mingling together and forming a vast and fantastical sword formation. They were dancing and fading slowly into the world around them.

It was a dreamlike scenery the Sword Sovereign had left behind in his final moments. It was unfortunate that no one of the current universe could witness it.

“How is it, Sir Knight?”

The two men named Zhaoguang and Zhaoming caught up to Mo Beichen asked in a low tone after noticing the look of displeasure on his face.

Mo Beichen shook his hand once before replying, “That old man somehow pierced my forcefield, and the spatial power that teleported that girl away was a little odd. I am unable to find any trace of a teleportation at all.”

“Hmph! It looks like the people of this world aren’t completely useless after all.”

“Hehe,” Nan Zhaoming chuckled, “they could’ve had the unparalleled honor to become the first guides of the Abyss, but instead they chose death. What foolishness.”

Mo Beichen faced toward his six men and ordered, “Seek out the exit of this world. It should lead to a place called the God Realm…”

“The God Realm is our true homeland, and it will be our new world in the future.”

“As pages and squires, you should already understand just how great a responsibility and honor is resting upon your shoulders right now.”

Eyes burning like the sun, he abruptly spread his arms and growled, “Clear out all the obstacles and control the realms! We shall make this world submit before His Majesty graces it with his presence!” [2]


In a hall in the lower levels of Emperor Yun City.

Caizhi was slumped on the ground and panting heavily.

She had fought at her full strength for six whole hours and was completely exhausted as a result of it. However, her opponent, Yun Che, looked like he hadn’t even finished his warmup. He sat down next to Caizhi and shot her an encouraging smile. “As expected of my Caizhi, the power of your sword is growing stronger and stronger. My bones felt like they were going to be knocked apart.” [3]

Caizhi side-eyed him once before snorting. “I highly doubt that. Your bones are even thicker than your face.”

Yun Che touched his own face with mock seriousness before asking, “There is no one left in this world whom you must deal with personally, so why are you cultivating so hard, Caizhi?”

Surprise flashed across Caizhi’s features before she answered, “I just want to reach my late older brother’s level, I guess.”

Yun Che pondered for a moment before replying, “I think you’ve already surpassed your older brother though?”

“Well, it’s still not enough!” Caizhi narrowed her eyes and said angrily, “Until there comes a day where I can beat up that Qianye woman with my own hands… hmph!”

Yun Che burst out in laughter before shaking his head. “I knew it.”

Recently, the sins Qianye Ying’er had committed back in the days had become his foremost concern.

Although Caizhi’s killing intent toward Qianye Ying’er had subsided a lot since the war of the Western Divine Region, it didn’t mean that her hatred had disappeared at all.

Every time Caizhi and Qianye Ying’er encountered one another, the clash between their gazes and auras was enough to turn his scalp numb.

“Let’s continue!”

Caizhi rose back to her feet and summoned the Heavenly Wolf Devil Sword once more. She looked forward and said very seriously, “The Heaven Wounding Heartless Sword is incredibly powerful, but it can only unleash its true power when it is piloted by explosive hatred… I need to modify it so that it may unleash the same level of power even without explosive hatred. Only then can I say that I have lived up to my late brother’s power and my title as the final Star God.”

“Very well!” Yun Che rose to his feet and stretched his hand as well.

However, an unnatural shiver suddenly overtook Caizhi before he could manifest the Heaven Smiting Devil Emperor Sword. The divine light in her starry pupils extinguished, and her profound energy fell completely silent as well.

“What’s wrong?” Yun Che frowned and asked concernedly.

Caizhi parted her lips and murmured in a disbelieving voice, “The Dragon Emperor of Absolute Beginning… is dead.”

“… !?” Shock appeared on Yun Che’s features.


Yan One, Yan Two and Yan Three were guarding the entrance to Emperor Yun Great Hall and doing nothing in particular.

“Sigh.” Yan Three let out a murky breath. “It’s been so long since we killed someone that my bones are starting to itch. When will these boring ass days finally come to an end?”

“Is that so?” Yan Two said darkly. “Would you prefer to be thrown back into the Bone Sea of Eternal Darkness?”

Yan Three immediately withdrew his head.

It was at this moment a God Emperor approached the hall. He was none other than Xuanyuan Emperor of the Southern Divine Region himself. When he saw the three Yama Ancestors, he hurriedly dropped to his knees and quelled his aura. “Senior Yama Ancestors, Xuanyuan has an urgent matter he wishes to bring up to Emperor Yun. If you—”

Before he could finish, Yan Three said in a hoarse and eerie voice, “Master is currently cultivating in seclusion. He won’t be seeing anyone for two months or so. Leave.”


“Get out!”

“Ah… yes yes yes.” The devilish aura of the three Yama Ancestors was absolutely terrifying. The rebuke alone was enough to scare the Xuanyuan Emperor into silence and panicked retreat.

Two hours later, Cang Shitian descended from the sky and set foot on the Emperor Yun City. [4]

Currently, Cang Shitian was a different man from who he used to be. The title of Chief Enforcer put him slightly higher than all God Emperors, and unlike the Xuanyuan Emperor he remained calm and collected even when facing the three Yama Ancestors.

“Senior Yama Ancestors, Shitian has an urgent matter that requires His Majesty’s presence to resolve. Is he inside the great hall right now?”

“Master is currently cultivating in seclusion. He won’t be seeing anyone for two months or so. Leave.” Yan Three repeated in an eerie but languid voice. He was so bored he couldn’t even be bothered to open his eyes.

“Shitian shall be taking his leave then. Goodbye.”

Cang Shitian turned around and left without wasting a single breath.

“Ptooei!” Yan Three spat in annoyance. “I said leave, not leave immediately! We just want a punching bag, and he can’t even oblige us that?”

Yan Three just finished saying this when the space in front of him suddenly flashed red. The next moment, a person fell from the air and landed heavily against the ground.

She was none other than Jun Xilei herself.

For a couple of breaths, she simply knelt on the ground looking utterly soulless and lost. Then, she shook as if she just woke up from a nightmare, looked up and saw the three incredibly recognizable Yama Ancestors.

Tears sliding profusely down her cheeks, she rose to her feet and made a mad dash for the trio. However, she was so out of sorts that she tripped and fell to the ground once more. Before she could even climb back to her feet, she shouted in a sobbing voice, “Where is Yun Che… where is Yun Che? I need to see him now!”

“The audacity!” The sleepy Yan Three instantly opened his eyes and rebuked her, “Who are you to call my master by his name, you br—”

Before he could finish his sentence though, someone’s foot kicked him in his ass and shoved his remaining words back into his stomach.

Yan One scolded Yan Three after sending Yan Three sailing into the air. “Are you blind!? She’s a woman!”

That snapped Yan Three out of his drowsiness completely. He hurriedly put a tight lid on the dirty words that were a moment away from escaping his throat.

The woman wasn’t Yun Che’s consort, but she was given the power to teleport directly to Emperor Yun City… she obviously couldn’t be a generic woman!

“Little girl,” Yan Two started with what he thought was a “friendly” expression, “Master is cultivating in seclusion right now. He cannot be disturbed for some time. How about you visit him at another date?”

“N-no!” Jun Xilei moved forward and shook her head hard. “I need to see him immediately! Where is he? Where is he!? Yun Che… YUN CHE!!”

1. (T/N: seriously? What if they were too weakened to shatter the jade?) ☜

2. (T/N: I have a feeling they vastly underestimated just how big Primal Chaos is. Assuming everyone of them is Divine Extinction Realm, it’ll still take ages for 7 people to just spread the word, much less control them) ☜

3. (T/N: Not gonna lie, it’s only now I realized it was an actual spar, not sex) ☜

4. (T/N: I find it extremely hard to believe that the entire event starting from the Abyss of Nothingness collapsing until the point Jun Xilei left took two whole hours, but whatever) ☜